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  1. Don't know how many here have seen this but I figured I would post it here. Really interesting interview and a little look into their process on the game and ideas that didn't quite make it. Worth a watch for sure!
  2. Big Daddy J

    Rank The Jasons!(V2)

    1. Savini 2. Part 8 3. Part 5 4. Part 9 (My personal favorite and main, a relentless monster if you know how to use him, but he takes some practice. Not everyone can play him to his full potential.) 5. Part 3 6. Part 6 7. Part 7 8. Part 2 9. Part 4 If Uber had been released with his leaked stats, he'd be number 2, surpassed only by Savini, and the best overall for those who didn't get Savini. So depressing we'll probably never get him.
  3. Don't know if anyone follows NECA's Twitter page, but they've posted two teases on their upcoming Roy figure. I'm not a huge fan Part 5, it's my least favorite in fact. But I loved their Dream Sequence Jason they did late last year, and I am looking forward to seeing what they do with Roy. So far they have posted 2 images, one of Roy's arm holding the flare, which looks great, and a look at his assorted killing tools, which look great as well. I'm pretty excited for this one.
  4. Big Daddy J

    NECA teases an Ultimate Part 5 Roy Burns figure!

    Mine too, actually. As you can probably tell by my picture. There's something about his mask and overall look I just love.
  5. Big Daddy J

    NECA teases an Ultimate Part 5 Roy Burns figure!

    The Part 9 Movie Maniacs figure is some strange combo of Part 7, 8, and 9. It's doesn't actually look like any Jason that actually appeared in a movie. It's kind of bizarre. The Mezco Part 9 Jason is a really solid likeness, but good luck finding it for a decent price, he goes for quite a bit.
  6. Big Daddy J

    NECA teases an Ultimate Part 5 Roy Burns figure!

    Agreed! I'm actually shocked that it seems no one has ever made a Part 8 figure, at least that I could find. Not NECA, or Mcfarlane, or Mezco... so we need one of him for sure. Also, there's never been a Pre-Uber Jason X figure. I actually just bought a Mcfarlane Movie Maniacs Uber Jason off Ebay for $32 a few week ago. Really cool figure, but we really need an updated figure of him with more articulation.
  7. Big Daddy J

    GameStop Exclusive Retro Jason

    You have a link to that toy thread? This whole thing is fascinating to me.
  8. Big Daddy J

    Jason is weak

    I have noticed lately that it always seems to be the second person to die gets to be Tommy lately. I died 3 or 4 minutes before the second person in a match tonight, and instead of giving him to me, the second person respawned immediately as Tommy.
  9. Big Daddy J

    Bring back team killing

    No. This game already has a problem with trolling, we don't need team killers back. Play private matches if you want that.
  10. They don't have the rights to reboot Jason. They asked and were told no.
  11. I'd also love to see some original Jason designs. Inmate Jason, Frozen Jason, etc. Sweater Head as well. But we don't need anymore -trap Jasons. It's a weakness enough Jasons have already. I was so happy when I saw they did not give it to Uber. If I just got Uber and Pre- Uber I'd honestly be satisfied. They already said FvJ and the reboot were off the table, otherwise I'd have loved to see the Jason from FvJ.
  12. So, do you guys think this will bring in an influx of new players? Or will it have little effect overall?
  13. They haven't although I'd actually love it if they put it on Xbox Games with Gold. There'd be tons of fresh meat.
  14. Big Daddy J

    Jason is weak

    I personally agree. Jason's grab needs fixed, I've been playing this game since day one, so I know when a grab fails to land that should have. It happens all the time now since it was reworked. And they need to do something about the Jason killing squads. Add some more steps, make it harder to get the sweater. SOMETHING. It's embarrassing how easy it is to kill him. I know they were working on a new way to kill Jason involving the shotgun. Thank God they never got to implement that. Last thing we need is MORE ways to kill him.
  15. Savini is technically better, but I main Part 9. Most underrated Jason in the game, he is great at pressuring and fun as hell to play. I think I've put more time in as Part 9 than Savini overall..
  16. Yeah yeah, everyone on the internet is a copyright lawyer. I totally believe you. 🙄 Even if they did "reskin" the game as you said, (which they have explained before they can't, but let's pretend they could for a second) they would have to release it as a completely separate game. You can't just release an update and completely change a game that people paid for. People bought F13 The Game. Not Generic Killers: The Game. Changing it would be stupid anyway. The F13 name is a big selling point. Some people bought it solely because of that. It's not getting rebranded, and it can't be. Move on with your life.
  17. The stats for Uber were leaked. They were similar to Savini but they were not the same. Uber was going to be my new main, his stats seemed great.
  18. Holy crap, I can't believe people are still trying to suggest this nonsense. You have zero understanding of how copyright works. Just stop.
  19. This is not the place to report this, you are not allowed to post people's info here. You can report it here : http://www.jasonkillsbugs.com/
  20. This video was just posted a few hours ago. Larry Zerner clears up some things. A lot of people claim on this forum that Horror Inc should be able to release anything not related to the first movie, he clears up why that is not an option. He also clarifies that Gun CAN NOT make a deal with Victor Miller. He clears up quite a lot in this one. Worth a watch for sure. Let's hear your thoughts, guys.
  21. No, they can't. And it has been explained again and again why they can't. Did you even watch the video?
  22. Yeah, that is pretty much our only hope at this point.
  23. Yep, game over indeed. This will likely stretch it out another year at least, possibly up to 18 months. That pretty much rules out any new content, they can't hang around that long most likely. Screw both parties in this lawsuit, frankly.
  24. Big Daddy J

    Victor Miller Wins Lawsuit!

    Personally I'd be just fine with Pamela being removed IF it meant we get Uber Jason and The Grendel. We can't play as her anyway. Hell, I'll take just Uber. We all know he's finished other than his music, and I would be fine with them reusing the music of one of the other Jason versions. Probably never going to happen, sadly.
  25. Big Daddy J

    Victor Miller Wins Lawsuit!

    Hate to argue with a mod, but this seems pretty official to me.