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  1. I think the very first perk i got was epic light foot and i literally put that on EVERYONE, even Buggzy With light foot came escape artist, which btw i thought was the best thing ever to escape Jason... and the third perk i used was preparedness bc without the minimap i couldn't orient myself and i ended up in the middle of the woods with Jason right in my ass.
  2. I mean, Uber doesn't have anything to do with the pickaxe dlc, i can understand if you don't want to buy bc of the bugs tho, not worth to play as Jason right now.
  3. Guess you haven't seen the videos of Uber Jason then, the +stun resistance is non existent and he has a normal +destruction, nothing of breaking doors with one hit or that stuff
  4. I totally forgot about this thread but let's see. The day I wrote that they said that Paranoia was a separate game mode from the one appearing in the roadmap, that brought me to write that, theorizing that the new game mode would be tied with Uber and the Grendel. Yeah yeah, i know what the reality is, that the new game mode changed to be Paranoia and that Uber is a normal Jason, is not like I wrote that yesterday ?
  5. Usually i just take the car and escape without looking behind, not gonna risk that rubber banding... So i guess your problem here is that you're not from south america but you still get in their lobbies, which gets you bad ping, you could clarify in what platform you play and your region, maybe people would be open to play with you so you don't have to play with that ping.
  6. I mean, i was talking about the hit detection but geez that sounds awful...Thanks for the info tho At least the grab won't be a problem, i always put people to limp before a grab so i won't miss as much i guess.
  7. Internet taking it's sweet time to download the game, meanwhile i want to ask, is the hit detection for Jason weapons fixed or he still will miss 60% of his attacks?
  8. If i were them i would fuck up the servers again the 26th just for the nostalgia of the first day and say that we are more than what they expected
  9. At this point this could be a temporal pinned thread because there's not a single day where i don't see a thread of people complaining about where's the update (looking at the steam forums too)
  10. I wanted to add that they should add more pocket knives or that they should bring team killing back again, at the end i preferred the classics. I would feel offended if you take it seriously
  11. Hello guys, i was wondering when the update is going to be released, the devs said that it would be released with Uber Jason and the Grendel in friday the 13th but there's nothing. By the way can we have a free Savini Jason?
  12. Try that with a walking Jason, as a runner one is already hard so imagine as a walker, then if you by some reason get to evade a Swift Attack Chad, you better prepare yourself for the knife (or some other counselor, but no one is stupid enough to grab someone when there's more people around)
  13. I never saw someone saying that they would like Alice on the game Anyways, at this point the game won't get more players or it won't be more fun to play just because they add new counselors or Jasons but maybe that's just me PD: Doesn't mean that the inclusion of Victoria isn't great, so far of the new counselors, she looks the best.
  14. I would have preferred Alice before every single counselor they added but I guess that will stay in my dreams, oh well....
  15. Ok ok, there may be time to actually counter it, but you need to be someone with super reflexes to evade/block it, i played with some other Jason's that I know since first day and while they can evade them usually is a 80% hit, male counselors have the fastest swing attack so it's almost impossible to miss that (just saying, it's not because I have experience with the game, is just how that combo works)
  16. That's why I use Swift Attack, it doesn't matter how fast you are insta blocking or moving out of range, there's not enough time to react no matter what, only way to evade is more or less think when the counselor is going to attack, then again, a experienced counselor knows that and will start mindgaming Jason so he won't expect the attack at all, if I'm running that setup (or I used to run) is because it never misses.
  17. Sucker Punch, Swift Attack (or it was attacker?) And Medic, that combo makes your u-turn impossible to miss or evade and is always a stun with a wrench, so you get a free stun and stamina. For Vanessa is the same but replacing Sucker Punch with Marathon, so I rely more on running and less in the u-turn. And like @anon said, Chad doesn't need perks at all
  18. If i had a console you can be sure that i would have gotten it on it, there's more people playing on PS4 and Xbox and i don't have to stand hackers and other scum....
  19. Guys guys, i think we can agree that the best solution now and as a apology is that they should give every pc user a free Savini Jason
  20. Welcome to the forums @Lyric, hope you feel like home, just beware, if you say something about nerfing Jason or buffing counselors people will use black magic on you, it's a taboo around here I forgot to add, don't ask for a Savini Jason, people starts biting their arms off for that.
  21. Welcome oficially to the forums, we have a salt mine incoming, hackers in the pc version and people deviating from the threads and lots of other cool stuff, hope you feel like home
  22. Oh yeah, i forgot to add that, when people started using the Jason X model the numbers dropped a lot, from 1500 and 2000 with luck to what we have now. Oh, i guess you are a PC user too, then dude, i'm not joking, it's going to be horrible to get a match once the salty mines arrives, and then you have the regular hacks and cheats, it's going to get worse, trust me.
  23. That won't help the pc version, today we had 1500 players bc it was friday the 13th, usually there's 500 players at peak hour, now remove the 40% of those player bc of the salt mines and more players that are only playing the challenges or people playing with friends, how many people we have at the end for QP? a very small number and the time it will take to get a full lobby it's going to be huge, people will move on to the bots or challenges, maybe even to some other games. At the end the pc version is in a impossible to save state....
  24. Game is a total mess on pc and sadly i don't even expect that it will go better (i know i should be optimistic, but at this point is not possible), i guess i will play the challenges and the improved bots but it's sad to see the game like this
  25. The moment i saw that amount of Vanessas and Buggzy's i knew that the lobby was toxic, it's a shit that this kind of things still happens, sadly there's nothing that you can do except evade them the next time you see them. My tip is that if you aren't the one driving a car and you see them messing around, just stay out of their way, they are still in the map for a reason, just stay in a house and survive until you know that you can escape.
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