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  1. Can anyone still in here confirm if they are still getting the issue? (Please make sure the game is closed and the reopened) - Gertz
  2. You are welcome Sorry for the delay, there is a storm here in the Denver area where we are located so a number of people were commuting home when this started - Gertz
  3. Hey everyone We are actively looking into it. Nothing should have changed in our live environment so we arent sure why its just Xbox players and why it started about 3pm PST. Our online player count has started to jump in the last 5 minutes though so whatever it was may have cleared up already. EDIT: You shouldnt have lost progress, once your able to login to the database you should have all your progress back - Gertz
  4. I think you got taken by the shop owner. The disc version includes a clothing pack and bloody jason skin but thats it. I wouldnt call it a GOTY edition nor does it include any of the other dlc.
  5. Hey guys PSN has been shotty all week, they just posted this about an hour ago: It is account based which may explain why some accounts get it and some dont. There are currently close to 10,000 people playing on PS4 right now. - Gertz
  6. You can DM me your Gamertag and I can have someone look it up to see if something happened - Gertz
  7. I know...thanks to @CrazyLawyer for opening my eyes to this delicious new breakfast food!
  8. Yup okay, Im aware of this one. The collision volume is staying behind. People are heading out now but Ill follow up Monday to see where its at. - Gertz
  9. It does, but we also have root motion enabled on the melee swings and we dont have to synch two players up. I actually had a discussion about grab today based on some info from this post so some smaller things may happen soonish. No promises though as I need to see how long some things will take and if we can fit them in. So we knew about it but I don't think we knew that it would become as enabling as it became. We didnt want to remove it because we thought it was cool and its really satisfying. We just didnt want it to be as easy as it was. Invisible Window Bubble? I probably know about it but call it something different. For the record, I like DbD its a great game it just scratches a different itch for me. Denver is about as cold as Ill get, Monteal is a different level of cold. - Gertz
  10. I think we are on the same page kind of... Realistically yes, an 8 ft tall person should be able to lean forward and grab a person. However, sometimes realism isn't the most fun thing to do. When it was set this way we saw people with bad connections getting grabbed from 15 ft + away because on the host/server the player was close enough for the grab but on their client/screen they seemed to far away. We also had shift grab which was an unintended side effect and fairly toxic. We had to split the difference between realism and making sure that it was still somewhat fun to the largest group of players possible and that has to include people that may not have the best connections. I think as we move closer to Dedicated Servers, region selecting, and even people playing custom matches with people now its not as big of an issue and we are still keeping an eye on it. Thanks for the convo @HuDawg and @Cannon007, I need to head in and get this patch closer to you guys. Ill swing back later. - Gertz
  11. Please see my previous post to @Cannon007 the game currently doesnt support us having Jason lean forward to extend his range. Its not impossible to do but would be a lot of work. Not sure what you mean here? You mean the pop to Jason's hand? Thats because his logical range is greater than his physical hand length because if we set it to 4 ft it felt awful. We have to pop the counselor to Jason's hand.
  12. I get what your saying at the end but having fluid animations that can blend like that to allow someone to lean into and grab someone realistically would be a shit ton of work that the game doesn't support right now. I would love it if it did though. - Gertz
  13. Arm reach is generally half of your height, your arm span from finger tip to finger tip is roughly the same as your height. If we wanted to be realistic his reach should be 4 ft but that felt like shit. Add latency to that and the abuse of shift grab and we had to reduce it. Its not always about numbers, making things realistic in game generally doesn't equal fun. If it did we wouldnt play the game we would do the thing...except with killing people, you shouldn't ever kill people - Gertz
  14. Check my followup, I was wrong. It was 12 ft not 18 ft
  15. Had to go back and look, it was 12 ft not 18 ft. His reach is about 6 ft now. Jason is about 8ft tall in the game and this rug is 12 ft long: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d9gSjkLqDqw With latency the grab feels much longer since people get rubber banded back into Jason hands. I dont speak for everyone, just for myself, but its something that we keep an eye on and will adjust again if needed. - Gertz
  16. So no one is confused, there are two stats for grab. Distance/Range and Radius. The old grab was the equivalent of an 18 ft reach and a 135 degree cone in front of Jason. I had numerous bug reports and videos showing Jason reaching across a room to grab someone and also being able to grab people going around the corner of a cabin. It was excessive. There is also latency to adjust to as well, many people dont have issues but sometimes you get into a match with someone and the ping between the host and client can cause the issue to be worse since the host hasn't updated you logical position. This causes someone to rubber band backwards into Jason's grab. I look at the thread and see a much better split of people thinking its fine vs thinking it needs work still and I feel thats a much better state to be in then 90% of posts being its broken and needs to be fixed. Hit detection is a different issue, I know we did some work here but I dont know when those are rolling out or if more work is needed. - Gertz
  17. Lots of really cool stuff going on that will be revealed over time. Busy Busy Busy. Im also a few weeks form having another kid so the craziness doesn't end at the door to work right now. I hope everyone is being good while I am away - Gertz
  18. Hey everyone I am here but I am the Executive Producer, I was filling in as proxy Community Manager until @[IllFonic]Courier started and took over. Ive been focusing on getting Single Player parts of the game done. My wife is also happy to have me at home more - Gertz
  19. Im here...trying to get Single Player done I think Gun posted about the Backer stuff today. - Gertz
  20. We wont be able to back fill unfortunately
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