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  1. I don't need a Xanax. I just need less nonsensical arguments, thanks.
  2. IT WOULD PLAY THE SAME AS ANY OTHER MAP. THERE WOULD BE NO DIFFERENCE TO TELL. Seriously WTF are you on about? This isn't hard to understand!
  3. LOL now you are just being ridiculous. Obviously it isn't that easy to tell, since Jason spent time beating two holograms. Tommy would play the same as he would on any other map. He would be no easier or harder to avoid than any other map. There does not need to be a campsite hologram, so not even sure what your point is there.
  4. Yet again you are putting limitations that do not exist. Jason would not be able to tell what is and isn't a hologram. And the entire ship could be capable o0f producing holograms, allowing Tommy to go anywhere. Uber Jason will not be as powerful as he is in the movie. He can't be. There would be no way for the counselors to win. They have to put limitations on him. This game can't be a carbon copy of the movies. If that is what you want, your expectations are far too high.
  5. risinggrave has already explained why a hologram sweater isn't an issue. It's not a problem. The sweater can just be hidden somewhere on the Grendel. And for the last time YES Uber Jason CAN appear on other maps. It's not a problem with him being affected by weapons, because it is a game that needs to be balanced. And other Jasons on the Grendel is no weirder than Part 9 Jason fighting Part 6 Tommy on a Part 4 map. Most importantly, using other Jasons on the Grendel will be fun. That's what a game is supposed to be FIRST.
  6. I don't really get what you want them to say. They aren't going to spoil it before it comes out. We'll probably get a trailer a week or two before it comes out, like always. I think that is the best way to do it, instead of giving us a tease months away from the release like they did with Paranoia. Also, they have been WAY more communicative than most devs.
  7. I watched that video the day it came out. It's nonsense. They just keep talking about how everything needs to fit perfectly with what happened with the movie. And for the record, I've liked Slash N Cast less and less as time has gone on. Especially after watching some of their livestreams, where they say that slashing is lame and if you don't use grapples you are bad, despite slashing being the best way to kill these days. I've also seen them rage quit when a random takes the sweater before they can, or when they fail to kill Jason, since that is all they try to do these days. Also, in that video they tell the Twitter account to stop retweeting cosplays and art because all they want is updates. Entitled much? I hope the Twitter team does not listen to them, because they've helped me discover some really awesome cosplays through there. I'm not missing the points you are making. I just don't think they are very good points.
  8. That's a very good point. The sweater doesn't have super powers. It messes with Jason's head. It doesn't need to be real, he just needs to think it is.
  9. 1. I think the vast majority of players won't give a damn if the sweater is on the Grendel. 2. No it isn't. 3.There is ZERO reason why he should not be able to break through steel doors with his machete. He's a super strong cyborg zombie, with a machete probably made out of some super strong future metal. Stop trying to add logic to that. 4. No, it is not a failure from any standpoint. It's called balancing the game. He needs to be able to be stunned in order for the counselors to have a chance. 5. This isn't the movie. It's a game. It needs to be a game first. There have already been PLENTY of liberties taken in the game so far. This one isn't going to ruin anything. He can't be as overpowered as he was in the movie.
  10. OK... so why would there need to be a hologram on the spaceship? There will be counselors for him to kill. If you are talking about killing Jason, you guys are again way overthinking it. There is no reason why the sweater can't be hidden somewhere. And as far as the camera, they just need to make the hallways wider to accommodate it.
  11. Why do keep bringing up the hologram? It does NOT need to be a hologram. It will just be Uber Jason at Crystal lake. You are way overthinking it. he will work like any other Jason.
  12. I'm really jealous that you have those books.I wanted to get the Jason X novelization but for some reason the price on it is insane, over $100.
  13. This exactly. The game is already unlike the movies. Fun factor should come FIRST.
  14. It should absolutely NOT be it's own separate mode. If Uber Jason is limited to only one map that will be ridiculous. He should work like all the other Jasons, period. Not to mention I'm going to have a lot of fun bringing other Jasons to the Grendel. The last thing this game needs is unnecessary restrictions.
  15. Jason is a freaking joke.

    1. Yes he should. 2. Not really. 3. There is more important things for them to focus on then being able to break tables. That is not important.