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  1. It's sad because it's true. It's like if Crystal Lake had a problem with speeders and instead of cracking down on those caught speeding, they changed it so the police can't go over 20 MPH when chasing somebody doing 90.
  2. Sounds like you enjoy running your mouth about people you don't know. We didn't want it getting out because the Devs for this game have a track record of causing more problems than they fix, and there is a very real possibility of them patching Jason's way of getting up there but not the counselors, which would be another step backwards for a game that's already running the wrong way on the treadmill. But of course by all means, continue talking out of your ass about your baseless suspicions.
  3. HaHaTrumpWon

    Window Kills| Are they cheap?

    No cheaper than a Chad or Vanessa continuously hopping in and out of the same windows in an attempt to waste Jason's time, and nowhere near as cheap as some loser who is the last counselor alive and plays RAR for 5 minutes.
  4. Thats the thing though; they weren't doing it as a distraction. Nobody wanted to try for any of the objectives (except Tommy, they did at least do that), nobody wanted to get the sweater, nobody wanted to fix the phone. All these people wanted to do was spend a few minutes finding all the firecrackers, med sprays, and weapons they could, then group up and fight Jason. When I asked one of them WTF they're doing, all he said was (paraphrasing) "We don't run away from Jason, all we want to do is fight him". So we did, and honestly? It was a lot of fun. When their weapons broke, I waited for them to go find new ones and a couple of minutes later they came back, used their FA sprays, and we resumed. If nothing else, it was something new that everyone seemed to enjoy. EDIT: Skip to about 4 minutes in on this video. It's similar to what was going on, except there were no grab attempts and they weren't trying to escape.
  5. Oh, you've had that problem too, huh? How in the world 10 minutes can go by without even one car-part being installed is beyond me, but it happens.
  6. I'd noticed for a while now that there are some counselors who don't seem to care about escaping, nor trolling, nor even killing Jason. Some times, they just simply want to go to war with Jason and nothing else. They just simply go collect weapons and supplies, come back, and brawl it out until they get killed. Having been on both sides, I honestly have to say that it IS kinda fun sometimes. Anyone else noticed this?
  7. Someone's a stool pigeon (not talking about you, unless you were the one that announced it).
  8. To me, that's bullshit. You can get stunned and another counselor can stand there hitting you repeatedly and racking up more damage, then as soon as you're out of the stun, you're right back in it because the other counselor is still hitting you. No wait time before another stun, just keep swinging and you will most likely get it. You can grab someone, get PK'ed, then immediately get stunned again the literal second the PK stun is over. You can get shotgunned, then immediately stunned again by a second shotgun (though this one does require you be completely out of the stun first). You can step in a trap, kick it off, then get immediately stunned by an attack, come out of stun, grab a counselor, get PK-stunned again, then immediately get stunned for the fourth time as soon as the PK animation is over. It is fucking ABSURD that this is still happening, almost as absurd as claiming Jason is going to be buffed and powerful but then cutting his balls off and making him carry them around in a purse.
  9. I got a better idea; get a couple of us together and go up there and commandeer the room as long as possible. Bear-traps under both sides of the broken window with a couple of people blocking the door. That ought to make for an interesting round.
  10. HaHaTrumpWon

    Funniest Experience?

    Here's another one I just remembered. Played a round as a counselor in which the entire lobby was under Lv 10. Didn't get to escape because I got killed trying to save a teammate (who then got killed anyway). Next round comes up and I'm Jason. We had a full lobby but lost two of them before I could even leave the shack. So you have five extremely new counselors against a Lv 150 Jason. Instead of getting easy kills, I decided to go have fun with them instead. I Morphed over to the lodge (Pcknk sm), strolled in, and started lumbering up to the drawers, pretending to loot them. Someone walks in, sees me, and ducks to try and stay out of sight. Lumbered (pt 6) right by her, "looted" the next room, then left and repeated at the next cabin, then the next, etc... Eventually they get the 4-seater repaired and as soon as the driver gets in, I Shifted over and stood by the passenger door as if claiming a seat. The other counselors rush over and get a little... confused... as to why Jason seems to think he's a counselor, but everyone eventually got a good laugh out of it. I wish I'd saved the footage, but there's always next time.
  11. If they were Level 1, I'd say you're probably right, but most of the time they're in the double digits (if not triple digits). If they didn't care they wouldn't keep coming back. They crave attention, and perma-bans mean they're no longer getting it.
  12. Or better yet, have a few people devoted solely to dealing with glitchers. Can you imagine how much this game would improve if you could report a glitcher at night and by the next morning they were banned? I guarantee there would be much less exploiting/cheating going on if the ones doing it knew that all it takes to get perma-banned was a 30 second video clip and a few hours.
  13. HaHaTrumpWon

    Funniest Experience?

    This is more memorable than funny but a while back I joined a lobby with two teamers and a four-counselor kill-squad. I don't remember the teamers names so I'll just call them Douchebag and Enema Nozzle. Douchebag is Jason and it becomes very obvious that Enema Nozzle is leading him to everyone else. We all die, he gets away in the car that Jason let him fix. Next round comes and Enema Nozzle is Jason. Everyone knows what to expect, so we try and keep away from Douchebag (side-note: they had Jason demasked before he even had Shift). The kill gets sabotaged by Douchebag, who then leads Jason right to us and spends the rest of the round fixing the phone and calling the cops. By now we're all pissed and the kill-squad is getting pretty hostile over the mic, which gave me an idea. After a few messages back and forth, we decided if I was Jason next round, I'd let everyone escape in exchange for them helping me find Douchebag and Enema Nozzle (I don't give free Jason-kills). I know the idea of Jason teaming up with a kill-squad just to kill other teamers is kinda WTF'ish, but fuck it, we all wanted them dead. Next round comes and by some unholy miracle Douchebag is Jason AGAIN. It all worked out though since I died, came back as Tommy, and killed Douchebag-Jason, after which everyone left alive had a congo-line dance party on his dead body because fuck that guy.
  14. I usually prefer letting them fix the boat too, though it came back to bite me in the ass once. In a nutshell, I heard them fucking up the skill-checks but wanted to wait till they were close to the exit (to deter anyone from trying to swim out to it). I was watching them on the map and just when they were about to reach the exit... "You like that, asshole?!" Turns out a counselor had noticed that Jason was just standing there staring at the lake and decided to go for a cheap-shot. Of course, the boat was gone before I could recover from the stun.