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  1. Yep, game over indeed. This will likely stretch it out another year at least, possibly up to 18 months. That pretty much rules out any new content, they can't hang around that long most likely. Screw both parties in this lawsuit, frankly.
  2. Big Daddy J

    Victor Miller Wins Lawsuit!

    Personally I'd be just fine with Pamela being removed IF it meant we get Uber Jason and The Grendel. We can't play as her anyway. Hell, I'll take just Uber. We all know he's finished other than his music, and I would be fine with them reusing the music of one of the other Jason versions. Probably never going to happen, sadly.
  3. Big Daddy J

    Victor Miller Wins Lawsuit!

    Hate to argue with a mod, but this seems pretty official to me.
  4. Part 9, Savini, Part 5. In that order. The rest I barely use. I used to main Part 8 as well, but I got sick of him. Now it's Part 9 with the machete, Savini with the pig splitter, and Part 5 with the battle axe. Part 9 is definetely my favorite, that +shift is lovely.
  5. I'd like to direct a huge "HA! Suck it!" to all the people who insisted dedicated servers were not coming.
  6. LOL I love how you are requesting them to "revert" it back to the alpha/beta. Do you seriously that is something they can do? Newsflash: it isn't. And yes, it has been stated, both by the official Twitter and even Shifty that the dedicated servers are coming next patch.
  7. Part 9 is my one of my favorites in the game. It depends on playstyle, but his +shift is amazing to me, I nearly always get 6+ kills with him. His -traps sucks, but I feel his +shift more than makes up for it. Part 9 and Savini are my 2 mains.
  8. I finished the grind 2 nights ago with a friend to get the 1000/1000. Considering I had over 400 hours in the game and I was only around 30% of the way there, it was the only way it was going to happen.
  9. Game is still going super strong on Xbox One. Nowhere close to dead.
  10. Any chance you could tell me who's cosplay this is? I wanna see more.
  11. Yeah, meanwhile if you look through the Savini Jason photos, he literally barely budges between them. It almost looks like they just photoshopped different people into the same photo, he moves so little in some of them. https://www.facebook.com/pg/Mad-Monster-156479414375098/photos/?tab=album&album_id=2021187947904226
  12. No clue what you are talking about TBH. No reason why adding DLC codes would reset your progress.
  13. I REALLY want that poster. The mask is cool enough I suppose. NECA makes good merch. I'll probably end buying this, mostly for the poster. I don't have the DLC either so I suppose that is a plus.
  14. That is badass! Did you get a good look at the pitchfork? If so, how'd it look?