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  1. Looking for someone to help me complete matches as Jason in a private lobby. 1vs1. The Final Chapter is the last achievement for 100%. I am at 80% progress for it. 200 matches to finish Have all badges, Pamela tapes and Tommy tapes. Gamertag is GhostWolfViking Xbox One X Add me and send me message if you are available to help. Thanks.
  2. Convinced quick play is ''quit play''. Jason players quitting every match when they get selected as Jason. They don't understand if they only changed their preference to counselor it would save everybody so much time. Waiting 3 minutes for 1 person who won't ready up, then gets Jason and rage quits immediately is annoying. Repeat at least 5 times before 1 Jason player stays a full game. Meanwhile I am waiting through 20 games of this until I get picked 1 time as Jason. When you see players quitting at the start that want to be Jason you will understand why. Not Jason, quit, search for new lobby. Repeat until Jason. The experience in a nutshell for quickplay grinding for 100%.
  3. Think it's way too easy to knock off Jasons mask and kill him. Needs to be harder to kill him. Tommy knocks off the mask in 1 hit and Sweater girl hits 1 button. No way to break out of the stun.
  4. 178 hours played on Borderlands 3. 100%. It launched September 13th, 2019. 1464 hours played on Friday The 13th for Xbox. 51/52 achievements. 78% for The final chapter. Launched on May 26, 2017 0.01% of Xbox players have unlocked The Final chapter achievement after 2 years of the launch of the game. 1,000 matches as Jason in multiplayer matches. What happens when the servers get shut down? How will we continue to earn progress towards 100% if we don't have the ability to play online? This will eventually happen. Looking for group posts will become harder to find for private matches. All the time sunk into the random Jason selection progress (which is bugged as hell) is the only reason the achievement is difficult to get. It does not require skill. Does not show how good you are as Jason. Only the fact that you sunk an extreme amount of time into an achievement that never should have been that high to begin with. Add in the lawsuit killing off the game earlier then expected too. @mattshotcha I understand the team has limited resources and time and must focus on important issues. Just want to be able to unlock the last achievement when development is officially over and servers are shut down for online play.
  5. Just unlocked 100% achievements on Borderlands 3. Xbox X. System crashes, bugs and all. Meanwhile on Friday The 13th...still grinding away on the final achievement after 2 years of playing. Wonder if I can finish it before the lawsuit ends. 100% πŸ˜‚
  6. Yes, those offline bots on hard are like...''Let's open the same door for 20 minutes and troll Jason with the 13 pocket knifes we all spawn with''. "If that doesn't work I'll hide under a bed for 20 minutes with the broken sense bug''. Forcing Jason to destroy every damn bed and closet on the map in rage mode. Offline bots in a nutshell.
  7. Got my moneys worth out of the game. New games are out and patches are taking too long for Friday The 13th. Bored playing ''lobby simulator'' going for the final achievement. The problem is how long it takes to be selected as Jason. It has an impact on every match that has 2 players quit at the start. Players quitting often as Jason in quickplay. Not setting their preference to counselor only. Not worth the time to quit over and over 10 to 20 matches to Get Jason 1 time. Then repeat that 10 times for 1% progress. πŸ’©πŸ‘Ž No wonder Illfonic moved on to another project. Have fun living on a prayer that the lawsuit will end. Last Friday game we will ever see.
  8. Watched the Predator: Hunting Grounds gameplay. I'm sure the it will be a Playstation 3 exclusive based on how it looks. Indie looking game with dated graphics. Not interested in tree top bugs for soldiers to avoid the predator for 20 minutes. Horror games can be fun. I'm not a fan of recent movies in general. Predictable, politically correct agenda underneath a bad script. Terrible actors, not scary. Always end up skipping through boring sections to speed up the point of a bad movie. That is why you don't often see gamers hyping up horror games. They come and go fast. Just thousands of b quality movies every year. I want quality over quantity. I'll play it as long as it's a great quality game. Burnt out on waisting money on rushed products overhyped by youtubers that have no idea how to play video games. Halloween game could be fun. If they start adding microtransactions, loot boxes, over the top outfits or fortnite bullshit then I say hell no. Keep it simple. Co-op horror game. Match making. Campaign. Offline bots. Don't let Illfonic anywhere near the project. Get some quality developers this time.
  9. Here comes that 9,999 level cap increase to force us to grind for another few years. πŸ˜‚ Wouldn't mind a level increase. It really has no purpose except to get new players saying ''Damn! They are at level 1,000! Let's quit and find a new lobby''. πŸ˜„ I would just grind offline bots to quickly hit the max level during a double xp event. Just like 150.
  10. @Kane78 Yes. I enjoy the social part of it. Finding a good group with mics. I remember everyone using mics at launch. It is fun because most games don't have many players talking or require much communication. Someimes I'll hang in a lobby and help players escape. Have some fun distracting or looping Jason. Only needs a few bugs fixed. Car issues, environmental kills, offline bots. Maybe a few other things. I agree it's a fun game to drink and play with friends.πŸΊπŸ‘
  11. @Kane78 Wait until you are trying to get 1,000 multiplayer matches as Jason completed. The Final Chapter. Hands down the most grindy achievement I have seen in gaming in a long time. Artificially padded because there is no option to play as Jason in quick play whenever you want. I don't bother with private matches. LFG players don't understand 1vs1 achievement grinding. This is why you will always see 1 or 2 players quit at the start of the match. To find a new lobby to try to be Jason. Not very fun to play for 3 to 5 hours as a counselor in quick play and only get selected 1 time. Then during your match as Jason the entire lobby rage quits in 3 minutes or less. I wait for Pinehurst or the Jarvis map to be picked for the boat escape badges or for my chance to be Jason. If it's any other map as a counselor I quit and jump from lobby to lobby. Packanack small for example. Saves more time than playing for hours through 20 minute matches with no achievement progression at level 150. The thrill is gone. Just like a B.B. King song. Got my entertainment out of it. Ready to move on to better games. Can't wait to lift the death curse with the final achievement for 100%.
  12. Wait until Setptember 13th. Silent as a graveyard soon. Borderlands 3 launches. Nothing really new to report that hasn't already been discussed a trillion times already. I have witnessed offline bots sliding around stuck in the flaregun animation. For 5 minutes Tiffany could not interact with doors, windows, items, etc. Finally shot me while I followed her around watching the bug. Cars still have multiple issues. Knives destroying cars. Driver getting stuck with A and can't exit the car. Getting stuck as a passenger and can't exit. Falling through maps with the car. Can't swing a weapon after Jason stops a car and you exit. Aim lock on is another annoying issue in combat stance. Needs to be looked at for Jason and counselors. No reason that a counselor needs to lock on to another counselor in combat stance. Not even to use a med spray. Trying to lock on to Jason with multiple counselors feels clunky as hell when it auto targets everybody but Jason during combat. Trying to free someone from his grab too. I use combat stance with Jason to break down doors. Auto lock on targets counselors through doors and walls at a ridiculous distance. That ''pulls'' Jason away from the door I'm trying to destroy. Targeting a random counselor that was not my intended target while breaking the door. The range needs to be reduced on auto lock on. Entering and exiting combat stance needs to be smoother and easier. Not clunky and a joke to use. Blocking as Jason, etc. Remove auto lock on for counselors being able to lock on to other counselors. Only lock onto Jason at a reasonable range. I know, we have ''top men'' working on bugs. File it away under ''never going to happen'' at the rate patches have released since launch. πŸ˜„ Going for my last few boat badges and the final chapter achievement. 1,000 matches as Jason (77%). Then I'm going to retire this game.
  13. Use Pinehurst or Jarvis map for boat badges. I prefer to be Jason on those maps.15 boat badges left for completion of all badges.
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