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  1. Seriously, what bizarre Jason is this on the cover? He has a zipped up leather jacket with what looks like might be a furry collar. He's skinny. And his mask matches none of the existing masks. It has the standard forehead chevron from most Jason masks, but then the cheek ones are positioned like Roy's in Part 5, but they are red instead of blue. I mean, seriously, what is this. It looks like a bad cosplay. This is an OFFICIAL release, by the way.
  2. Just thought about this and realized I never got to see the post. @Dogmatic gave you the OK back in February. Hit me up with that link @Dolemite! Pretty please?
  3. I just picked up FvJ Jason at GameStop and pre ordered Roy. I'm going to have them all. Someday I'll hopefully be able to buy the rest when they get made.
  4. All that will do is make sure we don't get any more Jason figures ever. I'm buying two of each, one to open and one to keep sealed. I want NECA to know that we definitely want more Jason when this whole debacle ends. And if Horror Inc somehow won, you'd what, never buy any F13 merch again? Yes, of course they do. They don't get it for free. Actually, I hope there is 5 still coming eventually. I want both Uber and Pre-Uber.
  5. Uh, NECA made a Part 7. And Mezco made a Part 9.
  6. Can't wait to grab FvJ Jason. I'll grab Roy as well, even though Part 5 is my least favorite movie.I wish we could have gotten Part 7, 9, or Pre-Uber/Uber Jason before Roy though...
  7. No, sorry, it should not be changed this late in the game. It would devalue the achievement and be insulting to those of us who toughed it out. If you really want it, it is doable.If they were going to change it, it needed to be done very early on. It needs to be left alone now.
  8. This is, without a doubt, the greatest glitch I ever encountered in this game. It was truly something special. Glorious even.
  9. As someone who mains Part 9, I don't find -Traps to be a big deal. -Shift on the other hand I can not stand.
  10. That tractor isn't new, it's the same model. They just moved it. This has been explained many times... They can't add any new things, but they can rearrange already existing assets.
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