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  1. Jason's didn't need to whine, the devs themselves saw how much they fucked up.
  2. We wouldn't have needed the Rage buff if the Devs hadn't listened to a bunch of whiners in the first place. Also, I'd like to remind everyone that if Jason takes no damage (or slight damage) it will take him 15 minutes to reach Rage mode. Think about that for a second... 3/4th of the round will be over before he even gets Rage IF counselors prioritize escape over attacking Jason (and only do so when absolutely necessary). But of course, that's the problem. Why should counselors have to only attack as a last resort? Why can't attacking be a first resort? And a second... and a third... and a fourth...etc. If you're trying to kill Jason, you're going to have to attack him to do so... that much is obvious. However, what do you think is the more efficient way to go about it; have every counselor in the lobby go swarm him, or have a couple of players pick high strength characters, grab machetes or axes, and hit him just enough to break the mask and then stop? You can use Buggzy and demask him in 2-3 hits and he won't be anywhere near Rage mode. Think of it as if you were a zookeeper in charge of vaccinating lions. You've got to poke the lion, but you know he's not going to like it very much, so you have two choices: either poke the lion the minimum number of times possible and then leave, or shine a strobe-light in his face and dance while jabbing him far more than necessary until the lion really gets pissed and mauls the shit out of you, then go complain to the board of directors that the lion's too OP and needs to be de-fanged and de-clawed so you can go back to making poor decisions without consequence.
  3. If I recall correctly, he was somewhere between 60 and 70. To paraphrase Something Cool from the other thread, this Jason's biggest mistakes were attempting to grab instead of using TK's and slashing, and a complete lack of blocking even though it was stupidly obvious I was after his mask (he also didn't trap his shack and more-or-less pulled a 'deer in the headlights' when we approached with the sweater). After killing literally dozens of Jason's with this same small group of friends, let me tell you the three biggest things that make getting the kill ridiculously easy for us: 1) Lack of shack defense. No trap in the doorway to deter or slow down sweater-girl, and no response when Pamela alerts Jason we've come for the sweater. I've been spectating Jason (or more accurately, whoever Jason is after) when the shack gets invaded and more than a couple of times have seen Jason continue playing Ring Around The Motherfucking Rosie or some other unimportant activity instead of dropping what he's doing and going to defend the sweater (or, at the very least, make an attempt to intercept SG before she gets away). 2) Lack of awareness. No effort made to see if that doorway you're about to barge through is trapped or not (or sometimes stepping in traps that are very obviously placed), not bothering to take a peek behind yourself if breaking down doors the 'old-fashioned' way, taking so long to aim a TK that someone has time to run up and nail you while you're doing it, walking into ambush after ambush after ambush because you're so caught up in catching that one specific counselor you don't notice the one hiding by the door with an axe, leaving generators undamaged. 3) Lack of combat tactics. Non-stop grabbing even when surrounded by counselors with machetes and axes, lack of/absence of blocking (tanking damage instead of minimizing it), lack of/absence of throwing knife and combat stance usage, repeatedly grabbing "bait" counselors, killing "kamikaze" counselors who are clearly trying to die and come back as Tommy, and neglects using Stalk. TL;DR: The easiest Jason to kill doesn't trap his shack or respond to Pamelas alert, doesn't try cutting the power, can be easily baited into grabbing someone (so somebody else can get a free shot, or so the grabbed counselor can die and come back as Tommy), never tries to block and instead just Hulks his way through attacks. The hardest Jason to kill traps his shack and will be right on your ass almost immediately after getting the alert (provided Morph is ready), won't grab you PERIOD if another counselor is anywhere close to you, will approach counselors (especially if high-strength or armed with machetes/axes) cautiously, heavily uses block when confronting players, doesn't fall for "grab me" tactics, and starts cutting power early in the round.
  4. I'm reposting this from another thread because it relates to your post. Yes, it IS way too easy to kill Jason (if you watch that video but still claim Jason is hard to kill, you are HORRENDOUSLY naive). That Jason was at full health but still lost his mask 90 seconds into the round from just two machete strikes. Five minutes later and we had the sweater and then it was simply a short jog over to where he was and that was that.
  5. Strangely, I find that the more experienced a player is, the more likely they are to wait at the police exit. The newer counselors seem to get bored quickly and decide to abandon the kill in favor of escaping, whereas the older ones might wait the entire 20 minutes.
  6. I'm pretty sure he was in the 60-70 range, and you're right, he should have done... well, pretty much anything except get grab happy. This guy was at full health, but still lost his mask in two hits (Legendary Sucker Punch, Epic Thrasher, and Epic Slugger). I learned a long time ago to be cautious when dealing with any counselor with an axe or machete, especially if they have high strength. Maybe he was already aware of what was going on and decided to try and eliminate the threat quickly via grabbing (the logic being that since the round just started, Buggzy may have med spray but he probably doesn't have a PK). If I were him in that situation, I would have stayed in block if he was close enough to hit me, and would have tried baiting him into swinging until his machete broke. If things still went the same way, I'd have disappeared to collect knives once I heard Pamela's warning. I know that usually it's best to respond to the alert immediately, but when you've already lost your mask, it's probably suicidal to do so. If they're not waiting to see if you come to the shack, they're probably going from cabin to cabin until you decide to show up. If the police are already called, it's a nightmare for Jason to deal with. Either you stick your neck out and try to kill them, or you no-show and let them escape.
  7. Got an invite from my group (technically we're not a "group" so much as we are just friends who sometimes kill Jason together) last night and since I've mentioned them on here before, I recorded one of our kills specifically so I could post it in this thread. Most of the time, Kaylee or X get the sweater, while me and Link basically go play Kamikaze with Jason. X will usually get the sweater before Tommy shows up, while Kaylee generally waits until Tommy has at least spawned in, but usually until he's with her for added security. The huge majority of the time, neither one of them go for the sweater until the mask is off. As far as "What did this Jason do wrong that got him killed?" Well... not much actually, aside from perhaps leaving the shack untrapped or killing a counselor who was clearly baiting him into it. He lost his mask 90 seconds into the game, and 5 minutes later he was dead, so chalk it up to better experienced counselors facing a less experienced Jason.
  8. Do not grab AT ALL when you're close to counselors trying to kill you. Even if you get the kill, the animation will allow them an opportunity to hit you as soon as you finish the kill. The only exception is if you can grab Tommy or SG and you're certain they've lost their PK (or in SG's case, certain she doesn't have one). Also, be aware that sometimes counselors will take note of your constant blocking (assuming you're actually blocking and not just slashing away like a retard) and will intentionally charge and miss a few swings hoping to bait you into grabbing them and giving the others a free shot at you. Again, DO NOT grab. Quick-toss a TK when they're close (to temporarily stop them from moving), slash, then go back to blocking. If this cripples them, resist the temptation to push your luck via abandoning defense and pressing the attack. She most likely has med spray and if you get over-eager and rush in to finish her off, you're probably getting stunned, and she's probably going to heal up and then you're back to square 1, except now you've got less HP.
  9. Never heard of this one. I know there's one in a closet at Pinehurst, but Jason eventually managed to kill them after some effort.
  10. No offense intended, but it kinda sounds like you prefer easy kills over a legitimate challenge. I can understand being a little intimidated if you join a lobby and it's full of lv 150 Vanessa's, but the only way to improve as Jason is to play against well-skilled counselors. If you only play against people that are barely better than offline-bots, you're cheating yourself out of valuable experience (for lack of a better word) and stunting your own growth as Jason. I've mentioned before that I have a couple of friends I go kill Jason with, and after killing literally dozens of them, there are two things that still blow my mind that I might never understand: 1) Why do so many Jason's fall for being "baited"? A counselor hunts you down, attacks until your mask breaks, then literally just stands there dancing/tea-bagging the ground/flashing you/etc... and makes no attempt to run away. It is blatantly obvious they're trying to get killed on purpose so they can have a shot at coming back at Tommy Jarvis, so why would you give them what they want? 2) Why do so many Jason's (AFTER losing their mask) intentionally put themselves in close proximity to Tommy and SG? If counselors break your mask and a few minutes later your sweater gets stolen, you know exactly what's going on. If you see Tommy and SG together just standing there, why the fuck would you even CONSIDER running right up to them? It's the oldest trick in the book: You break into a cabin where Tommy and SG are, you fight, your mask breaks, they run outside to make sure there's plenty of room for the kill, and you run right after them.
  11. Being demasked and in range of the sweater isn't always a 100% death sentence (in fairness though, it usually is). In this game, .I didn't want to attack Tommy and SG head-on, but I also didn't want them to survive. So, I decided to take a chance and let them walk into an ambush. I stayed away long enough for them to think I was hiding somewhere, then went back to the phone cabin, turned on Stalk, and waited in the bathroom. I was banking on them getting bored and calling the police once it became apparent I wasn't giving them an easy Jason-kill. Sure enough, a few minutes later I see them approach the cabin and install the fuse. SG runs in followed by Tommy, and as soon as I hear her talking, I Surprise Motherfucker!'ed them. You might be wondering why I grabbed SG despite knowing that Tommy was going to hit me and make me drop her. Well, that's the exact reason I did it, because I knew he'd hit me and make me drop her. Grabbing her caused her to drop her weapon. Tommy then hits me, but in doing so he made himself an easy target because I turned and grabbed him immediately after dropping SG. Remember how I grabbed him once already at the shack when he stepped in my entrance trap (I don't give a shit who says otherwise, trapping the shack helps)? That means he's lost his pocket-knife, and because SG dropped her weapon, she couldn't free him in time to stop me from choking him to death. Yes, she could have used the sweater to make me drop him, I know that, but you know who didn't know that? Sweater-Girl
  12. I disagree. Hiding in water? Yeah, maybe... but facing an object/wall isn't cowardly (it's about the same as Jason body-blocking the shack if you think about it). It IS giving counselors a free escape though, since most groups aren't going to stand there for 10+ minutes waiting to see if you move. At least some of them are going to go fix shit and escape, so you're going to have to either let them go, or go stop them and risk getting killed. There is a catch to this though. If everyone or near-everyone else is dead, then Tommy and SG might indeed decide to stand there the rest of the round in case you move. A group I sometimes kill Jason with had this exact situation not long ago. Jason get's demasked, Tommy and SG invade the shack, Jason shows up, but faces a corner and doesn't move. Eventually, Tommy gets an idea and backs off, while SG stands right next to Jason and starts dancing. After a couple of minutes, Jason decides that, since Tommy is no longer close enough to be able to save her, this is a perfect chance for a grab kill. He grabs, get's PK'ed, then is immediately stunned by SG before he can turn back to the corner. From my own experience, the majority of Jason's (in situations where if they just hold still, the kill would be impossible) eventually fuck up and get themselves killed. I killed one a while back with this same group who faced the map stand and would have screwed us all out of a Jason-kill had he not decided to suddenly 180 quick-throw a knife at someone (to anyone who didn't know, if you're facing the camera as Jason, tapping L1 will make Jason instantly turn 180 degrees and toss a knife. Great for when a counselor tries to sneak-attack from behind). He hit them with it, but SG used the sweater when he did it, so that was that. Back on subject, the best advice I can give you with groups is to spam block constantly. If you get close and start slashing away, whoever you're hitting is going to be able to tank a couple of hits (unless they're already injured), and counterattack. If their attack breaks your mask, they're going to have enough time to heal up and create distance before the stun wears off. Once it does, SG's going to do her thing and you're going to get a front row seat to a counselor dance party.
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