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  1. Medic vs. Thick Skin

    I use epic versions of both with Vanessa. Allows you to eat glass, tank traps and shit health sprays for 20 minutes.
  2. Skull Objectives & Emote Unlocks

    This will be exclusively for Chad and it can only be used while wearing a speedo. It increases Jason's rage faster if you emote over his face. After chain stunning him to the ground. 😄
  3. @Reyezblood 03 Yes, I have had the bug happen to me many times. I try to grab a counselor. Can't activate anything or if I do they break free. It gives me a kill towards my total kills. Can happen from hitting the kill button rapidly or not having enough room for the kill.
  4. @Caulus I watched your video of your match on PlayStation. When you first grabbed Vanessa the game did not register enough space to activate a kill by the camp fire. You grabbed Vanessa a 2nd time. The game had a bug that allowed her to break free but still gave you a kill towards your total score. The same bug happened when you grabbed another Vanessa player. She was able to escape because of this known bug. You attacked Tommy and gave up when he ran towards the girl with the sweater. Then went to hide out in the water for about 10 minutes. Occasionally checking to see where the other counselors are hiding using sense. Your video does not provide any proof of players cheating or using exploits. What it does show is you had the unfortunate experience of having your match plagued by a few bugs. As a result you decided to hide in the water and then call someone a cheater. This is why naming and shaming is not allowed on forums.
  5. So why does this happen?

    So why players no let me stop car and so kill easily? I always demand to 8/8 every sexy time. They must force eyes to shuts increasing the OP of JaSOON to never see coming. All the speedos of the chads are belong to mother's shack. Sorry, google translator was broken or drunk again. 😄
  6. There is only so much you can do with a fro. Maybe add in his mask to cover up his face. Indie development made easy. 😄
  7. 130% increase for the weekend? I think the zero at the end was added by accident. 😄 13% increase is what it felt like. Up from 1%. I need 4 more Tommy tapes. All I find are Pamela tapes I can't pick up.
  8. AAA developers are all about creating content they think will sell millions of copies. They won't touch something they think won't be financially profitable. Friday The 13th: The Game is an indie game. It runs like everything is underwater. Slow and choppy. Full of bugs. Kane Hodder refusing to run as Jason during his career makes everything feel painfully slower. I understand though. Must be really hard trying to keep your balance while running in platform boots. 😄
  9. Pinehurst small

    No your not blocked. I'm still around. Waiting for ''soon'' to be now for the next patch. 😄
  10. New weapons for consolers?

    We need to be able to throw money at Jason while playing as Chad. Something we all know Chad would do before emote dancing and escaping alone for the achievement. 😄
  11. Skull objective in the single player challenge completed. Killing a counselor after watching them hide inside an open closest. 🏆 Congratulations! You unlocked the Lachappa twerk. 😄 Can't wait to try it out on the new salt mine maps. I hear they are just like the other maps but with 100% extra salt.
  12. Platinum Achieved!!

    @Methodicalize How many hours have you put into the game to reach 100% on PS4? I'm waiting for the next update before I play again. Don't feel like playing as a counselor anymore after 1,000 hours played. Only want to play as Jason until I get my last 2 achievements for 100% on Xbox One.
  13. I played since launch on Xbox One. 1,000 hours played and only 95% for 500 matches as Jason. Play for hours waiting to be Jason. Host quits on me every time it's my turn. No progress towards my last 2 achievements for 100%. Developers keep us waiting with no patches to fix the bugs. Only say soon. You think I want to wait around for another 6 months hoping we will get dedicated servers ''soon''? Then put in another 1,000 hours for 1,000 matches played as Jason to be at 100%? The answer is hell no. Nothing but trolls and Jason teamers every match. The trend will be players who suicide at the start and then quit right after to avoid getting ''salt''. It's an insult to name it salt mines when you won't fix the damn game first. I'm done being a beta tester for this unfinished game. I quit playing it. Even offline mode has terrible bots with bugs. The ''hitman'' challenges are going to have the same issues as offline bots. Playing other games now. Friday The 13th was fun at launch before all the nerfs and stupid dlc.
  14. How do you define trolling?

    Trolling - saying dedicated servers are coming soon. Then adding in something called ''THE SALT MINES'' to replace them. Well played. 😄
  15. We all know from experience we are not going to see an update in April. Shifty even stated that no date was promised. Next major update will happen by October or September 2018. Then the team will disappear for Christmas. Maybe 1 more update after that in 2019. No reason to add dedicated servers. Salt mines are the replacement. Good luck with your next Kickstater game Gun Media and Illfonic. I'm sure you will raise plenty of salt. 😄