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  1. Patch it so it works for offline bot matches too 52% for 1000 matches as Jason. Too many hours needed because of terrible RNG to become Jason. Online servers won't be around another year or two.
  2. I hope someone remembered to put the fuse back in before trying to start that phone call. 📞
  3. @Ralph Voorhees Just had the bug happen to me today. I can't listen to or pick any tape. Tommy or Pamela. Update: Picked up a Tommy tape in a match. It fixed the bug for me.
  4. Xbox One X. 1. Counselor randomly changing at the start of a match. Not the counselor that I picked. Random. All maps. 2. Jason having a messed up texture or outfit the entire match. Random. All maps. Any Jason. 3. Pink lightning effects or pink lighting on a few maps. Jarvis map for example. 4. Hiding spot bug that locks the camera to the hiding spot but allows the counselor to move around. Random. All maps. 5. Colorful rainbow issues on Pinehurst. Savini Jason's eyes glow different colors. 6. Players getting on top of the roof of Packanack Map.
  5. Have all Pamela tapes. 2 more Tommy tapes left to find on the Xbox One X. Update: Bug for the Pamela and Tommy tapes. Can't listen to or pick any tape on Xbox.
  6. Thanks for info. The 5 people still on the forum appreciate it. 👍 Just started playing again myself. Was dead for awhile until Tommy resurrected me with a lighting bolt.
  7. Next we are going to get Chad's butt enhanced for the tiger speedo because priorities. 😂 Meanwhile...same old bugs for months.
  8. Looks like there is some new content after all. New Jason skins. ?
  9. New video with bugs on Xbox One S. @ShiftySamurai @GunMedia_Ben @DamonD7 @Ralph Wiggum777 @JPops @Kodiak @NthnButAGoodTime @Gertz
  10. @Thatguyinktown They can use the part 3 Jason mask for Halloween. Hopefully scare people into giving them $70 worth of free candy. ?
  11. It's Illfonic's ''we done with this game'' final hotfix. ?
  12. * Patch notes * Added a new achievement. Rage mode - Quit 1,000 times as Jason or a counselor.
  13. @ShiftySamurai 1. Counselor selected is changing to random at the lobby screen. 2. Spawning in as a different counselor than I selected. 3. Audio issues during matches. Audio delayed or repeated. Beeping noises during gameplay that are not normal. 4. Getting stuck in closets holding my breath. Game pushes me out of the closet with only hands and a neck. Can't move at all. Can be killed by Jason. 5. Camera interaction lock. Camera locks in 1 direction and can't be moved. Counselor can't interact with anything. Can only move. 6. Jason pulling counselors out of cars can trigger animation bugs or repeat animations several times in a row.
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