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  1. I found Toony Terrors Victor Crowley at Target. I never really liked Victor Crowley but I know some here do so if you are after him keep a look out.
  2. I really enjoyed his performance in Part 8. RIP. http://www.fridaythe13thfranchise.com/2021/01/jason-takes-manhattan-actor-peter-mark.html?m=1
  3. Uh, no? That would be a pretty big slap in the face to people who have him.
  4. Clearly you don't know what a "fact" is. Vanessa is fine, she does not need a nerf. And she isn't going to be at any rate.
  5. We haven't seen any pictures of Part 7 since the initial ones they used for the announcement, not even some box art. Its safe to say it's going to be a while yet. Just gotta be patient.
  6. I really hope in the future we get a couple of good Jason X figures. Both Uber and Pre Uber. So far my favorite figure is the Freddy vs Jason, it is REALLY well done. But Jason X is what I want most. I love my McFarlane Jason X, but with the limited articulation, it might as well be a statue.
  7. I have two of these preordered. But we haven't really heard anything about this one from NECA since the announcement. They've had to push back several other releases til next year and I have a feeling this one will be as well.
  8. @mattshotcha may I ask why you guys are locking the forums? This community is the last life of the game imo. We also discuss other horror things. I feel like locking it is unnecessary, especially since you guys aren't taking the website down entirely. Why not let us continue to discuss things? I feel like most of the toxic people have long since left or been banned.
  9. Can I get a link to that first shirt? I really like it!
  10. I am so excited about the BTTF line. If they add a Doc Brown and to scale DeLorean I'm just going to have to eat Ramen for a while. lol
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