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  1. They were going to add a way to kill him with the final blow being from the shotgun instead of melee. Animation was basically finished. Lawsuit put a stop to it.
  2. Honestly, in The Purge, Michael Myers would be just another dude. Damn near everyone is a murdering psychopath in those movies. LOL
  3. I'd love to believe this is true, I'd love to at least get Uber since he was nearly finished, and they had nearly finished kill packs for every weapon as well. But I won't hold my breath. Any chance I could get a link to said stream? I missed it.
  4. Big Daddy J

    Routine Buffs

    I agree with this, his grab is less than ideal. The amount of time I miss when I should have grabbed them is really frustrating still.
  5. Ah, I've never been happier to see something die. Goodbye Pinata Jason meta, hello "holy shit it's Jason, run because he's actually a threat" meta.
  6. After, I think? Don't actually remember when the hot fix dropped. Didn't really matter either way, they were focused on the wrong thing. Trying to fight instead of trying to flee. It was beautiful.
  7. OK, so I finally got a chance to sit down and play the game on Friday. For the first time in months, I set my preference to "Jason". Hit quick play and away I went. In a lucky twist I got to be Jason in my first match. Match went same as always at first. Then the hunting started. It was pretty obvious these players wanted to kill. Normally, at this point I would take some precautions. But I decided to let them wail on me for a bit. Then I hit rage. The party was over. Oh, the joy in their confusion. Their desire to relentlessly beat on Jason gave way to confusion and terror when suddenly it didn't work anymore. I went on to slaughter them all. If they had just worked on the objectives instead of trying to fight me, some of them would have likely been able to escape. But no. The next game I played I was a counselor. And you know what? It was freaking GREAT. Jason found me early, since I spawned in the vicinity of the fuse house. A month ago, I probably would have given him a good smack with my bat. But you know what? I didn't want to. I was SCARED to. I knew that would put him one step closer to his rage. So I ran instead. Just like it is supposed to be. I ended up escaping that match in the two door with another survivor. I've survived about half of my counselor matches since the patch. If you play smart and get things done, you can still make it as well as ever. Anyone saying otherwise is either terrible as a counselor or just lying. All in all, fantastic patch. Well done Gun. Jason is a threat again, just as he should be.
  8. Big Daddy J

    Rank The Jasons!(V2)

    1. Savini 2. Part 8 3. Part 5 4. Part 9 (My personal favorite and main, a relentless monster if you know how to use him, but he takes some practice. Not everyone can play him to his full potential.) 5. Part 3 6. Part 6 7. Part 7 8. Part 2 9. Part 4 If Uber had been released with his leaked stats, he'd be number 2, surpassed only by Savini, and the best overall for those who didn't get Savini. So depressing we'll probably never get him.
  9. Don't know how many here have seen this but I figured I would post it here. Really interesting interview and a little look into their process on the game and ideas that didn't quite make it. Worth a watch for sure!
  10. Big Daddy J

    NECA teases an Ultimate Part 5 Roy Burns figure!

    Mine too, actually. As you can probably tell by my picture. There's something about his mask and overall look I just love.
  11. Big Daddy J

    NECA teases an Ultimate Part 5 Roy Burns figure!

    The Part 9 Movie Maniacs figure is some strange combo of Part 7, 8, and 9. It's doesn't actually look like any Jason that actually appeared in a movie. It's kind of bizarre. The Mezco Part 9 Jason is a really solid likeness, but good luck finding it for a decent price, he goes for quite a bit.
  12. Big Daddy J

    NECA teases an Ultimate Part 5 Roy Burns figure!

    Agreed! I'm actually shocked that it seems no one has ever made a Part 8 figure, at least that I could find. Not NECA, or Mcfarlane, or Mezco... so we need one of him for sure. Also, there's never been a Pre-Uber Jason X figure. I actually just bought a Mcfarlane Movie Maniacs Uber Jason off Ebay for $32 a few week ago. Really cool figure, but we really need an updated figure of him with more articulation.
  13. Big Daddy J

    GameStop Exclusive Retro Jason

    You have a link to that toy thread? This whole thing is fascinating to me.
  14. Don't know if anyone follows NECA's Twitter page, but they've posted two teases on their upcoming Roy figure. I'm not a huge fan Part 5, it's my least favorite in fact. But I loved their Dream Sequence Jason they did late last year, and I am looking forward to seeing what they do with Roy. So far they have posted 2 images, one of Roy's arm holding the flare, which looks great, and a look at his assorted killing tools, which look great as well. I'm pretty excited for this one.
  15. Big Daddy J

    Jason is weak

    I have noticed lately that it always seems to be the second person to die gets to be Tommy lately. I died 3 or 4 minutes before the second person in a match tonight, and instead of giving him to me, the second person respawned immediately as Tommy.