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  1. The game is far from working condition when things like Homerun Jason still exist. And this is something a lot of people seem to abuse on purpose. Even streamers who play fair in most of their games with friends still homerun Jason to win.
  2. I too have always wanted a horror game where you survive against a popular slasher or played the popular slasher since I was a child. I'm happy that we finally have it, but you know what? Please stop using this as a crutch for blind dev supporting. It should instead be what makes you want them and the game to be better! Just because you've waited forever for something doesn't mean you should just take what you're handed and not expect better from them or the game.
  3. Did you see Glover's dance? That was the epitome of a dweeb.
  4. Crispin Glover was kind of a dorky loser and he got a hot girl in Part 4. There was also Shelly and the one girl having a bit of a thing in Part 3 before they both died.
  5. You never know. Some of the Friday the 13th films had some male wish fulfillment where the nerdy character got with a really hot girl.
  6. I actually thought Tiffany was looking at LaChappa when she put her hands on her hip in a sassy sort of ''Like what you see?" sort of way.
  7. And to be fair. They didn't really cover the ''success" part of that title either. They pretty much just had Youtube tutorial on how to make a kickstarter for a game.
  8. It always amazes me when an indie company gets their hands on a big hit IP and release a buggy project that while fun and brings in money and players remains buggy and has issues and the devs are always ''Blown away by the reaction." It totally reminds me of that ''I never thought leopards would eat my face off says the woman who voted for the leopards eating my face off party" meme. Only it's ''I never thought a big IP would matter so much to people!" said the devs who were excited to have a big IP on their hands.
  9. Look. It's not about if it bothers me. What bothers me? Is holding an hour long panel about kickstarter in which you act as if you successfully managed a kickstarter before and after without any flaws and make ironic statements while you pat yourself on the back for a job well done. When in fact you did just average or moderately better than other kickstarter disasters.
  10. I love how one of the power point slides was ''Making Sure DLC is timed correctly." or something of that matter and all I could think about was the poor backers and how there are people running around with not only Savini Jason but the counselor clothing who never even donated to that kickstarter and some if not a lot of the blame for that is at Gun and Illfonic's hands.
  11. If I were a developer and was told to watch this game's dev team talk about starting a kickstarter and how to deal with the process from beginning to end and the aftermath. I'd run for the hills from that person. There was so much irony in some of the statements made by the team that I thought the room would explode, but then that'd be impossible because the audience was asleep. It's also really telling that half of them didn't know their plan, everytime one went to open their mouth about something they had to look and make sure they could talk about it like they were a battered child around their abusive parent and they hadn't been told it was time to speak. When members of your team don't even know what bits of info you've released and your one allocated Q&A question is about how much trouble one system has had. You might not be the best people to talk about being a success of kickstarter for an hour.
  12. The thing was the Spring Break DLC. It's not going to be anything else. I'm calling it. Their exact words were ''Are we showing the thing?" ''Should we do it now or save it for the end?" ''We'll just play it now." -plays Spring Break DLC trailer-
  13. broke weasel

    NEW MAPS ????

    My biggest map want is Part 8's cruise ship. It'd need a little reworking for objectives and what not, but my god that could be a tense map to play on.
  14. Except he's not purple Jason. He's NES Jason. It's a fun part of the franchise's history and he kind of deserves a little more respect than the community and the rush job the devs gave him. Sure, his game was trash and dull, but in the end, just like all elements of the franchise he deserves a ''better" place in the game than he's currently got.