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  1. I see no rocket launchers or toxic waste here, the only boat propeller in game isn't a weapon, and the rest of that list shouldn't even be possible without extensive and massive losses to the counselor side. Yes, counselors can and do kill Jason in the movies, but they certainly don't have a high survivability rate nor a dance party when they do, now do they?
  2. Maybe you missed the memo, but counselors aren't supposed to be dangerous to Jason. When should a housecat ever be able to legit threaten a lion?
  3. Rage quitters and suiciders might have had a legitimate reason for their quitting and suiciding so yes, a non-hostile benefit of the doubt type approach would work. But not with cheaters. Fuck those little clogged-up enema nozzle douchebag pecker-heads. There is not a single person on this planet that can give me even one legit reason why they cheated. Unless some home-invader has your balls in a blender and is threatening to hit the on button, you do not have a "good" reason to cheat. You're just doing it because you fuckin' suck.
  4. I know this makes me pretty behind-the-times, but I didn't even know until SirMang told me a a few days ago that it's possible to bypass a trapped objective entirely. Seriously, who the fuck comes up with this?
  5. Like I said in that "More fucking rock climbers" thread I made, "exploit" is a VERY loosely defined term. The same people that decry "Side Shifting" as a Jason-exploit see no problem with fucking Jason over with "advanced gameplay"... as some like to call it.
  6. I think I've had this happen maybe twice since I started playing. The first time was a lobby full of Tiffany's and Buggzy's, + 1 Vanessa and 1 Shelly. The second time I heard someone fuck up the skill check, I just hid inside the bathroom of the phone house and turned on Stalk. Got three of them that way before they got wise. Is it an "exploit"? Well, if you're going by the strictest sense of the word, then maybe... but then again, if you go to the phone-box at the start, they probably won't have time to do it.
  7. Nerfing Jason is what fucked everything up in the first place.
  8. Not trying to plug my own channel or anything but I made a video on surviving kill-squads. It's nothing special, so don't get your hopes up.
  9. To be fair, sometimes the party leader just up and quits even though everyone else would have been fine with finishing out the round. That said, it always feels deeply satisfying to make a kill-squad quit, especially if they were a bunch of shit-talking stun-and-dancers who thought they were hot shit because they killed a lv 3 Jason whose been playing the game all of 2-3 days total.
  10. What's to get obnoxious about? You RAGE QUIT during a kill, by doing so you have forfeited all right to bitch about getting killed. You know what's REALLY pathetic? A Jason rage quitting after figuring out you're trying to kill him, then rejoining the lobby a few seconds later. A Savini Jason we were trying to kill recently did this exact thing, then quit AGAIN after he rejoined the lobby and got picked as Jason for the second time. He did it one last time, then rejoined once more but immediately left when he saw he was back in the same lobby he'd just quit as Jason twice in a row.
  11. The Pig Splitter suits p4 fine, too bad I can't say the same for the hedge trimmers and p5. Seriously... he looks like a pissed-off gardener, not a famous serial killer.
  12. Just playing devil's advocate here but it IS called a spear in the weapon selection. Honestly though, I see the pig splitter used much more often than the spear/fence post/stabby stick. Edit: "Tryhard" is the stupidest insult you could ever call somebody, and the entire concept of "tryhards" is more retarded than an autistic fat kid trying to lose weight on the Twinkie diet.
  13. ....A streamer who doesn't save his streams that you just so happened to be watching right at that one incriminating moment..... yeah. As I said, full of shit. Thanks for the laughs though.
  14. Honestly, I'm starting to think that's what this whole shit-fest is about: Either I let somebody go and he saw it as teaming, or I wouldn't stand still and get Jason-killed and he's butt-hurt about it. He has absolutely nothing that even remotely resembles 'proof' and he's never going to because he's full of shit. I've been accused of teaming before on the basis of "You came to the house I was hiding in and then Jason showed up!" Um... that's because the "house" you were in was connected to the power-box for the CB Cabin and Jason was trying to stop me from fixing it... dumb-shit. While it's true that teaming can be very subtle, usually, as multiple people have pointed out, most of the teamers make it blatantly obvious (like, 'walking around with Jason and pointing out where everyone is hiding' kind of obvious). This is the exact reason the Devs stopped banning people for teaming; it's way too easy to just cry teamer/cheater when something doesn't go your way.
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