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  1. Beyond stream with @mattshotcha said new patch to fix roof issues coming early next week.
  2. The next patch for Xbox One, PS4 and PC will focus on the rooftop bugs. Also cover the "spider web" issues related to the roof bugs.
  3. I use doors to close them in Jason's face. Don't lock them because most Jason players will open a door that is unlocked. Loop them around while repeatedly closing doors. Eventually they get mad after 10 to 15 minutes and start destroying doors. Around that time there is 2 minutes left on the clock. Move from cabin to cabin to burn up the clock or provide some extra time for other counselors. Enjoy trying to surivive the 20 minutes if nothing is getting fixed in quick play. As Jason I destroy doors. Don't open them.
  4. Watched the beyond stream. Nintendo Switch version will be getting the day zero patch first for August 13th. Xbox, PS4, PC patch will be released at a later date. 1 week of testing the new build. Another week of patch certification. "Soon'' translates to don't expect anything until late August or maybe September. Depends on how testing goes.
  5. I can predict another appeal followed by a few more years of waiting. Have to run out of pocket knives sooner or later.
  6. Played a few rounds on quick play for Xbox X. Jason teamers and rooftop exploiters in the first 4 matches. A few of the reasons why the game can't keep a solid player base. Packaknack I see voted for each match. Players using the bear traps. Teleport up to the roof and tell Jason each player's location that is not in a party with them. That patch can't come soon enough. Better than having to quit and find a new lobby when I see players on a roof.
  7. No bans for exploits or glitches. Issues that need to be patched by the developers. Only thing they can do at the moment. Teamers can be annoying but hard to get evidence or know 100% what the situation is that would warrant action against their account. Nothing is done about teamers. Would like to see counselor circles removed off the radar. Communicate with radios if you want to know where players are. Objective parts should remain on the map after they are dropped. It does not make sense for counselors to know the location of other counselors 24/7 after grabbing a map in the 80s. They don't have smart phones with GPS tracking. That only helps Jason teamers know your location and they tell Jason where you are in quick play matches. The game needs a few changes to reduce problems with players in a party working together to help Jason.
  8. @Fair Play So a 6 pack, 12 pack or 24 pack? Asking the important questions. 🍻 Only time will tell how much money you will be saving on drinks. 🖒 Think the next patch will be out by August. Right before the Nintendo Switch version launch date. Rooftop fix.
  9. Game breaking bugs. I don't expect much for new patches to fix anything fast enough to be called a "hotfix". Months of waiting to fix 1 issue at a time. More of a slow burn. Maybe by year 4 if the game is still alive and supported the core issues will be resolved. Until then I am going to keep laughing at each new patch as players keep finding ways to break the game. Almost ready, the home stretch, soon. 😃
  10. @[kor]jason I don't always professor but, when I do, I Vanessa. Can't get a nuff of her. 9 out of 10 quick play lobbies agree. 😃
  11. My most badass moment. Spawning in as Jason and instantly falling to my death under the map. Quickest time to kill Jason I have ever seen. Followed closely by being shot by a flare gun out of the map to my death. How can I not forget surprising the hell out of an AJ Mason on top of packaknack roof. Dancing on the ceiling. Then dropping her off the roof as Savini Jason. 😃
  12. I would like Jason X as an alternative skin that can be used for any Jason. Savini Jason could use the skin too. Weapon swapping is in the game. You can pick whatever weapon you want. That way everybody is happy no matter what Jason you enjoy playing as. Don't lock the skin down to only 1 Jason. Would use the stats, animations, sounds, music, weapon of the Jason or option you selected. Problem solved. The skin is already in game and in the virtual cabin. Already existing content. If you can move ass cheeks around then you can do a simple existing skin add in. For example a 2nd tractor added in Pinehurst. Was never there before. See... boom..."new content" added in using existing stuff.
  13. I am sure Jason X will be "accidentally" released on the Microsoft website store eventually. Just like Savini Jason and the counselor clothing pack. The PC and Nintendo Switch players will have to hack him into the game. 😃
  14. This happens alot on quick play and private matches with players joined up in party chat. Helping their friends out by telling the location of other counselors on the map. So Jason will kill them last or allow them to escape. Some players are bored and like to troll as a counselor until it is their turn to play Jason. Not every player trying to get others killed are teamed up with Jason. No one is banned for helping Jason. No bans for bugs or exploits developers take forever to patch either.
  15. The Nintendo Switch players will have plenty of bugs to enjoy. Soon...😃 Waiting on new patches is starting to become just like the lawsuit. No end in sight and very little progress made towards anything being resolved.
  16. Ignore collecting the 2 knives in the shack at the start. Immediately morph first to the closest power box that is near the phone box. Destroy it. Then trap the phone box with 2 or 3 traps. Like a triangle placement. Maybe kill 1 counselor that refuses to leave the cabin in the area. Then morph to the 4 seater and place 2 traps. Then go for the kills. Most counselors will rush the 4 seater and not get much completed in quick play. They won't bother trying to fix the fuse until later in the match. If they see traps they avoid it all together. Often wipe the entire lobby in quick play. Trend I see for quick play is 1 player will quit when they are not Jason. 4 will quit after they get slash killed quickly. 2 will stick it out to the end for XP. Then it is back to the lobby and watch a few new people leave when they see I have Savini Jason selected.
  17. During this bug you won't be able to attack or use any grab kills up on the roof as Jason. You won't be able to interact with anything. You can only grab a counselor and drop them off the roof. To get out of the bug you need to grab a counselor and wait for them to break free. The other option is to go back to the area you activated the rage bug at and destroy the wall. Then you will deactivate the bug for Jason. Recently had to kill a rooftop glitcher on Packaknack while I was Jason. Got up there after rage mode. Grabbed them and dropped them off the roof. They ran to the trap up on the stairs. Shifted and killed them before they activated the roof bug again. End of the match. Got a message after telling me I figured that out fast on how to kill them. 😃
  18. I go for the slash kills and sometimes fast grab kills. Have had a few problems with players instantly breaking free or glitching out of a grab/kill animation. Environmental kills bug out for extra points added to your kill count. Certain terrain, hills, stairs can be awkward and bug out for kills. Keep it simple and use what you know works. The rest will be possibly patched by year 3.
  19. Windows are bugged. Cars have multiple bugs and can be destroyed by knives. Shotguns are not stunning Jason at all in quick play. Environmental kills are broken. Counselors keep randomly changing. Visual bugs and glitches inside cabins. Counselors showing up under beds by popping up above them. Can't interact with the bed during the bug. Throwing knives make a hit confirmation sound but do no damage to a counselor or window. Rainbow bugs on Pinehurst. Pink lightning on Jarvis map. Bugged kill intro with Chad looking weird. Game crashing randomly, rooftop bugs, no counselors left to spectate and game won't end. Players falling out of the map and into ''space''. Jason with random textures during a match. Jason's morph vhs effect gets stuck on the counselors screen until the match ends. Match can fail to load leaving the player stranded in the summary screen at the start of a match. Good thing we have plenty of bugs to enjoy after 1 of them (rooftop bug) is taken care of next patch. 😄
  20. Remember swapping Chad's tiger speedo texture over to his main outfit. Was a useful bug. Wouldn't mind seeing this bug return as a main feature. It was patched quickly. Meanwhile the ''engine upgrade'' ruined Chad's face and hair in the opening intro kill every match. Many bugs still remain 1 or 2 years later. I'm guessing the team is very small and focuses on 1 top priority issue each patch now.
  21. I do get a good laugh when people use google translate. "This game goes in peanut! All Russians with the developer version of the game." Roughly translated "This cheating is nuts and getting out of control on pc. Russian players I encounter online often inject dll files into the game to gain an unfair advantage. Please ban this hive of villainous scum!" Once upon a time in galaxy far away... there was a great disturbance in the force as if hundreds or maybe a handful of players cried out and were suddenly silenced and banned all at once. Then that ban was lifted and the dark side returned stronger than ever. Many believe that one day balance will return to the force *cough* game. With nothing but the word soon being their only hope.
  22. Confirming you are interested in a LFG post notifies the person that posted it. It does not work like an invite. They have to invite all interested players to their game. You can join from their profile if that person is listed online and the lobby has a spot available. They will need to send you an invite if you can't join them from their profile. Sometimes the privacy settings they have applied can stop you from joining them. Offline mode for example. Once in awhile an invite may fail and will need to be sent again. You want to be listed as online and have your privacy settings set to adult. Same goes for the person you are trying to join. Have seen many players listed as offline or have custom privacy settings that can interfere with players sending them invites or joining their games.
  23. @The Milwauking Dead I have encountered the same bug recently. Car was destroyed and vanished. Showed back up for me in the woods after 1 minute. No other player could see the car except for me.
  24. Here are a few bugs from the Xbox One X on the current patch. 😄
  25. This one is for you @mattshotcha As the team is on the home stretch for the new patch. 😄 I watched the beyond streams. A few bugs Xbox players are dealing with on the current patch.
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