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    Increase in crashes

    The instant crashing at the home screen is fixed on Xbox One. The audio bugs, repeating sound issues and sound delays are annoying. Tested offline bots. Always play 2 rounds before laughing at the bugs and quitting the game. The lawsuit news kind of drained any desire to want to keep playing. Every patch reinforces that feeling of not wanting to play anymore. Some stable patches are needed asap.
  2. @Liquid Swordsman I'm still alive. Maybe I should warn the new members about the forum. πŸ˜„
  3. @Dolemite Something doesn't quite taste right about this update. Perhaps you haven't tried applying some hot sauce to make it more tolerable to swallow. πŸ˜„
  4. GhostWolfViking

    Post Credits Scene.

    It was fun while it was alive. Goodbye @Alkavian
  5. 3 months for Chads face to have no eyebrows and black hair in cut scenes. I would have preferred to have Uber Jason over the ''engine upgrade''. Just read the Killer Puzzle game added new content that was ''hidden'' in the code. After the lawsuit deadline. So why won't Illfonic activate Uber Jason that is already in the game? PC players have videos showing the character was in a playable state.
  6. GhostWolfViking

    Patch Notes - 07.03.18

    Bots take 4 hits before they go into the injured animation. Tested with Savini Jason and a machete. A few bots never went into the injured animation at all after 6 hits. Noticeable delayed sound issues and repeating sound bugs. Pamela saying the intro shack qoute 1 minute into the match. Bots spawn in with objective parts in their hand. Fuse right next to phone box. Have cops called in 30 seconds or less. Bots don't have to search for anything anymore because they spawn with everything at the start. Old bugs still present from older patches. Rainbow/firework blood on pinehurst, etc.
  7. DEADicated servers for Xbox One. Uber Jason would have been nice too. Maybe throw in a Kane Hodder skin for a laugh.
  8. GhostWolfViking

    Bans for standing on unreachable rocks

    Yes, everyone will be given rubber bands to launch at players standing on rock exploits. AFTER the lawsuit is resolved. πŸ˜„
  9. Being able to escape Jason's grip. Ghosting my way through cabin walls and doors with combat stance. Going on rooftops or flying over all of them. Falling through maps, Flying into space or flares knocking Jason out of maps. Items and objective parts falling through the ground and were never marked on maps. Crazy car psychics, rubber band bug, sitting in the car seat position and riding around while sitting on a melee weapon. Combat stance to quickly break cabin walls and doors. Easy to break windows, no window animations. Trap stacking or placing them very close together. Exiting the map for a 2nd Jason shack and 2nd sweater. Rock glitches, water glitches, bridge glitches, cabin glitches and hidden rooms. Quickplay dead on arrival for Xbox One. Private matches only. The game was really fun at launch. Bugs and all. Before all the nerfs, DLC clothing and emotes.
  10. GhostWolfViking

    Patch Notes - 06.08.18

    @ShiftySamurai Offline bots will pick up and carry the boat propeller. Killed a Deborah bot that was holding a propellor on the Javris House map. Offline bots will never use the boat to escape because it never spawns on any offline map. Why would the propellor spawn with no boat for offline bots? πŸ˜„ Xbox One.
  11. GhostWolfViking

    Client Side Save Patch for Consoles??

    @BrokenFattHardy @ShiftySamurai @GunMedia_Ben @wes @[IllFonic]Courier Yes, I support the option to save all progress and unlockable content to a client side console save file or a pc save file. That will work for offline bots, sp challenges, private matches (LFG posts), achievements, etc. Only quickplay would be disabled if servers go offline. The 500 matches as Jason and 1,000 matches as Jason achievements need to be updated to allow progress in offline bots mode. What would keep me playing is if dedicated servers are added to Xbox One within the next few patches. (Try to do it BEFORE 2019) πŸ˜„ I don't have the patience anymore to wait hours to play Jason only to have the host quit when I get picked. At level 150, when I'm a counselor and I die in quickplay, I quit the match. Join a new lobby to try to roll the dice for another chance to play as Jason and complete my last 2 achievements. 1,000 hours into the game and I don't have 500 matches played as Jason because of the host quitting all the time. That is the number 1 reason why I stopped playing for now. I have no issues with any forum members, Illfonic or Gun Media. Disappointed that future content has to end after we all waited for 3 months for the last patch and engine upgrade.
  12. GhostWolfViking

    Client Side Save Patch for Consoles??

    No new content. No dedicated servers on consoles. I give this game 3 to 6 months before the remaining player base completely moves on to new games. Maybe 1 more year before the life support plug is pulled for online servers. I've already lost all desire to continue playing because of the lawsuit. Activate Uber Jason on the next patch. You having nothing to lose anymore except for the Friday The 13th fans that supported this game.
  13. GhostWolfViking

    Client Side Save Patch for Consoles??

    Let's send Tommy to convince Victor Miller to drop the lawsuit. I have faith he will succeed. πŸ˜„
  14. GhostWolfViking

    The match ended early. Why?

    Yeah, fixed that for you. πŸ˜„ Just got the new patch on Xbox One. Can't wait to see the new bugs. Now they have plenty of time to fix everything and add dedicated servers to consoles.
  15. GhostWolfViking

    Uber Jason

    Uber Jason is part of the virutal cabin. PC players had access to him and recorded proof that he is working as a playable Jason. Technically he was already in the build of the game before news of the lawsuit. He can be activated and turned on in a new patch because he already existed before the lawsuit was revised to include Friday The 13: The Game.
  16. GhostWolfViking

    Is the Game over now?

    Xbox One and PS4 players. Meanwhile PC players have access to Uber Jason. 🀣
  17. PC and PS4 will fuck with any patch that comes along. Xbox likes to take it slow, go on a date first, and test the waters. It won't waste time on crazy ass patches. πŸ˜„
  18. GhostWolfViking

    What is the actual use of Emotes?

    Everytime Jason gets a love tap onto the floor I'm shaking that ass in his face. He's a dirty boy with a mother fetish. Jason likes to see me twerk my way to victory during the police escape. After the foreplay is over he goes back to the shack to finish things up with mother's severed head. Don't ask what is in that toilet. You don't want to know.
  19. GhostWolfViking

    Patch Notes - 06.08.18

    @AldermachXI Sorry. Unless you’ve got a time machine, that content is unavailable. I guess I'm going to wait a week in 1955 until Doc fixes the DeLorean. Xbox One patch coming soon.
  20. GhostWolfViking

    Decaying playerbase

    List of reasons why I don't play much anymore. 1. Dedicated servers. 2. 3 month wait for last patch and "engine upgrade". Chad now has black hair, a shiny face and missing eyebrows in the intros. 3. SP challenges unlock new emotes. Forced to watch intro every time. Won't replay them now that I have 3 skulls in everything. Really bad lag or fps drops on some levels. 4. Playing in offline mode does not count towards 500 or 1,000 matches as Jason achievement. Wish it did. The bots are smarter but, all spawn with a gun, med spray, knife, and firecrackers at the start of the match. Objectives parts can spawn with them too. Don't see them searching for anything. 5. Hosts quitting more often. Waiting hours to play as Jason and the host quits when it is my turn. No achievement progress if host quits. 6. Spending 100,000 or 200,000 cp to get 1 or 2 legendary perks that are useless. 3rd bonus stat needs to be increased for all legendary perks. 7. Only 1 game mode with the boring spectate mode. Not worth the time waiting in spectate mode if you die at level 150. Need more game modes. 8. Players in LFG groups getting angry if you don't play their BS rules and allow their friends or female players to escape. They block or mute you. Has happened with forum members too.
  21. @AldermachXI Thank you. I do my best as Savini Jason to ensure that hosts quit before I grab the 2 knives in the shack. Have to keep things fair so everyone gets a chance to play as him except for me. πŸ˜„
  22. GhostWolfViking

    What Was β€œCort” even talking about?? Lol

    There, are you happy? Tommy - No. It stinks. 🐟
  23. I killed them in this order for 3 skulls. 1. AJ Mason - Bathroom mirror kill. 2. Chad - Shift and grab for an environmental knife kill. While he sits on the bed smoking. 3. Kenny - Refrigerator kill. 4. Vanessa - Toilet in the bathroom. 5. Brandon - Shift behind and grab him at the poker table. Fireplace kill. 6. Deborah - Archery range kill.
  24. 1,032 hours played. 97% for 500 matches as Jason achievement. I don't have the patience for another 500 matches to reach 1,000 matches without dedicated servers. Host quits and no progress towards the achievements if you are Jason. I think players are boosting with Jason in private match or LFG posts. Using the trick of swapping out kills every match to reset the chance of playing as Jason. Changing lobbies often in quick play or quitting at the start if they are not Jason. The ticket system is not working. 2 to 3 players get selected for lobby and play as Jason over and over. Sometimes 2 games in a row.