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  1. Just once, I'd like you to say something that doesn't make you look like an angry turd.
  2. If you're timing is split-second perfect, you can Morph-dodge the sweater stun. Me and the other two Jason-kill friends found this one out the hard way. I broke his mask, friend #1 was Tommyy, friend #2 had sweater. Jason turned facing the wall, then turned toward us and morphed just as the sweater was used. A few seconds later he stalk-shifted right in the middle of us and commenced a beat down.
  3. Good luck... it took me about 50 restarts before the Mitch and AJ finally tried moving in the same direction instead of splitting up.
  4. I think you mean "obscure". Sad as it may be, I'm finding less and less counselors who just want to fix something and GTFO.
  5. Which strategy would that be? 1) Try to kill Jason 2) Run around aimlessly holding repair parts 3) Hide under beds or in closets for 20 minutes or 4) Running around hitting other counselors with periodic breaks to dance for a few seconds?
  6. If it had been done right the first time, this sentence wouldn't be necessary.
  7. We already have salt mines... At least on paper.
  8. After rereading this garbled, broken mess of a post about four times, it looks like you don't want people who quit early to receive EXP and CP. Not sure if you know this, but that's already what happens. If you quit before the end of the round, you get nothing.
  9. A long while back, the other 2 people I usually kill Jason with had a very similar situation in which Jason simply parked it in the doorway and didn't move. We gave up trying after a couple of minutes instead of wasting almost the entire round, which is how I knew this would work. At one point, I put the controller down and left to get another Dr. Pepper. When I got back, they were still attacking me in a sad attempt to get in the shack. It's times like this I kinda wish I had a mic so I could tell them over the air that they are wasting their time and no amount of dancing or failing skill-checks is going to work so they might as well find something else to do. But of course, even if I had, I doubt they'd have listened.
  10. To be honest, at first I didn't notice Tommy was dead. If I had known it sooner, you Jason-killer wannabe bitches aren't going anywhere 😈 I didn't bother saving it, though I wish I had. It's extremely amusing to watch a lobby so desperate for a Jason-kill that they blow almost the entire 20 minutes trying everything they could think of to get inside the shack: Dancing, flashlight clicking, trying to run and crouch at the same time (apparently this is how some people get on top of things they normally couldn't), using guns, dropping firecrackers, breaking numerous weapons over Jasons head, etc...) They also tried fucking up a repair on purpose, because I guess they expected Jason to leave the shack wide open with a bunch of counselors outside that are clearly wanting to kill him, all so he could teleport over to stop someone from repairing the phone.
  11. Last night, me and a couple of friends played for an hour or two, then said goodnight. A couple of hours later, I decide to play one more before going to bed. I get dropped in a lobby with a Buggzy, an Adam, and four Vanessas (all 4 of which sound like children and are yelling over the mic about the Jason they just killed). Now knowing for sure it was a "kill squad", I ready-upped, the game starts, and I'm Jason. I go dump all 5 traps right in the shack entrance, go back inside, and pull up the Stopwatch function on my phone. About 3:00 into the match, here comes Buggzy. He runs over, stands there for a second looking at the pile of traps in his way, then steps in one. Shift, grab, dead Buggzy, go back inside. About 6:00 in, here comes Adam and two of the Vanessa's. Same deal: a few seconds of standing there gawking, followed by one of them stepping in a trap. Shift, grab, but this time got PK'ed (and conveniently stumbled back a couple of steps into the perfect door-blocking position). One of the Vanessa's runs off and returns with Tommy + the rest of the lobby which immediately commences shooting/attacking despite seeing me blocking their hits. Shortly after Rage activates, one of the Vanessa's breaks my mask. Now they start doing everything they can think of to get inside the shack, but nothing works because I can't be stunned or knocked over (thanks for getting me to Rage so fast, you fucking retards ) After almost 5 minutes of continuous attacking with more futile attempts to somehow magic themselves past me and into the shack, they run off to go re-arm and presumably see if they can find any more shotguns, leaving only the Adam at the shack. He starts dancing, then runs a short distance away, runs back, and repeats (I guess I was supposed to chase him so he could tell the rest of them the shack was open) but when nothing happens, he gets closer and tries again. I quick-toss a TK, it hits, he runs back and forth a bit, then when I don't throw another one he runs close and starts trying to bait me into going after him. Another TK quick-toss hits but this time it cripples him and... well, he did all that work to get me to chase him, so it'd be rude of me not to . I Shift over and hack his ass to pieces, then resume blocking the doorway. The "kill squad" notices Adam is dead so they all run to the shack in the vain hope they can get inside, but nope... still blocked. As a last ditch effort, they go and fix a car and try ramming me with it, but this doesn't work either. Tommy meanwhile has found another shotgun and comes running to the shack just in time to get run over and killed by the driver when she reverses to try and ram me again. More high-pitched yelling over the mic, then the ones still alive give up and drive to the exit. The cherry on top was sending the dead Tommy a message saying, "If you had said 'please' I'd have let you have the kill". Of course, no reply.
  12. Sometimes, people make me sick... worthless-ass cheating little shitheads.
  13. Sounds like you jumped in the closet to hide from Jason and discovered you like it in there.
  14. It will take a considerable amount of time if you haven't already been damaged, but yes, you can get demasked while blocking.
  15. The entire concept of being a "tryhard" is some of the stupidest shit I've ever heard. Why is it so insult worthy to put effort into something you enjoy doing? When did doing your best go from something to be admired to something to be scorned?
  16. Are you done yet? The Vanessa you're referring to IS a cheating cunt, but it's nothing that can't be dealt with. When she comes towards you and swings hit L1 to quicktoss a knife, then grab. If she's still laying you out block the hit in combat stance then press L3 (as if sprinting towards her) and then L2 to grab. Edit: The purpose of quick tossing a knife is to interrupt the counselors swing animation. If you TK a sliding counselor (that's what this cheap-ass pussy move is called by the way) it will more or less "freeze" (stop all movement) them and will give you a very brief window of opportunity to grab. This of course is dependent on whether or not the counselor is facing you as well as how close they are, but from my own personal experience, when they swing they are usually very close to you, but still just barely out of grab range. The interruption from the TK buys you about 1/2 a second, so make it count.
  17. Really? I never noticed a difference, but then again until recently I'd been playing on an old TV.
  18. Tonight, I played with the same two friends that I've mentioned here before. We killed Jason almost every single round (provided one of us was Tommy and our designated sweater-girl got away with the sweater. The two of us spawned in, immediately grabbed axes and machetes, and bee-lined it right for Jason. Hell, we killed this same p5 Jason twice in a row, the second time in less than 6 minutes. But I noticed something I hadn't paid much attention to until now: If the generator powering the Tommy cabin was broken, 90% of the time, the kill never happened. Jason would bear-trap it at the start of the round and all of our attempts to fix it and call Tommy were foiled. Even after silently disarming the trap, he'd sometimes just show up by surprise and since all of us were using non-repair counselors, even without the trap we still never succeeded. It gave me an idea for a new tactic that involves trapping only the gas tank on cars. That way you know immediately that any electrical sound cues are coming from the generator.
  19. My point is that it IS, in fact, easy to kill Jason. Yes, this Jason kinda sucked, but even highly-skilled Jasons can usually be killed with little trouble.
  20. It was a Vanessa if I remember correctly (because, of course it was....) She's trying every possible angle to get the car inside the fence while Impostor Jason is standing there looking like a busted condom. Imagine if a new F13 movie comes out and Jason is so pussy-fied he has to resort to literally standing behind a car driven by a teamer in order to protect himself...
  21. I know we can't shame people on here, so I won't bother naming names or trying to find the video. Last night me and two other friends were trying to kill a teaming p5 on Higgens Haven small. I'm Tommy, friend #1 has an axe, friend #2 has the shotgun and sweater. Jason's mask breaks, and as expected, he immediately disappears. We jog around a bit looking for him and he suddenly shows up right in front of the barn entrance. We get over there, and he Morphs near the car that spawned at the lodge. We start to run over but then the car starts up and tries to run us over, apparently forgetting there's a barrier that stops the car from coming too close to the barn. What followed was a 10+ minute stand-off between three 3 of us more-or-less trapped in the fenced in area at the barn and the teamers who kept trying to figure out a way to hit us. During this, Jason is literally hiding behind his little helpers in the car and eventually we ran out of time.
  22. Counselors (pt2): Jason is never too busy to show up as soon as a repair is complete regardless of how well it is performed. No amount of panicked flashlight clicking will persuade a 1/10 repair counselor to give the part to the 10/10 repair counselor standing right beside him. After successfully evading all window and door traps placed at a barricaded cabin, you will hit the one placed by a fellow counselor right before making your escape. Any Jason that cannot hit a stationary counselor with a TK from 3 feet away will hit you with one while running at full speed towards the police. Any TK that hits you just before reaching the police will cripple you regardless of current health. No, he's not really gone, he's in Stalk... always. Jason (pt2): The near-dead Bunny Girl you decide to "toy with" will break a baseball bat on your face, heal up, tea-bag you, make it to the car, and escape before you can get back on your feet. If you're lucky, that will be the end of it. If you're UNLUCKY, the video will be on YouTube within the hour. The longer you spend trying to trap objectives, the sooner they'll get tanked after you leave. It always takes one more TK than you have on hand to kill the glitcher on the Jarvis House porch. As soon as you Stalk-Morph to the exit to cut off a fleeing car, it will be driven all the way to the other exit in reverse. If you Morph to the other exit to cut off a reversing car, it will be driver forward to it's originally planned exit.
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