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  1. I'm starting to think PhIM has glitched on me or something. I opened Bots and spent hours making sure all the "universal" grab-kills were done, then played one round with every Jason to be sure I got all the specific weapon kills, and then spent a few more rounds doing every environmental kill I could think of and even watched a YouTube guide, but still no trophy (and this is the last one I need for platinum).
  2. I'm calling it right now: This is going to end up being another asymmetrical multiplayer game where one person plays Leatherface and the rest are survivors. Leatherface is going to get his ass kicked on a regular basis just like Jason and the Predator, they'll be a lot of dumb DLC for it, and EVERY SINGLE PATCH WILL CREATE A SHITLOAD OF NEW PROBLEMS. I guaran-fuckin-tee that is exactly what's going to happen. Guys, don't waste your time or money. We all know the deal by now.
  3. If theres not at least 5, I don't even kill anyone. I just message them and tell them to have fun escaping because I'm not wasting my time killing 3-4 people.
  4. All aYou know what pisses me off the most? I can join a lobby and sit through 4-5 games as a counselor and nobody leaves. Whether the Jason's good and wipes everyone out, or is bad and gets trolled all round, nobody leaves. I finally get to be Jason and five minutes in, half the lobby's gone. What the fuck?
  5. If I know or even suspect that the last ones alive are going to try and STN, I will stop what I'm doing and go break down every single door on as many cabins as possible before breaking into whatever one they're holed up in. You'd be amazed how fast that shuts down most STN attempts.
  6. I know I said I wasn't even going to begin on the Jason campaign until the Counselor one was 100% finished, but I'm putting the cutscene of Alice killing Pamela up so I can get feedback on it, since its literally the first thing seen on Jason's campaign. I never saw an actual boat-ramp in the movies, but decided to add one anyway, so let me know if it seems too out of place.
  7. If I'm Jason and all (or most) of the lobby are low-level, I msg a few of them and tell them to go ahead and escape, then dump all five traps at the shack entrance (sometimes I just stay there, but other times I like to go troll them a bit before letting them go.). A 150 Jason going after a lobby of complete n00bs like they were a high-level kill-squad is just too big of a dick move for me. HOWEVER... If I catch someone near the shack, I'll PM them and tell them to go away and escape with the others. If they don't, or they do but then come back, I tell them something to the effect of, "Most/All of you guys are low level, so I'm trying to be nice and let everyone go. Don't fuck with me/piss me off/press your luck/do something stupid." If it STILL happens again, I just kill them. 90% of the time they take the hint and bugger off after the first message.. If they go away but come back with Tommy (and all five traps are still undisturbed) I turn on Stalk, Morph somewhere behind them (but still within Shift distance) and wait. As soon as I hear the first trap go off, I Shift back to them and grab whoever stepped in the trap (this works best if it's Tommy). If they have a PK, they'll drop right on top of a second trap and die instantly. If they don't, whoever is NOT in the trap is almost guaranteed to either shoot or hit me to try and free the one who DID step in the trap. As a result, they will most likely drop right on top of another trap, killing them instantly. If I get salty messages, I just reply with a screenshot of their dead body.
  8. Did you see the screenshots of the messages I started getting? Apparently, that Jason "has more money than everyone else in the lobby, so he wins". Edit: I agree, Jason is WAY too easy to kill (seeing as how the Predator is easy to kill too, I'm starting to think Illfonic has some kind of fetish for turning badass movie villains into pussies, but I digress....). The mask HP buff DID help a little, but it's still easy to kill Jason. That being said, like S.C. said, it is inexcusable for a Jason to rage-quit or hide in water all game. The Jason in the video might not have quit or hid underwater, but he is still a gutless coward. Not because he didn't run right up to us and just stand there waiting to die, and not because he didn't make some half-ass attempt to try and kill us. He's a gutless coward because he did NOTHING... no "I'll leave and go gather knives", no "Let me watch from a distance to see if they split up", no "I'll hide in the phone cabin and wait in case they come fix the phone", noo "I'll go kill the other guys and come back to the kill-squad later", and not even a "I think I'll troll them by letting them get close and Morphing away". Absolutely NOTHING was done. This Jason completely disengaged from the entire match. It's more dignified to rage-quit than it is to simply do nothing.
  9. If Jason was maskless, I could perfectly understand why he might be a bit hesitant to attack Tommy and SG. The Jason in the video isn't maskless, and probably still has a decent amount of HP left. He's choosing to allow numerous escapes rather than risk the possibility (not the probability, the POSSIBILITY) of getting killed. If you are so afraid of dying you'd rather let most of the lobby escape than take the slightest chance of getting killed, stick with Offline Bots.
  10. If you're Morphing away to try and separate counselors, theres nothing wrong with that. There's nothing wrong with doing it to collect knives and there's nothing wrong with doing it so you can watch them from a distance and wait for an opportunity. Rage quitting is for pussies.... period. And simply refusing to show your face and allowing counselors to run around unchecked is for cowards. You're failing as Jason on a fundamental level when you do this.
  11. I use Vanessa for the same and only reason I use Buggzy: to kill Jason. 90% of my counselor-play is done with Bunny Girl, though sometimes I'll use Tiffany if I'm going to be running parts or trying to keep Jason busy.
  12. I just got blue-screened (again) for literally the 8th 9th 10th time tonight. It's starting to royally piss me off because I didn't have this problem until the new patch came out, and now I have to start every round unsure if I'm going to actually make it to the end or get blue-screened again.
  13. They just released a patch for Predator Hunting Grounds. Before patch, I never had to wait more than 5-6 minutes to get a Pred-game going. After the patch, my estimated wait time of 3:37 turned out to be 22:10, and when I finally got into a game, it blue-screened halfway through (that was the 8th post-patch blue-screen, btw)
  14. So they "fixed it", and the next day it was not only broken again but even worse? Imagine that...
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