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  1. Found this in the news today. "Friday The 13th'' incident. πŸ˜„ https://twitter.com/e_newquaypolice/status/1139789858778562560/photo/1?ref_src=twsrc^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed|twterm^1139789858778562560&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.dailymail.co.uk%2Fwires%2Fpa%2Farticle-7145387%2FKnifeman-wearing-Friday-13th-mask-arrested-Newquay.html https://news.sky.com/story/knifeman-in-friday-the-13th-mask-arrested-after-chasing-people-in-newquay-11742546
  2. @mattshotcha From my experience of playing as Jason I have changed up my play style after some of the patches. His grab ability feels like you lubed up your sweaty palms and are trying to grab a chicken like Rocky Balboa while Mick (mother) talks to you. "If you can catch this thing you can catch greased lighting''...or a lobby full of Vanessas. It starts to make Jason look like a fool when you have high ping and lag in a match. Every character can slow jog him around and laugh while he grabs nothing but air multiple times. Loop him around an object, long table, close doors in his face, loop in and out of windows etc. Not being able to grab a counselor through a window and watch them slowly crawl to safety is funny. Jason can grab people through a window in the movies. Ain't got time for that in a video game. During grab kill animations counselors can hit you multiple times to try to knock your mask off and you can't move until you finish the animation. They have a high chance to stun you right after you regain control and get a few more hits in too. This is why I prefer kill animations that are very fast over using slow animations that leave you open to get attacked for way too long. Not much time after pulling a driver out of a stopped car before another player tries to start it. Save a slow kill for the last survivor. Knives are good to collect. Often miss while in a lobby with lag issues. Save them for when a counselor goes through a window and hit them on the other side. Great for destroying cars with the knife bug. πŸ˜‚ From playing against offline bots that all spawn with 2 or 3 pocket knives I always slash everyone to death now. As grabbing feels goofy missing multiple times in high ping lobbies. Also grinding out 1,000 matches as Jason will have you going for the most effective ways to end a match quickly. I use Savini Jason, with the hedge trimmers. Combat stance attack doors for faster animations with the 1 handed attack. Faster to destroy cabin walls instead of using a 2 handed weapon. Very long shift. The other Jason I'll use is Part 4. Tested out the other Jasons but I don't like how long it takes to destroy doors or slash counselors to death with Thick Skin and Medic. My favorite counselor is Cobra Kai Chad. After testing every counselor 1vs1 against Jason for a few hours. Thick Skin, Marathon, Restful. Can easily keep Jason busy in a 1vs1 situation. How can you lose with a face like this?
  3. @Slasher_Clone I agree. Nothing wrong with the new rage buff. I do just fine with Chad. Enjoy closing doors on Jason while he has rage. Some players don't realize they can smash the door easily in rage mode. Use epic Thick Skin, legendary Marathon, epic Restful perk. Don't panic and run. Take a slow ride, take it easy. You can easily keep Jason busy for 20 minutes or long enough for him to give up and chase someone else. 🐒
  4. The majority of bots spawn with pocket knifes on hard mode. Also with shotguns, med sprays, firecrackers, objective parts. Recently had a match where I had a chad bot spawn by the fuse box with the fuse in his inventory. Crystal Lake map. He repaired it and was running to call the police not even 10 seconds into the match. Morphed on over and start laughing at seeing it already repaired. Slashed him 9 times with Savini Jason. Arms went flying. Think the bots have a buff to them combined with the perks. Maybe different values to their perks compared to multiplayer.
  5. The webpage has been removed. Lesson of the day. Posting on Reddit gets a faster response than posting on the official forum for the game. πŸ˜‚
  6. This is legit. It is free on Xbox. Same way I picked up Savini Jason on Microsoft's store website. There are alternative ways to get all the DLC content too. Ebay method, etc. It can be permanently activated to another account from a main account that owns it. No gamesharing required on Xbox.
  7. @mattshotcha Xbox One X. QP. Player camera locks up facing 1 direction. Can't move the camera. Counselor can move around. Can't interact with anything during the bug or pick up items as a counselor. Higgins Haven. Weird counselor audio bugs. Broken audio sounds from Chad start looping non stop. Weapons and items in hands disappear. Only see the item when dropped on the ground.
  8. Found players teaming up with Jason 5 matches in a row tonight. Ran them all over with the 4 seater with Cobrai Kai Chad. I could hear them in game chat trying to body block me for Jason. Good thing I collected the keys first. No mercy.
  9. @Jason Todd Voorhees Breaking news...courtroom footage of the settlement. πŸ˜‚
  10. @mattshotcha The achievement for 1,000 matches takes forever because of the very low chance to get selected as Jason. Most players don't want to help you grind 1 vs 1 in a private match. Taking turns as Jason. If you grind for hours doing that you only get 1% towards your progress. Maybe 2%. In QP 1 out 10 matches or more you get picked as Jason. Now Repeat that 500 matches for 1 achievement. Then 500 more to reach 1,000 for 100% completion. Would have been great to have the option to always play as Jason on multiplayer. To help complete achievements without putting in 2000 hours because the low chance to be selected. Currently at 56% for 1,000 matches as Jason. 1,200 hours played on Xbox. Here are a few options. 1. They can edit the achievements and reduce the amount needed. 250, 500 2. Add in an option like Dead By Daylight to always play as the killer. 3. Allow the achievements to count towards matches as Jason for offline bots and multiplayer matches.
  11. The Baby Ruth candy bar. Would be an alternative weapon to stun Jason if he grabs you. Can be thrown at him too.
  12. You had me laughing at "unlawfully banned". Immediately thought of this...πŸ˜‚
  13. I play both Friday The 13th and started playing Dead By Daylight. Can see why the forum activity has died down. Never played a match with you before. Can't miss someone you never knew. πŸ˜‰
  14. First time I have played it Dead By Daylight. I like that it has the option to play as a killer whenever I want. Friday The 13th is fun. It has changed into something that is not scary at all. Jason was way more powerful at launch. Witness many players qutting (Jason included) before a match is even halfway completed. Leave before they get killed. Have heard players say ''I don't want to play as Jason''. They have their preference set to Jason and never change it to counselor. They quit right at the start of the match. Meanwhile I have been patiently waiting to play Jason for hours. Going for my last achievement. Try to escape or help others in Quickplay. Most often it becomes a match of ''nothing is going to get fixed'' so lets all jump through windows for 20 minutes. I wish it had the option to play as Jason whenever I wanted in multiplayer just like Dead By Daylight has. To get the 1,000 matches completed without taking an eternity to complete it. Only having a very small chance to get picked as Jason. Both games have their pros and cons. The lawsuit is obviously never going to end leaving FT13th stuck inside an early grave unfortunately. It has been 2 years and many bugs still remain. Will chad's face ever get fixed in the intro cutscene and get some damn eyebrows? Rainbow sparkle effects on Pinehurst because they are always after Jason's lucky charms? Victora getting butt implants yet only wears baggy blue pajama pants? Defeating the purpose of having a bigger butt. Counselors having access to a modern GPS map app and telling Jason your location? Wait I thought this was the 80's? Jedi mind tricks. These are not the smart phones you are looking for...find the fuse Chad. How do they know where my location is 24/7 but can't google map where the car parts are? Who comes to camp to kick some ass and rescue people but only brings 1 bullet, some hair spray and a dull pocket knife? As funny as Friday The 13th can be I like it for what it is. A goofy parody slasher game. I just don't expect it to be magically fixed in the next year or two. Perfect example of after the new patch. Does this look like The Friday The 13th movie experience for the game? πŸ˜‚
  15. Dead By Daylight has been added to Xbox Gamepass. Think I'll play that for now. Friday The 13th is busy working on those ''hotfixes'' for the next year. We willl all be lucky if we don't get cars or boats on the roof of cabins next patch. πŸ˜‚
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