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  1. You are VERY VERY VERY wrong (and ignorant). Whiny little pussies have been declaring the game "dead" for over two years, but guess what? It's not. The player base might have shrunk, but it hasn't disappeared. There's still plenty of YouTubers posting gameplay videos, and I still have no trouble finding full lobbies.
  2. I don't really mind the objective parts showing up on the map, but it's not much help if nobody bothers to pick them up in the first place and you find yourself the only repair counselor in a lobby of Vanessa's who aren't doing shit but running around with baseball bats. Also, for whatever reason the lower-left shack location on Jarvis House has a spot inside where a trap can be placed. Not sure what that's about but don't bother trying to to use it as a sneaky way of warding off a Jason-kill, it's too far against the wall to be any use
  3. This one is circumstantial depending on whether the counselors are trying to kill you or not. If no, you SHOULD grab Tommy (at the very least, to deprive him of his PK just in case he later on decides to try and kill you). If Tommy happens to be driving a car, you pretty much have no choice but to grab him and hope he sucks at driving because he WILL have that car restarted before the stun wears off. If the counselors ARE trying to kill you and the opportunity to grab him arises, don't do it unless he is too far away for other counselors to save him. I cannot begin to tell you how many Jason's my team has killed that simply just would not stop fucking grabbing while surrounded by counselors. I honestly have no words to describe the sheer stupidity of grab--->stunned--->grab--->stunned--->grab--->stunned--->grab--->stunned--->grab--->demasked--->dead Jason.
  4. I'm pretty sure spamming grab will work too. Or if you hate yourself and feel like complicating things to an absurd degree, you can do what I used to before I found out about spamming grab/slash: Message a counselor and offer a pardon if they'll call the police. Repeat this step until someone accepts. Go find TKs/kill stragglers/make a bathroom run/ etc... until they arrive (hopefully at the East exit) Once they do, glitch yourself out of the map and make your way over to the cheating little bastards. When they get down (and trust me, they WILL) give chase and go after them. Finally, pray they stay down because it's going to be a royal bitch to do this all over again.
  5. ....have no idea how Gun/ILL is still making games. Edit: We still have counselor's dumb enough to try using firecrackers to regain stamina against an enraged Jason. We still have Jason's dumb enough to attack Tommy and SG head on without their mask. We still have whiny bitches who claim killing Jason is hard (seriously... if we're 4 years in and you're insisting Jason is hard to kill, go fuck yourself).
  6. Do they still take 155 attempts to run inside and close the door?
  7. Not to go off topic, but there are a few things I would have loved to see in the Bots AI: Ambushing Jason as he walks through a doorway Backing up or making detours when driving instead of running right into Jason Using med-spray on other Bots Using a hiding spot if you're around but exiting it when you Morph away Silently disarming traps Sticking together as a group. Alas, maybe someday we'll get another F13 game with smarter Bots.
  8. You can hit a counselor while in a trap and skip the rest of the animation.
  9. "Yes, the Ford Pinto has problems, but they're not severe enough to cause us to stop selling the car. Does the air conditioner work? The wiper blades? The headlights?" People don't buy cars for the wipers or headlights, they buy them so they can DRIVE... which is the point of buying a car to begin with. PC players didn't buy F13 for the Bots or Challenges, they bought it for MULTIPLAYER... which was the point of buying IT to begin with.
  10. Watch the door closing animation and hit grab just as the door closes. Edit: If you're still having trouble, play Offline Bots and fuck around until you hear them start the car. Once they do, just Morph over, walk up to it, and smash the hood. They will without exception get out of the car when you do this, so it's a good way to practice.
  11. No disrespect my friend, but this makes as much sense as telling your kid to go shovel snow off the driveway seconds before a blizzard hits (or not to finger-paint on the walls of a burning house).
  12. Don't lump me in with the optimistic crowd, I've always had the opinion the Devs ain't fixing shit, and if they do, it brings new problems. Nonetheless, I cannot honestly say I feel cheated by them. I still play this game on an almost daily basis, and even with the colossal amount of fucking up they've done with it, I still feel I've more than gotten my money's worth from it. Again, I believe Gun/Ill deserve every ounce of shit thrown their way, but I believe this is probably the most fun I've ever had with an online multiplayer game. I bought a fucking PS4 the same month the game launched just so i could play F13, and I still don't consider it a waste of money even to this day.
  13. There isn't going to be any crow-eating anytime soon. That's not me pissing on the game or even on Gun/BT, it's just a cold, hard fact. PC lobbies are an absolute shit-show for anyone who wants to play the game as intended, while over on PS4, the worst you have to put up with is host-quits and the occasional time-out error.
  14. There's nothing to war over, consoles have already won. I'm a realist, not an optimist. If you seriously believe lobbies like that are going to be fixed then you are HORRENDOUSLY naive.
  15. What I understand is you're staying on a sinking ship instead of jumping in a lifeboat because you're holding out for them to plug the hole and stop it from sinking. They've already told us numerous times they consider the game at the end of it's lifecycle and you're still for some bizarre reason convinced there's going to be some kind of fix for all the hacked lobbies.
  16. Matt, I'm just going to be bluntly honest here, ok? I have significant doubt that the PC situation is going to be fixed anytime soon, if at all. Think about how long it took for things like roof-glitching or abduction to get fixed, and compare that to PC lobbies that have legitimate game-breaking shit going on: multiple Tommy's, 20+ players, infinite Shift, modded Jason's, etc .. Not trying to be an asshole about it, but we both know PC lobbies are the video game equivalent of the Titanic: it's going down. Maybe not tonight, tomorrow, or next month, but it's still going down. The best thing PC players can do at this point is get a console and play it on there instead.
  17. Actually, it DID make him harder to kill, albeit mostly for the kill-squads dumb enough to push him into Rage 2 minutes into the round. How? Well, I'm sure most (if not all of you) have had a situation where a rage-mode Jason was after you and basically just traded hits with you until you died. That same situation applies to kill-squads. If Jason's already in rage and starts hacking away at Tommy or SG, your survival options are kinda limited. Either someone's going to shoot him, or the mask is going to break. If neither of these two occur, you're pretty much just fucked because there's nothing you can do to stop him from slashing. From Jason's POV, it's kind of a gamble. If he abandons defense and just goes slash-happy, either he's going to kill Tommy, or (assuming they've already got the sweater) he's going to get demasked, then immediately killed. This is why it's so important to A) stop attacking once the mask is off and B] attack with high-damage weapons using high-strength counselors. A bunch of Debbie's and Tiffany's with baseball bats are probably going to trigger rage long before the they succeed in getting the mask off. Get a couple of Buggzys/Fox's/Adams/etc, give them machetes or axes, and tell them to stop hitting Jason once the mask breaks and you'll kill him before rage mode almost every time.
  18. Block reduces damage, but won't negate it entirely. I know from personal experience that even if you block 100% of counselor's attacks, you will still eventually lose your mask. If they're smart, they'll quit hitting you when they see you're blocking and use flareguns and shotguns. On the other hand, if they happen to have numerous machetes/axes close by, wailing away on a blocking Jason is a viable strategy. You WILL lose your mask at some point, but by that time Rage should be active and if they've already used the shotguns, its not going to end well for them if you can manage to get in a few slashes on Tommy or SG. On the OTHER other hand, a long while back I was in a random lobby and had a situation in which a demasked Jason was blocking the door to the shack and trying to quick-throw knives at Tommy and SG. Suddenly, Tommy quits trying to dodge and just stands there letting Jason hit him. He gets crippled and starts limping away from the shack. Jason sees this and takes off after Tommy. As soon as he's out of the doorway, he gets shot, Tommy heals up, and the Tiffany who shot him runs in and grabs the sweater. Jason then rage quit before he even got back up.
  19. At least you didn't end up like this poor bastard: This guy was picked as Jason three consecutive games in a row, and died in all three of them. It's awe-inspiring that he didn't hide in the lake or rage-quit out of sheer frustration.
  20. This is the exact reason why if I'm Jason twice in a row, everyone gets to escape the second round. Some people wait hours to be Jason, but the guy who just joined (me) not only gets to be Jason first, he gets to be him TWICE. I know that's not my fault or problem, but I do it anyway (I still kill you if you enter the shack though).
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