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  1. Now it's clear what type of forum member you are. I apologize for tagging you. I don't need XP. I'm level 101. You keep saying ''leaving scum' based on 1 clip. Look in the mirror next time you say that because I know you quit a match before. Trolls are ruining the community and forum. That is why the developers refuse to chat on the forum anymore.
  2. Every player has quit a match while playing Friday The 13th: The Game. Whatever the reason may be. I'll explain the lag+rain clip. Match just started and Jason morphs to my spawn area. I was trying to lock the first door and could not interact with it. Jason starts to break down the door. I run to open the other door and could not interact with it either. Then I get teleported back to the first door and it shows I opened it when I never did. That allowed Jason to walk right in and kill me. I could not move or escape. Only heal myself. I was going to get away until the game decided to morph me, automatically open the door and allow him a free kill. Jason still gets the kill if a player quits or disconnects. It was added to the game. The video simply shows issues and bugs with the game. Thanks for taking the time to watch the video.
  3. Finally reached 500 posts.

    @TheButtonMasher I finally reached 500 likes on the forum. šŸ‘ Still working on the 500 multiplayer matches as Jason achievement. Next will be 1,000 likes or 1,000 multiplayer matches as Jason. I wonder what will happen first. Thanks for sticking around on the forum. I remember when this forum was temporarily exclusive for a short time and no one else could join. Then it was available again just like Savini Jason.
  4. @pApA^LeGBa I'm making a list. I'm checking it twice. Going to find out who has been naughty or nice. Santa Claus is coming soon. You won't need the garlic or wooden stake. They don't work on me. I'm immune to sunlight too. Uploaded a new video of bugs and tagged a few members from the forum. I may have won the award for most members tagged in one post.
  5. @havek I looked at the videos of ICP. They are not an official developer for Friday The 13th: The Game. Working on a Friday The 13th project or game for Android. I watched Jason place traps inside a cabin. Jason was able to switch to first person mode. Grab during combat stance. Fast grab while laying down a trap. ICP compared the official part 3 Jason model to a lower detailed Android version that they worked on. Thanks for sharing the link.
  6. @WashingtonJones The overall performance of the game is worse on rain maps. The lag can do that on any map. Rain or no rain. At night I get paired up with hosts outside of North America. That is when I capture some crazy clips. If the game runs at 100ms or lower it runs smooth. 250ms-999ms and the FPS will drop. Try to interact with anything and you get a delay in the input. Sometimes I will teleport to where I last was at 10 to 30 seconds ago. My connection speed is 110 download and 11 upload. The clip with the lag and rain I just started the match. Jason morphed to my location first. I tried to interact with the door and nothing happened. Jason started to hit the door. I ran to open the other door. I was teleported back to the first door and opened it. Jason started to slash me to death. I healed. He grabbed me and I quit. Was annoyed I died because an issue in the game or from lag. I did meet some nice players in quick play in the next lobby that use their mics. The host stayed for 10 matches and never quit. I added them. Had a fun night. @Charlie Chainsaw Yes, Jason getting stunned going through every door that match had me laughing my ass off. Tommy did that to me in 6 cabins. I killed him by the main lodge with 2 minutes left on the clock. I hope the developers take a look at that for Jason's rage mode. Getting stunned multiple times without being able to move needs to be fixed too.
  7. @GunMedia_Ben @ShiftySamurai @lHeartBreakerl @bewareofbears @TheHansonGoons @Tattooey @Brigadius @AldermachXI @Alkavian @DamonD7 @JPops @Kodiak @thatdudescott @NthnButAGoodTime @Tommy86 @Risinggrave @Dolemite @ZooMalfunction @Max Walker @Ghostboy20 @Redrum138 @PlayerAgainstTheMachine @WashingtonJones @Splatterhouse @TheButtonMasher @Charlie Chainsaw @TiffanyCox @Moe9999633 @tyrant666 @BoxingRouge @VoorheesAJollyGoodFellow @RKSDooM @ColdArmy13 @Truth @CPLhicks31 @Maddogg_8121 @Rexfellis @lasse_hei @MichaelMemers @NoOneK9503 @lazerus_86 @Corkenstein @Barbara Ann @Hal Bailman @Alien_Number_Six @Cokeyskunk @Davidt @havek @illchuck @Randygbk New video - Xbox One - 12/9/2017
  8. Jason morphs to the boat. Oh look, it's Jason! I better go say hello. @AldermachXI sneaks in and escapes on the boat. There goes my boat along with any chance of survival @Alkavian
  9. Auto-kick.

    @PlayerAgainstTheMachine Players posted that team killing needed be removed. The developers removed it from quick play and left in killing people with the car. You can team kill in private matches all you want if that's the jelly or jam to your peanut butter. I think what you really want is for the cars not to be able to kill anyone. Only push them out of the way. There are other ways to ruin a match if auto kicking team betrayers was added. I know that all boat exits on every match have an exploit area that Jason can't kill you. You can take 2 objective parts and swim out to a boat exit and wait out the clock for 20 minutes. Take the objective parts and have fun running around a long table for 20 minutes. Crouch walk to get up on furniture and drop parts in areas counselors can't reach. Drop the parts in a 2nd floor bedroom and lock the door and jump out the window. Hide with parts underwater near a bridge on the Jarvis map. Crash the car into the lake. Wreck the boat on land. Set up traps for counselors. Use bugs to fly around the map. Unlimited stamina bugs. Take a car and park it in front of a cabin, barn or archery range. Wait out the clock. A few other options on youtube as well. I'm not saying your idea is bad. Only opening your eyes to possibilities of what players have at their disposal to effectively annihilate the enjoyment of any match.
  10. Hi, Iā€™m ShiftySamurai.

    Welcome to the forum and the team @ShiftySamurai I'm sure you're going to have a rad time.
  11. Auto-kick.

    There is already a penalty for team killing. -1000xp for every player killed. You can quit the game and find a new lobby. I don't want to allow trolls to kick me because a few in a party jumped in front of the car on purpose. I'm level 101. I don't need XP until the new 150 level cap. I watched a troll try to ruin a match working with Jason. I ran him over with the blue car and picked up 3 counselors to escape. They laughed, called me a savage and thanked me. We escaped. Troll and Jason quit.
  12. 2128 hours

    I have 720 hours played on the Xbox One digital version. I only need 2 achievements left for 100%. 500 matches as Jason for multiplayer. (67% complete) 1,000 matches as Jason for multiplayer (33% complete) The 2 achievements are a pain in the ass because we don't have dedicated servers. The host will quit on me every 3 out of 5 matches. Add in bugs and crashing too. More like the hours required to get 100% is over 9,000!
  13. Auto-kick.

    Halo games added a feature that allows a betrayed player to kick the player that killed them or forgive them. Most players would press the kick option without reading the message just to quickly get it off the screen. Trolls would try to get killed by you so they could kick you. I don't want to add anything that allows another player to kick me during a match. That would be annoying just like a host quitting ending the game for everyone. Overwatch added 5 second AFK kicks to all matches. Even if it's humans vs bots on training mode. You get kicked for standing on the objective and not moving for 5 seconds too. You get kicked if you don't ready up and select your character after 10 seconds. What if Friday The 13th kicked you for not moving for 5 seconds? What if you got kicked for not picking your counselor, Jason, perks and ready up in 10 seconds? Blizzard is too damn strict on penalties for Overwatch. Friday The 13th was not designed to be competitive. Don't punish players like its a competitive game.
  14. Breaking tables or sofas

    Watch as part 8 Jason chases me around a long table. Can't touch this. Video 1 Here is another video with part 4 Jason trying to chase me around a long table. He can run but, he can't grab me. @Tattooey @lHeartBreakerl @AldermachXI @Brigadius played in this match. I was playing with experienced players. Video 2 How about doors and windows? @Risinggrave knows those can be a pain in the ass too. Video 3
  15. Please go read this

    Everyday after checking the forum I'll have to remind myself... I like to joke around alot on the forum. Sometimes it's hard to keep track of which voice in my head told which joke. If you like a joke of mine maybe it was from @bewareofbears, @AldermachXI @Tattooey @Alkavian @TheHansonGoons @DamonD7 @lHeartBreakerl @Risinggrave @Brigadius @ColdArmy13 @Truth I can't remember the entire list of voices.