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  1. Hi! Friday Team , Almost issues on The PC version. 1. We waiting so long in the lobby ( No body coming in the lobby ) , Look like no people in this game 2. Please bring worldwide player can coming in the lobby random a Internal country coming to lobby. We want to playing with american player , EU player , Asia Player. I hate to playing with the same host country. Ex. I'm Thai Player right? I go the lobby and meet all Thai player in the lobby same time. It's not fun !!! We need a different country in the lobby , Has American , EU , Aus , Asia mixing in the lobby. 3. Can you roll back to the beginning. I luv to play Friday 13th like a first time you guy made. A First time very greats !! Everything awesome not like poor this patch ! 4. Up to you guy ! Now you guy can see about a player on-line this game not over 4k player and on Twitch TV live steam not over 800 to watching. You guy see a Dead by Daylight , It's has many player to playing. I promise I leaving to play DBDL and choose to play your game everyday! Cause' I support your game and luv Jason. Please reading and check a sound of a real Friday's 13th player. Before I stop to playing this game. It's very sad. Thank you so much.
  2. Dear Gun Media Team , I found a bad player use a big of this game. We waiting so long about 10 minute in game. Him find a bug and stay outside the map. Jason player cannot to kill him. So I trying to send about a picture to you ans his account on steam. hope you guy punishment and BAN his account. Very bad player. We love your games and support. totti