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  1. Thanks for the advice guys! I'll try these tactics next time. Much appreciated!
  2. I'm looking for some pointers, so hopefully you guys have some advice for me. I just got out of a game as Jason where the last survivor (Tommy as my luck would have it) kept running around the furniture in a living room setting. I was out of knives at this point, so I tried to shift to him, I tried running him down (or rather speed walking, I was one of those Jason's that can't run). but nothing worked until he got cocky and tried to hit me a couple of times and I could finally snatch him up slam his head between a door and a doorpost. Is there anything I can do in this situation to catch counselors giving me the run around? I'm at a loss honestly
  3. I'm running with the prop to the boat, together with another player who's carrying the gas. He's a little ahead of me and warns me of traps on the dock. We carefully step around and fix the boat. Jason shows up immediately and kills the other guy while I leg it. Jason chases me for a bit until he gets distracted and moves off. I run back towards the boat and straight into the traps I had just seen only a minute before. Jason morphs to me and that's the end of that one. Another time Jason has me cornered in a cabin and he's placed traps under the windows. I'm prepared for this, planning to shoot him with my flare gun and then jump out the window, which I had opened in my preparation. "Who knows, I might get lucky and clear the traps," I think to myself. Jason steps in the door, I miss with the flare, I run for the window but instead of the one giant leap I had in mind, I mess up and see my counselor carefully climb through the window into the waiting steel jaws of death below.
  4. Servers Down PS4???

    Found a full game. Of course Jason and some kid were working together, so fun was had by all I'm sure...
  5. I do ok as a counselor. I don't always escape but I do contribute to everyone else escaping as much as I can, whether it be repairing things, sharing items, stalling Jason as much as I can, etc. As Jason though, my god do I suck... I haven't played as Jason much and so I am still learning how to effectively stalk counselors. I generally get a few kills in, but experienced counselors can run circles around me. I don't mind though. Every game I learn something new and more often than not getting my ass absolutely kicked draws a chuckle from me, so I'm having fun anyway
  6. Gamer Tags for F13!

    PS4 MarshallHoldstoc I'm always looking for players who work together as counselors and communicate. I usually play with a buddy in a party in quick matches and he has the same philosophy
  7. Why do counselors die from being thrown through an open window?
  8. How the game is going

    Although I'm rather late to the party (have only been playing for a few weeks and infrequently at that) I have already gotten my money's worth out of it. Sure, it has its issues with hosts quitting and people cheating or trolling, but I've had quite a few laughs playing with friends and other people on mics. There's room for improvement of course, but I like the game a lot.
  9. I'm sorry if this has been suggested before, but I tried the search function and I couldn't find any topics on this. So last night, I get into a car with someone as a passenger. The driver starts driving around like an idiot, suggesting he'll drive into the lake and then swerving at the last minute, and driving towards the exit and then throwing it into reverse instead of escaping. I found that I was basically stuck in the car with this madman until it had come to a full stop and I could finally get out. At least he knew how to drive, I've seen plenty of bad drivers out there driving a full car to meet their doom. So my question is: would it be possible to implement the option of jumping out of a moving vehicle? Perhaps for damage taken? That way we're not at the driver's mercy and can take our chances to find other means of escape.