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  1. I was in that boat that escaped and It came back to haunt you. Today @TheHansonGoons watched me use my flying halloween bunny suit. I flew over the cabins, trees, water and out of the map. Nope, not today death! 😄
  2. @Thatguyinktown Harry Styles was inspired by my flying abilites for the music video. I was able to fly out of the map. The water areas all have invisible walls. Near the cop exits are how you escape out of the maps. The flying bug is an issue with the cars. You start sliding around like your on ice and then float up. First time this bug has happened to me. It was fun. 😄
  3. @Truth I am great at finding bugs and random problems that crash the game. If you play in a lobby with me expect to see a few bugs. Unofficial beta tester. 😄
  4. Patch Notes - 02.06.18

    @ShiftySamurai All cars have a bug. As a driver if Jason stops the car you can't run away. You get teleported back to the car and Jason gets an easy grab kill. Please fix the issue.
  5. I do enjoy playing the game and the community members on the forum have some excellent players. Started playing as Chad and Part 8 Jason. I'm on Xbox One. Headset with mic. Gamertag is GhostWolfViking
  6. Lost connection to host !

    @King Darius I often get the ''lost connection to host'' error after the host quits the game. It can happen from a lobby with 200ms or higher too. When I look at the host's profile it will show they are on another app. Youtube, netflix, switched games etc.
  7. so now what?

    At launch. After nerfs. After new patch.
  8. He really wants that Pamela tape. Doesn't understand he already has all 20. Can't pick up anymore. 😄
  9. First Look: Single Player Challenges

    Meanwhile on Hitman...
  10. Savini Jason at SP challenges

    Any topic about Savini Jason has a death curse! They are all doomed! ☠⚰🔒
  11. Jason can get stuck in the neck with a pocket knife and immediately get stunned again. Happens less often now with 1 to 3 pocket knives after the patch. After each stun maybe have a cool down before you can stun him again. Happy with the patch for now. Long wait for the engine update.
  12. Double XP

    Happy birthday! 🎂🍕🍻 I'm 32 this month too. Level 150. A few badges left and 4 Tommy tapes to find. Grinding out the 1,000 matches as Jason for 100% on Xbox One. Gamertag is GhostWolfViking
  13. Patch Notes - 02.06.18

    Had a bug on Pinehurst. Climbed through a window and it drained all my stamina. Would not go back up. Got killed.
  14. Hosts that quit as soon as they see they are not Jason and I was selected as Jason. 💩 I seriously hate not having dedicated servers and having to play as a counselor for hours waiting to be Jason. Then get screwed when it's my turn to be Jason. It takes forever to get 1,000 matches as Jason because of this issue and toxic players on Xbox One. This is why I'm starting to not play much anymore. The news about taking longer to update the engine before we can have dedicated servers sucks too. I feel like I have been screwed out of 200+ matches easy as Jason since launch from host quits, disconnects, bugs, crashing, freezing etc. Sometimes I don't like playing in private matches in LFG posts because the host will only pick themselves or their friends to be Jason.
  15. Double XP

    It's my birthday Febuary 12th. 🎂🍕🍺 Can't wait for extra CP I'll never spend! 🎁 The bots are an easy way to grind to level 150 during double xp. 💯%