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  1. The latest patch has certainly been divisive, but one thing we can say for sure is that it has made a difference on how we play the game. My question is what has changed in your style since the latest patch as both Counselor and Jason? How many adjustments have you made? How successful have you been? For myself: I have not played much since the new patch as i struggle to find lobbies to join, but after a few sessions my game has changed slightly. - I try not to stun Jason now and i focus more on duping him when he is on me. - I have seen a focus on objectives since the patch, but i have tended to focus on objectives the rest are not working. Other day i got away on the boat whilst everyone focused on the car. - I have upped bear trap usage because they can still stun Jason in rage - I have become a more aggressive Jason player since the patch because the more they stun me, the quicker i get rage
  2. I do not pretend to be an expert at the game, but i have always been pretty good at avoiding being killed as Jason. Some pointers 1. Trap the shack- It may not stop a kill squad but it will deal damage to the sweater girl and get rid of a med-spray that could come in handy later. 2. Morph to the nearest power box to the phone, knock it out and trap it- I recommend this with Jasons that do not have - traps. This way you can possibly eliminate Tommy entirely from the game, and if they want him they will have to pay to get him. You are also not far from the phone which you will likely trap anyway. 3. Grab as many pocket knives as you can- This will come in handy later if you can not get close to Tommy and the sweater girl. 4. If you notice a group teaming on you/ your mask gets taken off, then morph to the shack and hit stalk. You may catch the sweater girl out and eliminate her before she has a chance to get back to the squad and kill you. If you hear mothers call, immediately morph to the shack and focus on the sweater girl. 5. Equip a quick grab kill (Choke, head punch, throat slit with 4). Yes it may not win you any friends, but you can activate these kills quickly once you grab them, limiting the opportunity to be hit when you grab a counselor. 6. Slash groups- Grab only when you have space because they get a free hit if you grab somebody. Slashing is less risky against groups. 7. If Tommy is called and the sweater grabbed, keep your distance and use throwing knives and shift grabs. Think of it in fighting terms, you have the reach advantage, Use it! or you can just go into the water and see the time out :🤣
  3. I played as Part 4 at Packanack small the other night. I noticed the counselors were aggressive right away which got my 'Jason Kill' alarm bells ringing. I had denied an early Tommy call but they managed to get the power back on and make the call whilst i was distracted so when i saw Tommy and my mask came off it was a bit of a surprise. I knew right away that they would head for the shack so i morphed there and hid inside with stalk until they came. I grabbed the AJ player and killed her right there and Tommy fled. Eventually he caught up with a Fox player and i knew that they would try again for the sweater so i morphed away but this time i hid behind the shack as i thought Tommy would suspect me hiding inside. They both came out of the shack and i shift grabbed the Fox player and killed her. 2 other players got away in the car and Tommy ran out the clock on me, but denying two Jason kills was a great moment.
  4. Worse is when people ready up with 4 or 5 people in the lobby and then spam x to get you to ready up. What is the point in having a 3 on 1 game? I like to wait until the lobby is full because someone will leave at the start
  5. I tend to find American players are more social. When i am in a lobby with Americans a lot of them have mics and it becomes a more sociable experience as a result. Brits tend to be more serious from my experience.
  6. What is your most badass moment playing the game as Jason? I had one a few months back. i was part 8 Jason on Jarvis house chasing down a Busgy. He dived into a cabin through a window which caused him to limo, but there were also two counselors in this cabin. I hacked the door down and immediately went to work. I slashed Bugsy and he died, grabbed the Adam and tossed him through the window. Vanessa then whiffed on a swing and i grabbed her and tossed her through the opposite window. This was all in the space of a few seconds and it felt badass and satisfying to kill 3 people in quick succession.
  7. I can not count how many times i have rolled for a perk since the update and not once have i got a legendary. it is like they do not exist to me
  8. It depends on the lobby in a lot of cases. Pinehurst and Jarvis can be fun with a good lobby, but if you get a lobby full of people who do not try fix objectives etc.. then it becomes a chore as a counselor really fast as it is so spaced out you can not do anything yourself. The small maps are fun in a chaos sort of way even though they are counselor heavy. I do not mind being Jason on these maps as it presents a bigger challenge and you feel a bigger sense of accomplishment if you clear a lobby on a small map. I feel the main three maps have the best balance overall, but if i had to pick one i would say i have had my best matches at Packanack but Higgins is probably the most balanced of the three.
  9. I like Packanack small as it is fun either way. Like some people have mentioned above, people play the game properly on these small maps because they find parts easier and given they are close to the objective, they actually try to put them in. As Jason it is an intense experience as counselor escapes are more likely making every second count in these matches. Would i want to play Packanack small all the time? No. Do i like playing it when it does pop up? Hell yeah
  10. This is the same for me too. I like that every match i play is different to the last Part 2 i place traps in the relevant areas before morphing between objectives. Very defensive style Part 3 i play similar to part 2 but with more aggression and slashing Part 4 i go aggressive from the start. With his running and destruction i try get as many as i can early because if they get objectives done i am screwed Part 5 i go similar to part 3 but with an extra focus on using stalk Part 6 i experiment with different playstyles because i think this Jason allows for that. Part 7 is also similar to part 3 but instead of running i try use the water where i can Part 8 i like to be aggressive early because of his destruction stat which is only an advantage until rage Part 9 i like to experiment with more creative kills due to his stalk and shift ability
  11. We have all seen threads about the best overall Jason, but as we know each map plays differently. So which Jason is the best and which is the worst on each map based on your experience? On Packanack both bit and small the worst for me has been either Part 7 or Part 9. Packanack is a counselor favoured map (especially small) and these two Jasons with their - Traps make it more difficult to control objectives. Counselors tend to push objectives way more on this map from my experience and once your traps go you can find yourself in a situation where both the phone and four seater are getting started up at once.
  12. I was playing as Part 7 Jason on Packanack small. I started the match doing the usual trapping business. The phone box was at the boat house near the four seater so i trapped them before heading to the two seater. I notice someone in the lodge so i head in and kill this Kenny player. There is then a Vanessa heading towards the two seater so i go to cut her off, but during the chase i hear someone fixing the phone so i morph over and kill her. I chase and kill a Buggzy who was trying to repair the four seater and then camp around this area using stalk as i know players will head for the fuse. I spot a Tommy and Mitch heading towards the fuse so i used stalk and shift to take out Mitch with Tommy using the shotgun at the wrong time. Jarvis burns his stamina so i slashed him down. I notice the remaining three players together so i head towards them and kill another Kenny. There is one more Kenny and the earlier Vanessa left so i grab this Kenny who has a pocket knife and barricades himself in this house. Vanessa is heading towards the fuse so i morph and kill her leaving me with this Kenny player. This guy was using the door and window stun to great effect so i started using combat stance to block the attacks. However after blocking it would not let me slash him back in time so i waited until her broke his weapon. It was a good chase and i eventually grabbed him but the guy had another pocket knife. I hit him with knives and he went through broken window after broken window but never limped and he managed to evade me until the end. I am not sure if he was running medic and thick skinned but Jeez this guy was a hard catch and when i did get him he had a pocket knife both times!!! Later as a counselor we worked together to escape on the boat and i helped him escape by distracting Jason as Tommy
  13. The cops had arrived and i assumed Jason would be busy with the exit, so i thought i would be clever and fix up the boat and escape... needless to say Jason noticed and killed me
  14. Kids do not bother me that much to be fair. Yes they may be squeaky and annoying over the mic at times,but the majority of the time they actually play the game properly and try to get objectives done. From my experience, the toxic players are mostly adults. The ones who do nothing are usually adults, the ones that run you over with the car are usually adults. Kids are annoying but from what i have seen they do not ruin the game
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