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  1. I don't think I've ever seen a more divided set of players for a game ever. It's crazy what people will fight over in this game. I like the game. I hope they fix the glitches. When i'm a counselor sometimes I live and sometimes I die. When I'm Jason sometimes I kill 8/8 sometimes I don't. I have fun and enjoy my little group of people that I play regularly with. That's all that should matter. I saw an argument on some forum/FB page/etc... over AJ and Adam being a couple in the trailer for the new DLC. REALLY???? People felt strong enough one way or the other to argue about that?
  2. LOVE THIS!!! I agree. People complain when they die as a counselor about how terribly over powered Jason is, but get butt hurt when they don't go 8/8 when they are Jason. You can't have it both ways.
  3. It's fine the way it is.
  4. Savini Jason

    He wasn't going to be available to anyone but backers yet somehow he's managed to "accidentally" show up on both PSN and Microsoft store...
  5. It will. Not to mention that when they do fix it, 4 other things will be broken because of it.
  6. Jason nerfed

    This person is smart!!! I wish I would have waited. New patch = major frustration
  7. Welcome to the Darkside

    I liked it at first, but with all of the other glitches it made navigating even more frustrating.
  8. Here is my issue - I hope it flows in a way that makes sense. First - Jason's accuracy with Morph has changed DRASTICALLY ( I have literally morphed to the cabin next to the one I picked, if not further away). Second - IF I find a counselor and track them to a cabin they will/should lock the door. Most Jason's will either bust the door then break the windows or break all windows and then bust the door. Now both breaking a door and breaking a window is glitchy, lagged, counter-intuitive, and simply frustrating. Last - The end result being someone that used to be used to juke Jason ALA Vanessa can now be done by AJ, Adam, or even LaChappa since Jason can't seem to break anything without needing a nap and an unnecessary animation/action prompt first. Obviously this is my opinion, but I feel the game has become FAR less enjoyable as Jason since the patch. Granted, I only got 2-3 matches as Jason last night before the game crashed on me entirely.
  9. Lots of glitches with Jason, not just the window thing. I noticed floating throwing knives, doors that couldn't be damaged, grab fails, etc...
  10. You HAVE NOT played the maps. It DOES NOT make him stronger. It's the Savini is OP argument all over again...
  11. I guess my biggest question is, if the developers are watching forums for feedback on what to put in/take out of the game, who mentioned "wouldn't it be cool to make an action icon to do something that already works"?
  12. I was thinking the same thing.
  13. You can't expect to always live as a counselor and always go 8/8 as Jason... That seems to be the way a lot of people think the game should work for them. And to be accurate - it isn't my opinion. Gun Media stated from the beginning that the odds are stacked in Jason's favor as the game is to play out like a F13 movie.
  14. So they make it harder for Jason so more counselors live... Sounds like a blast. Hey, did you guys hear about that new Friday the 13th movie where Jason kills NO ONE because they simply locked windows? Counselors are supposed to die. Only a few should survive, if any. By your own logic, when you're Jason do you expect everyone to live? Does it make for a fun game when you are Jason and you kill no one?
  15. This was a completely pointless change to the gameplay. I wonder how much time was wasted by them implementing this instead of making sure the game wouldn't crash on PS4?