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  1. Yes, unless you're meeting up with decent players who aren't a-holes, this game tends to have a ton of toxicity. My advice, ignore the messages you receive and let those people shribble up in their own salts.
  2. If only it said "We estimate that the integration of the new engine will be completed, at the latest, sometime in April" haha Another few months for a decent engine update, which will eventually bring on dedicated servers is a great thing, thanks!!
  3. I have 27 Epics, 2 Rares, and 1 empty space I will upload a screenshot as soon as I'm home
  4. I'm curious about one more thing. I'm not an Ebay expert so I'm asking someone who may have more experience with the site and how things work. There was approximately an hour and a half difference between the time the Reddit post was submitted until the time the codes disappeared off of Ebay. Is it possible that Gun was able to reach out to Limited Run and Limited Run reached out to Ebay for the codes to be taken down so quickly? I highly doubt a thief would be in the know about the Reddit forums and actively monitoring them. Plus, Limited Run doesn't know who the thief is, right? So they wouldn't be able to reach out to that thief to have the codes taken down unless they knew who it was I guess? Can Ebay work that fast to have codes removed without some sort of proof? Can you simply email Ebay and say, hey this seller is selling codes that were stolen so take them down and Ebay obliges in an inexplicably quick turnaround? This is what confuses me more than anything and pushes my doubt on the whole "thief" theory. I don't know though, you all tell me if that's not strange.
  5. I'm sorry, but I still have little trust in the response from Gun and Limited Run. The biggest reason is because I posted here about it over a month ago and I messaged the only person I could think of who might have been able to look into it. I specifically said that the seller had cross platform codes and at the time sold a bunch. On the third and final message I sent, I implored someone to look into it and threw it out there that the seller was probably a fellow developer or someone who was involved with Gun/Illfonic. This is because I saw a decent amount of Limited Run cards the seller had in the past. I suggested that a code be purchased to get some information from this seller and maybe identify where the code came from somehow. Anyone who took just a minute could see that something was off, this wasn't a fan who got in early and bought a bunch of codes. All of my messages were read the same day I sent them and I never even received a response, which really kind of sucked. Maybe it was theft, but I still have doubts. At the very least, the whole thing is just another example of extreme carelessness, which was most likely avoidable.
  6. Getting back on topic, I have one last thing to say about this. I can't express my disappointment with the entire situation, not only on behalf of the backers, but also those who spent insane amounts of money buying these codes off of Ebay. Shifty Samurai has been doing as good of a job as possible with the community, but the comment that Gun "assumed that backer-content keys being sold on eBay were the same as you; a fan who got in early and purchased extra keys" just doesn't sit right with me. What one fan happened to get in early across all three platforms and purchase a ton of codes? It makes no sense. As far as I'm aware codes were only accidentally sold on the PS4, the XBOX had Savini up for free, and I don't believe they ever went on sale accidentally through Steam. The fact is that attention was brought up about this a month ago, someone was selling cross platform codes and a lot of them on Ebay, but nothing was done. And so now another upsetting fiasco.
  7. Why does nearly every thread about Savini turn into a hypothetical bloodbath?!!
  8. Man, I am right there with you!! Turned thirty-nine last week, but been tired for so damn long. Lucky to stay up past 9 or 9:30 and lucky to stay asleep. The few times I've had some marathon F13 sessions, I've paid the price the day after...complete exhaustion haha I also miss the all night Zelda adventures, getting my ass handed to me time and time again against Jaquio in Ninja Gaiden until I finally beat him, hours and hours playing Rygar and The Adventures of Bayou Billy lol. Can't forget Mike Tyson's Punch-Out, 007 373 5963, such great times back then We'll definitely have to play one weekend, I look forward to it and apologize in advance if I fall asleep on you lol
  9. $25,110 - I did another add up from the seller's feedback. It's probably more, because not all who purchased codes left feedback. I've been watching this account since late December, I'm just in shock.
  10. I'm still processing this whole thing and trying to remain on the side of reason instead of letting my frustrations get the best of me. Gun probably had a decent amount of these codes produced and gave stacks of them to other companies they worked with, such as Limited Run. Maybe as a gesture to say thank you? Who knows.....here take these stacks of a hundred plus cross platform codes and give them out to your friends or whoever you want. Speculating doesn't help, but what did Gun think would happen here? Oh yea, we will give these codes to our friends, sure, when people would clearly pay an arm and a leg for them on Ebay. I wholeheartedly want to believe that Gun tries to do the right thing, but this one has me second guessing myself. Maybe their distribution partner could have experienced an internal theft or maybe the distribution partner just gave it to an employee to sell off on Ebay since this person has been selling the codes for nearly a year since the game has been released! This person is also selling PAX 2018 badges, were those stolen too? Ugh!! I am so disappointed
  11. I would seriously give my left nut for a really well put together Nightmare on Elm Street game, oh my God I would!!!!! Freddy is my personal favorite horror character. I mean the whole idea of the manipulation of dreams when someone sleeps and the knife glove, YES!!!! As I said though, it can't be a bumble, the game would really need to be tight and on point.
  12. I'm torn on this one. So, I don't think counselors or Jasons should be able to hit through a door that has no damage, but I do think they both should be able to after pieces of the door break off. Putting most Jasons in combat stance and being close to the door gives him just as much of a chance to hack a counselor as the counselor has to hit him. Most times when I am confronted with a counselor trying to hit me through a door, I slash them once through the door and most of them immediately back away haha.
  13. Agreed, there is an over abundance of pretty much everything. The point of a match is to escape, find your items, outsmart Jason, and get the heck out. Counselors these days have become more likely to hang around and beat the crap out of Jason by taking advantage of the high number of weapons/pocket knives/med sprays. Jason's not your punching bag b!+ch!! Go back to doing what counselors were always supposed to do, find your way to escape asap and stay the hell away from Jason!!
  14. Exactly, it's once in a while when a player wants to try and spite you for being a decent Jason. They think by committing suicide it's like saying "Haha, you couldn't kill me." In the lobby afterwards, I play it cool and tell them that they made my job easier. They didn't escape, they're dead, and that's all that matters. Mother is still proud lol
  15. This is a good way to knock suicides off, but like you also said in another comment, people will leave before Jason can catch them in their limping state haha. There will always be a way to rob Jason of his XP, crediting Jason for suicides won't make a difference.
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