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  1. This is actually a BAD memory & about to become deja vu reality again very soon: 😠😠😠
  2. @mattshotcha With the game going back to P2P server setup soon, will we see a return of the salt mines for frequent bad sport conduct like there supposedly was at one point in time?
  3. Could you be a little more specific, like: Which console/ PC? Audio not synchronized with animations or happening at all? Performance dips or problems (fps drops or inconsistent input lag)? Any sort of clipping by the bots through objects? Personally, I haven't played the challenges (on PS4) in a while, but last time I did, each time I loaded a different challenge, the audio/ video was erratic with how consistent or inconsistent it was synced. Loading X challenge (X as in any challenge) would load a bit off sync, but reloading the same challenge would suddenly be perfectly synced. Some challenges were a bit worse than others, though (the one intro with Mitch & AJ in the kitchen at Higgins would always be off, sometimes a second behind the video, sometimes 5+ seconds behind).
  4. "Windows Escape in Cabins Removed in new update"... And the reason?
  5. Total exploits. The only people who will say they aren't are the people who use and abuse those types of things constantly. If these were to be patched out, these players would most likely quit playing because their playstyle is ruined and they can't handle a game where you are EXPECTED to die more often than not as a counselor or need even more of an advantage as Jason than the average player. If they can't cheat or make a joke out of the game or Jason player, their "fun" and "skill" is tanked. It's not meant to be fun, only to create a disadvantage for the Jason player and troll for views on their channels/videos. If people weren't so eager to cheat, these kind of players wouldn't exist or stick around (and if these exploits didn't exist in the first place, it'd never be a problem). These people are exactly why I never played any other tournaments or league games after my first since they all do this shit (not JUST slides or double-tapping doors, but anything else exploitable), even in a competitive matchup.
  6. Definitely made for good matches @Vaderspupil. With just a few more people or a full lobby, these toggles for private matches will rejuvenate my desire to play more often. Only things I really feel need fixing now are vehicle bugs and getting deep into the combat mechanics and eliminate exploits many people use and abuse. @mattshotcha, are there plans to look into combat related bugs (like teleporting when attacking or using a spray)? Keep in mind, the teleporting is related to exploiting button inputs and not latency/ connection issues.
  7. If that was yesterday, that could possibly have been me. First and only match I got into had people teleporting during melee attacks and spray animations. I just quit about 3 or 4 minutes in after seeing that half the lobby was doing this. Otherwise, I hadn't played in well over two months, and was waiting for the environmental bug fix. After that display, though, it sullied my urge to check what was fixed or try out any private games.
  8. This happened a long while ago... https://youtu.be/LhfamjULHvM
  9. Sounds like someone is determined to have a dick measuring contest. And, again, how many times do I have to say that I have never claimed to be a pro?
  10. What, did you think I was lying when you posted this back in June ? Thank you @malloymk and @Shadesofjoe. And just as we've all said, performance of the game (and by extension, playerbase) had gotten leagues worse after that time. Now all anyone does, aside from the minor fair players, is glitch/exploit and say you need to "adapt" using their "tech". Adapting to new mechanics or new VS old stat values is one thing, but "adapting" to use and abuse numerous bugs in the game is NOT the sign of a good/better player. Anyone who is using exploits ON TOP of the broken TS/Med/Hypo combo really has no room to talk about skill level or being even a half decent player. Take away those toys and see how good you really are without them.
  11. I HAVE experienced this bug, but not after doing the buffer. I usually drop all items and then pick them back up (pk, spray/anything else, firecrackers) and haven't had problems since. Maybe that's the trick, drop and pick back up, if anyone doing the buffer is having their pk vanish.
  12. No, no, and no. Out of those three, Blumhouse would be the better choice but I still don't trust them based on their majority of movies being very so-so or bad (especially the ones made for Hulu). Given, Halloween was great, but that was because you had writers with a good idea that LOVED the original(s) but wanted to right the ship that became erratic over the course of the mid 80's-2000's with their idea. So: 1. Blumhouse- Better choice, but not so great track record. 2. Lebron - Absolutely not, no matter how interested he would be, especially in the way you suggested. We don't need MORE gender/race swapping going on. Enough of that going on everywhere as is (this PC/pandering agenda is really out of hand ). 3. Rob Zombie - He would be better off making an original idea than taking another established franchise and making "his version". Disliked nearly everything he did with Halloween (although the mask wasn't too shabby VS everything after the original Halloween II), and don't get me started on HIS H2. DEAR GOD what a bad film! I personally don't have any candidates to offer up because I don't trust anyone to do justice to the franchise as a whole anymore.
  13. I'm guessing that is a jab at me. Look, I have never said I was the best. Other people talk highly of me because of how I have always played. Never used glitches or exploits, never do animation cancels (exploit), never had an ego about playing well/ not well, and never talked shit to anyone unless they came at me unprovoked. I don't take part in the pissing contest that everyone else seems to enjoy, I just wanna kill people. And @malloymk in particular speaks highly of me because we won the first tournament that the game ever had (to my knowledge, at least) and according to him, @Shadesofjoe, and everyone else on the team, it was because of me wiping out the kill squads in a point-based setup (where certain actions gave more points than just solely "Kill Jason") in conjunction with my team who kicked ass doing objectives while avoiding death in nearly all their matches on their side of the game. This was all before the game had various negative impact bugs introduced shortly after the Engine Update. The game then isn't what the game is now. Unless the Jason player was inexperienced, this was before everyone could make a joke out of the killer in his own game.
  14. You are so wrong and clueless... Is this you:? @lasse_hei, @Redrum138, @pioneer67fkd, @ikarikh and plenty others can vouch for me.
  15. Agreed. I found out late in the Backerkit cycle but made the deadline to be a backer of the game and got Savini before we ever even knew what he was. They really need to remove that stupid "Harassment will not be tolerated" and replace it with "Savini Jason will NOT be added or sold!". You get this same question/"solution" every other goddamn day and people just never learn or listen, no matter how many times it is OFFICIALLY stated as a "no" or "never". If someone has some mild experience photoshopping, make a pic with the close-up shot of Savini Jason with the red circle and line across ala Ghostbusters.
  16. For me, getting all trophies/ achievements tells me I did everything there is in the game (I'm usually a completionist), though some games allow you to cut corners or mostly view or interact with everything. Other games become a grind, and for single player games, that is fine since you can do it at your own pace. But these "X amount of matches played" puts you in a bad spot. You are at the mercy of either the game itself (and when it has bugs that disconnect you or don't track properly such as F13) or, worse, the whim of shitty random players who either disconnect to screw you over or are just plain bad sports COMBINED with buggy server issues, it becomes a nightmare to legit play matches. Example: last night I played with a few friends (such as @lasse_hei and @Redrum138) and a few others. My turn as Jason came up and I was wiping the floor with the lobby, when suddenly one of our party members had a connection error boot him from the party and match, and about 30 seconds later our entire party was backed out to the main menu. That not only killed my want to play anymore, but also doesn't count towards my 1,000 matches played as Jason, so I can understand someone, as a completionist, wanting to do quick but fun 1vs1 matches because of situations such as that. By the way, @mattshotcha, could the team PLEASE investigate that situation I described (when in a party and playing a match, if anyone has a connection problem that boots them, the entire party is forced out as well (party leader isn't necessarily the one with the connection problem, yet they are booted together with the party as well)?
  17. @mattshotcha Given that attributes such as Stealth, Strength, Fear, and Composure could use a bit of reworking/ touch-up, I felt that this idea may be easier to implement. Now, I know I am one of very few who would want certain things made harder for counselor play, but also know how much people rely on these damned afterthought perks. As stated back when Illfonic had their presentation on working on the game, when perks came up, they said it was an afterthought addition and their impact to gameplay would be minimal (and as time has told, they are the ONLY thing the players have focused on). The amount of work to change up how they work and what they do would take quite a while to put together properly, so instead I came up with two ideas (I fully expect to hear contrary criticism, especially with these just off the top of my head) : 1. Bring down the total +% on perks. Nothing exceeding a +10% or +15% on anything. This would help mitigate situations where, say, someone running TS could just tank a trap and run off with no negative impact (other than alerting Jason, but this is usually done by Chads/Vanessas who run off instantly anyway) and no need to heal. Make these situations an actual choice: Do I tank a trap and help the team, or leave it for someone else to tank/pk disable it? 2a. Make every tier of the perks REQUIRE a -% and make -1% the lowest possible (no more 0% impact on perks.) Go as high as the highest +% could go (with this still being determined by RNG). With only a handful of perks being used by a vast majority of players, these mandatory -%'s could help shake up playstyles and matches overall. 2b. (This one may be the least wanted by players and is harsher than 2a) Have each perks +% be met with an equal -% (say a +10% to TS also has a -10% to its negative side). Have these perks and their side effects actually mean/do something.
  18. @Fair Play Considering the PC version was running off the build without the roof fix for a while, in this instance, yes. This update fixed the problems that came with the roof fix (shift & animation cancel) but none of the other individual bugs (such as the bots on Jarvis not moving). So PC users now have the problem with bots that they hadn't had until this update.
  19. Not surprised. As this patch is a newer version of the previous one, and the focus was ONLY on fixing animation cancelling and Shift issues brought up by it, all problems from the last version were definitely going to be carried over. Problem now is what new issues are people seeing after this "stinker tinker time"?
  20. I agree about having some dedicated players test out each new patch BEFORE sending out for cert, but it probably could only be done for PC (I don't think patches can be easily handled on consoles to have private public builds for some people and not others, unlike PC). And since some problems (according to some earlier posts by @mattshotcha) are platform centric, one fix on PC doesn't equal a fix on PS4/XO/ (eventually) Switch, making the situation that much harder to deal with. I'd gladly volunteer as a PS4 tester, but knowing their stance on patch testing basically being internal only (or just a super small and unknown handful of playtester(s)), I guess I'll be limiting my playtime from now on until the game is in an ACCEPTABLE playable state for a 2+ year old game that has been worked on since release, or I outright stop playing because of the headaches each update brings with it... Whichever comes first. As for the testing itself, I thought we were past all this. These simple flubs that got by could almost CERTAINLY be found by a live playtester, but it feels like we are back to the "simulated" tests that just run commands and not actual, hands-on, testing LOOKING for any problems. So which is it: play tested by people or programmed, simulated tests?
  21. Unless there is a new audio bug, the only reasonable reason you probably don't hear it is with the multiple layers of SFX happening at once. Since they decided to add the boat start-up sound, I always hear it when it's started, but muffled when things are happening (breaking doors/windows, counselors screaming/dying, music level drowning out the audio cues, thunderstorms, etc). I STILL think, though, that vehicles that get perfect repairs (no fails on any parts during skill checks) should get silent start-ups. Jason doesn't hear a dial tone when the phone call to the police starts after a stealthy repair to the box, so why not apply that to vehicles as well? Would help a bit with the stealth element for repair/quiet counselors.
  22. What ever happened to that? Was there a solid reason given why he wasn't/ still isn't in the game as a separate Jason select if he was worked on for so long? Wouldn't THAT have been within the code and finished by/before their deadline, unlike Uber, Grendal, and the kill packs?
  23. @mattshotcha As @Jason Todd Voorhees inquired, will this upcoming patch strictly be for these roof/inaccessible area fixes or will there be a few other fixes/improvements as well (that you KNOW you can speak of)?
  24. For me, across the board, I have Restful on everyone (or almost everyone). Then it varies from counselor to counselor. Most have Marathon and a sense avoidance perk, or, in the case of characters Chad and Victoria, My Dads A Cop (sort of like the perk is in place for a lite RPG element). I despise this "meta" that the majority of the community swears by with TS/Medic/Hypo. I like my games to reflect the horror and survival aspects of what the game is geared towards. Having just Thick Skinned, to me, takes away from the thrill of just barely escaping or just making it to another cabin if Jason is in pursuit (and possibly, but not always, breaks off to chase someone else) & combining it with Medic and/or Hypo takes me right out of the feeling entirely (like tanking a trap and not even needing to spray is an insult to the heart of the game, to ME anyway) . There should be set + and -, no high/low percentages, to each perk so there is no overpowered loadouts. As is right now, I've been playing with the idea of absolutely NO perks on anyone (and I know I'm not the first to do so or alone on this). Puts me at a severe disadvantage VS everyone else, but I'm a purist in the sense of loving the cat & mouse chase and if I'm caught, well, there's always next match. Don't want or need handicaps to put myself ahead of others/ Jason.
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