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  1. Earlier tonight I had a round where I had killed everyone except Tommy Jarvis. He hopped in a car but I stopped it before he could get to the exit. He gets out, gets grabbed, shanks me with his PK, then runs away. I send him a message telling him it's fine by me if he wants to escape. I get a reply that says "Try n kill me". Well, if you insist... I start chasing him all over the map while he does the typical kite-flying tactics (standing by a window and jumping out when you get close, playing RAR with couches, hopping from one cabin to the other, etc... ) By the time we got the two-minute warning, I was kinda irritated, so I waited for him to take another dive through an open window. He gets up and starts flashing his light at me, and I stare at him for a few seconds without moving. Then I activated Shift and wedged myself against the wall. The second I do, he hops back through the window, gets grabbed, then gets murdered. Nice job, jackass! Maybe next time you'll quit fucking around and escape when you get the chance.
  2. It's from a Jason-kill a few days ago. I don't know why it did that (maybe Jesus returned and decided to stop at Higgens Haven instead of the Mt. of Olives).
  3. I might be a bit spoiled... if I don't get "Checking session for room" in 60 seconds or less I start over.
  4. I let an entire lobby go recently because I was determined to fuck over a Tommy/SG duo. She's got the sweater and the mask is off, but Tommy can't force his way past me. Eventually they come up with a plan to initiate the kill with Tommy behind me. She hits the sweater and almost instantly the stun fails. Sweater-girl gets off easy and just gets choked. Tommy gets the shit slashed out of him, grabbed, I get PK'ed, he heals, and we trade hits until he's nearly dead and out of spray. Then, I decide to go for a walk and let him limp after me. I finally killed him after several minutes when I noticed he was trying to suicide with a broken window.
  5. . Something else that's fun: As soon as the round starts, hit your stopwatch and time how long it takes for someone to get the bright idea to steal the sweater and go for a Jason-kill. Even in a normal non-trolling match, if the last couple of games in a row someone swiped the sweater super early, I won't even leave the shack. If Stalk activates before they get there, I'll stick a trap at the entrance (to help sell the idea that I'm really gone and the coast is clear), turn on Stalk, and wait until wannabe sweater-girl comes. If she's smart, she'll have spray and a PK. Then again, if she's been going for the sweater 3 minutes into the round the last several rounds on a row, she's probably not smart.
  6. I'm on PS4 too, but I usually don't get on till around 1am EST: HaHaTrumpWon
  7. Sounds fun, but you'd have to seriously piss me off for me to put that much effort into trolling someone. If the car or boat has been fixed, I do however like whittling the lobby down to one counselor, slashing them up pretty good, then just taking off on them and letting them limp their ass to whichever one it was and escape.
  8. Damn straight. Here are a few of my favorites: If I know someone has jumped into an outhouse or tent, sometimes I'll whack the exterior with my machete as a way of saying "Come out, bitch!" If they don't, I may decide against killing them on the spot and instead just drop a trap in front of them and go about my way. Also, sometimes I like to drop traps in unexpected places such as in front of the map stand. Wait until somebody fails a skill-check, then immediately Morph to them. 99% of the time they'll run without attempting to complete the repair (which is pretty much a given), but after they've run off, don't leave the objective, just park it right beside whatever they were trying to fix and see if they'll come back and fix whatever it was with you standing right beside it. This is also hilarious, but don't be surprised if they Rage quit on you:
  9. Most of the perks I can at least see where they were coming from, even if it's not especially useful. Some perks, however, just seem plain dumb... best example being Sneaky (climb in and out of windows quicker) and Heavy Mover (increase barricade speed). I know they originally were kicking around the idea of a PK perk, but I'm glad they never went through with it. Can you imagine how big of a headache Jason would have if every single counselor in every single game had one? Slashing would skyrocket.... which people would then complain and whine about because "Whats the point in having a PK perk if Jason won't grab me?"
  10. Sometimes I swap BG's Marathon with Legendary My Dad's A Cop, which reduces the police response time from 5:00 to 3:38. If the next round is going to be on JH or Pinehurst, I may swap Tiffany's Firecrackers for Marathon or Restful.
  11. If I end up with a random counselor, I try and make the best of it. If it's a counselor I absolutely despise and/or have no perks equipped, I usually just grab a weapon and see how long I can get Jason to tunnel me. If I end up with a random Jason (which has only happened once, and it was p5) I either tell the counselors at the start that I'm letting them go, or I just fuck with them a bit and let them go. The only time counselors quitting early really bothers me is if it's someone who spends the whole round trying to win the Douchebag Of The Year award but then quits as soon as you grab them without a PK (which generally results in them getting a very nasty "LOL pussy-ass sore loser ain't dancing now, are you?" PM from me. You're "skilled" enough to stun and dance on me, but the moment you get caught you just up and quit? Pussy!
  12. I had a game last night where we started off with a full lobby but less than 5 minutes later it was down to just me and two other counselors. Jason decided to say "fuck it" and helped them find parts while I fixed the phone. Then he triggered some weird glitch by grabbing me and walking into the police exit when they got there. Dude got 0 kills that round.
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