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  1. I kill a LOT of Jason's, but I'm not part of a group or squad. Usually I'll get more or less "drafted" by Tommy or SG, but sometimes I'll die and see through spectating that someone's about to go for the sweater. Other times I'll enlist someone as SG if I'm Tommy and it looks like a phone or vehicle escape is going to be severely difficult or undoable. And that is how I know it's too easy to kill Jason. If I can get it done with a random in a QP match without any communication other than clicking a flashlight, it's too easy.
  2. it's not a bad idea because other counselors can make you drop someone, it's a bad idea because they can hit you as soon as the grab kill animation is over. If Tommy and Sweater-Girl are nearby, expect somebody to get grabbed on purpose so somebody else has an opportunity to hit you either right after the kill animation, or right after the PK animation. I've personally done this as Tommy before, and if Jason has taken even mild damage previously, a heavy axe attack right after coming out of a PK stun is almost definitely going to demask him. Edit: Skip to about 6:10 or so, but it's SG getting grabbed instead of me
  3. Afraid not. Higgens, Crystal Lake, and Packanack (plus their small versions), the Jarvis House, and Pinehurst are all we've got. I AM still working on a fan-made map for it using satellite pictures of Camp Daniel Morgan (which is where it was filmed) but it's just for fun.
  4. i never get upset about dying as Jason unless I did something stupid that caused it. Maybe I'd feel differently about it if it happened by total surprise and out of nowhere, but lets be honest here; that almost never happens. It is usually blatantly obvious what they're up to, and you don't have to be a 150 to see it: If you Morph to the phone-cabin at the beginning of the round and get attacked by an axe/machete wielding counselor, it's probably a kill squad. If you break into a clearly looted cabin several minutes into the round and see obvious repair parts untouched, it's probably a kill squad. if most of/half of the lobby is clustered together dancing (usually outside in high-traffic areas), it's probably a kill squad (or new counselors trying out emotes). What I've found to be the easiest indicator (aside from them having tried to kill Jason in previous rounds and/or talking about doing it) is counselors that "hover" near you; grouped together but not so close you could hit more than one at a time, out of grab range but close enough to be able to run over and hit you if you start breaking down doors or grabbing people. By the way I know most of you guys already know this but DON'T GRAB if there is anyone close enough to hit you. Kill squads love grab-happy Jasons.
  5. You know what I've discovered is one of the most amusing things you can ever witness in this game (as Jason, I imagine for counselors it's frustrating as hell)? A kill squad desperately trying to talk a n00b Tommy through an attempt to kill you. Counselors are doing everything imaginable to hold you back, while SG keeps dropping the axe in front of Tommy (who doesn't want to give up his shotgun and thus never picks it up), so the entire plan crashes like the Hindenburg. I've even changed my mind and decided to go along with the kill-attempt before, only for it to get royally fucked up and turn into a disaster. When the Jason you're trying to kill is actively cooperating with the squad, and it STILL ends in failure, your squad has TRULY been defeated.
  6. I had a n00b Tommy fuck up the kill last night while playing Sweater-Girl. I used it, Tommy dropped him to his knees, but for whatever reason ignored the X prompt and thought he was supposed to hit him with R2 again. Kill failed.... no biggie, Tommy understands what to do next time he's in that situation. Most people don't realize this, but letting Tommy escape is an excellent way to thwart any hope of a Jason-kill no matter how experienced the other counselors are. Think about how many picture-perfect Jason-kills you've seen go down the toilet because the guy who was playing Tommy jumped in a car and took off. If counselors are clearly trying to kill you, and you hear a car or boat start, AND you happen to notice Tommy's in it.... maybe you should consider "accidentally" missing it. No Tommy = no Jason-kill, and as an added bonus, he's just removed one of the vehicles from use, probably guaranteeing you a couple of kills in the process.
  7. Yeah, I was a little surprised too. Usually I have to download an update but it seems to have been already done for me this time.
  8. Of course not, but they do it anyway because they're more butt-hurt than the entire cast of Oz combined. If I'm trying to kill Jason and it goes South, oh well, maybe next time. I'm not going to be a douche to Jason just because he thwarted the kill, but some counselors act like Jason is supposed to basically surrender and get killed if Tommy and Sweater-Girl succeed in getting the mask off.
  9. I always thought it would have been pretty neat to give him the ability to draw/sheath his weapon at any time, letting him choose between swinging his axe/machete/etc... and using unarmed melee strikes.
  10. Well, it looks like the window glitching and early Shift have been patched, which is good... but now I'm noticing that while it used to take roughly 15-25 seconds or so for "Searching for dedicated servers" to change to "Checking session for room", it's now taking well over a minute almost every time, and when it finally does connect it seems to keep dropping me into a Canadian server (or I could be confusing what the CA is for).
  11. Until I tried it personally, I never would have believed Buggzy could demask Jason in 2-3 hits, let alone in 1, but you can indeed do it. I used Epic Thrasher, Epic Slugger, and Legendary Sucker Punch. Granted, Tiffany whacked him with a wrench first, but even without her, I'm sure I could have got it off in 1 hit, 2 at the most, and this was the beginning of the round. Even trading Thrasher and Sucker Punch for Hypo and Medic (or Hypo and Thick Skin) I can grab a machete and get the mask off solo in a few seconds.
  12. If they're not going to make the CB cabin visible on Jason's map like the other objectives, I'd have at least liked an audio cue warning Jason that the call has been made.
  13. If you knock Jason down and run over to dance on him until he gets up, you're an asshole (unless it's a teamer Jason, or a Jason who talks loads of shit but can't back any of it up).
  14. I've always found it hilarious that the same counselors that will taunt, dance, and tea-bag you mercilessly will puss out like a bitch and quit either as soon as you grab them, or as soon as the kill attempt gets shot down. Those are the kind of players that I have complete and utter contempt for. They'll do everything imaginable to mock and humiliate Jason, but the moment they start getting their ass kicked, they pull the "bratty little brother" bullshit and leave (though you know full well that if it had been Jason that got butt-hurt and quit, they'd be screaming like they walked in on you trying to eat a live kitten).
  15. Sounds like you just like being an entitled little prick.
  16. Every now and then, I like to let the lobby escape (usually because I get picked as Jason twice in a row and the first time I killed them all). When this happens, I send them a quick PM letting them know what's going on and not to freak out if I come over there. Most of the time they're very appreciative of the free exp, but sometimes I get one or two of them that are determined to kill me. What does this have to do with the topic of the thread? Well, what happens is I send them a short "Don't pull this shit" PM. If they persist, I either kill them, or if I feel like being a dick, I let them get the sweater then pull a Houdini on them. Its the one and only time I'll park it in the lake (or before the patch, on the roof) just to be a prick, will usually send them a mocking PM congratulating them for wasting everyone's time trying to get a kill they were never going to get in the first place.
  17. There's no shame in dying as Jason, but there IS shame in pulling a Spongebob and hanging out underwater for the rest of the match. Think about who you're portraying, now picture him hiding from a bunch of teenagers. Doesn't really fit too well, does it? I'm not saying he should Bonzai charge at counselors with his mask off, I'm saying there is always SOMETHING he can do, even if it's nothing more than collecting knives and leading counselors on a wild goose chase. Something I've found to be surprisingly effective at getting them to split up is simply turning Stalk on and off a few times (though this works best if it's inside one of the bigger cabins/lodges). When everything goes quiet, it makes them start guessing whether you're Stalking them or have actually gone away. When the static and music come back on, it makes them nervous about where you are and where you're going to attack from. Just remember that trying to Shift right into the middle of them to kill Tommy or SG will probably backfire. No matter how sneaky you are, once you come out of Stalk-Shift, they're going to know exactly where you are.
  18. This is why I tell new Jason's for the love of God DO NOT Rage quit if they get you. Any shame or embarrassment you may be feeling will be infinitely worse if you quit mid-death. The message that sends basically says "I'm a shitty Jason that's too humiliated to handle this". Why are some Jason's so chicken-shit about getting killed? It's just a game, get over it.
  19. Out of all the times I've been killed as Jason (and I don't mind admitting there's been more than a few) there's been one, maybe two, times that were by absolute, total surprise. The rest of them I knew what was going on but fucked something up and got killed for it. I don't think constant shifting away is cowardly IF there is a point to it other than simply keeping distence. I watched a very interesting video once of a part 3 who constantly shifted away, but was doing it to more or less "stretch out" the counselors. They'd run after him, he'd let them get close then shift away and repeat. Eventually, one or two of them would lag behind the others. When they did, he'd Morph + Shift over, kill them, and wait for the rest to catch up. The shit-talkers in the round I played apparently think that unless Jason is a chicken-shit, there's no reason for him not to attack head-on, even in worst-case scenarios. While they're making a hilariously bad attempt at baiting me (spilling gas intentionally doesn't fool anyone if you're doing it 25 times in a row, nobody's going to think that's a legitimate skill-check fail) I'm Stalking them from literally just a few feet away, waiting for Tommy to run upstairs and try to use the phone. I know he's out of PKs and most likely SG is too, but I can't get him to separate himself from her long enough to give me an opportunity to kill one of them. Edit: Since Dontzz mentioned charging in unmasked, skip to about 13:00 to see an excellent example of what happens whrn you do. I kinda feel a little bad for him.
  20. If you're on PS4 you press X for environment kills, but you may want to stick with grab kills for the time being. Environment kills are mostly kaput at the moment.
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