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  1. If were talking balance for jason 2 things that are better then messing with stamina & strength 1. take off the ability to use medic in all three slots that's 6 heals if you have 3 med sprays in all three slots 2.There has to be something done about counselors surviving 4 swipes with an axe even with thick skin it seems unrealistic even for a game
  2. i was having trouble earlier but now mine seems to be working (ps4)
  3. i have to disagree with this also the game is just now starting to shift power back over to jason's side were it should have been from the go. Adding more perks for counselors would kill what the rage patch was trying to do could you imagine a vanessa running around with medic and thick skin on all slots that would be hell even for a good jason.
  4. So there are others having this problem i'm on ps4 and i cannot get a game for the life of me i been trying all day 7 minute wait rinse and repeat no servers for me @mattshotcha please something is going on.
  5. @mattshotcha so you replied to another user saying that the shift issue is a values thing and not a full system thing does that mean that it could be fixed within hours and sent out as a hot fix?
  6. Actually sense seems broken as it drains faster on jasons with +sense i don't really know but it's annoying lol
  7. i am getting the dreaded lost network connection error again and game closes and reports of a broken shift oh lord. Well i can confirm shift regenerates super fast and sense drains super fast this patch is a bust can we have a roll back? please
  8. i was about to make a post about tommy players then i searched this out lol. But anyways my rant about tommy is when someone comes back as tommy and i have the sweater the mask is off and his running around like a chicken with his freakin head cut off not knowing what the hell he's doing makes me so mad
  9. This i think is the problem the bug fixes are taking so long that now even the hardcore fans are getting tired of waiting. But we have to hang on a little longer matt said once the roof top glitch is fixed there going back to look at the car and other glitches but they have to get things done a bit faster or others will soon follow.
  10. Well to be fair sometimes toxic players can ruin the experience for a new jason player. This game is full of those types of people and new players won't stick around to play if they feel the game is frustrating.
  11. Agree 100% people get mad because they can no longer tea bag and troll jason that's all this is. Skilled counselors can still survive the night i witness it all the time i main counselor most the time and i love the new buff to rage feels good.
  12. Must be gone now because i don't see them any more just looked on xbox.com
  13. i can confirm nothing happens for f13th or gta 5 but i agree best check the list because there are other games in which it affects things much worse.
  14. @mattshotcha Any chance we see this patch early next week? And also thanks for dropping in more often and keeping us informed on the status of the fixes means alot to us.
  15. i chose friday the 13th again well because i love friday the 13th franchise but there is another not listed i would like a take on and that is victor crowley a hatchet game would be very nice could use the same kinda game style f13th uses it could work and i'm sure adam green wouldn't mind a game
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