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  1. Friend used Exploits

    from what I remember from the video where he did that glitch he was in a private match with his friends when he did it on the screen it said " do not do these glitches in public matches you will get banned"
  2. it would be cool if the counselors could use bikes not to get away ( too easy) but it would be a better way of getting places instead of running and the bikes could use stamina too like if you were just riding causally it would take as much stamina as it would to jog but if you were peddling fast like youre in a race then it would use the stamina it uses when youre running
  3. yea its really cool that they are taking away friendly fire but all other stuff like selling out your teammate with flashlights and unlocking doors and stuff still suck : (
  4. hello

    hi im finally happy im not a guest anymore