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  1. The problem is that you are demonstrably wrong. Hiding in the lake is not an exploit, it's a purposely programmed game mechanic. Now, if you somehow used Jason in the lake to reach a part of the map you shouldn't or something like that, yeah, THAT would be an exploit. I don't like it when Jason's run away and hide in the lake. It's cowardly for sure. My friends and I laugh at them for that. But an exploit? No.
  2. The rage indicator was made up of assets already in the game, the mask icon from the lobby, and Pamela's laugh from the outro. The loading screen text... actually that's the one thing I can't explain. Wes himself said that adding text to the game was new content, which is why they couldn't put Roy in the Virtual Cabin. So I don't know. @mattshotcha any input on this?
  3. That makes is cowardly tactic at worst. It's not an unintended game mechanic being forced by manipulating glitches. Jason has the ability to go into the water, and yes he has the option to hide there. Again, not an exploit! I'm not a fan of hiding as Jason, although sometimes it is seems necessary because of how piss easy it is to kill Jason. But calling it an exploit is laughable.
  4. Model probably would have been the same. But they were going to make him a separate Jason with unique stats, and probably new kills for him I assume.
  5. What? They were going to make him a whole new separate Jason. Not comparable to this situation at all.
  6. I can't tell if you are serious or just trolling. No, hiding in the water is in no way, shape , or form an exploit. You could argue that it's lame or cowardly or whatever. But an exploit? Nope. Not at all. It's a game mechanic specifically coded into the game.
  7. Does not matter. They are replacing the model with THE SAME MODEL. Just slightly modified. If they replaced it with a new model, that would be a no go.
  8. Incorrect. It's a modification on the currently existing model. It's not a whole new model.
  9. Did you play the single player challenges? AJ is easier to get into than an art college. Anywho, since Shelly isn't on the poll for some odd reason. I guess I'll vote for Tiffany.
  10. I think it's better to call it the "pajamas" pack. I can't really envision Buggzy or Eric in lingerie. And I'd like to keep it that way if I'm being honest.
  11. So, somebody posted this video showing off the old glitch that allowed to get different textures on the outfits, and it got me thinking... would it be possible to add new outfits if they were completely made up of things already in the game? They already did something similar when they created the "new" rage indicator, which was made up of the lobby mask icon and Pamela's laugh from the outro. If they could reuse assets like that to make new clothes, think of the possibilities. It's true that they could not make any new outfits that use a different model like the swim suits and Halloween costumes do, but they could make a lot of new T shirt designs using the outfits that already exist. It would really cool if we could all the different Jasons on shirts, like Part 4 is in the video thumbnail. Think about Adam having the different Jason faces on the back of his jackets! They could even potentially give us different color outfits as long as the colors are in the game, maybe we could finally get Victoria an all white or all black power suit. Tons of different images and masks and all kinds of stuff could be put on the clothes. And best of all, I know that a lot of people want the level cap raised, and this would actually give them a reason to do that, as we will actually unlock new things as we level up. What do you guys think, would this be something you would be interested in seeing? @mattshotcha I would love to know if something like this would be at all possible!
  12. Demasked in 3 hits, less than 2 minutes in with Fox. Unreal.
  13. Sure, that happens occasionally. But that does not win the match for everyone else.
  14. Yes, it demonstrably is. It's very possible to kill Jason within the first 3 or 4 minutes. Buggzy gets the mask off in a couple hits, someone dies to be Tommy, get sweater, trigger sweater, game over. I've seen it done quite a few times. Also, killing Jason instantly gives the win to all counselors who are still alive. How often does every counselor manage to escape via car/boat/cops in the first 3 or 4 minutes? Hint: pretty much never.
  15. Same, TBH. I love seeing a troll get upset and claim the others are "teamers."
  16. Nobody has posted in this topic since August of last year, and you revived it just to tell people to "quit bitching". You're a regular Einstein, aren't ya? That's sarcasm, just to be clear.
  17. Here's some clips I have taken of it. The first one is my favorite. Jason has seen the light! It's in Tiffany's wrists... https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/dark-death-90/video/67817348 https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/dark-death-90/video/71254586 https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/dark-death-90/video/71254773 https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/dark-death-90/video/67817371
  18. Sounds like how it should be! Nope. It's an attempt to balance the severe imbalance between the counsolers and Jason. It's not perfect yet, but it's a start.
  19. Killing Jason is supposed to be a rare and special occurrence. It's not. It happens damn near every freakin match that has any kind of experienced players. It's not just easy. It's very easy. This isn't Jason Hunting: The Game. Jason is supposed to be the star here. He's not, because he is a pushover. How people don't understand that this is completely opposite of what the game is meant to be is beyond me.
  20. What the hell? That's really messed up. @mattshotcha is this a bug? If so, is it one you guys are aware of?
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