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  1. Getting to be Jason for the first time in 3 days and when after grabbing a knife in the shack all of a sudden fall through the floor beneath the map and die.
  2. I've noticed that when I pick up a med spray sometimes off the ground it will give me two uses. Is this because the person who dropped it had the perk (which I don't). Only noticed since the last patch.
  3. Part IV is a great mix of abilities and he carries the best music in the game.
  4. anyone able to get a game on PS4, I'm 'SpitOnIt1982' if anyone wants to invite me
  5. salty
  6. If people have escaped, move along the coastlines to find their unused loot.
  7. Ps4: Spitonit1982
  8. Real quick as i'm about to enter rage mode. AJ is in a cabin in blairs cove and appears to be standing in the bed. Anyway as Jason that I can get her? Wont let me smash it or anything.
  9. Sharon McDaniels? Really? Looks like someone came here to promote their channel and get some views.
  10. This is only if you mess up the repair game.
  11. This happened to me when I was in the car. Jason grabbed me and my POV stayed locked in the car looking out the window. I escaped with a knife and could see myself moving around outside the car but that was it. I was able to use the mini map to hazard my way to the cops however. One of my proudest rounds actually.
  12. How do you give up searching? Did you stop checking drawers? And please don't increase the spawn rate. The fact that they are rare makes it somewhat special to find one.