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  1. In your video Anonymous, there's her head. She's hiding behind the desk
  2. As many have said, definitely the chimney glitch, you can see her red silhouette standing outside when you first walk up the back stairs at Packanack. She must have split before that 2 minute remaining warning came up, still crazy that you couldn't sense her though. I'm not sure I have had that happen to me yet, not being able to sense a counselor so late in the game
  3. On the PS4, there's a save file for character data (Emotes, clothing, perk layouts) That's not stored on the servers, I'm thinking XBOX would be the same
  4. I did the same this past weekend. I felt bad for some of the newer players and didn't want them to be discouraged about not killing anyone when Jason or dying all the time as a counselor. We need the noobs to continue on playing, the more the merrier I took a few under my wing and gave them pointers from both sides
  5. Can't wait for the next patch haha!! I also have 8 tapes now, but found 10 or 11 in total. I'm lucky compared to others who have found a number of dupes while only having 3 or 4 tapes
  6. I do have two icons on my dashboard. The digital is in it's own folder and the disc icon is on the top level of my dashboard. I will check what's listed when I highlight each as soon as I get home. Checking my trophy icon, the game is listed once for me, do you have it listed once or twice under your trophy icon?
  7. Haha, yes!! Either that or I get someone baiting me and trash talking me, because I'm level 101 and they're Level 30 something, and they're better than me, and I shouldn't be playing the game, I have no girlfriend, I suck, blah blah blah...LOL!! Most of the time, they're trying to get Youtube famous. I don't care enough to respond. Yea, I'm Level 101, I play this game a lot and it's all in the name of fun. I'm not a super serious "I'm the greatest F13 player in the world". I think having that attitude gets them more annoyed. I tend to wait to see who I'm dealing with before starting to chat.
  8. So strange, I have been playing off of the disc since I got it and do not have a second set of trophies, totally don't get it!! I only have the 500 and 1000 multiplayer as Jason trophies to unlock, but have no idea yet if the games I've played on the disc are counting towards the one set of trophies. The only thing I did differently was moved the digital version of the game into a new folder on my dashboard before installing the 2GB physical file.
  9. Disc Copy DLC.

    Yea, unfortunately the PS4 install is not like the XBOX ONE install Also, I've been playing off of the disc and do not have separate trophies from the digital version like most mention on here. Not sure what the deal is with that.
  10. Sweet!! Awesome to know, thanks!
  11. Agreed, a fix is definitely needed. I was supplied the digital copy since the physical disc was delayed, so I feel like everything should merge nicely. I'm fine with playing either version, but with digital I get no bloody skins or clothes and with the disc my trophies are back to square one. I have 95% of the trophies unlocked and not starting those over, they took months to achieve lol
  12. Thank you!! I'm not super confident with this type of stuff haha. Looks like I will be deleting the digital copy then
  13. @Ghostboy20 Have you deleted your digital copy? We can reinstall it from the Playstation store, right? Also wondering if not having it installed will affect us getting the digital bloody skin or not. The DLC is not a separate file like it is on the XBox One, which stinks
  14. Disc Copy DLC.

    I have a PS4 and happened to read this thread before doing anything. I have the digital version on my PS4 internal storage. After putting the disc in there was no installation of DLC files first. Version 1.02 of the game (nearly 2GB) was installed immediately. If I put the disc in, then I can play with all of my DLC. If I load up the digital copy, then I have no access to the clothing items or bloody skins. Both game installs are separate on the internal hard drive as are the multiple save files for each version of the game. Not really sure if there's anything we can do on the PS4, except play with the disc if we want any of the exclusive clothing items or bloody skins