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  1. if you mean by there name in game then no if wes and company can't add a tree or a rock that's already in game then they can't add an extra perk slot to me that's new content
  2. Right now they either work together get shit done or die just the way it should be.
  3. People make me sick with this jason is to hard to kill now when he is in rage. To damn bad he is supposed to be OP you should be lucky to be alive in the end not running around tea bagging and dancing like fools this all started with the stupid emotes btw . I really don't think any one complaining about the newest patch even understands the concept of the movies and The fuckin game.
  4. For those of you on ps4 that has this issue i figured i would share a trick i use to get into games faster. When you start looking for dedicated servers wait a minute if it does not find a game cancel and do it again never let it go over 1 min. I do this and get into games fairly quick.
  5. they don't just need banned they need perma banned they think it's cute see how cute it is when they can no longer play #fuckthetrolls
  6. medic needs a little nerf i mean i normally find 3 health sprays i have 6 chances of healing not really fair for jason after he's wasted 4 knifes to get me limping
  7. i wouldn't get my hopes up dark tower studios made magus and that game has bad reviews. But i do hope they can pull of the bug fixes that illfonic could not only time will tell.
  8. if this edition can help save the game and keep the servers online for another few years i welcome it.
  9. gun/fonic have buried any hopes of making another game i don't see how anyone would want to support them in the future after all this BS. i guess we have what? like 2 months at most before we get the servers are going down post this is a major gut punch to the backers and hardcore fans that have been there since the beginning. i guess now the only thing we can hope for is a working game before they finally call it quits.
  10. NO team killing was for trolls and anyone that wants it back is a team killer plain and simple it's pretty obvious by the poll the legit players out voted the trolls lol
  11. i think it does need a nerf it's way to much you find 3 sprays with the perk you get 6 sprays that is a bit ridiculous but of course the counselor mains would be against anything that's going to nerf them
  12. If this game was only 5-6 months old then yes but they had plenty of time to fix the early bugs game will be a year old tomorrow. And still we face bugs that were there since launch shame actually i love the franchise and the game and only want to see it succeed so i will give it a week or so and i may call it quits multiplayer anyways we will see.
  13. dedicated servers are important to the life of this game for ps4 and xbox users so this is a great call . Also we need more bug fixes why add more game modes at this point best to wait until other shit is fixed again great call.
  14. @ShiftySamurai does the fix for the ''Addressed several issues that were causing players to become interaction locked'' also mean jason wont be getting stuck with just grab after trying to hit counselors going through windows ?
  15. No more emotes that shit is abused more jason's , kill packs , maps , bug fixes then yes
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