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  1. Favorite Jason theme

    I been waiting for this since forever, the counselor theme that you hear as Jason got old the first month and we keep hearing it.
  2. This. I would add fixing the hit detection as well.
  3. Roy's Coveralls

    So no Jason X, man i was hoping that i would stop fighting against invincibles Uber Jasons on steam, guess is a no
  4. Well, with Vanessa as Batman and Wonder Woman it does feel like Jason vs Justice League
  5. Sixteen Point Personality Test

    ISFP-T. Never did this test before, but after the results, i have to say that it got me completely
  6. Space Outfits

    Insert image of a Gatorclaw waiting patiently for him to come and be eaten*
  7. OMG, i have to say that this is the cutest thing ever since....well i don't remember something of this level, but really, is super nice that you did this, plus the fact that you let her watch the movies but skipping those "parts". Now aside the fact that the cake is AMAZING, i want to ask, it was a chocolate one or something? Like, i want to know the flavors, it looks tasty as fuck
  8. Sure, let's end this, at the end the only one being a dick to someone was you, only thing i did was point out why Mark wouldn't work in the game and that if he was confirmed, it was for SP. Well, nice to know that i don't have any other reason to open this thread. Good night
  9. They should and give us a Ghostboy20 skin for the game. I would run (?) near Jason and say: You will never catch me alive!". Then i would go straight to the stairs of Packanack to fall and die.
  10. We really need this in the game. I didn't said that i don't want Mark in the game, i would be the first to goof around with him and i would have lots of fun with it. Now, you probably though that i DON'T want it in the game, when actually i want stuff from the stretch goals and from the movies, again, they're too lazy to add or change raw mechanics and they won't do that just for ONE character, hell they didn't reworked composure or stealth, do you really think that they will add new mechanics for a character that will be obscured by Vanessa and Chad? It's bc i really want Mark, the wheelchair thing would be hilarious as fuck and it could bring lots of things to the game, but for now i don't see them introducing him.
  11. Well, i can agree with that, maybe even we can put some gas on his wheelchair and have a turbo, who knows ;P
  12. Erm, i'm not being a dick, this started bc i said that the model is probably for the SP, then someone said that it's possible to add him and i said that yeah, it's possible but not viable and fun to play, even as a challenge, the current game doesn't support a wheelchair character, that was all.
  13. It was and is possible to add him, but do you really think he would be viable? slow as fuck, can't jump through windows and can't fight properly, plus Jason is faster, has darts and shift, the fact that is possible doesn't mean he's viable.
  14. Slasher game.

    My body tried to cringe away at the same time that it tried to laugh a lot in the dance part and i almost died.....
  15. I have the feeling that day maps are going to be added in some maps of singleplayer, taking in account SP is like the beggining/middle of a movie, then it can make sense, there's no fear to raise bc nobody knows you're there.
  16. Mark probably will be part of a scenario in singleplayer reminiscent of the second movie, where you have to sneak on him and kill him in the same spot on Packanack, only thing that makes sense, you can't add him in the main game, gameplay wise he would be awful.
  17. Oh you silly thing, do you really expect Tommy to help the counselors, even worse, in QP?
  18. Tell us your findings sir, maybe those wannabe Garris will give him a chance as well.
  19. Right now Alder is the Megan of James, giving him a chance and all
  20. I don't know how to feel about this....
  21. First time as Jason, Part 7, i though i had it under control....1/7....i got rekted really hard.
  22. wepon swap pairing

    Part IV with the axe of Part 9 Part 9 with the machete (duh) Part 5 with the spear (specially for Buggzy and his enchiladas) Part 2 with the spear or a machete cuz classy Part 3 with his axe or maybe a machete, not sure Part 6 is good with his spear Part 7 with Part 3 axe Part 8....i don't really know, the fireaxe is nice enough, i don't remember another weapon between the actual arsenal
  23. As people said when i asked them in lobbies, people choose Packanack small as the easy map for them, everything is super close, escape with the car is easy if you know how to drive and the shack is easier to find, is one of the most easiest map to play if not the best one (i still think that CL small is easier).
  24. Pls abstain from fueling my hype even more