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  1. Never been more hyped for a counselour or content for that matter since Part 4 Jason, Shelly was one of the few persons that imo didn't need to die and dude, i can play as him now? welcome back childhood TwT
  2. You shouldn't, is not for underaged people to see some preppy guy in a speddo dancing over a psycho redneck zombie D:
  3. Part IV Shift

    If we could get a decent hit detection then Part 4 would be more viable than Part 3, imo part 3 is slightly better but bc you can use his weapon strength better due his weapons being longer, is not a secret that the hit detection for part 7 and 4 and sometimes 8 is a shit and with the fact that a counselour can gang against you and do a 180 attack so fast then it makes things worse.

    After the screenshots of the VC 2.0 i been thinking about what could be added in it, things like maybe after some "puzzles" we will get another "trailer" for the paranoia mode (not like this is the main focus), like, a little tease that makes us see the focus of that game mode. In another moment i though that maybe we will get a tease for which will be the next Jason added, like some item laying around or a sequence that hints the next Jason/counselour. Ok, it's kinda silly and maybe it will be just a museum but i don't really think it will be just a museum with a puzzle to get killed by Jason at the end, it won't be the original VC again and i'm sure of it (not raising my hopes to the sky but geez, it won't be the same VC again with a new layout of a map).
  5. What's your favourite fruit ?

    Pears for sure, especially those that are green with some brown spots, those are extra juicy and sweet and probably purple plums. And why not, gonna say that i hate coconut flavored things, including coconut (i only tasted one coconut in my life but it wasn't something....good).
  6. Seriously?

    I recall jumping in a lobby after someone's match and i saw a fight started and someone said: prob me. After a match and a friendly match i asked him what does prob me mean and he said that it meant "suck me" or something like that, he said that you can tell it to someone that it's annoying. Don't know, don't take it from me but it's the only time i heard that word and that was the meaning he gave me :/. PD: yesterday i played after weeks without playing and well, it was fun i have to say but in one match i was repairing the boat and with the propeller in hand, i saw someone coming from packanack to the south boat....it was a Tiffany....naive as i was i repaired the boat with she right next the boat and well, she got the boat and she escaped. (at least i survived with the cops but it was a dick thing to do)
  7. I was expecting that someone would add something to this topic but i guess is better to call some other and close it bc it's breaking the rules ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  8. I can feel you, it's a shame to see what's happening to the game, i have 584 hours (by no mean i don't want to show off) in the game and geez, is the first game i have put so much time, but i can't with dancing idiots, invisible people and seeing Jason as the punching bag of turn (i can still kill lots if not everyone) but i get mad at it, is not funny that way and there's people who cannot even play. By the way, there's no way to reset the achievements or something? i don't know if you play on console or pc but there should be a way right?
  9. Maybe it wasn't to stop you from broadcasting the bug but from spamming the same? (sorry i don't even know if you spammed the thing at all) but still, no giving a reason even in a private message is too much, i saw worse behaviour and those people are still around and filling the forum which i don't like. And don't worry, while they ban you they will be adding some Krampus costume to Jason and a slutty elf for Tiffany instead of doing something more useful (i should shut up before they ban me too)
  10. Between people that cannot end a match in console and that after the achievements you can't play either is a total shit and damn it should have been addresed before anything else and i'm sorry for the people who can't play this broken game. I don't know how much truth is in the fact that Ben banned your account but hey, if it's true is a total shit, let't cross the finger shall we?
  11. Fuck it, i'm gonna spam every single dev email with this post and let them take ideas from here, i liked lots of these changes (some of of those needs a little tweek but hey) and we could see a more strategy focused game instead of rushing the houses and the objectives. PD: How you end up with this kind of things? they're sick.
  12. Correct me if i'm wrong but i think that there was someone making a Leatherface game called "Today is my birthday", it was Leatherface or based on him i think.
  13. The only moment you should use that kill(not you, in general i mean), when there's 4 or 3 counselours left and they're only going to go around the map without doing anything.
  14. Randy proceeds to hit Jason* Entire public: Randyyy Randy without any clue: What? Comedy music* Like the time when the doors received extra damage and as Part 8 you could break a door with 2 hits? It wasn't that bad for a bug. On topic: i would love to see a pack for Part 9, i love his design, music, weapon and yada yada yada (I would prefer a machete buuuut) but i see his kills not to different, two of them ends in decapitation and is the other one takes enough time for Ash to win a league (that was too much?)
  15. Agreed, Randy for example thinks that Jason is OP and he can kill even good counselours with ease...