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  1. Nice! Thanks for explaining. Also do you know what the hidden objective is? I love discovering them on my own but I can find that one.
  2. Hmm, that’s weird. She’s supposed to be in the bathrooms. Ok thanks I’ll try that
  3. Yeah that’s where I mess up because I need to kill AJ but I also need to kill Bugzy. And they leave at about the same time.
  4. Ok, good to know. Just sometimes get stuck on some challenges. Like the strip poker challenge for instance, I don’t know where I’m supposed to be because all The counselors are basically at the objectives all at once
  5. Anyone have any information on how to complete the challenges correctly?
  6. PrestonDelRey

    Creative Kills

    I'd like to finally see a kill where Jason completely splits the counselor in half.
  7. I feel like her and Chad are gonna hit it off
  8. I spawned in front of packanack and Jason instantly teleported there and fucked me up. So I'd say about 5 seconds
  9. PrestonDelRey

    Most cruel thing youve done to a teammate

    I push as many AFK players into bear traps and kill them just for fun.
  10. PrestonDelRey

    At what point?

    If you leave you're doomed...YOURE ALL DOOMED!
  11. PrestonDelRey

    First Look: Single Player Challenges

    This is amazing! I'm so excited!
  12. PrestonDelRey

    No Clothes On Shelly

    They don't work with New characters
  13. PrestonDelRey

    tea baging

    It does motivate be to kill them. But it just takes away all the fun. It takes away that Friday the 13th feel.
  14. PrestonDelRey

    Too hard to escape?

    Wait let me get this straight. Last time I was on these forum's almost everyone (including myself) wanted Jason to be harder to escape. Now people saying the game is too hard again?