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  1. Predator: Hunting grounds could be a timed exclusive. I have seen a few games claim ''PS4 exclusive'' that launch later on Xbox/PC at a later date. My guess is we will get an Xbox version, after a 1 year anniversary edition of the game goes on sale, with all DLC included. I'm not going to buy a PS4 to play it. Would sell a hell of alot better if Xbox gets it in the future too. I'll wait to see what PS5 has to offer vs the next Xbox ''Anaconda''. Then trade in my Xbox One X towards one of those.
  2. Part 4 has the special ability to stop a car with a throwing knife. 😂 It's a feature, not a bug. More features are added with every patch. I use part 4 over Savini Jason. Combat stance doors and move fast. Traps get tanked easily with thick skin and medic. Don't have much time to mess around in a lobby full of experienced players.
  3. Yes. Let's just take them off the map so players can put objective parts up on a roof. Jason will be happy. 😂 It's fine the way it is.
  4. @mattshotcha Xbox One X. After the new patch. Counselors can get on roofs on any map or up in trees using bear traps. Set a trap down but, don't set it. Press A and immediately walk away until you see A stay on screen. Go to an area that is level with the trap. When you see the icon HOLD A appear you can teleport to the trap allowing you up on a roof. You can also teleport the trap into your hand like Thor with his hammer if you see Tap A on screen. Jason can destroy cars with throwing knives. I did it with part 4 Jason. + destruction and weapon strength. Counselors can use a dance emote and immediately aim with a flaregun/shotgun to ''slide'' around. Can move in any direction and shoot backwords too. Uses up stamina slowly. Some rounds are giving 0/7 kills after it is over. Killed everyone in the lobby as Jason on quickplay. Environmental kill bugs can be random. Giving you extra kills over 8/8. 14/8, 22/8. Jason has a way to use rage mode to get up on roofs too. Get behind any bed/furniture to mash A near a cabin wall to get the A button to stay on screen. Works like the bear trap bug to get on top of a roof. Cars can randomly flip over and be destroyed using the X brake. Jason can hit the car and knock it around for a laugh. Counselors can push the car by walking into a car flipped on it's side. Jason outfit bugs during intro and outro cutscenes. Jason texture bugs during matches. Different Jason's appearing in cutscenes that are not the correct Jason you selected. I often see Savini Jason at the end of a cutscene but that is not the Jason that was selected during the match. I picked retro Jason and got a purple/blue Savini Jason for my outro cutscene.
  5. I have an Xbox One X and 4k tv. Stick to owning 1 console due to the cost of each of them and paying a monthly/yearly fee to play each online. Currently get Xbox Live free. Microsoft rewards points. I wait for gamepass deals $1 for 3 months, etc. Gameshare with a friend. Is Friday The 13th a fun game? Yes, bugs and all. Would I run out to buy it on another console if I already own it? No. 1,000 matches as Jason achievement is hard enough to earn on 1 copy. 54% 😄. If you have money to burn and want 50 copies for your Friday The 13th shrine, do what you want. Supporting it to stay online. 👍
  6. Handheld 720p monitor. 1080p if docked. Need to use your smartphone with a few cables for chat. Nintendo would be more successful if they released their games on multiple platforms. Slow down on trying to compete with smart phone gaming and update their hardware. 😄 I'm sure they do fine with sells. Would you buy a Playstion 4 (if you don't own one already) just to play Predator: Hunting Grounds from Illfonic in 2020? I personally would not. As they say ''a fool and his money are easily parted''. Same deal for wanting to buy any console just to play 1 game. If it helps keep the deadicated servers on life support a little longer, then release the switch version.
  7. Dedicated servers are back online for quickplay on Xbox. ✔
  8. Game is crashing after the new patch or freezing on Xbox One X. Dedicated servers are down too. Need a hotfix or another patch. Hoping it's not another 6 months to fix it's issues.
  9. Can confirm. No dedicated servers on Xbox One X. Every match is red in the 200 to 400 range. Had my game crash as Jason a few times now.
  10. Dancing my way out of the police exit every time was fun. They should have left it alone. Don't worry though because they broke environmental kills to make up for it. 😄
  11. @mattshotcha Environmental kills are now bugged after the new patch on Xbox One X. Environmental kills will add to your kill count and not kill the counselor. Some kills can't be interacted with anymore. All maps. Jason can't be knocked to his knees and killed if he is on a hill. Must be on flat ground. Visual bugs inside cabins and beds glitching out. Jason interaction lock bug while breaking down cabin doors with A. Counselors can get trapped in the driver seat of a car after Jason breaks it. A is stuck on screen to start the car again. Can't exit the car unless Jason pulls the counselor out.
  12. No future content because Illfonic moved on to work on Predator: Hunting Grounds. Playstation 4 only. Maybe they don't want to deal with the Xbox patch certification progress anymore. Patch fails and they have to go through the process until it's fixed. If it bugs, we can't patch it. Coming soon. 2020 😂
  13. Not having enough butt meat to scare Jason away with the tiger speedo. 😂 Top priority people.
  14. Patch it so it works for offline bot matches too 52% for 1000 matches as Jason. Too many hours needed because of terrible RNG to become Jason. Online servers won't be around another year or two.
  15. I hope someone remembered to put the fuse back in before trying to start that phone call. 📞
  16. @Ralph Voorhees Just had the bug happen to me today. I can't listen to or pick any tape. Tommy or Pamela. Update: Picked up a Tommy tape in a match. It fixed the bug for me.
  17. Xbox One X. 1. Counselor randomly changing at the start of a match. Not the counselor that I picked. Random. All maps. 2. Jason having a messed up texture or outfit the entire match. Random. All maps. Any Jason. 3. Pink lightning effects or pink lighting on a few maps. Jarvis map for example. 4. Hiding spot bug that locks the camera to the hiding spot but allows the counselor to move around. Random. All maps. 5. Colorful rainbow issues on Pinehurst. Savini Jason's eyes glow different colors. 6. Players getting on top of the roof of Packanack Map.
  18. Have all Pamela tapes. 2 more Tommy tapes left to find on the Xbox One X. Update: Bug for the Pamela and Tommy tapes. Can't listen to or pick any tape on Xbox.
  19. Thanks for info. The 5 people still on the forum appreciate it. 👍 Just started playing again myself. Was dead for awhile until Tommy resurrected me with a lighting bolt.
  20. Next we are going to get Chad's butt enhanced for the tiger speedo because priorities. 😂 Meanwhile...same old bugs for months.
  21. Looks like there is some new content after all. New Jason skins. ?
  22. New video with bugs on Xbox One S. @ShiftySamurai @GunMedia_Ben @DamonD7 @Ralph Wiggum777 @JPops @Kodiak @NthnButAGoodTime @Gertz
  23. @Thatguyinktown They can use the part 3 Jason mask for Halloween. Hopefully scare people into giving them $70 worth of free candy. ?
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