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  1. Was that the time you were playing as Adam and found that abandoned barn?
  2. I think it's safe to say that a dancing counselor who is perched on a location Jason cannot reach did not get there by accident.
  3. You CAN do that, you know... if you're not in Ready status, you can change your Counselor/Jason as long as you do it before the countdown starts.
  4. If you're walking around with Jason showing him where everyone is hiding then yes, they should ban your ass because you're a little twat and snitches get stitches. Other than that, it's a really gray area on what is or isn't teaming. Is it teaming if Jason walks by one counselor to attack another? How about stopping the car and grabbing somebody other than the driver? If Jason shows up to investigate a trap being triggered and catches the counselor while they're still in (or just getting out of) the trap, but then teleports away somewhere else, is it teaming? Is it teaming if Jason leads the last surviving counselor to a med spray so they can heal up and then Morphs away? What about if he cripples the last surviving counselor and then allows them to escape? If Jason is chasing one specific counselor despite there being other counselors who are actively trying to attack him, is that teaming? I ask because I've done all of the above and been called a teamer for it when there actually wasn't any teaming taking place. Grabbed someone other than the driver? I DID grab the driver, but got PKed and while spamming X to stop them from getting the car restarted grabbed the passenger by mistake. Showed up to a trap and Morphed away? The phone trumps the 2-seater every day of the week. Ignored other counselors to chase only one person? Yep, bitch had the sweater. Led injured counselor to med spray? They were good at kiting but stepped in another counselors trap and I love chasing good runners. Crippled final girl/guy and let them go? Jason has prerogative over who dies and who doesn't, and since everyone else did nothing but fuck off all round, I decided the one counselor who actually did something the whole 20 minutes deserved to escape. Of course, telling the ones flooding me with PMs about teaming what was actually going on didn't help much because... of course it didn't.
  5. I love when they do this ^.^ Thanks for the free Rage boost, but maybe you should have made sure Tommy was indeed on his way before you decided to try to kill me.
  6. ....add a question mark to the end of your interrogative sentence instead of a period? 😁 Seriously, they're not going to ban teamers and glitchers. Come on man, you've been here long enough to know that by now. I wish they'd ban the ones who exploit glitches and 'God-mode' spots, as these people are trash and nothing more, but we both know there's never going to be any bans for teaming. It's simply too easy to misidentify and falsely accuse someone of it.
  7. It's easy to feel a little intimidated if a lobby is full of high-level Vanessas, but just remember that even if they're hard to catch, they're easy to find, plus they're almost guaranteed to fuck up at least once if they try making repairs.
  8. Not that I'm encouraging you to team-kill or anything, but... run those little bitches over. Shit like that should not go unpunished.
  9. Had a bunch of wannabe Jason-killers get the mask and sweater a couple of years ago on Higgens original (shack was on the island). I Stalk-Morphed to it after getting the alert and waited near the shore for them to swim back to the mainland. They never did, and I couldn't figure out why they were flashing their lights at the lake. It was an embarrassingly long time before I found out that counselors can see you underwater. I had thought that red cloudish marker was only there so Jason could see where he was when in water and didn't realize counselors can see it too.
  10. Let me get this straight... The servers are down because some cocksucker got butt-hurt about getting banned (presumably because he was hacking/cheating/being a douchebag) and decided to act like a spoiled brat about it instead of growing the fuck up and refraining from taking it out on everyone else? Somebody REALLY needs to get a life. If you're upset about getting banned, that's your problem, not ours. All you've done by fucking with the servers is demonstrate what a little bitch you are. It might take a while, but eventually the problem's going to be fixed and normal play will resume. Server problems are temporary, being a butt-hurt little fuck-boi is forever.
  11. Guys, trust me... you DO NOT want the dedicated servers disabled. It's far better to put up with time-out errors until the servers are fixed than it is to get booted round after round because some whiny-ass 12-year-old (whose mother really should have just opened her mouth instead of her legs) decided to quit and kick everybody out because he wasn't Jason/got killed early/had his sweater stolen/got slashed to death with 2 PK's/etc... Unless you have heard the high-pitched bitch-whining of an entitled little waste-of-sperm telling everyone that if he doesn't get to escape then nobody gets to play, you have absolutely no idea whatsoever how bad it used to be without dedicated servers.
  12. As of now, it's still almost impossible to make it through the entire 20 minutes. I played a few games with friends last night, but now we're right back to constant time-out errors.
  13. Teamers must fuckin' PAY... end of story. However there have been a few times where I technically did the same thing. Some asshole decided running people over would be fun, so when I got picked as Jason in the next round, I told the counselors to hold onto any repair parts and proceeded to kill only the team-killer. Everybody else got a free escape. I've done the same thing to blatant teamers before, sometimes with the assistance of the other counselors who were quite happy to lead me to them. The last time this happened was a few months ago. Douchebag teamer #1 was driving the four-seater, stopped to let me and another Debbie get in, then drove right to the exit and stopped so Jason could kill both of us, and then drove away. I'm Jason next round and have a Vanessa gleefully lead me right to them. Douchebag #1 gets killed, comes back as Tommy, and decides to have Douchebag #2 go for the sweater only to find the same Vanessa who helped me find them body-blocking the shack (still not sure how she knew to do that unless they were talking about killing me over the air). Five minutes later, Tommy gets killed and Douchebag #2 Rage quits. I guess they only like teaming if they're the ones doing it.
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