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  1. After putting up with either stupidity, cheating, or outright bad sportsmanship from most random players for soooo long, I will admit, I no longer seek to help others as much any more as I once did. I have a clip of a recent incident with admitted party chat users (as Jason & the other a counselor) trying to 1-up the lobby, but I got out instead:
  2. Hey man, thanks for the name drop... Oh, wait...
  3. Noob Trend #684: Setting a counselor beartrap EXACTLY where you picked it up. Noob Trend #685: Run into a large cabin, barricade the door, search nearby drawers, then jump out a window leaving the rest of the cabin unchecked/unlocked. Noob Trend #686: Start up a car, drive up to someone being pursued by Jason just a few feet away, and stop to let them in... RIGHT NEXT TO JASON!
  4. On topic - Just as I did with the P2P setup, when searching for a room, cancel the search after 1:30 and start a new search a few seconds after canceling. It usually works for me when it takes too long. 2 minute wait is the MAX you should let it search. Any longer and you may be put into overseas servers. Off topic - @kohagan Were you in a match with me on Saturday? Either you or someone with a similar name tried trolling me (rank 150, also had Savini). Start of the match I come across a Vanessa dragging her tw@ across a broken window trying to suicide before I got them. Then later in the match, same person comes back as Tommy, tries wasting my time (lure, baseball bat strike, teabag, repeat) but I periodically morph away and kill remaining players. When I come back to Tommy, who is injured and limping, he is in a cabin with someone else and is setting up a beartrap, then proceeds to step in it and die. Pretty lame showing from a player who has played long enough AND is in control of the "hero". Edit: @badassgixxer05 Exactly! I expect children to do that, yet, even with the increase of PS+ players of all ages, it seems to be the "older" crowd (17-30+ year olds) that can't seem to either finish a match without doing something like suicides or outright quits OR stop from rage-induced shit talking after being killed (and don't know when to shut the fuck up). @kohagan Good on you! At least now I know I'm not the only one.
  5. These I agree with. They are also why I try to put logic to my statements. The game should do one of three things. Either: A. Start up sounds for all vehicles (because why would he only hear a car start up across the map?) B. NO start up sounds for ANY vehicles, unless within proximity (again, how or why would he hear ANYTHING start up if it is nowhere near?) C. Implement some sort of risk/reward to the repair meta, so if a fail happens to a vehicle OF COURSE Jasons attention will be alerted to it via the failure SFX. Otherwise, if all repairs were silent, a silent start up is rewarded for doing so. It makes it as a choice/skill in one, as in "Do I lure Jason away from ____ by failing a check DELIBERATELY, or try to get everything in stealthily and get the fuck out unnoticed?" THAT is the kind of choice I want to have to be made (as I suggested, yet instead... My idea is your opinion is horrible.)
  6. Shifting through firecrackers have never stopped/stunned Jason. Only if he walks into or ends his Shift inside the cracker radius will he get stunned. That has always been a more experienced Jason users technique versus someone one the other side of a door, trying to bait Jason into a trap or firecracker stuns.
  7. Just thought of an idea that could have worked if there wasn't this unknown of officially off-limits game changes as of now, but as a trade-off to this whole complaint, if ANY skill checks are missed for ANY vehicle while repairing, then a sound cue for starting up happens. If there are NO MISSED checks during repairs, a vehicle can silently start up. Fair?
  8. That is the risk of taking the boat. More direct and less obstructions to the exit, yet vulnerable if caught. I don't see the problem. I want this to be a HORROR game, so anything to make that faux feeling of survival a bit more intense I'm all for. Just like the movies (aside from hearing his prox music in the game) it emphasizes that Jason could potentially be ANYWHERE at ANY TIME. I LOVE THAT! An objective item in the bottom of the lake or glitched into the terrain makes the objectives obsolete. A sound cue just makes you (as a counselor) a much more favorable target, but not a 100% guaranteed death (dependant on the Jason players skill/ attention/ intention). Again, a non-issue that only bothers people who want to "win" (as in (and not to say YOU sspecifically) playing in the mindset of a FPS, needing to win because anything less is a strike against your game skills AND your social standing in real life (for fucks sake, I hate social media)) . I want to survive by the "Skin O' My Teeth" or BRUTALLY die trying. @malloymk (Keep in mind, this isn't an angry tag.) I won't keep this up. I wouldn't be able to convince you this is a positive just as you can't convince me it's a negative. Agree to disagree & that's that, I guess.
  9. The sound should have always been there, even if Big Bens opinion says otherwise. If Jason can hear a car start from any distance, it stands to reason that a boat will too. This is a non-issue that shouldn't upset anyone. More power to Jason and more of a challenge for counselors, EXACTLY how it should be. The alerts, to me, were never the problem... It was the Morph grid layout. A car or boat could easily escape if the game decided to put you some distance off the area you chose on the Morph map, and it happens a lot if you try getting ahead of the boat on Pinehurst near the bottleneck on the West between the exit and that nearest bridge. It won't put you between the exit and bridge, but instead will put you up on land away from the bridge or in the water some distance EAST of that Western bridge.
  10. RustInPeace

    Rate/review the last non-horror film you watched

    No love for Terror Firmer? And while on the Troma subject, if anyone hasn't seen either Orgasmo or Slither should check those out too. Not only do the makers of both respect Troma, but Lloyd has cameos in each.... OH!!! Don't forget Cannibal: The Musical (also by Matt & Trey). I'll leave these here for you to chew on:
  11. RustInPeace

    Rate/review the last non-horror film you watched

    Not gonna rate or review, just suggest. Currently (although I've seen it before) I am watching The Raid: Redemption. It is an awesome action flick where every other physical hit (or stab, kick, shot, slam, etc.) makes you say "OOHHH!" out loud.
  12. This is correct. This is not. By your own admission in past threads, you have said you do not play as much as the average player (at least compared to a LOT of us on this forum). There are so many instances I can recall, AND have recorded, of bugs and glitches that only a masochist would endure them so frequently (and MANY of us, including myself, are guilty of being those gluttons for punishment... at least for the first 6-8 months). I have since taken a few breaks from the game here and there so it doesn't drive me crazy or have me become one of these drama queens who MUST post here after EVERY. SINGLE. BAD. MATCH. If I get disconnected up to 3 times (either drops or host quits) or experience ANY sort of bugs such as lockup problems, I find a new lobby & if the same bug occurs, I stop playing and pop something else in if I don't outright sign off.
  13. It's comments like this that, even if not meaning to, keep me hopeful for the SUPER-DUPER UNLIKELY possibility of continued content in the future (obviously knowing the whole deal with the lawsuit, Wes' premature comment (how I see it) on no future content, and the dwindling confidence by the players). It's a 99% pessimistic view (or reality) in my mind, holding the life support "plug" of that remaining 1%, but anything could happen, that's why I haven't written off the game or devs juuuust yet. Less playing and forum visiting until worthwhile improvements are made, but not complete dismissal.
  14. RustInPeace

    Project Méliès (new gun media game)