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  1. I feel like I cannot be part of the community and have discussions ingame because of this bug I feel so lonely when i play. I feel so frustrated when other players bad mouth me in game for following them because they have the fuse and are going away from the fuse house. I try to ask for the fuse using the flashlight then get cussed out. Just checking in. I still have the bug and being thrown to spectator when I tried to play a game recently makes it hard for me to feel happy playing the game. I would play the game again if I could at least speak to people. I can live with being unable to spectate, change characters in lobby, and I may even be able to ignore the spectating problem. I just don't want to feel lonely anymore when playing.
  2. I will try my main account, but I have been playing on the account from the video a bit over the last few days that is what brought me to get to the point of posting this again on the forum. Just tried on my secondary account and I entered a lobby where I could not see if anyone was in it, just like the video, it seemed that I could not find a ready lobby so I exited. I checked to see if there was any issue with the main menu, but there did not seem to be. Main account: vodspod https://steamcommunity.com/id/ryanv8991 secondary account: Derob2 https://steamcommunity.com/id/5434567876543/ Note: My mic works while in a group in main menu and most of the time I am in a private match. Also sometimes when I play as Tommy the spectator mode finally loads, but after I spawn as him. If I use any spectator hotkeys they work like if I was dead in spectator mode and my view is torn from my character. When I went to shoot with the gun it did not fire and I had to wait for Jason to grab me, at which point my view was forced back onto my character. This happened a couple times a few months ago before the last update, and either it has been fixed or I have been able to keep it from happening by entering and exiting the menu. wow I looked at my accounts and realized I have spent over 700 hours total playing... I think that is a bit off probably over 650 hours I did have a few times I went afk in the main menu. Here is a new video that shows the Tommy bug I am getting. I believe it to be a side effect of the big bug. If I use the spectator buttons my camera would have gone into spectator mode. Note: By the way unless the skill check was all right clicks it is impossible for me to have put that gas in.
  3. I have. I have tried changing just about every setting ingame. the mic, the video quality. Nothing seems to change anything.
  4. the biggest problem I have with this bug is that they have not put it on the bug list and I have received no response from them. my second biggest problem is that a large number of games I played could have been won if I could just communicate things to my teammates. Like where the fuse house is.
  5. is this up to date, because I have been having a horrible bug since a month after launch that has been plaguing my account. Most of the time I cannot speak (e.g. 99.9% of the time) literally one time in a lobby at most each month if I play 10 games each day then after the lobby closes i cannot speak in game. An array of other bugs that are defidently all connected due to the fact that when they are gone they are all gone. I submitted multiple bug reports and have not heard back, and it is not on this list so I posted the bug on the general forum.
  6. I have played since launch and I am effected by a nasty bug that started a month after launch. I have tried everything to get rid of it and all of my bug reports have gone unanswered
  7. I have been playing this game since it came out and I have collected all the badges and almost all the achievements during that time, but since right after release I have been receiving the same bug that removes many of the abilities that make the game more enjoyable: The ability to speak to other players in lobby and in game The ability to change character and perks, mute players, and see what players are in the lobby with me The ability to spectate and hear other dead players after I die (before the game is over) The ability to see my choices of character during the start of the match, as well as what character I am playing as during the match For some reason I was unaffected by the spectator bug as a counselor before, but now that the fix was put out I am now thrown into something similar. While I have lived with this problem for over a year, I have hoped that it would be fixed though regular updates. I also sent in various bug reports and forum posts, but I have recieved no response except the basic of troubleshooting like reinstall the game or switch the push to talk on and off. I have done everything on my end to try to fix this bug: I changed my settings in game to see if it could reset something I followed all the troubleshooting lists I could find I ran file check on steam I reinstalled the game multiple times I got new headphones I got a new computer and installed it on that I got a new internet provider I got an improved internet connection DSL to Fiberoptic I started using a second account - (worked for a few weeks then it consumed that account as well - I have no Idea why) Here is a video showing many of the effects of the bug: If there is anything that can fix this bug I would do pretty much anything to play this game, but I have received no response and I don't think I ever will. I will keep playing the game, because of all the investment I have made, but I just don't feel happy being singled out and harassed by such a vicious bug.
  8. During the previous spectate bug I never was thrown into spectate, while everyone else was. Now that you "fixed" the bug I am now thrown into spectate about 30% of my games. Due to the other bug I have that prevents my mic from working, and being unable to change characters or spectate I am stuck in a fixed view until the end of the game. Why has no one fixed this game breaking bug. I have sent many videos and bug reports and I have gotten no response.
  9. people wont play the large maps now due to the fact that a map with a boat is a map that is impossible for the counselors to survive
  10. I just escaped in the boat a game. The jason did not use any of his abilities and only used melee then was about to be killed by counselors and left the game. Yes it is possible to escape in the boat I just didn't realize that there are jasons that are so stupid that they cannot even use a brain cell
  11. Why did you make the boat make noise? it is worthless now. no one was using it before and now it is impossible to escape in.
  12. On maps that have a boat I can now just sit back and kill the counselors one by one. I just have to go from phone to car, I play Jason 2 and with this sound effect I don't even have to worry about the boat anymore at all. As long as I can hear it I can tip it over. No one used to use it because it was so difficult to pull off now it is just impossible.
  13. With the new update it is now impossible to escape in the boat without Jason letting you. It was very difficult before but now there is no hope. Since the newest update has anyone actually escaped in the boat without Jason letting them? Also is there anyone who thinks adding the boat notification is a good idea? Because the boat was rather well balanced with the car before. The car informed jason if someone was escaping in it, but it was difficult to kill people in it. The boat was silent, but if jason noticed you then you were a sitting duck who would get instakilled, because jason can easily stop the boat. With the car Jason at least has to get in front of it. with the boat he just has to be somewhere near the sides or front. The boat has slow backup speed which makes backing up useless, where as in the car backing up jason has to get behind the car to stop it. All and all the boat might as well be removed from the game since it ruins any map that it is on now.
  14. Well if you are killing a hiding player or killing Jason, if the player leaves you don't get the points towards the badges nor the achievements. Finding players that stay hidden as you approach them is hard, while killing a Jason is difficult.
  15. Most EXP points earned (Would require everyone playing to screen cap their scores at the end, too much room for error perhaps?) A friend of Jason could find this out by checking the server that Jason is in. It says all of the scores. At least for Steam.
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