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  1. I don't think you having anything to worry about. The game has many bugs. Don't exploit any to go out of the map.
  2. 1. Team killing with weapons will be removed in a patch for quickplay. You will be able to team kill with weapons in private matches. 2. No bans for team killing in quickplay or private match. Ever. Check out the ban rules. 3. Use the search option to find topics that have already been created. Thank you.
  3. I just played a private match on Xbox One. LFG post with randoms. I get selected as part 2 Jason. Put 3 traps on phone box. 4 on the blue car. I hear the blue car start immediately and cops get called. Not even 2 minutes into the match. Not 1 of the 7 traps I used went off or showed up and the match just started. WTF! I quit right away before anyone escaped. Not going to play with cheaters exploiting ''body blocking'' or using trap bypass exploits. Please fix this issue. Playing as Jason is not fun when everyone can bypass all your traps using exploits. Example:
  4. Xbox One - GhostWolfViking Time played - 10 days Level 70 Headset with mic.
  5. I read this guy found one in a bathroom on his first game. I never could find any Pamela tapes...ever.
  6. No, I don't exploit bugs on Friday The 13th. Example of a bug: Using combat stance to move through walls, doors or objects. *Patched by the developers. Using combat stance to attack with Jason is not a bug. It would have been patched by developers already if it was ''cheating''. No where in the rules does it say "Breaking down doors in combat stance will get you banned". If the developers think it is an issue add it to a patch. Problem solved.
  7. Finally able to break down the barricaded doors to the forum and post! Thank you backers that supported the game. It rocks.
  8. Public match is the only way to find a Pamela tape. Most players play in private matches on Xbox One. 240 hours played on Xbox One. Can't find any tapes.
  9. I play on Xbox One. I use the Looking for group posts to join private matches. Every match I join has 3 to 5 Savini Jasons in it or more. I do have Savini Jason. I enjoy breaking down doors fast in combat stance. From what I see anyone who downloaded Savini Jason on the Microsoft store gets to keep the DLC.
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