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  1. They usually hide under the hiding place closes to the entry point in the cabin. So it is quite easy to guess the right bed.
  2. @bewareofbears I played as walking Jason. Didn't use morph, shift or stalk. Placed no traps and used no knifes. Only used sense. No problem killing all 8 counselors at hard. Not even a sweat.
  3. For me, Tommy often just stand at the camp site he spawned at. I grabbed him multiple times and took him closer to fire for at the end cook him.
  4. Bear traps have always been useless as counselor All they do is hurt the other counselors and sometime delay Jason 3 seconds.
  5. Oh, I love the AI of the alien. It's so damn scary. I love how they have these small details also. Like when you are hidden and it looks your way it stays a fraction of a second extra at you before continue turning. You are sure that it sees you - but then it walks away.
  6. In my match I saw the bot hide in the closet thru the window. She stayed there until I reach it and killed her.
  7. People said you could replace an triggered trap but I have never investigated it as I place all my traps at the beginning of the match. But this stupid bots you could do anything so I saved my traps and drowned them and slashed them under the bed.
  8. Gameplay with bots is really smooth. Bots are so stupid that it is not fun.
  9. After two matches (one normal and one hard), this is my reflections: - The Tommy bot is such a coward. He is hiding and doing nothing. Had to wait for rage to find him. - Chase a counselor into the water and they will start swim and you can kill them. They like to swim in circles. - Almost all bots have a pocket knife.
  10. Played a offline game with bots and wasn't able to place a new trap on an old triggered one. It worked pre patch in online matches. Is this only in bot matches or also online? Have the traps been nerfed even more?
  11. There is no usch thing as an U.S. lobby (at least on PS4). I would love an european lobby with good ping.
  12. I find single player hugely uninteresting. I would like them to fix multiplayer instead. I hope there is mer into the patch today/tomorrow then they said before - or it will be a dissapointment.
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