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  1. The only way you can fully solve this is if Tommy can't escape until he is the last counselor left or something
  2. I don't know if you guys have watched Stoiker's latest video, but in one of his 2 hour ones called "Roll Credits" i noticed he was in a lobby with 'Jason Voorhees'. I wonder if that was Play With Jason? Would be pretty cool if it was. I think it would be kinda neat if the top F13 youtubers come together and play a few matches with each other.
  3. I was playing a game at Higgins Haven. I picked up the sweater and we baited Jason with the car whilst we beat on him and one person repaired the phone. We got the mask off and the cops arrive. I notice Tommy spawn so i run towards him to tell him to come and help us kill Jason. I see he is running towards the cops and i say to him. "Tommy, where are you going?" He stops and looks at me. "We need you to help kill Jason, we got his mask off and i got the sweater" He just ignored me and ran off and escaped. What a tool. Luckily the car picked me up and i was able to escape.
  4. I had a game the other day with this guy who was trash talking other counselors, then he got into the two seater and ran everyone over. He was clearly working with Jason. When i came back as Tommy i waited whilst they were fooling around by the car. Eventually they left the car and headed towards Packanack Lodge so i sprinted to the car and drove back towards them. I ran the Bugsy team killer over and escaped. The rest of the lobby laughed after the game whilst this Busgy and Jason got real salty and left the lobby.
  5. I would say this one to add, and it actually describes myself i think The Adapter: These players tend to play random counselor and try to adapt to the situation placed in front of them. If this player is Debra, then they try to repair objectives. If this player is Bugsy, they try fight Jason and deliver parts. If the car is being repaired, they help in what way they can depending on character. If objectives are not getting done for some reason, they prepare to survive the full 20 minutes. For Jason (though it is a bit more loose and a lot will overlap)... Objective controllers: These Jasons tend to use traps on objectives and morph between them. They favour Part 2 because of his extra traps. Their main goal is to make sure nothing gets repaired. The tunnelers: These Jasons love the 1 on 1 chase. No matter what is going on elsewhere, this Jason will try get the counselor they have their eye on and will not stop until that person is dead. The slashers: These Jasons do not bother with grabbing, they will just slash until the counselors die. These people tend to use part 3 or part 4 Jason. The shift grabbers: These Jasons are very efficient at shift grabbing and tend to use this tactic more than most. These players tend to use good shift Jasons like part 9. Stealth Jasons: These Jasons love a good jump scare. They tend to use stalk to good effect and often wait until the counselors come to them. Jack of all Jasons: The people tend to use random Jasons and try to adapt their gameplay based on which Jason they are given. If they are part 3 they slash more. If they are part 2 they trap and control objectives etc... The salty Jason: The one that leaves when things do not go his way The newbie: This player is new to the game and does not know how to use Jason to his full effect.
  6. Just bumping this because i have recently noticed some things - Jasons are not trapping objectives. I keep walking up to the fuse or the car and there are no traps that have been placed. - People are trying to kill Jason almost every game now - On that note. Lobbies are full of non-repair characters - Most people are using running Jasons at the moment
  7. Jason is a freaking joke.

    I do not think it is THAT bad that it makes the game unplayable. There are a few too many guns and pockets knives, and the grab should be extended a bit but i can still have some good games as Jason. The changes have forced me to change my gamestyle though. I have to slash more now to weaken counselors so even when they have a pocket knife they do not get very far.
  8. Got it and i am in. Thanks
  9. I am not getting much game time recently on quickplay and when i do get in a lobby, they end up collapsing, so i would like to throw myself in the PS4 hat. I am a level 49, and i don't always have a mic, but i always play fair and do mic up when i can. My PSN is niallc96
  10. It was not one of his best Jason matches for sure. But i think the different style he plays makes for interesting videos like this one. The counselors should have escaped this one but they messed up the driving.They were a well organised bunch, but in my view they all put too much stock into the 4 seater. One of them probably should have been off searching for the fuse and called the cops whilst Jason was distracted with the four seater, giving an alternative escape route for the team.
  11. Luckily he is back doing them and has made some videos in recent weeks
  12. Yes i do. I feel a lot depends on what lobby you are in and who you play with. If you are with good people then the experience is better. If you have a better connection, then Jason plays a whole lot better. I think it is understated how huge the difference is when you get a white ping compared to a yellow or red one. Having said that, there is a certain pressure playing as Jason. You are the favourite and have the advantage being the killer with all these abilities, so it is almost like you are expected to win, and if not then you may come across as a bad player. I think it is why some people may not like being Jason too much after the patch because it is harder, but the expectation is still there. I compare it to being the goalkeeper to the penalty taker in a shootout. the keeper(counselors) are not expected to save the penalties so there is not as much pressure on them to perform. But from 12 yards, the penalty taker (Jason) is expected to score so there is more pressure on them.
  13. Tunnel Jason's have questionable strategy. For Jason to win the game, i would say he has to kill all the counselors. That is what Pamela tells him to do anyway, so if a Jason spends the majority of the game chasing one person, they will likely allow the rest to escape. I had a part II Jason follow me around the map the other day. Even though i ran past other counselors, yet he kept going after me and after me. Others escaped, and eventually he got me and i died. I was the only person to die in the lobby
  14. Yeah, maybe i am not used to her or Tiffany. I play random counselor so i don't main any particular character. I like it this way because it makes every match unique in its own way as i have to play different roles every match. It is just when i get these two, i get a sense of dread because i have a poor record with them. I don't quite know how to use them effectively and it ends up being a bit of a boring experience as a result.
  15. Probably Tiffany or Jenny. I fail to see how they can contribute to the group unless you plan on killing Jason, unless i am missing something. The rest fill a purpose. Kim- Good repairs Lachappa- Good repairs Vanessa- Good at distracting Jason and getting parts AJ- Decent repair and can get parts without being detected. Chad- Good for fighting Jason Bugsy- Good for fighting Jason and getting parts to objectives Adam- Good at fighting and repairs Mitch- Good repairs Fox- Decent repairs and fighting ability Kenny- All rounder who can fill any role needed