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  1. So, @mattshotcha, can you confirm with the team whether Rage goes into effect when the icon turns red (in which case, this video shows a bug), or is it when the on-screen text pops up (like @Redrum138 & @SteadyGosling pointed out)?
  2. @mattshotcha (and everyone in general) Is this a bug or intentional? The flare stuns Jason AFTER the Rage icon in the corner turns red, but BEFORE the on-screen text appears.
  3. This is the game mode we were describing in that other thread (I believe it was the "Looking for Players PS4"). This was a really fun mode to play. We've also played a "1 Life to Live" version of this with 6 players (5vs1). Each counselor has only one life before they are permanently eliminated. This goes on to Part V instead of Part IX. @pioneer67fkd won his hand as Jason during that run against @Redrum138, @lasse_hei, @Vaderspupil, another friend, and myself. Very tense and fun knowing you can lose your best counselors through this gauntlet.
  4. That is no big deal. Knowledge of the game and what to do is more important than actual execution (since you possibly could be the first or last to die OR escape based solely on luck of where Jasons priorities are). I've had plenty of matches with terrible luck for me, dying within the first few minutes because of where I spawn in & where Jason morphs first. It might be slightly disheartening to go so soon, but I also love that random aspect. I'd rather die trying to survive 9/10 times than easily survive 9/10 (and I enjoy spectating the rest of the match when things are getting done/ everyone is getting slaughtered). We're already on each others lists. Hope to see you online sometime & we'll (hopefully with a good group of players) have a blast. Hell, maybe, if it's a weekend with a better chance of getting a party together, we'll get you into a few matches of the Movie Marathon with @lasse_hei, @Vaderspupil, @Redrum138, and others we frequently play with. Even if we don't get the chance, thanks for at least responding with the potential to party up.
  5. @bryanp3692 (and anyone else interested) Using the video Red made as a reference, the Movie Marathon is basically recreating certain situations and characters (based on their movie counterparts or characters similar to them) from the movies. You still play normally as a counselor, but there are certain stipulations, such as which characters can be used for that "movie" (no duplicate counselors during a match, with exceptions like Pt.4 and the twins), starting with Pt.2 @ Packanack and going all the way to Pt.9 (represented by Pinehurst). Each "movie" for each Jason plays on their movie-based map (until you get to Pt.6 where we reuse maps to represent the maps the devs never developed). Each map contains certain "special" kills designated to be preformed on certain characters & sometimes in certain areas of the map to represent iconic kills from each film on their movie counterpart (example: AJ would rep Violet in Pt.5, and the kill may have to happen in her bedroom). Which kills are special and whatnot are chosen by Red (though this is all still being fine tuned).9. (This may need to be explained by @Redrum138 better) Counselor use is based on X amount of lives (we originally did it with a 3 lives limit, but may have dropped it to 2 to make the mode play out faster than it originally took us & really emphasizes the pressure to survive a match, otherwise the marathon won't last until Pt.9). When a counselor dies on, say Pt.2, that character is not allowed to be used again until their "brother or sister" comes in to avenge their death in Pt.4 (a "movie" in-between deaths to make sure no reusing of the same character who just died the previous "movie"). The overall point to this (aside from giving people a fan-made custom "mode" to freshen the game up) is to see which Jason player can kill all counselors BEFORE reaching Pt.9......... Did I get all that right, Red?
  6. Heads up to all of you ( @mike-hannigan, @HaHaTrumpWon, @Slasher_Clone, @bryanp3692)... it's 3:47 pm EST and @Redrum138, myself, and others we frequently play with are looking to group up very shortly, possibly to do Reds "Movie Marathon". If you want to join, send friend requests & we'll send invites.
  7. Must be from a more recent attempt at a tournament. Many of them allow the counselors to use either certain exploits or ALL of them, and that is the furthest thing from any possible competitive play. None of that took place during any of our matches. Straight up objective pushing and comms all the way from us and all teams involved. Aside from the bugs, all the problems come from streamers and casual dildos exhibiting poor gameplay skills and instead show off how to do all the hated stuff (roof glitches, sliding, etc...). I just hope Black Tower can get this game straightened out (but I don't expect much, and that's not a jab at them specifically... Multiple developers and the game is still in an almost "alpha/beta" stage with things that should have been fixed WAY before release was in sight). I TOTALLY would be on board with a Hardcore mode that limits certain things and adds more of a challenge, and I AM a purist for the original intention of the game (a challenging survival cat & mouse game, not this CoD-lite perk based bs).
  8. @Slasher_Clone I have you on my list but almost never see you online (but you apparently live here). If you're online on weekends or later in the week (usually between 5-7 pm EST) you'd be able to hop in with @lasse_hei, @Vaderspupil, @Redrum138, and others we frequently play with. Weekends are a better bet to have a full or close to full group. Same goes for you two as well, @HaHaTrumpWon & @mike-hannigan, so long as you follow simple conduct (no glitching/exploiting in ANY way, and if a grab or environmental bugs out, don't run off and take your death like a champ... That is basically it.). If you want to add me, PSN ID is the same as here, just add a 13 to the end of my name & MAKE SURE you put your forum name in your friend request so I know who it is. I DO NOT add blank requests, someone I only met or played with once without knowing how they play (want team players, not lone wolves), or people I know who just glitch and abuse this or any games... And while I'm at it, @mattshotcha, I know I may be hounding you, sending a similar text to your PSN ID, but, of you're ever on your PS4, join us!
  9. This exactly. Since that tournament, the amount, frequency, and severity of in-game bugs has gotten to a point that, for me, there is absolutely no reason to try these current attempts at tournaments (on top of most teams being filled with cheaters and exploiters, and most of these tourneys are fine with multiple use of glitches or exploits such as sliding and the like). Plus, none us feel the need to boast constantly (another thing these "teams" do on shit like Facebook or Twitter, while they stream how to/ how much they abuse the game).
  10. I was The Scream Teams Jason for that tournament, Counselor Conquest. With the point system that was used to score how well each team was at pushing/ completing objectives and communication, combined with how our dedicated team of counselors tackled objectives and kept each other teams Jason constantly moving when either a deliberate trap was tripped as a lure or how stealthily vehicles got repaired or cops were called, all I had to do was play as I normally do. As Jason, constantly listen for sound cues by trap alerts and such or play "goalie" with objectives, all the while keeping pressure up on anyone I chased or baited into missed attacks on me. Since people thought going for the Jason kill early was a good idea, almost no objectives were completed by most teams, and each attempt failed on their parts. Each team had all of their players killed in every match I played as Jason, absolutely no escapes, and maybe Tommy called once or twice (calling Tommy had a point value, as did each completed vehicle repair, police call, and so on). I don't remember the scores we got VS each team, but maybe @malloymk or @Shadesofjoe possibly had written them down. We got a trophy (which @malloymkhad posted once before) and I got a Part IV Jason mask signed by Ted White. I'd post the pic, but the damn file is too large and I couldn't post it properly. Keep in mind, this was around the time the game was functionally at its best (I believe around the Oct./ Part IV patch). In-game performance and quality has such a huge impact on not just enjoyment levels, but having a complete and bug-free match more often than not, that's basically why, sadly, most of the team has split up for DbD. Edit: It was @Shadesofjoe who posted the trophy pic. Here is the link Edit #2: Here was my topic created shortly after the tournament was over. There are some rundowns of what transpired posted in there... Looks like I can't link the post because its too old...? It was titled "Counselor Conquest... CONQUERED!"
  11. @mattshotcha @Official_Adam_W Which system are you playing on? I haven't personally experienced this on PS4 (though that doesn't mean it doesn't happen), so maybe it is a system specific problem (like mic setting or something deeper on a PC).
  12. HAHAHA! I won! It was a very fun player-made mode, killing everyone with unique ideas for "special kills" on certain characters to represent better known kills from each movie (even though it took about 2 or more weeks to finally get enough people together to finish it after leaving off after Part IV).
  13. Regardless of how up to date the page is, or if they no longer track the data, my point still stands that I believe that idea was what @lapamivverh was referring to. That is all. Until he responds with a yes or no, I assume that was what he means. If its on the trophy side, that is up to Sony to update their trophy tracking data (which apparently IS an idea that was/is possible in a future firmware update). If its in-game, that's up to the devs with their "high/low priority" and more than likely will NOT be added.
  14. I'm pretty positive they DO keep the stats tracked. Otherwise, what is the "Player Highlights" on the games official page? They pick a player and post certain stats about their progress. Look down the main page: http://f13game.com/
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