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  1. I was watching again all the movies and when i was finishing A New Beginning i realized that i liked the theme that appears when Roy is chasing someone or when he caught Reggie's ankle. Question is, someone knows the name of that theme? I don't want to keep watching a movie just to hear a soundtrack. Thx for your time
  2. From what i saw (and heard), there's like 2 chase variants, Tommy's Dream and Pam and Reggie meat Jason, both ended up being what i was looking for. Copycat aside and Tommy being a mess, the entire movie is good imo.
  3. Ugh, i'm ashamed, i searched what redcat said and i saw everything BUT the playlist (i was on my phone so maybe that's why?).... I'm sorry for making a post seeing how easy it was and thanks for your help
  4. I wouldn't be asking if it wasn't because the only thing i get is the "His Eyes" theme and the introductory one of the movie. Thx anyways, i at 4 am your will to search something on youtube is kinda meh.
  5. The game need things of this beta.

    With the current state of the game (the smoother for me ever, seeing that i can play all high with graphics on ultra and my pc is not even that good) i think it could be added and it wouldn't make a big impact (maybe yes, but i don't think some minor animations will make the game laggy).
  6. The game need things of this beta.

    Now i'm curious, why did they took away the awesome mini animations,like turn around or the way they ran with weapons and things like that, it was bc it would cost them more money for the final product?
  7. The game need things of this beta.

    Imo, the inclusion of the emotes and the halloween costumes was a bad thing even if the intent was good, if you see the beta video you can see the tension, what kind of vibe it wanted to give you and including the emotes and the costumes takes away everything.
  8. The game need things of this beta.

    WOW, and with the bat you could fail at saving someone from Jason, the game was INCREDIBLE that way, what the hell changed? i would spend again those 40 dollars for THAT game.... i'm dying of envy.
  9. Where is everybody from...

    Vigo, Spain. Original from Uruguay.
  10. Jason is a freaking joke.

    F13th Game in a nutshell.
  11. Knowing them, they will give you a "vacation" for saying that .
  12. Ooooh, i still remember on summer, when i got screenshots of people on rocks and on roofs of houses, those times the devs at least tried to say something. I remember one time when i got evidence of someone off borders and i got screenshots cuz i died and i could see them, i sent them to their twitter and after that to the email....they told there wasn't enough evidence and that they couldn't do shit.... I was so mad at that just because i can't record anything (don't have any way to do so) and they just ignored clear evidence. Look, i don't want to be dramatic (i am very dramatic) but at this point i don't have faith in this anymore nor in the future of the game. I'm not abandoning the forums cuz there's super interesting threads, people and that kind of things but Jason X is going to get the same beating and treatment from cheater and normal players so....fuck it. (I sound like those members of the forums that kept saying that they will abandon the game as if they were important XD).
  13. Why the hell any of us should bother with this broken mess, at this point is not a secret that they don't give a damn. I found a kid doing that and i killed him but you know what? he came back as Tommy and that wasn't as easy to deal with. We are all fans of F13 but stand this is idiotic, because at the end, the next patch we will get it will be one to "fix" a bug that nobody knew or to fix a texture of some type.
  14. Badge Progress

    I'm pretty sure that nobody got it, they just forgot about it. It's that kind of thing that makes see that the game is not what it was supposed to be.
  15. Badge Progress

    Talking about badges, didn't the devs said that the VC completion badge will be transferred to the main game?
  16. Whos you main

    My main is that guy on the corner named Random, he's a nice guy but sometimes he makes me play as Tiffany.....
  17. What about Part 9? at what level does his skin unlocks? (is decent looking too?)
  18. Jason is a freaking joke.

    Well, against a coordinated team you don't have business in the match, better thing you can do is stay the shack, put some traps and that's it, if they want to kill you the only thing you can do is smile like a retard, Part 3 and 4? Sure, maybe you can kill one but that's it, if you see 2 Chads with speedos then don't even try, don't give them the satisfaction.
  19. While the thread was more or less harmless, it got to the point of discussing again the Reggie inclusion and how awesome he would be.
  20. Merry Christmas!

    Happy Hallowe...oops, i came too late, merry Christmas for you all from the sad Lachappa
  21. That was SO satisfying, i laughed when he was like " you better don't slash me to" and he got slashed to death, he ended up against the wrong Jason, kudos for the match
  22. Well, since this last update i can play the game with everything on high while before i had everything on low with textures on medium and effects on medium too, i don't know what this update did but the game runs smoother than ever to me.
  23. Looks like the console versions has it's own problems (duh), it must be a shit that you can't finish a match bc of them. We pc users can do that but at the cost of the triple of idiots (not to be racist but like the 98% of them are russians).
  24. Usually i'm reluctant to use Part IV because everytime i use him i get one or 2 (maybe even more) "pro" counselours that instead of escaping they just hang around hitting the shit out of me and well, between the fact that i lose my patience too soon and that the hit detection is horrible (i can swear that i chopped enough times those guys but it doesn't register) i end up not using him.