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  1. Agree 100% people get mad because they can no longer tea bag and troll jason that's all this is. Skilled counselors can still survive the night i witness it all the time i main counselor most the time and i love the new buff to rage feels good.
  2. Must be gone now because i don't see them any more just looked on xbox.com
  3. i can confirm nothing happens for f13th or gta 5 but i agree best check the list because there are other games in which it affects things much worse.
  4. @mattshotcha Any chance we see this patch early next week? And also thanks for dropping in more often and keeping us informed on the status of the fixes means alot to us.
  5. i chose friday the 13th again well because i love friday the 13th franchise but there is another not listed i would like a take on and that is victor crowley a hatchet game would be very nice could use the same kinda game style f13th uses it could work and i'm sure adam green wouldn't mind a game
  6. This i like and i feel the same way no new content fine but please give us a 98.9 % bug free game. That's all i ask all i ever wanted after the first lawsuit news maybe make the fuse house and cars spawn in different places rework the perks anything to change it up a bit.
  7. Lord i hope not Since friday the 13th the game put them on the map to begin with it is there baby so they say.
  8. this ^ right here i couldn't agree more there needs to be action taking to stop this shit if you don't want to play the game the right way stay the hell away lol
  9. @mattshotcha That's all i wanted and i am sure others also wanted was a reply that things are being worked on and keeping us in the loop thank you..
  10. Plenty of video and screen shot proof going around and still no comments from the devs come on matt you were doing so good . Don't mean to sound like an ass but this as got to be fixed..
  11. That's your best bet unless you want to see a counselor on the roof dancing and acting like a damn fool while you there trying to hit them with knifes.
  12. lol sad part is another 5 months before next patch hooray
  13. matt the conformation is the amount of angry people telling you it is not fixed why would we lie
  14. i would love to know there answer also because everything they have said they fixed is still broke even interlocked jason
  15. This is pretty damn sad took them all this time to get us this patch and the game is still broke people on roof my very first match in game after patch. Makes me wander if they ever test out there own patches i don't imagine they do damn shame
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