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  1. I don't recall using the word "hate" at any time nor in any context. As for the Devs being made aware of concerns, that's 90% of the reason pissed-off players are still replying in this thread; to make sure they know how badly they fucked things up. Also, I'm not "losing my shit". The vast majority of negative comments in here probably wouldn't even have been posted if the Devs had actually bothered to touch base and let us know they're aware of the problem. Instead, they've been stone-walling us this whole time without so much as a peep, which has definitely made things worse because it gives the impression they simply just don't care. When THIS Jason..... is a bigger, scarier threat than THIS Jason, you have truly fucked things up.
  2. "I feel like they do listen to us" You can tell me that after the update fails to solve any of the problems everyone is rightfully pissed about.
  3. Not to rain on your parade but don't get your hopes up. Even if the update comes, it's just going to be as big a pile of horse-shit as the last one. All the issues/problems/complaints caused by the last patch are still going to be there, most likely along with new problems that fuck this game up even worse.
  4. Still doesn't mean it's not POSSIBLE, which is the crux of the issue. The traps were nerfed to remove the possibility of trap-chaining, but counselor traps still have the possibility of being used in this way. The only fair solution is to remove the trap nerfs altogether, which I'm sure the Devs won't bother doing, seeing as how badly they've fucked everything else up.
  5. You're free to ignore them all you want, but that doesn't mean they're going to ignore you. Also, Jason being able to Shift over traps is not an excuse for the counselors to be excluded from a "minimum distance" requirement. A counselor could step in a trap and end up getting "trap chained" as easily in another counselors traps as they could with Jasons, which was the shitty excuse the Devs gave for forcing Jason to have a minimum distance between traps. Apparently trap-chaining is ok unless you're wearing a hockey mask or a sack.
  6. Speaking of bullshit, why the fuck don't the counselors have a "minimum trap distance" like Jason does? ?
  7. You'd think that with as long as Jason's spear is (oh my...) hitting a counselor right in front of you would be easy.
  8. HAD a lot of potential. I just spent almost 5 minutes as Pt. 6 Jason trying to club (spear?) an injured counselor to death and even when he was close enough that Jason could have whipped out his zombie-schlong and pissed on him, it still didn't register as a hit. This was on an open trail, not against a fence or building or even a small tree. When I finally gave up and just grabbed him, I got pocket-knifed, the counselor used FAS, and then he took off.
  9. Us:When are we getting dedicated servers? Them: Soon Us: How soon is "Soon"? Them: Uhh... Hey! We just released a Spring Break 1984 pack and now your counselors can wear swimsuits! Us: Cool, now what about the server problems? Them: And we've got Emotes now, free of charge! Us: We're still getting repeatedly kicked and timed out. When is it getting fixed? Them: Guess what guys? We've added another counselor and another Jason! Us: Where's our single-player you promised would be here by summer? Them: D-did I mention the smaller maps and the Jarvis House? Us: Where... is... our... single-player... and... servers? Them: Just in time for Halloween, it's the new costume DLC clothing pack! Us: Are you even listening anymore?! Them: Umm... we got this new counselor named Fox now, so...
  10. A few days ago I was in a lobby with the absolute most obnoxious whiny twat douchebag cocksucker I've ever heard in my entire life. Basically the kid was telling everyone "Whoever is Jason,if you kill me I'm gonna quit and kick you guys". Then after I told him to stop acting like a little bitch, he quits 10 seconds into the match. This is something else to blame Gun/Ill for; Not resolving blatantly obvious issues such as "Host left = everyone kicked" before launch, or at the very least soon after. EDIT: I finally get why everyone is so pissed about Jasons grab. At first I didn't really notice anything, but after getting a counselor to stand still and then jog by me a few times, yeah... everybody that bitched about it is 100% right: it IS in need of a fix. Maybe not back to exactly what it was, but it's still got to be a little better than this.
  11. This is a board full of horror-movie fans, it's NOT trivial. But alright, lets wait and see what they bring us next, though my money is still on "more disappointment".
  12. In case you didn't realize, there's not a whole lot of people making F13 games. And taking a break from a game is all fine and good but it's not addressing the real problem. People are upset because the developers of one of the most anticipated games in over a decade made a game that, while flawed from the get-go, was still insanely fun to play, then they caved to a bunch of whiny sand-filled pussies and essentially nerfed the greatest horror icon in history to a point that all you need to do to survive a 20 minute onslaught is stay 8-10 feet in front of him. Then when the fans protested and complained, the same developers that never missed a chance to talk about how much they value those fans then turned a deaf ear to their feedback and stonewalled them. Thats why people are so unhappy and pissed off; Gun/Ill made a huge fuck-up and now it's at the point where nobody actually expects that they'll do anything to actually fix it. But hey, we got a hippie counselor and some dancing emotes so fuck it, who needs reliable servers and single-player...
  13. The only thing coming with the next patch is more bullshit. Do you know what the added unlocks/level cap/Paranoia thing reminds me of? A commercial I saw a long time ago where this little girl brings her Cable TV-selling dad to class and when the kids start asking pointed questions, he responds with "Who likes candy?" and all the kids forgot about the questions he dodged. Gun/Ill is doing the same thing, except after we've paid for a product.
  14. It IS a broken shitty mess. Do you know why players are so jaded about it? Because there's 11 pages of severely pissed off fans in the latest patch notes thread and not one single Dev or Admin has responded to any of the complaints, questions, or PMs the people in that thread have sent or posted, nor does anybody expect them to. Gun/Ill have lost an utterly staggering amount of respect and support from the loyal fans that made this game possible in the first place, and it didn't have to happen.
  15. So you're waiting too, right? Yeah, I know... it's boring.