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  1. ._. I just want Tiffany to get slight repair buff 1/10 to 2/10 that's all.
  2. Well but her Repair is bad.. And she should atleast get 2/10 repair. That's all
  3. Hello. So I wanna say something. Can u like make something for max level players like me. To get more customization points or something. And Buff Tiffany Beacause she isn't rly good and is only good for running nothing else. Give Her 2/10 Repair Maybe 3/10 Strength And 10/10 Stamina That's all. And if u give Tiffany 2/10 Repair maybe give Jenny And Vanissa 3/10 Repair. Even A Guy said when i was playing that It's Dissapointing That u unlock Tiffany as the last character and she is useless. That's all thank you and goodbye!.