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  1. When you go to the beyond stream and realize you are using a bug list from the previous patch. πŸ˜‚ @glowing ooze Yes. The drawer is bugged in Violet's room on Pinehurst. Xbox.
  2. During Jason intros I have seen each Jason holding the Savini Jason trident. They don't use it in game. Only during the kill intro before the match on Xbox One. Happening on Nintendo Switch too. Savini Jason weapon showing up at the start of the match. Noticed it over on Reddit.
  3. Experiencing the random counselor bug often on Xbox. Swapping between apps seems to increase the chances of your character changing into someone you did not pick. Going from the game to Microsoft Edge, Pandora, Spotify, etc. Then back to the game.
  4. Can the team cut 1 minute off the lobby start up time? Don't add more time to the clock when more players join and won't ready up. Keep the clock counting down. It currently jumps up to 1 minute each a new player joins a match. Stalling the start up time.
  5. @mattshotcha I always laugh when players say ''Why do you only use fast grab kills or slash?'' Developers spent all that time recording kills only to make them available if you have enough space. Making the majority not worth using at all. Grab her for mother Jason...use your STRONG hand! πŸ˜‚ https://xboxclips.com/GhostWolfViking/5b15192f-34bd-4a8d-ad8f-e1033725ce99/embed
  6. Experiencing hiding spot bugs and interaction locks with drawers. Xbox One. Packanack and Pinehurst. 1st match Placed a trap near a radio on Packanack lodge. Went upstairs to hide in a closet by the phone. Tommy steps in my trap and it pulled me out of the closet with a headless, naked Vanessa. Wonder woman outfit was missing. I was stuck and had to quit the game. https://xboxclips.com/GhostWolfViking/8feb8d48-bae3-4faf-88d7-2830f1668198/embed 2nd match Opened a drawer holding gas in my hand on Pinehurst at the main lodge. AJ Mason's dance room. Map was in the drawer. Interaction lock bug. Had to quit the game. https://xboxclips.com/GhostWolfViking/bf820cb0-f4d6-4415-ae46-bfff7865f652/embed
  7. Tested it out on offline bots. Works great. Should have been in the tutorial. Hold RB while shifting. Allows you to control shift much easier and not waste it getting stuck on everything. Definitely not an exploit. Thanks for sharing the clip.
  8. @Seraphic King Side shifting? A better explanation would be helpful. How do you do it and what is it's intended purpose? A video clip would be nice.
  9. Jason did get demasked by a woman and killed by a kid. The akward clunky combat and combat stance fit right into part 3 and part 4. Wildy swinging and hitting nothing. Chasing, tripping, getting beat, weapon hits everything except for the intended target. The auto aim lock is terrible too. I have recorded clips of Jason locking on to counselors almost 2 cabins away while I'm trying to break down a cabin door in front of me. Using combat stance for faster hits to a door. Would love to see the combat smoothed out a little so it's less of a comedy slapstick chase and more of a horror game. The windows and doors have invisible barriers that do not allow Jason to interact with the counselor while they are climbing or closing. It looks stupid when you have to watch a counselor slowly climb through a window and Jason can't interact or use combat stance to break it until they passed through. Jason just stands there while the counselor is already running for another window. πŸ˜„
  10. I don't use them anymore online. 100ms they rarley connect. I stick with slashing.
  11. The method I use to find a match is wait 30 seconds. Then cancel and refresh. If it goes past 1 minute into 2 minutes it won't find a match. Refresh often and it works for me to find dedicated servers.
  12. @DontZzz34 Shelly and Chad's tiger speedo. It's official. πŸ˜‚
  13. I agree with the bot situation. Always 2 that want to stay in a hiding spot for 20 minutes. This is why I destroy all hiding spots if a know a counselor bot has entered a cabin.
  14. Can the game be modified? Yes. Already happened on PC with modified or unreleased content. Legal or not, lawsuit no lawsuit, people will find ways to mod games. Private or public. For legal reasons not very smart to share anything with the public at this time. After the lawsuit and more information is given then we will have more possibilities for content, mods, movies, games, etc. Until then the developers have made it crystal clear. No.
  15. All those long kills just for players to use choke or headpunch. πŸ˜‚ Sometimes choke is the only option available in some areas. The kill spacing. Longer kills give players a chance to quit mid kill. 5 out 7 quit before the match is over when I solo quickplay. Very true. Players will find the most efficient ways to clear a lobby and stick with it. Slashing and fastest grab kills. Everytime I go for an environmental kill it bugs out. Don't play as Part 3. He is common to see in quickplay with new players.
  16. Cross platform servers. Only way we would ever see some of that hacked PC content on Xbox, PS4 and Nintendo Switch. πŸ˜‚
  17. I tested that spot out on Crystal Lake. It has been patched. There was an area that Jason was not able to drown me. He was able to walk next to my counselor and slash me to death.
  18. @Ahab Yes, if Tommy is with you he can perform the kill during the bug. Plenty of time to lock Jason in place to perform the kill.
  19. Offline bots were most likey given pockets knives because a few just stand in place until grabbed. After they start running around. Can't drive to save their lifes. Full sprint into rocks and walls. Run straight at you. Hide under beds for 20 minutes. Close the same doors until grabbed. Go in and out the same windows. Damn near intelligent compared to some new quick play players. πŸ˜‚
  20. That was fast. Pajama pack dlc pic was deleted on reddit. PC modifications adding in new content that is unreleased.
  21. @mattshotcha @GunMedia_Ben @DamonD7@NthnButAGoodTime @JPops @Kodiak @Ralph Wiggum777 Looks like I found something. May not be a new issue. It is possible to repeat it every match. Any map. Xbox One X. Sweater stun bug. A few steps to completing it. Need to knock off Jason's mask. Get the sweater. Gather weapons in one spot. Then use the sweater on Jason and break free from the sweater animation by picking up a weapon. Hit Jason to his knees. Now keep hitting him with all the weapons that you collected. Enjoy laughing your ass off as Jason is stuck in place getting beat over and over. Here is the new video. Patch 1.35
  22. That would be the Crystal Lake map. Good to see you had plenty of throwing knives. A counselor with thick skin, medic could sit there for awhile. Rocks have been a minor issue since launch. Most matches in quickplay I rarely see anybody in the water. Unless they want to be drowned quickly. Thanks for sharing the clip.
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