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  1. I just picked up FvJ Jason at GameStop and pre ordered Roy. I'm going to have them all. Domesday I'll hopefully be able to buy the rest when they get made.
  2. All that will do is make sure we don't get any more Jason figures ever. I'm buying two of each, one to open and one to keep sealed. I want NECA to know that we definitely want more Jason when this whole debacle ends. And if Horror Inc somehow won, you'd what, never buy any F13 merch again? Yes, of course they do. They don't get it for free. Actually, I hope there is 5 still coming eventually. I want both Uber and Pre-Uber.
  3. Uh, NECA made a Part 7. And Mezco made a Part 9.
  4. Can't wait to grab FvJ Jason. I'll grab Roy as well, even though Part 5 is my least favorite movie.I wish we could have gotten Part 7, 9, or Pre-Uber/Uber Jason before Roy though...
  5. No, sorry, it should not be changed this late in the game. It would devalue the achievement and be insulting to those of us who toughed it out. If you really want it, it is doable.If they were going to change it, it needed to be done very early on. It needs to be left alone now.
  6. This is, without a doubt, the greatest glitch I ever encountered in this game. It was truly something special. Glorious even.
  7. As someone who mains Part 9, I don't find -Traps to be a big deal. -Shift on the other hand I can not stand.
  8. That tractor isn't new, it's the same model. They just moved it. This has been explained many times... They can't add any new things, but they can rearrange already existing assets.
  9. Because Part 9 is a beast. He's my main. 😁
  10. Hmm. Well it's certainly possible I'm remembering wrong. It happens. I don't ever remember a time when I tried to hit Jason in that animation and it didn't do anything, but it's possible I just forgot or I didn't try during the time it wasn't possible. I also stopped playing for a month or so at one point when I got busy with other games, so maybe it was during that time period.
  11. I honestly don't know what you mean, unless I am misunderstanding what you are talking about. I've been playing since launch and I can't remember a time when you were unable to interrupt the phone box break animation. Here's a clip from back in November of last year when i did it. It's not unbalanced at all, makes sense you'd be able to stop it. Many times I've been able to save a phone call by knocking Jason on his ass, it's always been a thing. https://gameclipscontent-d3013.xboxlive.com/xuid-2533274856371436-private/92c8504d-75a0-4929-9104-2137253ee03a.MP4?sv=2015-12-11&sr=b&si=DefaultAccess&sig=9%2FIWbJZA4CipRQHebr0nTOKqWdq20BSg8XlehFfmi8s%3D&__gda__=1557947739_0182205829012d6cc04b274e53611d28
  12. Why are you guys acting like this is something new? You've always been able to stop him from completing the phone box breaking animation. And even as someone who is all for a very strong Jason, I gotta say it would be pretty damn ridiculous if you could not interrupt it. That would mean that once he was in the animation he could not be stopped at all. That's just silly.
  13. I guess you could say it snuck in... through the back.
  14. Either you are way over exaggerating or I'm the greatest Jason player ever. Because I main part 9, have never been killed as him, and very rarely even lose my mask. It's not nearly as hard to avoid getting hit as long as you play smart and somewhat conservative.
  15. It's REALLY not a big deal. Stop getting hit and that won't be an issue. J9 is a beast, I rarely get demasked with him at all, let alone at the start of a match. Often i don't even make it to rage, they are all dead by then.
  16. I was just joking, honestly. I find Part 3 very middling but if people like him, hey fair enough. If you know how to fully use Part 9's abilities, you won't get killed as him. I promise you that. He has a skill curve but he's dominant.
  17. No way that Part 9 is low tier. Part 9 is an absolute beast. I main Part 9. His +Shift is excellent. Anyone who puts Part 3 as anything other than middle of the road gets a lol from me. So, lol.
  18. Savini, Part 8, Part 9, and part 5 are the top tier. Mid tier is Part 6, Part 3, and Part 7. Bottom tier is Part 2 and Part 4.
  19. The people who bought him and supported the game when it was being developed. Life isn't fair. Again, because you didn't back the game and buy him when he was available.
  20. Savini has never been required for a PHD in Murder. Also using winmm.dll is a bannable offense. They took Savini away from you because you had no right to him in the first place.
  21. I'm not even going to boot the game up until I am sure this is fixed.
  22. You have to be in the version before the last. The one where all the badges are floating that you have to follow, that's the only one you can get to Grendel in. Still works. The appeal has been reinstated. No new content. Just have to accept it.
  23. That's officially endgame. I know they have already been saying no new content, but some people here were holding out a sliver of hope that a settlement would at least allow them to release Uber. Those dreams are now officially dead and gone. RIP.
  24. I wasn't talking about letting us make clothes, I was simply saying that you guys could add some "new" clothes to the game using already existing assets. Basically just adding pictures that are already in the game onto the shirts and stuff like that. Having the different Jason masks/ portraits on the clothes for example. Similar to what the glitch was doing back when that was still a thing. It would also give us something to unlock if you raise the level cap. There is a lot of cool things in the game you could put on the shirts. Different Jason portraits, masks, things like books covers and posters, etc.
  25. Forgive me, but how do clothes require a UI? I don't understand what you mean. Wouldn't these basically just be texture swaps? The game was doing this accidentally on it's own at one point. Not saying I think you are lying or anything, just saying I don't get what you mean.
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