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  1. it would be very fun if they only remove sense, imagine if sense were only active when jason is in rage, the circles of noise are enough for find counselors, the stalk thing I dont agree, its nice to listen the Jason's music
  2. Please make the stealth perks useful and also the characters with hight stealth are useless too because Jason can spam sense each 2 seconds, thats a little bit ridiculous, basically all kind of stealth perks and strenghts of some characters like A.J. Mason, Deborah Kim, Erik LaChappa, Jenny Myers and Tiffany Cox are useless in terms of stealth.
  3. No, they were not useless, they worked very well as a simple stun for Jason when he has the rage mode active, he enters and always gets stuned, you have that time to run to the next house or scape, the bear traps worked only for that, to being placed in front of closed doors not on open doors because counselors can be hurted.. What the fuck the devs were thinking? in every update they always fuck up a new thing
  4. I will explain, now it is impossible to place traps in front of doors as counselors, bear traps are useless now, this needs to be fixed as soon as possible
  5. I will not play this game until the performance issues are fixed, this game needs to be optimized
  6. for all people crying for this post, why you dont say the same about all the topics about "tweak" Jason that are just like this? LOL
  7. So it is impossible to add the feature of create your own counselor, but what about create your own Jason!!! I think is possible and it would be interesting and less boring of see all the same Jasons, I have seen many people saying "dbd is better because they have more killers" etc etc, but with this feature this game would destroy dbd. Imagine the feature of customize your own hockey mask, change color, make it damaged, not damaged, use a potato sack, etc. Customize the face of your unmasked Jason, how ugly he would be, customize his clothes, inspired in all versions of Jason. Another interesting thing would be "select your chase soundtrack" having a menu of various soundtracks for your Jason, select your weapon, executions, etc. what do you think?
  8. the sound circles in Jason's vision were much better too in early alpha, they were more like a track of the counselor left behind that can help Jason to see where he could be, and not like the release ones that tell EXACTLY where the counselor is
  9. all I want is a white male character who is not portrayed as a coward come on LOL
  10. you forgot remove shift for Jason, he only would have TP with longer cooldown
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