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  1. I have no doubt we are going to get some heavy info in the next few weeks or so, since October 13th is right around the corner. Also the date for SP hasn't changed, and still set for late summer. There's only a couple of more weeks left, so I suspect a big surprise drop of sp, or even just a trailer of it sometime this month. They probably wanted to add more of the new kills to sp, that's probably why it's just taking a little longer. And I bet the new summer break dlc will be out either the end of this week or even next. It's just a tease for bigger things on the way.
  2. Like my Part 3 Costume.

    That is really impressive, very cool man. You kinda match from part 3, from what I can see. Awesome either way.
  3. Springbreak 84

    It was quite interesting to say the least, my question is... why didn't they announce this for spring break?? Would of made more since, That's my opinion tho. I'll still be getting it.
  4. I believe it will be on the customization menu. My theory on how it will work, who ever the driver is that their customized car will appear. Taking a guess on that tho.
  5. I honestly do have a feeling that single player is going to be announced this month, or even released possibly. Or otherwise they would have OFFICIALLY announced a delay earlier, they still have the date for late summer on their website.... that's my 2 cents tho. They are just building up the suspense up for it ?
  6. Have an idea what the blue dots actually are (The original ten films ) so excluding the remake and FvJ, Which would have been 12. 8 + 2= 10 (October) Just a idea tho. They did say it would be somewhat like the films for single player.
  7. Jason nerfed

    I had my first 1/8 match last night.... i feel like he is wonkey now, and glitchy. I hope there are fixes to him, he doesn't feel like Jason at the moment since this new update came out.
  8. So I read somewhere that they are going to be there on September 1st? More news Of dlc and Single player?? Is this true?
  9. I have a feeling it's still coming out the end of summer still (September 22nd) I believe, or sometime within that time frame. They would have showed a teaser a while ago and showing the date if it got delayed, and saying why it got pushed back so they can keep the hype going. Keep in mind they did state they had started this in October last year, when Kane did the motion capture for SP. They are most likely fixing the kinks for A.I. Very difficult process from what I've heard and read from others. I do still believe it's coming soon...
  10. I'm pretty sure it has something to do with single player, also they didn't say anything about single player on thier new website.
  11. It's mostly definitely a date, I bet! Info on thier single player and other stuff they have been working on. Really excited for this
  12. Secondary Killer?? Would change the whole formula of the game, would actually be really interesting.
  13. Hi Everyone :)

    Either AJ or Adam so far, they are both pretty good!!