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  1. I spawned in front of packanack and Jason instantly teleported there and fucked me up. So I'd say about 5 seconds
  2. Most cruel thing youve done to a teammate

    I push as many AFK players into bear traps and kill them just for fun.
  3. At what point?

    If you leave you're doomed...YOURE ALL DOOMED!
  4. Where's my friend request?
  5. First Look: Single Player Challenges

    This is amazing! I'm so excited!
  6. No Clothes On Shelly

    They don't work with New characters
  7. tea baging

    It does motivate be to kill them. But it just takes away all the fun. It takes away that Friday the 13th feel.
  8. Too hard to escape?

    Wait let me get this straight. Last time I was on these forum's almost everyone (including myself) wanted Jason to be harder to escape. Now people saying the game is too hard again?
  9. Beta animations looked A LOT better. I wonder why they'd trash them...
  10. Jason Taunt Pack?

    I don't think Jason needs emotes... just more kills.
  11. Town based map idea

    At first I couldn't really understand your drawing, but now I see the vision. Just a simple little town surrounded by forest.
  12. Title says it all. I'd love to have the ability to jerk a counselor out of the hiding spot and kill them with a grab kill, rather that the same seek and destroy kills.
  13. Jason X for UFO Map?

    I'm pretty sure the computer on the grendel said "The Grendel map will be coming soon"
  14. I voted no because I like Tiffany's hair. But I do hope we get a blonde counselor in the future.
  15. Yeah I always slash Tommy now.
  16. Animated signatures (warning: Image heavy)

    These as amazing! I'd love one if possible, we don't even have to discuss it, you can do whatever you want. Sorry you're sick, hope you get better soon!
  17. Combat mode

    No way! That's a great feature. Jason is already weak... don't make him weaker.
  18. Offline bot suggestions

    All I want is for more than 7 counselors. 10 would be a good amount.
  19. Actually like this idea to be honest. It's logical, slower walking makes less noise. And a lot of people such as myself want Jason to be more OP, so this would make a great addition imo.
  20. Updated with a New and working video. Credit: Slash 'N Cast
  21. Best Screenshots

    Thought this was pretty funny, I tried to get a better angle but failed.
  22. I've been wanting better Gore ever since I started playing. They haven't even added any throat gashes. The eyeball pop kill was iconic! Needs to be in the game.