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  1. Part 9 is my one of my favorites in the game. It depends on playstyle, but his +shift is amazing to me, I nearly always get 6+ kills with him. His -traps sucks, but I feel his +shift more than makes up for it. Part 9 and Savini are my 2 mains.
  2. I finished the grind 2 nights ago with a friend to get the 1000/1000. Considering I had over 400 hours in the game and I was only around 30% of the way there, it was the only way it was going to happen.
  3. Game is still going super strong on Xbox One. Nowhere close to dead.
  4. Any chance you could tell me who's cosplay this is? I wanna see more.
  5. Yeah, meanwhile if you look through the Savini Jason photos, he literally barely budges between them. It almost looks like they just photoshopped different people into the same photo, he moves so little in some of them. https://www.facebook.com/pg/Mad-Monster-156479414375098/photos/?tab=album&album_id=2021187947904226
  6. No clue what you are talking about TBH. No reason why adding DLC codes would reset your progress.
  7. I REALLY want that poster. The mask is cool enough I suppose. NECA makes good merch. I'll probably end buying this, mostly for the poster. I don't have the DLC either so I suppose that is a plus.
  8. That is badass! Did you get a good look at the pitchfork? If so, how'd it look?
  9. This isn't Gun selling it. As @The Milwauking Dead explained...
  10. Because it's not unauthorized.
  11. How are they able to sell this? Was this made before the deadline? Also, I thought this ihere was some sort of problem with making Savini Jason merch, which is why NECA wasn't able to make a figure of him. Regardless, I need this shirt in my life.
  12. Big Daddy J

    Kills Online vs Bots

    I got the 666 kills in offline bots as well. I was pretty close at that point though, I had about 590 kills online when the bots came out.
  13. Big Daddy J

    Kills Online vs Bots

    Gotta Kill Em' All works with offline bots. That is how I got it for sure on Xbox. Spent a couple days grinding out the kills on bots.
  14. The only time I have ever come close to being killed, I stood up from being knocked down as Part 9. I immediately tried to shift away, and they somehow stunned me while I was in shift, but they couldn't actually hit me or anything, and I was able to resist. It was really odd.
  15. The picture with Kane Hodder as Savini Jason sounds cool, but then I looked up the price for just a photo op... $130? Yikes. I don't do many conventions, and prices like that are why.
  16. Big Daddy J

    forum is in a "coma"

    Pretty sure if I ate ten tacos I'd be stuck on the toilet, not in a coma. LOL
  17. Wes confirmed that interview saying Grendel was the last map was fake. So there goes that little theory of yours. Of course they were fucking concerned with the lawsuit. It wasn't supposed to effect them, but I guarantee it was still in the back of their minds since day one. That doesn't mean there was anything devious going on. FFS
  18. The map is not fake. It's in the game's code, and Wes has stated that the video is leaked footage by a hacker. The interview with him however, is fake.
  19. Ronnie has pretty much confirmed this in the past.
  20. Yeeeeeaaaahhhh, that wasn't fake either. That was literally in the game files.
  21. Well to be fair, they are still selling it digitally, and the DLC as well, so they still have the license... for now. Wes said they can keep selling what they have already made, so they will probably have the license for a while yet, although quite possibly not as long as the lawsuit will take.
  22. Big Daddy J

    July Friday the 13th

    They wouldn't be able to name him, as adding text is new content.
  23. No, it really isn't. But believe whatever you want, if it makes you feel better.
  24. I said by the time the lawsuit has ended. Has the lawsuit ended yet?