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  1. I've got a few indicators I want to get checked out. The check engine light my older brother hooked a code reader to and it came back saying it was something to do with air induction (if I'm not mistaken) I've always been more about cars than trucks, but yours looks really nice. But for the love of God please don't throw giant chrome spinning rims on it. I can't understand why that ever became a fad in the first place.
  2. If you're a team-killing/teaming douchebag, I'll knife your car. I'll also knife your car if you're a straight-up stun-and-dance shithead. Aside from this, I'm not going to do it. If you're simply a better player and are getting away then oh well, I'll try a little harder next time.
  3. I got this car after some dumbass ran a red light and totalled the one I was using. It's a 2006 Mazda Rx-8.
  4. Translation: "I'm a whiny little bitch and I suck balls at this game. To make up for it, I'm going to cheat instead of playing fair because if I played fair, Jason would violate me like a parking meter."
  5. Stealth: 8 Repair: 9 Stamina: 6 Speed:2 Luck:2 Strength: 2
  6. To some people, getting on the roof at Packanack was an "advanced technique", not a glitch or exploit.
  7. Strigoi: "Machetes and axes should break on the second hit" *Devs implement change* *Strigoi tries killing Jason, Jason simply holds block, Strigoi watches all his axes and machetes break without even removing the mask and realizes what a horrible idea this was* Strigoi:
  8. Here are the stats for p6, because fuck every other Jason: Morph (cooldown): 40 seconds / 27 seconds after RAGE Sense (duration): 15 seconds Sense (cooldown): 10 seconds / 6.5 seconds after RAGE Shift (cooldown): 20 seconds 13 seconds after RAGE Stalk (duration): 3:20 when stationary, 20 seconds when mobile Stalk (cooldown): 30 seconds / 18 seconds after RAGE
  9. I got killed about 4-5 hours ago on Pinehurst. I think they were a little irritated because I sliced their obvious bait-counselor the fuck up and left her there instead of killing her, though a few minutes later I killed her by mistake (Call it racist all you want, but Vanessas all look the same to me when viewed through Sense). I blocked 90% of everything they dished out and was in Rage in less than 5 minutes. Not long after, the mask broke, and a few minutes later, everyone's dead except Tommy, a Chad, and a couple of the Vanessas. I chase the Chad into a cabin but step in a bear-trap. Chad hops out the window and hauls ass, but I see Tommy and one of the Vanessas approaching the cabin. Bear-trap gets kicked off, I go after Tommy and Vanessa, but they just stand there instead of running (which is always a red flag to me that they're trying to kill you). I stop coming towards them and am trying to see if she's got the sweater or not. I knew she may have picked up the mask, but the shack entrance was trapped and I never got the audio cue, so I assume the answer's a No, and come towards them. Well, I was wrong, so you can probably guess how this one ended. I found out later than the traps at the shack were PK disarmed, and since I had already been stabbed by them twice earlier in the round, this means that one of them (Tommy or SG) didn't have a PK. Oh well, live and learn.
  10. You just like her redesigned and upgraded ass, that's all Shelley IS kinda useless, but I'd still take him over LaChappa.
  11. You can if you hit them with a TK mid-dive, though that one usually results in a rather salty counselor.
  12. Fuck you for beating me to it 🤣 As anti-Jason as that guy is, you'd think he was inappropriately touched by someone wearing a hockey mask.
  13. People forget it's basically a lunge, not just a grab. You can actually time it right and succeed in grabbing someone from clear over a couch or the corner of a table, as well as when somebody tries to run past you suddenly. It's also much easier to pull off what I like to call "Dive bombing" SGs where you come straight from behind while they're running away.
  14. The recent patch has not changed Jason's grab whatsoever. I used to hate his current one, but over time I've come to believe it's actually a much better grab than the original one. Yeah, you can get nailed if you miss, but you can also grab from farther away than you used to, perfect for those smarmy little shits that are dancing on the other side of the couch that don't realize they're in grab range.
  15. I'd like to criticize the tactic of hitting Jason as soon as he gets up or comes out of a stun, but that would make me a hypocrite because I do it too. Earlier tonight, me and the 2-3 friends I kill Jason with killed a lv 150 pt 2 twice in a row with the same strategy. Possible Tommy's: 1) Spawn in, loot 2-3 cabins for whatever items and weapons you can (machetes and axes are preferred, for obvious reasons), and then beeline it right for Jason. 2) When you find him, don't rush right up to him and start swinging, he's probably going to grab-kill you if you do. Instead (this is where Swift Attacker becomes very helpful) trot off a few feet and stop. 99% of the time, Jason is going to go right for you. Wait until he's close, then click R3 and tap R2 It is absurd how many times you can pull that off with the same Jason. If you don't really like that tactic, you can simply keep getting grabbed and have a nearby counselor keep freeing you until their weapon breaks. Either way, the goal isn't to beat Jason up, it's to break the mask, so stop hitting him once it's off or you risk pushing him into Rage too early. 3) Once it's off, die. No matter how obviously bait you are, the huge majority of Jason's will kill you anyway. Sweater-Girl: 1) Loot until you find at least one PK and med spray. Do not even go into the shack without them. 2) Once you have them, stay clear of Jason if possible. Wait until Tommy spawns in, then link up and go get the sweater together. Preferably, SG brings her own axe with her in case she has to help remove the mask, or Tommy's breaks. If she can't find one, she trades the axe for the shotgun. 3) Once the sweater's taken, Tommy's with you, and the mask is off, simply jog around until you find Jason. If he no shows, don't stand around for 15 minutes waiting, go fix the car or phone. If he's not coming, he's not coming, so don't drag it out. After the countless times we've played together, I've come to believe that two of the absolute worst things Jason can do is 1] Ignore the warning from Pamela. I'm not talking about when he gets the alert but Morph is down and he can't get there in time, I'm talking about hearing it but not giving a shit because he's chasing someone or trying to stop the car or whatever else he's doing, and 2] Become far too overconfident for their own good. Sure, you're a 150 with a lot of experience being Jason, that doesn't mean it's a good idea to try and take Tommy/SG head-on, especially without your mask. I had a round once where an unmasked pt 8 started out doing everything perfectly (blocking, checking doorways for traps instead of barging in, knifing us from a distance, hit-and-run tactics, etc..) but eventually he got himself killed after an admittedly perfect Stalk-Shift-grab got him PK'ed, then stunned via sweater before he could get away.
  16. Speaking of the island, something hilarious happened earlier tonight. Anytime I'm Jason twice in a row, I usually let the people in the second round escape. Well after the first round, it dumped us back in QP, but I decided to be lazy and let them go anyway since I was quitting soon anyway (I did toss a couple of knives at some of them, but that's just Jason's way of saying hello). Someone starts flashing me, so I turn around and most of the lobby are running to me carrying machetes (we're at the SE car location). I start blocking but shortly thereafter the mask breaks anyway. I Shift away and disappear, then get an idea: wait until the boat is fixed and almost to the exit, then zoom over and simply keep dumping them out without killing them (no deaths or escapes = no Tommy), forcing the rest of them to either fix something else or step in each others traps if they want to bring TJ in. A few minutes later, the boats on it's way to the exit but I get this stupid glitch where pressing X to Morph makes noise but doesn't do anything, so they got away. Couple of minutes later, and yep... Tommys here. He runs to the car where everyone else is still congregating, and this gives me an even better idea 😈 I go and make a slow pass of the shoreline (close enough for them to know I'm there), then head back to the island and make sure they see me leaving the lake. Now, I start alternating Stalk on and off. It takes a few minutes, but, low and behold, I see someone swimming towards me. I Morph into the lake and come up behind her as she reaches the island. She's clearly out of stamina and won't be running anywhere, so I start following her around and see another female counselor show up, followed by Tommy Jarvis who immediately shoots me and this prompts the 2nd counselor to run for the shack. Except... the shacks not on the island. It's way over on the Western side of the map. I trolled those dumbasses into swimming over to Deathtrap Island, and now they're trapped there with me 🤣. They're fucked and they knew it. I did eventually kill Tommy, just in case somebody got butthurt and actually made it to the shack.
  17. I've actually got counselors to pick-up and hang on to any repair parts they find until the TK is dead. Its hilarious to see them frantically flashing the counselors holding parts, trying to get them to start repairing, then Jason teleports right to them and nobody runs except the TK.
  18. I don't know why it's such a problem to just play the damn game without ruining it for everyone else. I genuinely don't understand what makes some people think there's nothing wrong with deliberately fucking things up for complete strangers who are just trying to have a good time.
  19. (This video is for educational purposes and is not intended as shaming) Have you ever been playing as Jason and come upon a situation where someone is clearly attempting to kill other counselors just to be a douchebag? If so, have you ever intervened and stopped them? Had a lobby earlier that contained one 150, with everyone else being lv 10 or lower. I'm not really into shooting fish in a barrel, so I msged some of them and told them to take off (I figured they'd appreciate the free xp from escaping. I'm walking around killing time, but noticed somebody just got betrayed. Since it could have been an honest accident, I watch them for a minute but then see someone else getting run over. I'm not having that shit, so I destroy the car and hunt down the driver.
  20. Consider it a penalty for piss-poor gameplay. If you don't assist in escaping and just want to stun and dance all game, your poor decisions lead to having a much more difficult time surviving than if you'd stopped acting like a twat and helped out. "WAHHHH!! That's making me play how someone else want's instead of how *I* want!" It's called 'teamwork". You can argue until you're blue in the face that "This isn't a team-oriented game!", but it's blatantly obvious this game was designed to be played as a team effort. It's even on the some of the loading screens. As with any game that has any kind of inherent "teamwork" function, choosing to say 'Fuck those guys' and play YOUR way makes things harder for everyone else. Want a better chance of escape? Dance less, cooperate more.
  21. And this ^^^ is pretty much how I feel about it. If you do not attack Jason, he won't enter Rage until 15 minutes have passed. Yes, 75% of the round is over and you only have to deal with an enraged Jason for 5 minutes. Now, I am aware that you will probably need to attack Jason at least a little during the course of trying to escape (I'm not counting killing him, as obviously that's going to require more than a little). This is where the situation gets iffy. If you're trying to (for arguments sake) install a battery, theres two ways you can accomplish this: The first is to give the battery to someone with high repair who can install it fast enough that they need little to no protecting. Or, secondly, you can give it to a 1/10 repair counselor who is going to take a long fucking time completing the repair, and thus will need you to fight off/keep Jason stunned until they're finished. If you are not trying to kill Jason, let the repair counselors do the repairs while the non-repairs kite Jason around until they're finished. Beating Jason like you're an alcoholic step-father and he's the illegitimate son you fathered with a fat hooker named Bertha means you have ABSOLUTELY NO RIGHT WHATSOEVER to whine and bitch about him being unstunnable in Rage. He wouldn't BE in Rage if you hadn't decided to throw another Pinata Party.
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