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  1. Well if you are killing a hiding player or killing Jason, if the player leaves you don't get the points towards the badges nor the achievements. Finding players that stay hidden as you approach them is hard, while killing a Jason is difficult.
  2. F13 Community Tournament - Planning stages

    Most EXP points earned (Would require everyone playing to screen cap their scores at the end, too much room for error perhaps?) A friend of Jason could find this out by checking the server that Jason is in. It says all of the scores. At least for Steam.
  3. Can you just give Jason the kill? I have killed at least 3 Counselors who were hiding and none of them counted towards my badge, and it forces me to finish the animation. Please at least count the kills towards badges even if the counselor leaves. It is really frustrating when this happens. A good Idea is a counselor in Jason's sights leaves the game it should count as a kill for Jason. Maybe call it a Heart Attack.
  4. They should have it so if you are killing a counselor you get the kill even if they leave.
  5. (Gameplay) Bed Glitch on PC

    I also found someone using this glitch during a game. Thankfully he left the bed to try to escape by car after I threatened to report him. It was I believe the 2-4 house on the other side of the covered bridge in Higgen's Haven.
  6. This bug is rather irritating since I am unable to use my mic to communicate and my perks like my map perk do not work. It is frustrating and makes it hard to play with friends since I cannot do anything to get my mic to work, and I have died in-game 2 times while escaping on boat because my 15% boat perk was not active and Jason barely caught up to the boat. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game, but it did not fix the bug. Unrelated: RIP my maxed +10% fear resist, -0 sprint speed perk. I accidentally scrapped when I was getting rid of another perk.
  7. This is either a single bug with a lot of problems or a couple bugs, but I am mostly thinking it is a single bug. Lobby - When in lobby the area with player names shows up blank - Mic does not work during - Using the text communication still works - After a period of time the bug sometimes stops - (likely other bug) level 0 bug, cant use non-0 lvl characters - seems fix itself after clicking on own name In-Game - No ping or counselor/Jason pick shown for self instead just replaced with "Loading..." - While "Loading..." : - - Mic does not work - - Perks do not work - After a period of time the bug sometimes stops - After the bug stops Perks and Mic start working again - If bug still active after escape or death then stuck in body view and all other functions act like alive player without ability to move. - - game still treats player as dead and can revive as Tommy, - - player cannot hear dead/escaped players - - player cannot see time remaining until end of match - - player cannot see map, unlike alive player - If perk ends after dead/escaped, player functions as normal dead/escape - If bug active while Jason the kill counter will not increase for player - If bug still active by end of game kill counter will be 0/#of counselors This bug does not seem to effect badge progression nor experience recieved from game. It only seems to stop the player from being able to communicate in game and removeds their perks while active. The bug is intermittent and sometimes stops before the game intro is finished, in the middle of game, after game ended, or does not stop during game. This bug seems to appear during 80-90% of my games now. It seems to have started after one of the most recent updates. It is possible it is my account information not loading all the way until late into the game, since the bug only occurs at the start of games or when I enter a lobby, but once it stops it does not show up again until the start of the next match/lobby I join.