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  1. I was hoping I did, but probably not (though I'll look again). My capture gallery size was over 400gb and I deleted a ton of shit to make room.
  2. About a week ago, I was picked to be Jason twice. As usually happens anytime I'm him twice in a row, i msged few of the counselors and told them to fix something and take off, then walked outside and dumped all of my traps at the shack entrance. Literally 10 seconds after I'm done, an AJ shows up, runs right past me and into the pile of traps, heals up, steps in another one, heals up again, then runs in, grabs the sweater, and hauls ass. It was so amusing I just let her take off with it. A few minutes later, I Morph over to the main lodge to fuck with the counselors a little and show up just in time to see them crowding together on the porch with some douchebag driving around trying to run them over. They see me coming and start clicking their flashlights, so I come over to them and TK-glitch the car the next time it comes close. Driver turns out to be the AJ who took the sweater. She runs off (presumably to try and fix the boat, though good luck running anyone over with it) and the counselors still alive hang out in the lodge for the rest of the round.
  3. That Jason seems to have a terminal case of what I like to call "Rambo Syndrome". Instead of attempting to block or minimize damage, he just powers forward and keeps swinging.
  4. Same here. I've never had the sweater fail to work no matter how high my fear went.
  5. I got killed last night because SG had the mask and I didn't know she'd already gotten the sweater until I Stalk-Shift-Slashed her. It's kinda funny in a way, since I'd already killed most of the lobby (including the first person that tried to go for it) and had even re-trapped the shack afterwards, so I assumed that was the end of it. Then I saw Tommy and a couple of other counselors coming down the road and figured I'd just go over there and hack them to death, but nope...
  6. See, this is what happens when 10-year-olds are allowed unsupervised online gaming. It kinda makes me miss the days of playing Quake II online. Back then, the majority of players would tell each other GG after every (or at least most) matches, even if you flat-out sucked and came in dead last. What's so hard about NOT being a total enema-nozzle to a complete stranger you just met 5 minutes ago? Yeah, you got killed with the sweater. So what? You can always try again next round, it's not the end of the world and it's certainly not worth being a salty brat over.
  7. Good to hear, but how about actually TESTING this one before releasing it?
  8. If it's such a "crap game" why are you here, posting on a forum dedicated to it? Illfonic did a lot of fucking up and nobody denies that, but it also can't be denied that they poured an incredible amount of time and effort into making this feel as much like the movies as possible (at least as far as the look and feel goes , the execution ... not so much). Their biggest mistake (at least in my opinion, and aside from not having dedicated servers at launch) was listening to whiners cry about Jason being difficult to survive against. I concede that making Jason impossible to stun or kill entirely would have been a huge mistake, as it would have basically meant counselors have no chance whatsoever of surviving, but there is no way in hell counselors should be able to run Jason so ragged that an entire lobby can escape or kill him in 90% of matches. Escaping or killing Jason should feel more like winning a prize and less like going to work at your crappy-ass job on Monday morning.
  9. Good thing they didn't develop Viagra or there'd be a lot of very unhappy men waiting a very long time.
  10. If i'm Jason, at least one person is getting slashed to death (if nothing else than to add variety), possibly more if Tommy spawns in, the sweater is taken, or somebody wants to go down fighting via 1v1. Some Jason's (such as p3/p4) I automatically assume are going to be slashers.
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