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  1. I played the new update for the first time last night and I don't know if it was a problem with my headphones, but I had a really hard time hearing people in the chat. The music and rain was super loud though. I tried changing the settings on my Xbox, but that didn't seem to make any difference.
  2. @AldermachXI @TheHansonGoons It probably didn't help that I could barely hear everyone on my mic for some reason. But yeah, WELCOME TO THE FORUMS @DamonD7!!! LOL
  3. @DamonD7 Now I feel like a dumbass. Drunk me spent like 5 minutes telling you how cool the forums were and how you should join them. LOL Anyway, great to see everyone last night. That was a lot of fun!!
  4. I haven't had much time to play lately but I'll definitely jump in Friday evening for some fun. Looking forward to it!!!!
  5. Snow confirmed

    Maybe one of the "new kills" is dying of dysentery?
  6. Snow confirmed

    It looks like it drives on both land and water, so I'd imagine it's pretty useful for escaping. Sure you don't want a ride? I'll totally wait for you.
  7. Snow confirmed

    Can we talk about the wood car?
  8. Yeah, call it a "Pamela Thong"
  9. That's a good idea. I should try that. I just got the perk to spawn with a map. I'm hoping that helps out a bit too.
  10. I played like 8 matches in a row last night and the last few games I swear I ended up checking the same drawers over and over. I'm like "yep, that's the one with the walkie I don't need." Anyone else experience short-term memory loss when playing as a counsellor? LOL
  11. Anyone into motorcycles?

    I'm a video guy and here's something I made for the Fuel Cleveland Motorcycle Show. If you're into cycles, you'll dig this!
  12. Wish I could but I gotta be up super early tomorrow. :/
  13. You're playing in "Blind Mode." You spawn with a white cane and/or a seeing eye dog, and your hearing ability is substantially better. It's only meant for advanced users though.
  14. I've learned to be Zen about funded Kickstarter projects. After all, I'm still waiting for the Detroit Needs a Robocop Statue that I tossed 5 bucks into about 4 years ago. LOL
  15. Yeah, I noticed that when playing last night. Didn't hear the door get smashed in and suddenly Jason was inside the cabin with me. Then I died. LOL.