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  1. Patch Notes - 12.18.2017

    Two weeks into the new year and this game still has EVERY SINGLE PROBLEM that players were complaining about last year. Jason's traps still suck, his grab still sucks, counselors are still escaping at a far higher rate than they should, and apparently the Devs need to re-watch the movies because we're still seeing counselors knock Jason down and dance on him. Why is Off-Bot A.I. such a pile of bullshit? Why are we still having glitches that literally paralyze Jason where he's standing? Do you know how absurdly stupid it feels to have to PM a counselor and ask them to come attack you so you can fucking move again? Why am I still sometimes hitting a Magical Window-Safety Bubble instead of a counselor when I try to attack someone who has dove or climbed through a window? All the complaints and feedback from the players and instead of fixing the problems, the Devs gave us barely-working bots and ...Shelly.... yay. Edit: On a happier note, I've discovered a fun way to piss off the toxic/Jason-bully counselors I recommend trying if you happen to be the host. In a nutshell, I had a game where the cops got called less than 2 minutes into the round. When I got to the exit there was another fucking "Stun Jason and tea-bag/dance" session going on that got so bad that Jason just walked off and started wandering the map. So, I went with him and we took a friendly self-guided tour of Higgens Haven (original)... for over 10 minutes... while I got flooded with angry PMs. Isn't friendship wonderful?
  2. Patch Notes - 12.18.2017

    I don't think so. I need 21 more kills to get the next "Kill counselor in hiding spot" badge and none of the Bots I've killed in hiding spots have counted towards it.
  3. Patch Notes - 12.18.2017

    What about the traps you guys (devs) botched up with the Oct. patch? The overwhelming majority of players expressed what a horrible idea it was and that they wanted to go back to the old way of setting traps but apparently you ignored us and/or this wasn't important enough to be included. Also, the Bots are horrible. They get stuck on rocks, they run endlessly against solid walls (and Jason), they run into the lake and swim in circles, they jump into hiding places right in front of you, they dive out of windows then turn around and dive right back in, Tommy Jarvis repeatedly opens and closes the same drawer, they repair the car but then don't drive anywhere (and if they do it's right into a building or tree), all while being set on "Hard" difficulty.
  4. Oh is that the same SP that we were supposed to get almost 6 months ago? Theres little point in adding new content when the content we already have barely works.
  5. 20 pages in and all we've heard from the Devs about their colossal fuck-up is that they're aware that Jason has "balance" issues. I'm glad they finally got around to giving us something that could even remotely be called feedback (and it only took nearly a fucking month for them to do it), but I guarantee that whatever asinine solutions they come up with won't include fixing traps or grabs, despite these being literally the absolute biggest and most blatant complaints from the players.
  6. They don't give a fuck, simple as that. For a bunch who never missed an opportunity to claim how much the fans mattered to them, they're sure doing an excellent job of proving themselves liars. Edit: I just had my fourth Jason-game in a row end with the host quitting as soon as I was down to one counselor left. 4 in a fucking row... You know, this game could have been infinitely better than it turned out to be.
  7. Take a wild guess what the very first entry is... Let me say again, just in the extremely small chance any of the Devs are actually reading this: Fix what we already have first! Swing the balance of power back in Jasons favor BEFORE you worry about new game modes or costumes or maps or new counselors/Jasons. What has become of Jason is outright blasphemy done to appease a bunch of whiners who don't like the fact that they can't easily escape every single game.
  8. By the time they finally get their shit together there won't be anyone left to appreciate the fixes. Think of it like this: You decide to open your own hotel. You get everything finalized and set-up but the building inspectors tell you the roof is leaking. You go ahead and open anyway and a week later you've got guests bitching about the leaky roof. Instead of fixing it, you add another swimming pool, then an exercise room, a sauna, and a restaurant, all while still getting massive complaints about the leaking roof. Finally, after the stack of complaints gets higher than a Disneyland employee before the morning shift, you fix the leaky roof you've gotten complaints about for months. Sadly, you then turn around and sell the hotel at a loss because your reputation is in the toilet and even your biggest supporters have said 'Fuck it' and left... all because you wouldn't fix the fucking roof that people have made abundantly clear was costing you business.
  9. Just got through watching probably the 8th or 9th video on Youtube that does nothing but showcase the constant and repeated "time-out"'s, "connection lost"'s and "Host quit"'s. Developers, STOP WHAT YOU'RE DOING AND FIX THIS! Stop adding new costumes, Jasons, counselors, kills, emotes, or maps and fix what we already have! I can't speak for anyone else but I personally would be fine with single-player being post-poned another few months if it meant that the server problems got fixed first.
  10. Usually they say fuck it and bail when you kill 1-2 of them.
  11. Maybe I'm just weird, but I always thought that was fun. I had a match like that a couple of days ago; Sensed a counselor in a cabin, snuck in through the (unlocked) back door, came down the hall to what I suppose could be called a living room and found 5 of them there waiting. Edit: How the fuck can some of you have so much trouble finding a game? I'm on PS4 and, though I get dropped into an empty lobby a lot, it never takes more than 2-3 minutes to find one.
  12. I can generally tell if the games about to crash before it happens. I'll be walking around and suddenly the R2 button stops responding, or I hold R1 to use an ability and get no response from the game when I try to select one, or I am power-walking somewhere and suddenly hit an invisible wall. As a counselor, the interact prompts not working is a dead giveaway, an example being you run over to a cabin door but nothing happens when you press X. No prompt shows up even if you walk away a bit and come back. Sometimes when a counselor calls the police, the timer freezes and stops counting down. Everytime this happens you are guaranteed to get booted a few seconds later. It's especially frustrating if you're playing as Jason and it decides to pull that shit while you're chasing down the last 1-2 counselors.
  13. You got that problem too huh? Maybe I'm doing something wrong but I've never once succeeded in hitting a counselor when they step into a vehicle trap, even if I back up a little first.
  14. I'm not even going to bother. It's fine if you believe that, but obviously the vast majority of players disagree.
  15. Could a Mod please delete all but one of those? I don't know how that happened.