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  1. Looks like there is some new content after all. New Jason skins. ?
  2. New video with bugs on Xbox One S. @ShiftySamurai @GunMedia_Ben @DamonD7 @Ralph Wiggum777 @JPops @Kodiak @NthnButAGoodTime @Gertz
  3. @Thatguyinktown They can use the part 3 Jason mask for Halloween. Hopefully scare people into giving them $70 worth of free candy. ?
  4. It's Illfonic's ''we done with this game'' final hotfix. ?
  5. * Patch notes * Added a new achievement. Rage mode - Quit 1,000 times as Jason or a counselor.
  6. @ShiftySamurai 1. Counselor selected is changing to random at the lobby screen. 2. Spawning in as a different counselor than I selected. 3. Audio issues during matches. Audio delayed or repeated. Beeping noises during gameplay that are not normal. 4. Getting stuck in closets holding my breath. Game pushes me out of the closet with only hands and a neck. Can't move at all. Can be killed by Jason. 5. Camera interaction lock. Camera locks in 1 direction and can't be moved. Counselor can't interact with anything. Can only move. 6. Jason pulling counselors out of cars can trigger animation bugs or repeat animations several times in a row.
  7. I see Jason is a 1 hit knock out with any weapon. Think Jason has been nerfed too much now. It needs to be fun again. Not feel like I'm a piñata that enjoys getting my ass spanked by half naked counselors. ?
  8. Happy with the dedicated servers. Played for quickplay for a few hours and enjoy being able to complete a full match. If Jason kills me I wait for him to get his kill then search for a new match. No penalty. ? Going for 1,000 matches as Jason online. I don't stick around in spectate mode anymore.
  9. Xbox One bug. I have Vanessa selected. I was spawned in as Chad on a dedicated server for Quickplay. My selection for Jason was changed to random too. I noticed the clothes on some Jasons can appear glitched during a match. Had an interaction lock bug 2 times on quick play. Sound bugs and visual bugs with lighting pop up during QP sometimes.
  10. Noticed that part 7 jason during the round had a glitched outfit or skin. White patches and see through on some areas of his body. Maybe a bug with the new patch or is there a way to glitch Jason skins? I did take a long break from the game after the announcement about no more content. Had been waiting for dedicated servers before continuing online. Good to see I can finish a match and hopefully get my last 2 achievements for Jason completed.
  11. Xbox One. Just played in a Quick Play match after months of not playing. I see dedicated servers added to the console version. A group of players in party chat decided to team up and troll me. Jason won't kill them. I run out the clock as Vanessa while 5 players and Jason are trying to kill me. ? Quickly reminded why I stopped playing. The community goes out of their way to put the last nail in the coffin. Salt system needs to be removed. Not sticking around in games with trolls trying to ruin the game for everyone in QP. Then receive a penalty for leaving a match like that. It's a joke that my only option is to suicide and then quit.
  12. Next patch Jason will get to fly out of the map to his death again. Counselors will fly over cabins. Players will have access to a 3rd Jason shack outside of all maps. Oh yeah, and dedicated servers. ?
  13. The game is about dancing counselors in stupid outfits that bully and teabag a mentally handicapped man child. Playing as Jason feels like I have 1 leg and no hands trying to play a bloody game of tag against annoying college hipsters.
  14. Go back to beta? So Xbox One version at launch with the beta menu before the 1st patch. Quickplay was broken. I'll pass on that idea. It was funny crouching through walls and doors with combat stance holding a weapon as a counselor.. Watching entire groups shouting from the rooftops what they did to Pamela's severed head last night. Right before I team kill all of them with 1 bullet for using 20 minute exploits. There are a few things I miss about the earlier builds of the game. Some patches were needed and some were unnecessary. A few making the game not very fun to play anymore. The developers want to move on to other projects. The lawsuit was an easy way out. As patches were taking months to release. New bugs would be added after each patch or nerf. The game is officially dead with very few players still around since launch. I'll wait for dedicated servers before jumping into online multiplayer again. Burnt out playing as a counselor waiting hours to be Jason as every new player gets picked before I do. The when it's my turn the host quits and I'm stuck waiting hours to play as Jason again. All so I can try to get my last 2 achievements for 100%. GTFO. It's not worth my time to grind on this game with no dedicated servers since launch. Played with a few members on the forum before. Most have been banned or abandoned the forum and game. I see @AldermachXI still playing it. No ban will ever keep him permanently locked in the shadow realm. ?
  15. @NightofthePodcast Lack of communication you say. I'm sure there will be a patch for that coming soon.
  16. Coming soon. ? Will be nice to finish a match as Jason without the host "losing connection". Rage quitting. Main reason I have not played QP in months. Thinking about grinding another 500 matches as Jason to reach 1,000 online makes my brain explode. Hosts quitting 90% of the time makes the final achievement feel unobtainable.
  17. Chad with tiger speedo. Perks - dance 13% faster while escaping by police, emotes reduce fear by 13%, Increases chance of dying by 13% after escaping in car. Map - Pinehurst I was at the main white house.Jason grabbed me while I was twerking to some oldies by the radio. Colorful unicorn blood exploded out of my tiger speedo prematurely before his machete penetrated me multiple times. New engine couldn't handle that much action or load in my eyebrows. Locked up and gave me a free trip to the home screen.
  18. If you are grabbed without a pocket knife mashing the escape button during a quick kill won't save you.
  19. I have been having sound issues on Xbox One. The music cuts out during multiplayer or offline bots randomly. Stays that way until the match is over. Happens on every map. Sounds will also repeat themselves multiple times or have a delay. Sound issues need to be fixed.
  20. There is always the one player offended by 7 Chads running around in tiger speedos spamming dance emotes. Jason. ? I play as Vanessa. I enjoy the speed and can still repair things effectively. Use a perk to slow down the repair mini game. Would not be fun joining a QP lobby late and getting stuck picking a counselor no one wants to play. Lachappa or Shelly. ? I imagine players would quit more often. Seeing how salt is a way of life in Friday The 13th: The Game.
  21. The instant crashing at the home screen is fixed on Xbox One. The audio bugs, repeating sound issues and sound delays are annoying. Tested offline bots. Always play 2 rounds before laughing at the bugs and quitting the game. The lawsuit news kind of drained any desire to want to keep playing. Every patch reinforces that feeling of not wanting to play anymore. Some stable patches are needed asap.
  22. @Liquid Swordsman I'm still alive. Maybe I should warn the new members about the forum. ?
  23. @Dolemite Something doesn't quite taste right about this update. Perhaps you haven't tried applying some hot sauce to make it more tolerable to swallow. ?
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