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  1. Hello guys. I been playing the game for a little while and I notice that some environmental areas that Jason could not kill counselors in. For starters, the car itself. I notice that when a counselor sees the car for the first time, the hood is open. Maybe when jason grabs a counselor, he can use the hood of the car as a possible weapon to finish the counselor off. Another area is the kitchens. We can use the bathroom toilet as a kill but why not the kitchen area? There are so many ways to kill a counselor if there are in the kitchen: boiling water in pan, burning face with stove top, shoving counselor into the oven part, etc.... Another possible method is installing a woodchipper in the map and using it as a possible kill. Finally, if we could, instead of using the outhouses as a hiding spot, could we not change them into a kill zone. If anyone remembers the "Sleepaway Camp" series, the killer shoved an victim into a outhouse to kill the counselor; you can find it on Youtube. It will be a funny, but unique, kill. I also have some basic grab kills that are missing from the game. It would be cool to see Jason do an extra decapitation kill; whereas Jason takes the counselor, twist his/her head with his bare hands and then rip it off. Another great kill is that Jason bends the counselor like superman bending a iron bar like a preztel; that would be kinda cool lol. Anyway those are just my thoughts.
  2. Hello everyone. The name is Hunter. To make things brief, I am a huge fan of the Jason Series. I grew up in the 90's and I have seen many of the Friday 13th flicks back when VCR was popular. I cannot wait for the developers to keep adding on different skins and new kills for Jason.
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