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  1. GhostWolfViking

    Why the Lack of Communication

    @NightofthePodcast Lack of communication you say. I'm sure there will be a patch for that coming soon.
  2. GhostWolfViking

    Where are the patches!?

    Coming soon. 😃 Will be nice to finish a match as Jason without the host "losing connection". Rage quitting. Main reason I have not played QP in months. Thinking about grinding another 500 matches as Jason to reach 1,000 online makes my brain explode. Hosts quitting 90% of the time makes the final achievement feel unobtainable.
  3. Chad with tiger speedo. Perks - dance 13% faster while escaping by police, emotes reduce fear by 13%, Increases chance of dying by 13% after escaping in car. Map - Pinehurst I was at the main white house.Jason grabbed me while I was twerking to some oldies by the radio. Colorful unicorn blood exploded out of my tiger speedo prematurely before his machete penetrated me multiple times. New engine couldn't handle that much action or load in my eyebrows. Locked up and gave me a free trip to the home screen.
  4. If you are grabbed without a pocket knife mashing the escape button during a quick kill won't save you.
  5. I have been having sound issues on Xbox One. The music cuts out during multiplayer or offline bots randomly. Stays that way until the match is over. Happens on every map. Sounds will also repeat themselves multiple times or have a delay. Sound issues need to be fixed.
  6. There is always the one player offended by 7 Chads running around in tiger speedos spamming dance emotes. Jason. 😄 I play as Vanessa. I enjoy the speed and can still repair things effectively. Use a perk to slow down the repair mini game. Would not be fun joining a QP lobby late and getting stuck picking a counselor no one wants to play. Lachappa or Shelly. 🤓 I imagine players would quit more often. Seeing how salt is a way of life in Friday The 13th: The Game.
  7. GhostWolfViking

    Increase in crashes

    The instant crashing at the home screen is fixed on Xbox One. The audio bugs, repeating sound issues and sound delays are annoying. Tested offline bots. Always play 2 rounds before laughing at the bugs and quitting the game. The lawsuit news kind of drained any desire to want to keep playing. Every patch reinforces that feeling of not wanting to play anymore. Some stable patches are needed asap.
  8. @Liquid Swordsman I'm still alive. Maybe I should warn the new members about the forum. 😄
  9. @Dolemite Something doesn't quite taste right about this update. Perhaps you haven't tried applying some hot sauce to make it more tolerable to swallow. 😄
  10. GhostWolfViking

    Post Credits Scene.

    It was fun while it was alive. Goodbye @Alkavian
  11. 3 months for Chads face to have no eyebrows and black hair in cut scenes. I would have preferred to have Uber Jason over the ''engine upgrade''. Just read the Killer Puzzle game added new content that was ''hidden'' in the code. After the lawsuit deadline. So why won't Illfonic activate Uber Jason that is already in the game? PC players have videos showing the character was in a playable state.
  12. GhostWolfViking

    Patch Notes - 07.03.18

    Bots take 4 hits before they go into the injured animation. Tested with Savini Jason and a machete. A few bots never went into the injured animation at all after 6 hits. Noticeable delayed sound issues and repeating sound bugs. Pamela saying the intro shack qoute 1 minute into the match. Bots spawn in with objective parts in their hand. Fuse right next to phone box. Have cops called in 30 seconds or less. Bots don't have to search for anything anymore because they spawn with everything at the start. Old bugs still present from older patches. Rainbow/firework blood on pinehurst, etc.
  13. DEADicated servers for Xbox One. Uber Jason would have been nice too. Maybe throw in a Kane Hodder skin for a laugh.
  14. GhostWolfViking

    Bans for standing on unreachable rocks

    Yes, everyone will be given rubber bands to launch at players standing on rock exploits. AFTER the lawsuit is resolved. 😄