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  1. This is one of the main issues I have with this game. And one that almost has me wanting to not play anymore. Never has a a game pissed me off more. I’ve been in lobbies where the same person will be Jason 3 Times and I’m just sitting there being a counselor over. And over. And over. And over again. Then new people come in the lobby. And then they get to be Jason for whatever reason. I will literally go days without being Jason. It’s becoming so repetitive and a huge fuckin turn off. So yeah.... I’m with ya bud lol
  2. So I searched the forum but didn’t see anyone talking about it. Have you guys seen the new environmental kill that was just non chalantly placed in the game in random cabins? If so, isn’t it so bad ass!? It’s Jason picking up a knife and stabbing the counselor several times very freaking violently in the chest until they fall dead !! Loving it!
  3. I’m getting beyond annoyed with this. I will literally play 3 hours of this game on a day off and not even be Jason ONCE. I don’t mind playing a counselor but not over and over and over and over ! Does anyone else feel like this as well? It’s almost enough for me to stop playing and I’ve been playing since day one. Rant over.
  4. Obviously it's not enough, I clearly stated that lmfao. It's not realistic to just take a death with grunts. People would be screaming at the top of their lungs like in well idk THE MOVIE.
  5. Holyyy shit I love that scene. I've never seen it! It would be so amazing if the reactions were like those two ! Really believable and full of terror. Lol
  6. One thing I really think this game needs, is more reaction from the counselors. More voice lines. For soooo many kills, all you get is the counselor makin a couple grunts. Like there's a fucking mutated murderer chopping an axe through your skull. Or even the tree/arm pull kill. They are just like " uhhhh, grrrrrr, errrr". The best one they have imo is part 7 Jason I believe ? When he kicks a male character down on the floor to do a special machete kill, the male says " please help meee, he's killing meeee!" That's pretty realistic. Anyways who agrees with this? It would be more realistic!
  7. He uses a shrink ray gun on them and puts them in his pocket, then the second they come out of his pocket and are exposed to oxygen they become full size again..... so part 2 carries 7 tiny traps in his pocket. Ugh so cuteee
  8. Honestly expected so much more. Idk what they did with those millions of dollars they made off of this game.
  9. Also related to police phone call, I am beyond ANNOYED, this has happened to me multiple times since f13's last shitty patch, where they are mid call and you break the phone box and there's no animation, it just stays fixed and lets the person keep calling. This game is so wack.
  10. Lmfao idgaf if it is Labor Day. They better get they asses back to work with that $80,000,000.00 they made off of 2 million copies sold. This should be priority number one. Like people have stated above, I see almost none of my 70 PS4 friends playing this game in the last 4 days.. maybe roughly over 8 of them but it used to be almost everyone playing constantly. They are losing fans and gamers because there are way more stable games out there that aren't just here to take your money and run. And ON TOP of the crap load of connection issues, the game is getting beyond stale without any new additions to keep the game feeling new after 4 months.
  11. This company could be cashing in on so much profit with new counseors, clothing packs, maps, ANYTHING. I'm sure it only takes a couple of weeks to make some freaking virtual clothes but it's almost month 4 and there has been NO genuine new content. Wack af
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