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  1. Ah, missed that Still it has to have some draw back against the boat. On the boat you die if Jason ses you leaving. The car is not like that, but instead Jason can hear it start. So Jason should hear the bike start.
  2. Starving for information

    How about: "next realease we are aiming on fixing these issues: - Balaha - Bluttilutt - Hoppihopp "
  3. The bike escape would only be good if was a one try escape. If Jason stops it, it will be destroyed. Only the gas is to easy otherwise.
  4. I will remember not to pick you in the car then.
  5. Welcome to quickplay. A bunch of kids running around as sexy devils or in speedos doing nothing most of the time. Even with the new sucking Jason I get 8/8 because of this. Playing with friends are the fun part
  6. I see at least one player quit first 10s of the match almost every time. That person is probably disappointed not being Jason and quits. In that case they should get a almost zero change being Jason until completing a match as counselor.
  7. Is it just me?

    I don't think there is a universal strategy. Of course there is good Jasons/counselors and bad (and all between) but in the end there is a strategy to beat every player - but it is different for each player. And, a player can be really good but without a team that cooperates, most players can't escape anyway.
  8. Is it just me?

    They presume that the traps at the objectives are left active. I often pop them way before the repair.
  9. Is it just me?

    I works for me. I let you think about that one. I'm giving up arguing with you. I play my game with stealth and escape 60-70% of the times.
  10. Is it just me?

    There are 3 objectives.
  11. Is it just me?

    Whatever make you feel like you are right. There is absolutely impossible there is multiple ways to play this game.
  12. Is it just me?

    Yes, but right after Jason checked it you know you have probably one minute before he does again.
  13. Is it just me?

    Guess you are one of the guys who quits first seconds of the match just because you are no Jason. I like playing counselor when playing with friends. With random I like being Jason.
  14. Is it just me?

    Sometimes, yes. It is not impossible just because you don't know how to do it. The thing is to select when to do which repair. You have to pay attention to many details. And you have to use mics.