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  1. HaHaTrumpWon

    How to Spot a Troll

    He'll probably be coming back anyway via intentional suicides (Yes, intentional. Not every counselor that has killed themselves did it on purpose). I'd rather prevent a Jason-kill than a car escape.
  2. HaHaTrumpWon

    How to Spot a Troll

    If I'm Jason and the sweater is stolen, everything else stops and I hunt sweater-girl until she is dead. I don't give a shit how many people escape in the process.
  3. Illfonic should be fukken ashamed of themselves for what this game has turned into. This is supposed to be survival-horror, not Dance Dance Revolution.
  4. HaHaTrumpWon

    Jason bullying

    Speaking of beatings, does anyone else find it hilarious that Jason can still hit counselors through the door but they can't hit him? If you're ever chasing a counselor into a cabin and they shut the door before you can grab them, if you immediately attack the door theres a good chance you'll score a free hit (hopefully that free hit injures them to the point of limping). Edit: ANS is right, there's no need for a counselor nerf, and honestly, Jason doesn't need that big of a buff. It just needs to be enough to balance the field a little more because (and follow me on this one): There is absolutely no excuse for the ease and frequency of counselor stuns. Counselors never fall down. Counselors never get stunned (outside of stepping in traps). No matter how many times Jason hits a counselor, they are never rendered unable to move for several seconds. Jason can get pocketknife stunned, then stunned again immediately after regaining control (I've got video of me grabbing Tommy, getting knifed, then getting shotgunned as soon as the knife stun wore off). Jason sorely needs a little more stun resistance than what he already has. As the game is now, whether it's the 1st stun or the 100th stun, it still takes him the same amount of time to recover. Why? Shouldn't it take LESS time as the stuns pile up (at least in Rage)?
  5. HaHaTrumpWon

    Jason bullying

    That reminds me of a clip I have of a Chad clearly and obviously using a hack of some sort. I don't want to hijack the thread so I'll just make a new one about it. I already reported it to JasonKillsBugs so hopefully someone is going to do something about it.
  6. HaHaTrumpWon

    Jason bullying

    IRL they'd run like hell and call the cops, not stand there taunting said killer. Too bad that aspect of the game was removed.
  7. HaHaTrumpWon

    Jason bullying

    How exactly would it ruin the fun? Because counselors don't get to be toxic assholes to Jason anymore? Because Speedo Chads find themselves doing more dying than dancing? Because Jason is back to being a credible threat? If thats your idea of 'fun' then I'm glad it's ruined.
  8. HaHaTrumpWon

    Jason bullying

    I disagree. I think it'd go down quite a bit when counselors realized Jason's no longer something for them to smack around like a baseball. All the Devs would have to do is: 1) Drop his stun rate low enough that stunning him in a single hit becomes much less common. 2) Increase his stun-immunity window long enough that after he gets back on his feet, it'll be several seconds until he can be stunned again. To put "several seconds" in context, lets say Jason stops the car and drags the driver out. One of the other counselors whacks him, he gets stunned, the driver gets back in, begins restarting the car, and is grabbed again. That counselor is just flat-out going to die because the increased stun immunity would still be in effect, preventing counselors from stunning him over and over again in a very short amount of time. 3) As others have said, it should become very difficult to stun Jason once Rage activates. Personally, I'm fine with counselors getting a free stun if Jason rages through the door and is hit immediately (that's kinda what happens to people who barge on in without thinking about who/what's on the other side) but that aside, counselors should have to put in work to stun him when Rage is active. When bullies see that their weapons are breaking at a much higher rate than they're stunning Jason, and that even when they do stun him he casually gets back up and gets several attacks in before they're able to do it again, the bullying will stop. Dancing retards will think twice about trying to bait Jason once they realize that even if they do manage to hit him when he misses a grab or melee attack, chances are it will have little effect.
  9. HaHaTrumpWon

    Jason bullying

    The point we can all agree on is that bullying Jason is a problem that needs to be addressed (unless you're fine with it, in which case you can go fuck yourself). As I've already said, killing Jason needs to remain a viable option for counselors, but it is an option in desperate need of tweaking. Let me put this into an unusual perspective for you: Jason can survive being plowed into by a speeding 4-seater car full of passengers and not get as much as a scratch. He can be shot repeatedly in the face by shotgun-wielding counselors, then survive said counselors pummeling him with axes, pipes, wrenches, and other assorted weapons. Even the fully-human versions of him can stay completely submerged in water for the entire round if he so chooses. But a 90-pound soaking-wet girl, in as little as two attacks with a machete, can remove his mask and thus directly lead to his death... How do you NOT see the problem with this? Jason NEEDS to be over-powered. It NEEDS to be hard-as-shit to kill him. He NEEDS better durability and stun-protection. Jason should be able to mow down half the lobby with just his melee attack. He should be so much more powerful than the counselors that trying to kill him should be a desperate, last-resort "If we don't kill him, none of us are getting out of here" measure. But it's not... a lot of time it's the first thing they try. Has anyone else noticed there seems to be a trend of Jason's not trapping vehicles or even the phone-box? I asked a Part 3 just last night why he never bothered with it. His answer? "No one cares about objectives anymore, they only care about killing you". It's a sad, sorry state of affairs.
  10. HaHaTrumpWon

    Jason bullying

    I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who likes to fuck over bully counselors. As for teaming up with Jason, that is unacceptable, and so is trying to sabotage an escape. Before anyone asks "What's the difference between preventing a Jason kill and preventing a car escape?" Easy: Car and phone escapes were intended to happen. Not necessarily on a regular basis, but still far more often than a Jason-kill, which was also intended to happen RARELY. What wasn't intended was the constant pinata parties we see now. Jason was never meant to be a punching bag for a bunch of dancing retards, nor was he meant to be a toy for the counselors amusement. Jason was meant to be a fucking BEAST... Death personified (Call it corny, but I like to refer to him as the Angel of Death). Jason showing up should cause counselors to scatter and run like hell, not stand there and do idiotic emotes (which I blame the devs and their severe lack of balls for. IllFonic should be ashamed of themselves for allowing such a thing to happen). Killing Jason is, and should remain, a win condition for counselors. But it should be an EXTREME win condition, along the lines of "I saw a roach in my home, so in order to kill it, I burned the house down". You killed the roach, but at what cost? That's the same reasoning that should have stayed in the game. Sure, you killed Jason, but almost everyone died in the attempt and even Tommy and SG barely survived. It is very possible to kill Jason without resorting to bully-tactics to do it (my Bunny Girls Revenge vids on YouTube show what I'm talking about better than I can explain it). If certain counselors would stop acting like a bunch of shit-heads, maybe they'd stop finding the sweater mysteriously missing when they try and take it.
  11. HaHaTrumpWon

    Jason bullying

    I've started actively sabotaging kill-Jason attempts if the counselors are engaged in bullying Jason. Keep in mind there is a distinction between attacking Jason to remove his mask and bullying him (I.E. stunning him just to dance on him). If Jason's getting bullied, I'll go steal the sweater and get killed on purpose just as a 'Fuck you to the bullies.
  12. HaHaTrumpWon

    Instant dripping

    I might be wrong, but I believe you stay with the current lobby until whoever is the "host" leaves. Sometimes I get a new lobby after every match, sometimes I stay with the same group for a while.
  13. Same place as Illfonics reputation: the toilet, never to see the light of day again.