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  1. Vote to Kick option

    @Gertz mentioned a "thumbs up" and "thumbs down" system which sounds like it would work decently. That way it rewards with positive reinforcement and the trolls get matched all together. The only issue I see is what's to stop a lobby of trolls from giving you a bunch of thumbs downs?
  2. F13 Movie Box Set

    Yeah it was a limited edition release with every movie. Many of which it was the first time for them being released on blu ray. I think it was 150 when it first came out. Hoping for an updated one. Friday the 13th is in October this year and I believe its some sort of anniversary for the franchise.
  3. Lol too bad its still bugged and actually makes it take longer.
  4. F13 Movie Box Set

    Yeah honestly those would be fine. Im just going to wait till october to see if they release anything.
  5. F13 Movie Box Set

    Yeah I found the DVD only box set which is still available but for some reason the blu ray is not. The audio quality was remastered which would be the biggest difference for the older ones. I found this on amazon which I believe indicates they are all about to be re-released: Friday the 13th Part 2 [Blu-ray] https://www.amazon.com/dp/B074GWVCWQ/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_h9.Pzb7HXZGHK Edit: most of these aren't available yet. I'm also thinking that because f13 is in October this year, they might be planning something who knows? I didn't figure it was going to be this difficult lol.
  6. F13 Movie Box Set

    I've been trying to find a blu ray box set of the Friday the 13th movies, but the only set appeared to have been a limited edition and is grossly overpriced now. Trying to find the individual movies at a decent price is proving be difficult as well. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  7. Hi!

    Welcome! There's a PS4 community with a bunch of cool people in it. @Alien_Number_Six is on frequently and can send you an invite.
  8. Honestly, that's my main use for it as well.
  9. Hello Everyone

    Welcome man, you came to the right place. I've had much more fun on this game since finding some cool people to play with. Even if you only have 3-4 in a lobby, it's so much better!
  10. I've spent a ton of CP (only level 42), and have only received one epic perk. Whichever one lessens fear when seeing a dead body... lol
  11. PS4 Player Here

    Thanks for the warm welcomes everyone. I have had the pleasure of playing some games with a bunch of you already.
  12. +1 to some sort of vote to kick system. I understand trying to avoid people ganging up on less skilled players and trying to avoid that. Currently though, if you experience a toxic player, the only way to avoid them is to leave the lobby and regroup. Most people will agree that hasn't been the easiest thing to do either.
  13. Literally happens all the time. I just try to drop them if i think there's a good chance i'm going to die.
  14. All I can personally confirm is grease monkey. It completely destroys the car and sends it flying through the air.
  15. PS4 Player Here

    Thanks definitely looking forward to it!