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  1. During this bug you won't be able to attack or use any grab kills up on the roof as Jason. You won't be able to interact with anything. You can only grab a counselor and drop them off the roof. To get out of the bug you need to grab a counselor and wait for them to break free. The other option is to go back to the area you activated the rage bug at and destroy the wall. Then you will deactivate the bug for Jason. Recently had to kill a rooftop glitcher on Packaknack while I was Jason. Got up there after rage mode. Grabbed them and dropped them off the roof. They ran to the trap up on the stairs. Shifted and killed them before they activated the roof bug again. End of the match. Got a message after telling me I figured that out fast on how to kill them. 😃
  2. I go for the slash kills and sometimes fast grab kills. Have had a few problems with players instantly breaking free or glitching out of a grab/kill animation. Environmental kills bug out for extra points added to your kill count. Certain terrain, hills, stairs can be awkward and bug out for kills. Keep it simple and use what you know works. The rest will be possibly patched by year 3.
  3. Windows are bugged. Cars have multiple bugs and can be destroyed by knives. Shotguns are not stunning Jason at all in quick play. Environmental kills are broken. Counselors keep randomly changing. Visual bugs and glitches inside cabins. Counselors showing up under beds by popping up above them. Can't interact with the bed during the bug. Throwing knives make a hit confirmation sound but do no damage to a counselor or window. Rainbow bugs on Pinehurst. Pink lightning on Jarvis map. Bugged kill intro with Chad looking weird. Game crashing randomly, rooftop bugs, no counselors left to spectate and game won't end. Players falling out of the map and into ''space''. Jason with random textures during a match. Jason's morph vhs effect gets stuck on the counselors screen until the match ends. Match can fail to load leaving the player stranded in the summary screen at the start of a match. Good thing we have plenty of bugs to enjoy after 1 of them (rooftop bug) is taken care of next patch. 😄
  4. Remember swapping Chad's tiger speedo texture over to his main outfit. Was a useful bug. Wouldn't mind seeing this bug return as a main feature. It was patched quickly. Meanwhile the ''engine upgrade'' ruined Chad's face and hair in the opening intro kill every match. Many bugs still remain 1 or 2 years later. I'm guessing the team is very small and focuses on 1 top priority issue each patch now.
  5. I do get a good laugh when people use google translate. "This game goes in peanut! All Russians with the developer version of the game." Roughly translated "This cheating is nuts and getting out of control on pc. Russian players I encounter online often inject dll files into the game to gain an unfair advantage. Please ban this hive of villainous scum!" Once upon a time in galaxy far away... there was a great disturbance in the force as if hundreds or maybe a handful of players cried out and were suddenly silenced and banned all at once. Then that ban was lifted and the dark side returned stronger than ever. Many believe that one day balance will return to the force *cough* game. With nothing but the word soon being their only hope.
  6. Confirming you are interested in a LFG post notifies the person that posted it. It does not work like an invite. They have to invite all interested players to their game. You can join from their profile if that person is listed online and the lobby has a spot available. They will need to send you an invite if you can't join them from their profile. Sometimes the privacy settings they have applied can stop you from joining them. Offline mode for example. Once in awhile an invite may fail and will need to be sent again. You want to be listed as online and have your privacy settings set to adult. Same goes for the person you are trying to join. Have seen many players listed as offline or have custom privacy settings that can interfere with players sending them invites or joining their games.
  7. @The Milwauking Dead I have encountered the same bug recently. Car was destroyed and vanished. Showed back up for me in the woods after 1 minute. No other player could see the car except for me.
  8. Here are a few bugs from the Xbox One X on the current patch. 😄
  9. This one is for you @mattshotcha As the team is on the home stretch for the new patch. 😄 I watched the beyond streams. A few bugs Xbox players are dealing with on the current patch.
  10. Played a match against a retro purple looking part 2 Jason last night. My counselor selection seems to pick random after everybody starts the match. Windows have a bug that gets you stuck in a ''floating'' animation. It slows your movement and you can't run. Easy target for Jason to kill. Can happen with all windows in general. Opening a window with an item in your hand has a chance to lift you off the ground as the window opens. Fall back down once you run around. 2 Packaknack main lodge windows can get you stuck. Can't move at all and easy kill for Jason or forced to quit. Purple/blue bright spots with flickering still happens in cabins. I call it seizure mode. Pink lightning effects, etc. Jason's static vhs effect can glitch out onto the camera of a counselor. Also in spectate mode camera after escaping. Will not go away until you go back to the lobby screen. Cars have a bug that if Jason breaks it you can't exit the driver seat. You are stuck only with the option to restart the car. Jason walks over, pulls you out, and easily kills you because of the bug. Jason's throwing knives continue to destroy the cars. Getting on top of roofs or other areas with bear traps is still popular in quick play matches. Blah blah blah (insert your issue or bug here) !@#%$#@ jasonkillsbugs.com 😄 @mattshotcha Staying in a lobby does not increase your chances of being selected as Jason. Players just joining a lobby often get selected as Jason before someone that has waited many matches without quitting. Sometimes players will get select as Jason 2 times in a row that just joined a new lobby. Dedicated servers rarley stay open longer than 3 or 4 matches on Xbox. Then kicks everyone into a fresh lobby. It's all random. You could get him right away, wait hours or never get him at all that day.
  11. Good job @HaHaTrumpWon I remember using RPGMaker. It was fun to mess around with. 👍
  12. Yes. Offline bots have terrible programming. Can't drive to save their life. Except they can spawn with 20 pocket knives, 5 cans of hair spray, a shotgun and the fuse. Able to fix the fuse faster than you can spawn and morph to the phone house. Only thing they having going for them. Lets climb through a window. Now let's climb back out. Now repeat. Open a door, shut a door, open a door, shut a door. Never enters the cabin. Hides in a closet or under a bed with Jason near them. Then screams please don't see me. Seems like ''hard'' mode to me. 😄 Developers are like...''How to we make them more challenging?''. Give them 50% thick skin and 10 more pocket knifes. We will release it in 3 months. Our job is done here boys!
  13. The days of when fps would drop down dramaticly within certain large cabins. After the ''engine upgrade'' and rain effects patch. Pepperidge farm remembers. The game felt smoother closer to launch. After the 1st patch for Xbox when Quick Play was finally fixed after months of being broken. Remember a time when the inside of cabin walls could be destroyed with combat stance as Jason. No button prompt to break windows or invisible window protection for counselors. Except items could drop through floors and were not marked on the map. Players could ghost through walls and locked doors in combat stance with a weapon. Flare guns would send Jason out of the map to his death. Cars would hit nothing and fly into space. Roof glitches, rock glitches, out of map glitches, 2 sweaters, etc. Crazy trap placements in 1 spot with no spacing. Body blocking to avoid traps. Giant oversided melee weapons. Getting stuck in closets or under beds. Yeah smooth as butter baby. 😄 Now that I have an Xbox One X I would like to see a 4k enhancement patch. To experience all the wonderful bugs in more detail.
  14. Lone wolf. Jump in quickplay. Most lobbies don't stay open longer than 3 matches. You get forced into a new lobby after that for dedicated servers. Easier to leave and find a new lobby after you die. Sometimes I'll play in groups with mics. It can be fun and I'll get some good clips recorded for Jasonkillsbugs.com 😄
  15. @HaHaTrumpWon No problem. Most of my posts are light hearted jokes to help ease some of the issues with the current state of the game. Nothing to be taken too seriously. I understand that sometimes things get lost in translation or interpreted a different way then intended. I would say the forum is pretty tame compared to other social media platforms. Credit to the forum members who have stuck it out this long and not abandoned ship yet. Like to drop a video every once in awhile to Jasonkillsbugs.com to try to help improve the game. Do have enough clips for another video. Will throw something together for the developers to add to the list to be fixed.
  16. Glad you cleared up your confusion. I was joking around about how long it takes to be selected as Jason sometimes.
  17. I told you Marty. You can't go back in time and interfere with anything. It could have disastrous consequences on future events! 😄
  18. When it rains, it pours. Just hold on a little longer. A lighting bolt will eventually resurrect the servers and bring it back to life.
  19. When you claim to be a Jason main but only get selected maybe 1 time every 2 to 3 hours of playing as a counselor. 😄 Technically we are all counselor mains with a preference set to Jason. I would like to see a rework of the perks. Many of them are useless. Only stick with Thick Skin, Medic, and start with a med spray now. Stamina increased near radios, swimming faster, dodging faster, spotting Jason longer with a flare gun, start with fire crackers, etc. Most will stick with thick skin and whatever 2 perks are the best to choose. The rest are trash. Legendary perks need some fine tuning too. No negative effects and a slight boost to them over the epic versions. Had 1 legendary perk have the same stats as an epic with the same negative effects. Only difference was 4% increased swim speed for the legendary bonus. I stay out of the water. Need to see an improvement to legendary perks for the main percentage it offers to make it better than epic perks.
  20. Wait until you run over multiple people with a car during the Jason kill animation with Tommy. Betrayed in slow motion. 😄
  21. It's not bug. It's a feature. Must have been an intentional buff for Jason to combat the excellent drivers I have seen. 😄 Laughed when a driver turned on a dime without running me over and had the back door lined up perfectly for me. Jason quit after a few u turns. After that I started using the e brake myself. Most players I see in quickplay drive straight on the road with no off roading. Don't use the e brake. Only drive forward or reverse. The car does have bugs. Using the e brake can cause the car to randomly flip over on it's side. Counselors and Jason can push it around. Players can also have issues seeing things that show up on other players screens. Like the car, beds, closets, scenery, items, etc. Not appearing at all for them. Had a bug that raised me up off the ground when I opened windows while holding a bear trap in my hand. You stay in the air until you move. Another bug is a ''falling'' animation after climbing through a window that you get stuck in. Camera bugs out. Walk around like that until you interact with a door. Packanack has a window near the back porch with 2 lawn chairs by it. Climb through the window and get stuck on the chair below. Can't move until Jason kills you. Rooftop bug is obviously still there on all maps. Pinehurst and Packanack are the main maps I see it on. Jarvis map has an area too. I'm wondering what new bugs will be introduced with the newest patch. If it's taking this long that means more bugs have popped up from fixing the roof top issues. They must be getting it ready for the launch on the Nintendo Switch. Would be a little embarrassing to take a good amount of time on a hotfix to have players find ways to break it in a few hours in a private match.
  22. Would enjoy seeing a new Halloween game. Better than waiting for 2 old guys fighting to the death over rights to Jason Voorhees to agree on a settlement. In the end they are both hurting the franchise by dragging it out. Something tells me this lawsuit gives them something to live for. They are going to be around forever. 😄
  23. Yes. Just had a part 4 Jason using a throwing knife at me while I was driving the 2 seater. It destroyed the car and threw me out. Car fell under the map. Please fix the knife destroys car bug. Players know about it and exploit it when they can't catch a player using the emergency brake effectively 😄. While playing as Vanessa the game has a bug that will randomize my character into someone I did not select.
  24. @mattshotcha Thanks for the info Matt and taking the time to respond. 👍 I have stayed in lobbies for a few hours before. Here is what I have experienced. New players just joining a lobby seem to have a better chance of playing as Jason compared to those that have waited their turn in a lobby for long time. Have seen this in both quick play and private matches. Sometimes players will get selected multiple times as Jason even if others have their preference set to Jason. Noticed this last night in a private match. 1 player was Jason 5 times before I was Jason 1 time. No red mask on his name either. Obviously quitting matches as a counselor to get Jason is not very fun compared to staying in a lobby. For private matches it is possible to have 1vs1 matches and grind them out by taking turns as Jason. Using looking for group posts on Xbox. Remember some old posts explaining that is what they did for PS4 too. To grind out part of the achievement. If you didn't want 1vs1 easy achievement grinding you could set a required player limit. Before a match could be started in quick play and private match. 4+ players needed to start a match as an example.
  25. @SaidZnx Remove any modded DLL injected files (mods or cheats).They could prevent the game from starting on the computer. Check to make sure your computer meets the requirements to run the game too.
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