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  1. If nothing else, he sure has an irritating voice. Like, "Please Jason, stab my eardrums so I don't have this hear this shit" kind of irritating.
  2. Do they have any idea how retarded that is? It's like if you were a high school teacher during a school shooting, told your students to run while you distract the shooter, then turn around and get accused of helping plan it. Fuck some people are stupid...
  3. ....Because the best way to help Jason is clearly buying time for others to escape?
  4. SirMang and I did it with probably about 5-10 seconds left. At first I thought he Rage quit.
  5. Who knows... Maybe it's because the game was still very new at that point and a lot of people didn't really know how killing Jason worked (A lot of "Jason-kill guides" had incorrect information such as Tommy having to have the mask in his possession) or maybe they're all having an online circle-jerk. What I found interesting was the guy at the end of the video talking about contacting the Devs and telling them the game was too easy for counselors., Just to be clear, I'm not one of those assholes who notices Tommy and SG are trying to kill Jason and decides to run them over just for shits and giggles. I've had that happen and it really sucks to have the kill ruined by someone who's just trying to be a troll. But killing a Jason who is literally a level 1? That's pretty low, even for the trolls.
  6. A few times, mostly because of PM'ing Jason to snitch on asshats who are either glitching, or trying to glitch, or for helping Jason kill said asshats (I.E. teaching him how to get to the roof or how to kill little shitheads who exploit on the Jarvis House porch). Strangely, I've never been accused of sabotaging a Jason-kill, though I've totally done it and made no attempt to hide it. Why? Well, it's like this. I like killing Jason just as much as the next Bunny Girl, but if the entire lobby is having another tea-bag/dance/pinata party, or it's a baby/novice Jason, I have a serious problem with it. Edit: This is a perfect example:
  7. Honestly, you really don't even need Buggzy for killing Jason, he just speeds up the process of getting the mask off. If Jason has taken even minor damage, Tommy can most likely 1-shot the mask off, even if you were originally using a 1/10 strength Bunny Girl.
  8. I tested it a while back and it did. Granted, it was only 1.5 - 2 seconds. I'll see if I can get a couple of friends to help me try it again to be sure. Sometimes I swap that one out for Man At Arms because even with 10/10 luck, the baseball bat still doesn't last long (unless YOU are Jason, at which point it turns into the Energizer battery of weapons).
  9. Bunny Girl (Deb): Preparedness, Hypochondriac, and Marathon. Tiffany: Preparedness, Hypochondriac and Restful. Buggzy: Hypochondriac, Thick Skin, and Slugger. AJ: Level Headed, Low Profile, and Homebody. Chad: Slugger, Heavy Hitter, and Sucker Punch.
  10. If I join a lobby and most of them are obviously new (as in, still under level 10) no, most of the time I won't actively hunt them. I'll message a few and tell them since they're all (or mostly all) severely low-leveled, I'm going to let them escape because they'll get much more EXP than if I just simply wipe the lobby out. Most of the time, they're really appreciative of it, but they have been a couple of occasions where I ended up killing one or two of the anyway because they didn't understand that "Letting you farm EXP by escaping" does not mean "Repeatedly attack Jason or try to steal the sweater", and when you get a PM from Jason telling you explicitly "Do it again and you won't be surviving the round" it's a good idea to just STOP. I know a lot of Jason's don't change their playstyle, and that's their choice, but I think the n00bs would be more inclined to stick around and improve if they didn't get killed less than a minute in by a Jason with literally hundreds of times more experience than them.
  11. Let me make an educated guess: Match starts, runs into nearest cabin without bothering to lock or even close the door, starts looting but is only interested in pocket-knives and med spray (repair parts are for pussies), moves onto next cabin (if already occupied, runs to the drawers the other player hasn't gotten to yet while ignoring any complaints of being a glutton or loot-hog). When satisfied, runs off to confront Jason while completely ignoring any batteries or gas cans along the way. Locates Jason (who is in the middle of breaking down a door), runs up from behind and stuns, tea-bags, and runs away. Waits until Jason resumes breaking down the door before repeating the stun-and-run. Follows Jason from a distance, running up to pull another stun-and-run every time Jason so much as stops to tie his shoes. Looks for new weapon but has by now attracted Jason's attention. Places bear-trap behind door with finger hovering over Options button to quickly quit should Jason Shift over the trap instead of stepping in it. Quits anyway after stepping in trap pushes Jason into Rage mode.
  12. I agree 100%, but want to add "If an opportunity to escape opens up, take it as soon as you possibly can. Don't stand around trying to taunt and mock Jason, just run for it and escape.... ....Unless you'd like to end up like this counselor who REALLY should have just left when the had the chance.
  13. Dancing while just standing around waiting is one thing, doing it to be an irritating little cunt is another story. I can't stand those shitheads that run over to a stunned Jason just to dance or tea-bag like a fucking retard and click their flashlight. If I get killed and come back as Tommy, sure, i'll help you kill Jason... unless it's a lobby full of obnoxious dancing/tea-bagging douchebags. If it is, you will not be getting that kill. I will wait until sweater-girl does her thing and Jasons on his knees, then run right up to him and quit and not given a single fuck how mad you get as a result. Edit: I tried to merge these two posts but it didn't quite work out. Sorry for the double-post.
  14. You should NEVER ease somebody's butt-hurt by simply giving up. If he can't catch you, that's his problem, not yours.
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