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  1. I think you'll find that the thread title was sarcasm. As to removing the kill entirely, no... they SHOULD NOT completely remove the ability to kill Jason, and I don't think you'll find anyone on here that disagrees. There should always be the option to kill Jason, but if you think he is (currently) too hard to kill, you're either fucked in the head, or you're the absolute worst player this game has ever had. Let me break down the strategy used when I kill Jason with friends, you tell me what part of it you consider "difficult" There's usually three of us. One is the designated sweater-girl, while the other two (me and the 3rd friend) are tasked with getting Jason's mask off and dying in the process. As long as we're the first two kills, one of us is guaranteed to come back as Tommy. As soon as the round starts, we loot a couple of nearby cabins looking for machetes, axes, and PK's (if you're wondering why someone intending to get killed needs a PK, it's either A: To give to designated SG, or B: in case you get grabbed before having the chance to inflict any damage). Then we beeline it right for Jason. If he's a slasher, we go shot-for-shot with him. If he's grab-happy, one of us gets grabbed on purpose so the other can get a free hit in. While this is going on, SG is running back and forth to the shack dropping spare weapons, med sprays, etc... and is keeping a very close eye on the scoreboard. As soon as both of us are dead, she jumps in a hiding place and opens her map so she can see where Tommy spawns in. They meet in the middle and go to the shack together. By now, 90% of the time Jason's mask is already off, so all we have to do is grab the sweater and wait for Jason to come to the shack. If he doesn't, we simply go look for him. You want to know the hardest part about killing Jason? Finding him.
  2. I love being Jason. If I get killed, so what? It's just a game. You're threads keep getting locked because you keep acting like a ************. You make vague, unfounded accusations about the game and it's developers because you live in a sad little fantasy world of your own making where anybody who had anything whatsoever to do with making this game has an imaginary hate-boner against counselors and pulls every dirty trick in the book to ensure that Jason always wins. You flood the forum with whiny bullshit posts alleging everything from less machetes, to less windows, to imaginary buffs for Jason, to edged weapons being sabotaged to break quickly. You provide absolutely nothing even remotely resembling "evidence" and when people ask you to, all they get is more of your bullshit.
  3. People who claim killing Jason is extremely difficult/near-impossible are obviously stupid.
  4. 1) "Try-hard" is one of the stupidest fucking terms ever invented. Why is putting effort into something suddenly scorn-worthy? 2) The constant sound effects and appearing/disappearing text are annoying as fuck. A counselor shutting a door can hardly be considered a "Fail" on Jason's part, especially since the counselor in question then made the idiotic mistake of diving through the window of a cabin with no door. Jason could have hit Shift as soon as she jumped and had enough time to Shift inside and grab her before she gets to her feet. Sure, she's got a PK, but now it's gone, and that means it's over on the next grab. 3) Next time you find yourself in a similar situation as Jason, here's a friendly word of advice: Stop chasing the counselor, go to a nearby cabin, and destroy EVERY SINGLE DOOR AND WINDOW IT HAS. When you're done, go onto the next cabin and repeat the process. After every door and every window on ALL of the nearby cabins have been destroyed, THEN resume chasing the counselor. Why go through all that effort? Well, let's answer that question with another question: What is the most vital aspect of successfully kiting Jason? Knowing his location. This is why counselors will run into an inner room, lock both doors, and wait by a window. They know that Jason can't get to them without revealing where he is, and when they know where he is, they know where NOT to be. Taking a few minutes to destroy doors and windows on cabins that aren't even occupied may sound like a waste of time (and if there's several counselors still alive, it is) but no doors = no way of locking Jason out to regain stamina as well as no way of knowing for sure where he is. This puts an unbelievable amount of pressure on whoever's trying to kite you. Pretend your that counselor. You've been stringing Jason along from cabin to cabin trying to run out the clock when suddenly, he disappears. You climb through a window, run to a back room, lock the doors, and open a window. A couple of minutes go by and there's no sign of Jason anywhere. Maybe he's in Stalk, waiting for you to climb out of the window. Maybe he's off trying to collect as many TKs as he can. Maybe you've irritated him so much he just said 'Fuck it' and is wandering the map waiting for the time to run out. Suddenly, he rages through the door. You hop out the window, maybe take a second to be an obnoxious twat and taunt him with a dance emote, then run to the safety of the next cabin. Except... he's not following you. Once you get inside, you notice all the doors and windows have been broken down, and a few seconds later you hear his music getting louder. Realizing you're a sitting duck, you hop back through the window and run back to the cabin you were just in, but it looks like Jason destroyed all it's doors and windows as soon as you left. As loud as the music is, you know he's right on top of you, but you don't know where. Should you run? Hunker down in a corner and wait? Maybe make your way to a different cabin? Then, the music stops and everything goes quiet.
  5. It always seems like it's the cocky little shits doing most of the rage-quitting. They think it's funny to tea-bag/dance on a stunned Jason, and they never miss a chance to tellJason how shitty a job he's doing, but as soon as they get grabbed, they puss-out like a bitch and quit. If you've got the metaphorical balls to attack Jason head on, I expect you to have enough to die without looking like a sore loser.
  6. I work in the city of Dothan, located in South Alabama (pop. 68,000+) and "dining in" has literally been banned in all restaurants, bars, and nightclubs. Some of them have switched to carry-out or delivery only, but a lot of them have simply laid off all the wait-staff, so now a lot of people have lost their jobs through no fault of their own. I know Papa John's isn't exactly a career to write home about, but at least we have job security. We deliver all the way to 1 am, and nobody else is willing to go that late.
  7. I'm starting to see more and more people sabotage the kill, usually by accident but sometimes just to be a douche. Everything will be going fine, masks off, Tommys got an axe, someone shoots Jason to stall him long enough for us to get in position SG does her thing, and then some little dipshit will hit Jason either immediately before Tommy, or immediately after. If it's before, it's usually a legitimate attempt to help. But if they hit him after Tommy drops him, the prompt to hit X will still be there but will no longer work. I've had to start hitting Jason and pressing X almost simultaneously, and it's saved more than a few kills from getting ruined by teamers and trolls.
  8. I'm glad to hear it. Maybe the word will spread and some of these assholes will think twice before trying it.
  9. Fuck coronavirus, and fuck the hysteria that came with it. People pulled this same overblown bullshit with H1N1 and SARS, and after everything calmed down, it was looked at as a "Uh... oops. Guess we kinda jumped the gun on that whole 'Doomsday disease, we're all gonna die!' thing".
  10. Since you mentioned letting counselors get the kill, I tried that last night after I wiped a lobby out and then discovered they were all lv 10 or under except for one AJ who was lv 12. I told them if I was Jason again I'd let them get it , so naturally the F13 gods made sure I was Jason twice in a row. Sweater-girl, a Chad, and a Buggzy come down to the shack, get the mask off, then SG gets the sweater and immediately uses it as everyone just kinda stands there. I PMed her to ask WTF she was doing, and that she's supposed to have waited for Tommy. I get a reply saying Tommy's on his way. They wanted to get the kill, but didn't know the sweater was a one-time item. Wow.... now I really do feel like an ass.
  11. Sometimes it will change from 'Iniitializing' to 'Searching' after more than 5 seconds. Anytime this happens, I cancel and try again. For whatever reason, it seems like even if it does connect and loads a lobby, my pings going to be slow as shit. It usually hovers around 80-90 Ms, but connecting after 5 seconds usually raises it to 140 Ms or slightly higher. Sometimes, even if it is very fast to connect and load, my Ms will skyrocket to 999 and stay there. Usually, resetting the router will fix the problem.
  12. Ok maybe it's just me, but I've noticed that you can kinda-sorta tell within a few seconds whether you will or will not find a lobby quickly. Again, this could be just me and my connection. If the status takes more than 5 seconds to change from "Initializing" to "Searching for..." cancel and try again. If the status changes on (for example) the 4 second mark, but hasn't changed to "Checking session for room" by 30 seconds, cancel and try again. If the status consistently changes to "Searching for..." at 4 seconds but hasn't changed to "Checking session..." in less than 30, keep cancelling and trying again until it changes at 1-3 seconds. When it does, you've got a decent chance of getting "Checking session for..." around 12-15 seconds, but cancel and try again if it goes past 20 without changing. Also, if you join a lobby but then leave after a few seconds, it tends to drop you back into the same lobby if your status changes take the same amount of time (ex. Changes to "Searching for..." at 3 seconds and to "Checking session..." at 12 seconds. Lobby loads, you leave and hit QP again. If it still changes at 3 and 12, it's probably going to dump you back into the same lobby).
  13. Do you guys actually ban anyone anymore or do you just claim you do? Be honest with me here.
  14. Lying motherfucker! 🤣🤣 Seriously, it happens. There have been times I've had the counselors drive up and down the same little stretch of road while I've pelted the car with every knife I had (then went to get more) and nothing happened, and there have been times I've missed the car entirely and it STILL glitched. If I TK the car by accident, I'll let them call the cops and get away. It's only fair, after all. However, if the car's driving around trying to run people over, I'll glitch it on purpose. I'll also glitch it on purpose if it's clearly trying to troll me (driving from exit to exit with no intention of actually escaping, driving around the same cabin over and over, crashing into buildings/people on purpose, etc..) Vehicles rarely escape if I'm Jason, so if you have the chance to get away, I highly suggest you stop pushing your luck and get out of here.
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