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  1. There are some fucking awesome things to see outside of the map, so I made a video on it and am posting it here for those of you who've never seen it but always wondered about it.
  2. I've seen more than one kill go down the toilet because the counselors triggered rage early. I don't think a lot of kill-squads fully understand why this is such a bad idea. If rage mode Jason starts slashing them to death and nobody has a shotgun, they're probably fucked (unless the mask is still on and they manage to break it before they die). Pre-rage, that wouldn't really be a problem if they've got a weapon because they could always just smack him with it and use the stun to heal up. You don't have this option if you decide to go full-on pinata party.
  3. Jason most likely wouldn't be anywhere close to rage if people trying to kill him would just grab machetes and stop hitting him after the mask is off.
  4. If they beat him into rage two minutes in, what good does it do then? It would have been a better option to either make the Tommy cabin (or at least the power-box for it) visable on Jason's map, or buff the shit out of his mask HP so if you want the kill, you'll have to work your ass off getting it. The first option would eliminate Tommy getting called 10 seconds in, and the second would force counselors to put themselves in harms way much longer if they want the mask off.
  5. Why DID you put in for that? What is the difference between killing Jason before Rage, and doing it after?
  6. I didn't start playing PHG until it was free on PS Plus, and I'm glad for that because it is in no way worth full retail. Every single Fireteam mission follows the same cookie-cutter pattern: Reach a specific location, find an item/use an item/kill an NPC(s), defend objective, go to other specific location, find another item/use another item/kill more NPCs, defend objective, reach ex-fil point. Obviously, some of the missions are going to be a bit different but for the most part that's pretty much how it always plays out. As for the Predator, if you thought killing Jason was easy, you haven't seen shit. In fairness, the Predator isn't supposed to be a near-immortal Mama's Boy, so it makes sense that a couple of people with machine guns can kill it without needing special conditions to be met. But as I said back before the game was even released, "Give it a while and you're gonna have kill-squads going around killing and tea-bagging Predators just like you do with Jason." And yes, there are people who team with Predator, just like there's going to be people teaming with Leather (which we both know is going to go unpunished).
  7. Gun/ILL made it extremely clear before F13 that this was a "run from Jason" game and not a "Go kill Jason" game, and look what happened with that load of bullshit. Counselors whined like little bitchea and Jason got nerfed. Even if they initially make Leather unkillable, the bitching and crying that he's too tough will eventually result in "balance changes" that we all know are going to turn the 'ukillable' family into a joke.
  8. You're dreaming if you think Leather isn't going to be just as easy to kill as Jason and the Predator.
  9. As you can see, it is still very much a thing Seriously, killing Jason is just as easy as it was a couple of years ago, although buffing the mask's HP has added a tiny bit of difficulty to it, specifically, in situations where Jason is blocking most or all of the cousnelors attacks and they're starting to run out of machetes/axes. The Rage buff hasn't made much of a difference (from my own experience, yours might differ) except in cases where Jason is slashing Tommy or Sweater Girl to death. If this happens BEFORE Rage activates, you can simply stun him and use the time to heal up. If it's AFTER Rage, you better hope someone shoots him or breaks the mask because otherwise he's going to hack you to death and there isn't shit you can do about it.
  10. Sure would have been nice to have a checklist of some sort so you could keep track of what kills you do and do not have.
  11. I'm starting to think PhIM has glitched on me or something. I opened Bots and spent hours making sure all the "universal" grab-kills were done, then played one round with every Jason to be sure I got all the specific weapon kills, and then spent a few more rounds doing every environmental kill I could think of and even watched a YouTube guide, but still no trophy (and this is the last one I need for platinum).
  12. I'm calling it right now: This is going to end up being another asymmetrical multiplayer game where one person plays Leatherface and the rest are survivors. Leatherface is going to get his ass kicked on a regular basis just like Jason and the Predator, they'll be a lot of dumb DLC for it, and EVERY SINGLE PATCH WILL CREATE A SHITLOAD OF NEW PROBLEMS. I guaran-fuckin-tee that is exactly what's going to happen. Guys, don't waste your time or money. We all know the deal by now.
  13. If theres not at least 5, I don't even kill anyone. I just message them and tell them to have fun escaping because I'm not wasting my time killing 3-4 people.
  14. All aYou know what pisses me off the most? I can join a lobby and sit through 4-5 games as a counselor and nobody leaves. Whether the Jason's good and wipes everyone out, or is bad and gets trolled all round, nobody leaves. I finally get to be Jason and five minutes in, half the lobby's gone. What the fuck?
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