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  1. Don't worry. You can go back to using an older engine August 13th. Nintendo Switch version. All for a low price of $40. If you prefer the new engine it will cost an arm and a leg at $20. 😄
  2. Next patch targeted for next week. Shift, sense and window/cancel animation issues to be fixed.
  3. @mattshotcha Watched the latest stream. Thank you for the information about the next patch fix coming. Targeted for next week.The shift, sense and cancel animation/window bug issue.
  4. Playing offline bots. Lachappa bot was not showing up while I was using sense. Part 3 Jason with rage on Higgens Haven. I searched everywhere and was not able to find him. Another bug. The clock ran out. That or bots have super perks on hard to make up for poorly coded artificial intelligence.
  5. WIndows are broken. 😄

  6. New video. UNLIMITED POWER! Seriously, windows are broken. Don't worry. We have our best man testing another build.
  7. New video added to the post. Making it very clear how this window bug has impacted the game after the new patch. Hopefully a new fix is coming...soon. 😄
  8. Some windows are bugged. Try to dive through them and you get stuck. Have to climb through again. 2nd story windows have the issue too.
  9. @AshTray900 Song 1 - Alan Parsons Project - Sirius Song 2 - The Bee Gees - Staying Alive Song 3 - Gloria Gaynor - I Will Survive Song 4 - Michael Jackson - Thriller (shortened version)
  10. @Ahab I shared this with Jasonkillsbugs so it can be fixed. Do I think the current patch is bad? Hell yes. Your lucky to not have to deal with it on PC. I want this and shift bug to get patched. It was fun to mess around with for 1 day for a laugh. A smart Jason using stalk will still kill you. Window bug or not. The video is simply showing how it changes the game in a negative way. Not a ''how to'' do the bug video. I create videos to help get bugs patched. Ran into enough bugs today on Xbox One X to make me not want to touch it until another patch. Not everybody is using the bug. Have seen many in quick play that are unaware about the window bug. The shift issue does make games end in about 5 minutes or so now. Entire lobbies quitting. At least on console we are not dealing with hacked game files or cheats like on PC.
  11. Just experienced an interaction lock as Jason on the Packanack map. Killed a counselor hiding under a bed at the phone house in quickplay. I could not use any ability, swing or grab after the kill. Only walk around. The error message said I was idle longer than 120 seconds and ended the game. I was walking towards the water. Another bug. It does get annoying the few times I get selected as Jason I get screwed over by some damn bug. It puts me in the mood to quit until I'm selcted again as Jason. Found this is the quickest way over playing as a counselor. Next match as Jason I get another bug. Part 8 mixed with part 4. Can't even get the right Jason I selected. Jason can instantly pull the driver out with no animation now. No chance to save the driver. Another car bug. Part 8 Jason was able to keep shifting at me non stop while I was in the 4 seater. Broken as hell. Update: 4 times in a row my Jason changes to a random Jason with a messed up texture. Not part 8 that I picked. This is happening to me each time after the new patch. Fix the random Jason and counselor issues.
  12. Every patch has something that you always have to adapt to or work around. Roof bugs. Moving through cabin walls with combat stance while holding a melee weapon. The invincible window bubble animation counselors had. Glitch spots. Hidden rooms. Crazy car issues and flipping over nothing. Knives destroying cars. Trap related bugs. Body blocking to avoid traps. Using the car to block entrances to buildings so Jason can't enter. Giant melee weapons. Rubber banding back to the car after exiting. Falling out of the map. Jason spawning to his death. Game crashing 1 time every time you start it forcing 2 lanches just to play it. Environmental kills being bugged. Drowning/boat kill/water bugs. Exiting the maps to get to new areas. 2nd sweater. Flare guns knocking Jason to his death. Trees inside cabins. Flying like ET above everything. Jason having shift as soon as he gets sense with insane recharge time. Grab kills bugging out and counselors instantly breaking free. Cabin doors getting stuck ''open'' with the bar closed and can't interact with it anymore. Jason teamers following you everywhere helping Jason to try to kill you. 100+ms in every dedicated lobby I play in. 200+ in private lobbies. Etc. (insert millions of bugs here since launch). Point is something will always be broken about the game. It's going on 2+ years. It is fun. I got my moneys worth of etertainment out of it. Understand the new team are dealing with fixing Illfonic's mess. I don't expect a miracle but bugs that alter the core mechanics in game changing ways do need to be addressed and fixed. The new window bug is a huge game changer. Worse than the roof bug. Is it fun to mess around with. Yes, for awhile. It does start to hold up games and lead to more window looping with 20 minute matches in quick play. In my video those are all randoms in quick play. My mic was muted. Only the last clip with 2 cars destroyed was with friends in a private match. As you noticed Jason is not scary. The experience makes him look like an adult man child that wildly swings his weapon with a bad combat system. It shows how much the game has changed in a negative way since launch. I have played and suffered through evey patch just like everyone has. I'm still here enjoying the game for what it is. I believe Matt told me to ''pump my brakes on calling this the worst patch ever''. That is simply my experience after having played since launch. This patch is the most game changing because it alters window damage and gives super shift. The shift can easily be fixed. The window bugs they said they are unaware of what caused that. Needs to be a top priority because it is much easier to do the window bug than get up on a roof with a trap. Already seeing more matches that have Jason giving up and rage quitting in quick play matches. I actually want to play as Jason to get my final achievement. When I am forced to play as a counselor at 150 you try to find ways to keep the game entertaining. The other option is to quit over and over until you get selected as Jason. That gets boring real fast unless you listen to music while doing it. Use my new ''wonder woman'' window powers to save counselors or distract Jason. Just like you said dumb fun while it lasts. Hoping the team gets it fixed fast. No need for me to go after them with a Savini trident. Just get it fixed before the lawsuit settles 🧜‍♂️😄👍 New video was simply showing how the bug changes the gameplay even with the new shift advantage for Jason. To everybody still playing and here on the forum thanks for supporting the game and staying around this long. Thanks to the backers too.
  13. @mattshotcha @GunMedia_Ben UPDATE: New video added. Simple and to the point. How this bug has a negative impact on the game after the new patch. Big game changer while playing as a counselor. No damage from diving through broken windows after canceling the animation. Video 1 - Uploaded 8/4/2019. 58 times jumping through a broken window. 2nd story windows no damage. 51/7 drowning kill in the water on Higgins Haven. Video 2 - The window bug in action vs Jason in quickplay. The Jason players in the video did not know about the window bug or the new shift advantage. Can be more annoying than the roof bug.
  14. @mattshotcha @GunMedia_Ben @NthnButAGoodTime @JPops @Kodiak @Ralph Wiggum777 @DamonD7 @Slasher_Clone @Fair Play Ok. Will say that I am enjoying the new window "feature". Having some great chases with Jason after the patch. New video of how broken the op window bug is. Counselor buff incoming...3...2...1...
  15. Waited 10 matches as a counselor to get Jason on quickplay. Finally get picked as part 8 on Higgins Haven. Shift bug kicks in with sense. I chase an Adam at the phone house into the water south east on Higgins Haven. Drown him and the game bugs out and lets me spam the hell out of it. 51/7 kills before Adam dies. Then my game freezes immediately. Recorded a 5 minute clip. Had to force quit the game. No credit towards the 1,000 matches as Jason achievement. Guess I'll just go hop through some more windows and not die as wonder woman for another 3 hours. Will upload a few new videos to show off the new bugs. It's really fun in a crazy broken kind of way.
  16. Pick Roy part 5 Jason with green outfit covered in blood. Every time I get picked in quickplay Jason becomes a random Jason with messed up textures after the new patch. Not Roy that I selected. Random counselor issues too.
  17. Holding RT on Xbox to set a trap down won't set it anymore after the patch. Place it down with RT unarmed. Then set it with A again to arm the trap. Another bug. Takes longer to place traps.
  18. Just played against Roy. Part 5. He can instantly shift at you non stop. Without rage. He can open or walk right through locked doors. No reason on locking doors anymore. Just going to quit any lobby if I see a Jason that has the new OP shift advantage. It's not fun. Looks like they need testers that play the game and know what they are doing. Patience is about out on these forums.
  19. @mattshotcha @GunMedia_Ben Congratulations on the team breaking the game worse than it has EVER been. *slow clap* This patch was tested multiple times and worked on for a few months. 🤣 Counselors can now jump through any window and press RT on Xbox to cancel the dropping animation. You immediately stand up and take zero damage. You only get cosmetic cuts. I looped a Jason easily for 20 minutes just now as a Tiffany. Running and diving using the new bug. Jason rage quit. 😂 I use Part 5 Jason now and his shift is unlocking right along with sense at the same time. Shift recharges almost instantly after using it. Making Jason OP as hell. Once you get rage instant recharges. These new bugs are a huge game changer. I am having fun with the new players that have no clue how broken this is yet. Oh look...roofs are fixed. That's cool because window hopping is the new thing.
  20. Part 5 is my new favorite Jason for now. Super fast recharge on shift. 😂
  21. Players that force everyone to wait 3 minutes to start up in a full lobby. Then immediately quit as soon as the match starts. Players that never set their spawn preference to counselor and always quit everytime they are Jason. Picking up the gas, keys, battery, phone fuse, etc to immediately drop it and leave it behind. Picking up any important part with no intention on reparing anything. Hiding under a bed with it for the entire match. The combat system, swinging weapons, breaking doors, combat stance, auto lock on. All of it feels like a joke. Not a smooth experience. The cars having many ''spider web'' bug issues. Knives, car flipping randomly, can't use a weapon after getting out of the driver's seat. Getting stuck starting the car again after Jason destroys it and can't exit the car. Stuck in the car as a passenger and cant exit the car. Shotguns failing to stun Jason and ''miss'' with a direct hit. Throwing knives with audio confirmation you hit a counselor but no damage is dealt.
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