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  1. @Nathan5226 40 minute games...RIP patience waiting to play Jason. 😂
  2. @mattshotcha Was most likey a latency issue. Can not replicate it. No need to worry about it. Thanks for taking the time to reply. Many bugs have been dealt with since launch and the trend has been more introduced in each patch. This is the first patch I have not found any new bugs . Thank you for fixing the 2 issues and getting it out quickly. Apologize if I pissed you off on any of my posts 😄. Was not trying to cause any issues. Sometimes the community is only venting about dealing with bugs or the lawsuit situation. I do report issues to Jasonkillsbugs.com if I see it's an issue that can be replicated. Will just shoot over anything I find in the future to them. Looking forward to the next patch and seeing more bugs fixed.
  3. Lawsuit is about to settle. Already have the emotes in the game. Add them to xbox, ps4 and pc in a future patch. Better than keeping them on switch only for awhile and removing them later to get hit with a storm on social media.
  4. So that is why the Nintendo Switch version is $40. Extra emotes. Mystery solved. 😄
  5. 33 matches tonight until I got picked as Jason 1 time. Was about 10 to 15 before the patch.
  6. Devs won't change it. The Final Chapter is a bullshit achievement. That is because of the super low chance to get picked as Jason. I am at 70%. It takes 10 matches to go up 1%. It takes 30 to 50 matches to get Jason 1 time for me after the patch. 1 time!. 300 matches left I need to play to get my last achievement. It's a joke. Jason selection is bugged or not working correctly after the new patch. 33 quits until I got Jason 1 time tonight. 😂
  7. @Ahab The weapon issue I had has not happened after the 1st day of the patch. Rare isolated issue. Not happening anymore. Sometimes bugs happen when there is extreme lag or server issues that only happen during those times. Swinging weapons and they would break in my hand on a second swing. Was using 2 perks to increase swing speed to 25%. Thick skin too. I was also experiencing increased lag that day. Don't know how to replicate the bug. So far melee attacks are working as intended. Bunny rabbits, tiger speedos, pink cop outfit, wonder woman, sexy devil, wrestling outfit, dance emotes...and tea bagging. Yeah...just like the movie experience. 😄 Definitely a different vibe from when it first launched. More of a comedy slasher now. Not scary. A scary movie parody. Brandon calling the police.
  8. @Dragonfire82877 Yes it was a post by you Dargonfire in the older patch topic. Hopefully my luck is better today.
  9. Noticed it's much harder to get selected as Jason now after the patch in quickplay. 30 matches and not selected 1 time. Something is off. Before the patch I was getting selected more often. In burn out mode playing as a counselor. That is why you see a few players quitting at the start of each map. To roll the dice in a new lobby to play as Jason. I shouldn't have to jump from lobby to lobby 30 to 40 times to get picked 1 time. Read another post pointing this out too.
  10. @mattshotcha Video clip of the new bug. Happens to any weapon I use. Miss and a point is taken away from the durablity stat of the weapon. Just like if you hit Jason with it. https://xboxclips.com/GhostWolfViking/18389f23-a438-466b-828c-81bcecbe9b30/embed
  11. Happens solo or with other players around. I was using an epic swift attacker perk (20%) and legendary firework perk (bonus 5%) that increases my swing speed as Brandon. Packanack lodge on Xbox One X. Tested a bat. 2 swings and it gets destroyed. Knocked Jason down 1 time. Missed the 2nd time right as he morphed. Uploading a clip now.
  12. @DontZzz34 @mattshotcha Melee weapons get destroyed and are no longer in your hand if you swing and miss trying to attack Jason.
  13. @mattshotcha New bug discovered. 😂 Melee weapons are now disappearing after swinging them. Even if you did not hit Jason. Melee issues need to be fixed now.
  14. Anyone else find it funny the Nintendo Switch version has a better Chad face than the Xbox One X for the kill intro? The textures fail to load in making Chad look hilariously bad and his blonde hair is dark.
  15. @mattshotcha Thanks for the info Matt. 👍 Just got the new update on Xbox One X.
  16. If you press RT while entering hiding spots you quickly exit but the game thinks you are in the last spot you glitched out of. Was able to glitch inside a shelf using a bed. Jason didn't see me. Destroyed a bed and I died. Was not under the bed on my screen. Some beds will teleport you out of cabins. Some inside areas you can't get out of. Go inside a hiding spot and exit normally to cancel and fix the bug. If you can move around.
  17. Wall clipping possible with hiding spots near corner cabin walls. RT to cancel animation while going under a bed will force you through the wall and outside of the cabin.
  18. In the future, wait for a sale on the game and avoid using any cheats or programs. You will keep getting banned. Never thought players would need a lagswitch on Friday The 13th. I always have 100ms or higher on average for dedicated servers. Private matches 200ms and higher. Sometimes 300ms to 500ms. Plenty of lag spikes and weird moments. Maybe it's part of why I encounter bugs in most matches.
  19. @mattshotcha @OCT 31 1978 Waterworld found underneath Friday The 13th. Clip 1 - Getting into the 4 seater and finding a secret portal to Waterworld on Higgins Haven. https://xboxclips.com/GhostWolfViking/3a3f4c62-ddf3-4ef8-9693-b156eb881735/embed Clip 2 - Trying to find dry land with another Vanessa and Jason following us. https://xboxclips.com/GhostWolfViking/641d62cb-c212-4e0e-9662-e94724b5d99f/embed Clip 3 - Swimming for the police exit and falling off the map to my death under the main lodge. Never did find Kevin Costner. 😄 https://xboxclips.com/GhostWolfViking/9cea2dea-7a31-4a17-95bb-ae20938ef920/embed
  20. Started the car 4 seater by the main lodge on Higgens Haven. 4 seater car immediately gets destroyed. I get teleported under the map into water. Had another Vanessa with me too. Jason was following us around while we explored the hidden waterworld underneath the map. Cops get called. I try to swim over to the exit. Fall off the map to my death underneath the main lodge. TLDR : Car is a secret portal to waterworld. Recorded my trip. 😂
  21. Noticed an increase in Pinehurst getting picked every match for quickplay on Xbox. Guess the old rooftop bug has everybody avoiding the Packanack map. Think players are selecting Pinehurst for an easy win as Jason.
  22. Have killed a few rooftop glitchers before the patch. Always funny when the shit talking turns into screaming. After they realize Jason shifted up onto the roof.
  23. Pepperidge farm remembers. Fixed on consoles. PC will have a fix soon too. Friday, Next Friday or Friday After Next. 😄
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