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  1. Part 6 is pretty much the only Jason I use, and I have a very high success rate with him. Yes, the Morph weakness will bite you in the ass if you waste or mistime it, and yes, map control is very difficult if the lobby is competent (anyone who has ever used p6 knows how bad it sucks to Morph to one objective and hear traps go off all the way on the other side of the map). Over time, I've learned to conserve Morph as much as possible and rely on my +Shift for travel, which works great on smaller maps but doesn't help much if you're on any of the bigger ones, especially Pinehurst. I've found that the key to using p6 effectively is anticipating counselor movements/intentions. Pay attention to the sound rings and learn to judge distance based on ring size so you can pre-empt instead of waiting for audio cues before taking action (you wouldn't believe how many times doing this has let me interrupt repairs or attempts to steal the sweater). I know a lot of people say that his +Sense isn't really good for much, but I disagree. Before Rage, the cooldown on p6's Sense is 10 seconds, but after Rage (even if you completely drain it instead of toggling it off and on) this drops to 6.5 seconds. Add in his 12 second post-Rage Shift cooldown and you become a nightmare for counselors running around outside of cabins.
  2. It's cool. I can see where the miscommunication came from.
  3. Since I'm in Georgia, I really want to take the time some day and drive the 3-4 hours to Camp Daniel Morgan, which is where Part 6: Jason Lives was filmed.
  4. .....until the Nerf Orgy started and Michael Myers started getting his ass kicked by literal children (which you know would happen as soon as people started crying about him being too OP)
  5. Excuse you? I wasn't lumping you into the same category as "the ones whining about the Rage buff". You said the Pinata Parties had to end, I said "This is what so many of the ones whining about the Rage buff fail to understand", which was intended as "The ones whining about it don't get that it was there to end Pinata Parties". At no point did I mean you were one of the ones whining about it. Put a little more effort into reading next time before you call someone an ass... ass.
  6. This is what so many of the ones whining about the Rage buff fail to understand. They say "The Rage buff isn't going to help Jason fight groups of counselors" and I say "No shit, Sherlock! It isn't supposed to!" The Rage buff isn't here to help fight groups, it's here to end the Pinata Parties. Before the buff it was both very easy and very common for Jason to get his ass kicked the ENTIRE ROUND, and you didn't need to be a pro at this game to do it. Some people may think "A Pinata Party is the same thing as fighting a group", but it's not. Attacking Jason to remove the mask and attacking him with no purpose or goal other than stunning him are two very different things. All the Rage buff does is ensure you can't chain stun him for 20 minutes anymore and to be honest, the only people who are affected by the buff are the ones who didn't plan to actually contribute something useful in the first place.
  7. Last night, me and two friends played about 7-8 rounds. Out of those, we killed Jason every single game except one, and that was only because a total n00b ended up as Tommy. The strategy we used is extremely effective but also extremely simple: Me and Friend #1 spawn in, grab machetes/axes, and beeline it right for Jason. Mask is usually off in the first 2 minutes of the round unless there is difficulty finding machetes/axes, or difficulty finding Jason (usually this only happens on large maps), and once it's off we just bait Jason into killing us. If no one else has died yet, it's a virtual guarantee one of the two of us is going to be Tommy. Once Tommy arrives, he finds Friend #2 and they go for the sweater together. Everything after that is straightforward and the only difficulty comes from whether or not Jason decides to attack directly or not. The kill is WAY too easy to get. You don't need a dedicated several-member squad to get it done when 3 people are more than enough.
  8. Honestly, i don't know if they do or not. I never actually gave it much thought. Someday I want to have a counselor send me the video from a match so I can compare what I'm going to what the counselor is seeing.
  9. The static is there to enhance Stalk. They see the static and hear the proximity music stop, and thus (hopefully) believe that Jason has gone elsewhere. Then, if all goes well, they come out thinking they're in the clear and you get to Surprise Motherfucker! them.
  10. Every time you post, it's an unpleasant reminder that the Devs listening to posters like you is why Jason got nerfed so badly in the first place.
  11. It's supposed to be "Our penis is in another Princess".
  12. i wasn't saying swap "penis" for Princess, I meant swap "castle" for it.
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