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  1. Everytime I've ever killed Jason as Tommy, I've been the one to drop him (always with an axe). Most of the time one hit does the job, but at times I've had to hit him more than once. As other posters have said though, if other people try to "help", consider the opportunity lost. They're going to fuck it up, Jason's not going to drop, and he'll probably be very pissed about the whole thing. Edit: The biggest problem you're likely to encounter in killing Jason isn't him not dropping to his knees or other counselors pitching in, it's the sweater-girl or Tommy being complete fuck-ups (like the time the SG stunned me and Tommy was holding a frying pan, or the time I got stunned with my mask still on, even though Tommy was yelling "Not yet!" over the mic).
  2. HaHaTrumpWon

    Best Screenshots

    "It's a hooker, Jason! You're supposed to fuck her, not fuck her up!"
  3. Map: Packanack Jason: 6 w/ machete Counselor: Bunny-Suit Debbie Objective: Phone, on account of having Epic MDAC Dislikes: Pinehurst, counselors that leave armed beartraps in the middle of the room, Tommy's that want to kill Jason but abandon sweater-girl to go loot cabins/sweater-girls that want to kill Jason but royally fuck up by either using the sweater at the wrong time, or get themselves killed by running off without Tommy with no meds or pocketknives.
  4. Try this (depending on the type of players in the lobby, you may need a counselor to play along for this): As soon as the game starts, Morph directly to one of the cabins where you know there will probably be people (Lodge, Jarvis residence, etc...), go in, and start running up to all the drawers as if you were looting them. Leave that cabin, run to the next one, and then repeat your mock-looting act. Follow part-carrying counselors to the car/boat/phone/etc and guard them while they install parts. Bonus points for picking a random counselor to be 'Jason" and running away from them.
  5. I almost always play Debbie or A.J., but sometimes play Chad/Adam for distraction or Tiffany for part-running. I don't even try to repair as Tiff or Chad because I know I'm going to fuck it up and alert Jason to what I'm doing.
  6. It may guarantee the call goes through, but it doesn't guarantee an escape. There's also the chance that Jason will anticipate what you're trying to do and begin very frequently coming back to the fuse-box.
  7. I've got several: 1) When a non-repair counselor insists on installing parts (especially the fuse and propeller) when a repair counselor is right next to them. 2) Loud-as-shit counselors running to your cabin and bringing Jason with them. 3) Counselors following you around everywhere you go but running away as soon as Jason shows up and starts attacking you. 4) Someone wasting a flare or shotgun by shooting Jason when he's clearly still stunned. 5) Getting the car stuck in some God-awful position where it can't be freed and is now utterly useless..
  8. Yes, Jason's weak when the round starts, but that doesn't stop him from getting early kills. Even without Sense, Jason knows that a barricaded door most likely means someone is inside. if it's one of those Jasons that tunnel the first counselor they come across, you might have a problem not getting killed, especially if wherever you spawn has a lack of weapons or items.
  9. Just my .02 as far as bolting/not-bolting doors: If you spawn at an objective like the phone house, or at the cabin directly by one of the cars, I suggest you do NOT bolt the door right away (or open windows). The reason behind this is simple: assuming Jason teleports directly to wherever it is you are, the only indication he will have that someone is inside is either sound rings, the Lock icon on the door, or open windows. He won't have Sense until nearly a full minute into the round, and I have been saved countless times after he's morphed right on top of me by ducking into a hiding spot before his Sense comes online. After it does, there's really no point to not bolting them.
  10. Open doors = dead counselors....period. Ive noticed lately that there has been a sharp drop in Jason's trapping objectives. I've had several recent games as Jason where nobody completed objectives, but in the round right before that one (where I played as a counselor) several escapes occurred. These aren't just noobs, there have been several 100+ level counselors in these lobbies. Eventually, it dawned on me that one of the reasons this is happening is the Jason's in previous rounds weren't trapping objectives. Even very new players can easily escape if there is nothing to deter them from making repairs. I've also noticed (as Jason) there has been an increase in "brute force" attempts, though this started before October and I blame it more on stupidity than inexperience. Case in point:
  11. HaHaTrumpWon

    Jason and counsalors

    Know what's REALLY fun? To stop a full 4-seater, drag out just the troll, and watch everyone else drive off while said troll gets murdered, with nobody even attempting to save them.
  12. HaHaTrumpWon

    Jason and counsalors

    I despise teaming with Jason, but to be fair, there are three reasons I may allow people to escape during a round: 1) My PSN profile contains a small reference to allowing counselors to escape if they PM and ask politely. If you ever see me brutalize counselor A while ignoring counselor B, this is why (though it's actually extremely rare anyone bothers to actually try it). 2) Everyone else is dead and the sole survivor is still trying their best to escape (instead of just hiding or trying to kite me between cabins). The best example I can give for this is the bunny-suited Debbie I encountered a while back that was bloody and limping yet still managed to get a car going. I stopped the car literally feet from the exit and when she began re-starting the car, I just walked off and let her go. 3) If I get picked as Jason twice in a row, I always let everyone escape the second round (if they just want to hang around that's fine, but I'll still stop them from getting the sweater).
  13. HaHaTrumpWon

    Fix. This.

    I hated the new grab for a long time, but I've come to prefer it over the old one. Yes, you're probably going to get clobbered if you miss with it, but 1) With a little practice you can bait counselors into taking a swing, and 2) Since it's more-or-less a lunge, the range is increased slightly. Numerous posters, myself included, have been asking for a little more stun protection for Jason for literally months, with several very reasonable suggestions being offered (which were all ignored, by the way). Add that one to the "Shit that obviously should be adjusted but won't be" list.
  14. I normally play as a bunny-suited Debbie, so if I find the fuse I hold onto it until I find the phone-box. If I have trouble finding it, I usually ask over the mic if anyone has seen the phone cabin, but normally I generally find it fairly quickly. I don't install if Jason is near and if I see someone else about to do it, I try and signal for them to let me since I have the epic-level MDAC perk and can have the cops there in about 3:40 instead of 5:00. If it's a Vanessa, Chad, Bugzy, or Jenny, I haul ass because I know they're going to fuck up at least once and then Jason's going to be right on top of them.
  15. HaHaTrumpWon

    Fix. This.

    Hope your lungs are in good shape because you're going to be holding your breath for a very long time.