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  1. Keeping your distance from Tommy and SG does not mean you're scared, nor does it mean you're running away. I've killed a whole lot of Jason's, and do you know what the single biggest contributing factor was? They attacked the group head-on without making even a half-ass attempt at catching them by surprise. Backing off for a while and making a tactically-sound plan would have saved most of them if they'd have gone that route. Trust me when I say it is far more fun for them when Jason pulls a Rambo rather than a Solid Snake.
  2. Yeah, but mostly it just irritated me. I was already close to losing my mask and two of them had shotguns. I'm sure they probably told themselves "Jason's scared and hiding from us", but no... Jason's Stalking lfrom outside in Shift-Grab range waiting for you to hop out of a window so he can murder your ass.
  3. The bots can drive just fine.... right into a tree/fence/the lake/other bots/Jason/etc...
  4. He sounds like the bastard love child of a wild boar and a 14 year old Edward Furlong.
  5. Edit: I don't know why I didn't think of this strategy sooner, but in a case like this where a sweater thief has stepped into a bear-trap, instead of just grabbing her, close in (but stay just out of melee range) and start throwing knives. If she isn't running Thick Skin, it shouldn't take more than 2-3 to kill her. If she tries to heal up, R2 her. This will prevent her from PK'ing you, healing, then running away, as well as stop her from tanking one or two of your melee attacks, stunning you, then healing and fleeing.
  6. LaChappa blows dead bears. Not because of his appearance or stats, but because of his voice. When I hear him talk, it sounds like Porky Pig getting "purdy mouth'ed" by that guy from Deliverance. If team-killing still existed, I would have never made it to lv 150 because in every single round where someone picks him, I'd have shotgunned him at the first opportunity. Edit: I don't have much of an issue with Vanessa if I'm Jason. I know most people only pick her because of speed/stamina, and to me that kind of makes her a one-trick only. Sure, you can run fast and for long periods of time, but that's basically all you can do. You can't hide, you can't repair, and you can't escape unless someone has set up a way for you (I.E. Cops have been called or a car/boat has already been repaired).
  7. I had this happen last night. You know a "kill squad" is smug when they jog to your cabin right in front of you. Since they were the only three left, I spent the rest of that round watching from a distance and waiting for them to separate and leave the cabin they holed up in... which they never did. I'm actually kinda surprised, I don't think I've ever seen them stay in a group for more than 5 minutes.
  8. PS4. Add me sometime and we'll play if you want: HaHaTrumpWon
  9. Maybe in your matches, but in mine people are still actually playing.
  10. Again, if it's a lobby full of tea-baggers and dancers, I will gleefully fuck up your Jason-kill every single time if possible.
  11. Come on guys, she was young and needed the money. Hot Topic ain't cheap you know...
  12. (Or as a counselor, either is fine) This can be either intentionally or accidentally, something you did or something you DIDN'T do. As long as whatever it was screwed yourself over, it qualifies. Mine got me killed as Jason recently. Long story short, my mask came off with both Tommy and SG in the cabin with me. She used the sweater and near-dead Tommy starts limping my way. Just before successfully breaking out of the stun, I somehow hit the PS4's home button on the controller. I don't know why or how I even managed to do that, but I did... and I didn't switch back in time to resist the sweater.
  13. I'm going with A.J. Tiffany may have a hotter/tighter ass than A.J., but it's probably got more miles on it than a New York taxi.
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