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  1. I haven't played in 2 month's, really miss playing this game, however I don't miss the trolls, bugs, leaving hosts, etc. We need this update like now.. But what bothers me the most is that Jason is a pussy now...and I never understood how he even got that way in the first place. I mean... when you guys were making this game your whole inspiration was Friday the 13th. You guys knew that Jason was meant to be OP. I just don't understand how someone can love Friday the 13th so much that they make a video game about it yet they can't even get Jason right... And the game is pretty broken but everyone already knows that. I do understand that you guys have a small team, I understand that game development is difficult. All I ask is that you fix things and keep them that way. I'm sorry if there's already topics like this but you can close this if you want.
  2. Forum Theme in Progress

    Also agree.
  3. Forum Theme in Progress

    This New theme looks awesome.... the colours really scream "Friday the 13th".
  4. Grendel

    It honestly looks a lot like a spaceship to me.
  5. Grendel

    Totally tubular!
  6. At the beginning I'd give it a 4, but now it's a 0 from me :/ which is sad because this game has a lot of potential.
  7. Boob physics!?

    The hair physics already glitch out, imagine Tiffany's titties stretching half a mile lmfao
  8. Holiday themes?

    Exactly, something realistic. If they made a Christmas Friday the 13th movie the counselors would be wearing winter clothing, not elf and reindeer costumes lol.
  9. Holiday themes?

    Make a New snowy/holiday themed map and have all holiday related things there. Don't add Christmas lights all over Crystal lake, don't add elves and Santa costumes. All I want is a Christmas map with a casual winter clothing pack. Dont ruin the vibe of the other maps, just do it all on one map. Also a killer Santa Jason I'm not suggesting..but I wouldn't be mad about either... just keep him on the Christmas map of course.
  10. It was the main cabin on crystal lake, I've done that before. I don't anymore though.
  11. Happy Thanksgiving!
  12. Now that Jason's grab sucks and every counselor always has at least one pocket knife, slashing is the best way to play as Jason.
  13. I'm not trying to sound like as asshole but don't we already have enough topics about counselors? This month alone I've noticed tons of topics like "Most useless counselors?" "your favourite counselor?" "Best counselor?" Its just getting really old...
  14. I hope it comes before thanksgiving at least.... today is Friday so it's a perfect day for a release, if they're ready that is..