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  1. Share Your Experiences

    At the rate this is going, I'll be the only one playing this game anymore by the time anything worthwhile gets fixed or added. Nice to see numerous people jumping ship in clusters.
  2. Share Your Experiences

    Just avoid Quick Play until the dedi are here. You could still join us when in private games if you'd like.
  3. 3,2,1... MORPH! (It was fun, even though we didn't catch you).
  4. Playing Jason has become too easy and boring

    I already threw down the gauntlet. I named myself and I believe 9 other people who could easily take up his challenge, yet his rebuttal was a lack of reading comprehension. He challenged anyone to a quick play match with randoms against him as Jason, so I list names to answer the call. He reads it as me and everyone I listed as a group against him instead. Between this guy and his ego, to the people like J.J. who do nothing but complain... I'm not saying people shouldn't have an opinion... I'm saying some people shouldn't have hands.
  5. God, you are just as bad as this kid! Take a hike, hatchet face!
  6. Playing Jason has become too easy and boring

    Ok, shit talker. Here we go: (including myself), @malloymk, @Vaderspupil, @Cokeyskunk, @j03audette, @pioneer67fkd, @Bisconia, @Maddogg_8121, @hu_soldier13, or @Shadesofjoe would gladly take you up on that challenge. I'd even go as far as to bet the loser never comes back to the forum, but have a feeling you wouldn't hold up your end if you agreed.
  7. Is this a known bug?

    If you were spectating (most likely entering an active match) a lot of objects are off. Doors or windows don't appear to be there until interacted with by either Jason or the person currently being spectated, a doorway with a busted door (which has a player run through that doorway) makes it look like the counselor Hulk smashed the door while running, as well as repaired cars looking exactly as you described (hood up yet being driven around), audio cues are off time or wrong... Lots of little things
  8. Wow what a baby!

    Well, duh, play more matches and less complaining on the forum. Well, duh, the devs have said Savini Jason will NOT be released to the public, regardless of the leaks that occurred, no matter the amount of hope you or all the other parrots have. We all had an ample amount of time (plus the leak) to get him. If you missed it, there is nothing to really tell you other than "Sorry, but you're shit out of luck". Well, duh, we could all use a lot less snarkey responses when trying to talk to you.
  9. They may not be the best of all my experiences, but I just had two very quick matches with a few friends running some QP:
  10. It's something that was set up on Facebook but I don't personally use it (ask @malloymk, he knows more about it).
  11. I kinda need to be online to get some games in before next weeks tourney. Bots just doesn't cut it for potential live situations. I'll be online for a little while shortly, and yes, most likely on/off Saturday and Sunday.
  12. Make Roy Green Again

    Which now begs the question: Does Roy now have double the amount of skins (blue +all blood variants AND green + all blood variants) or will this only be a new single skin swap (meaning all blue + bloody variants and one single green swap)?
  13. Alright. The newest PS4 update is out with the supersampling option. I am playing on a Sony Bravia 50" 1080p display running on a PS4 Pro. With both supersampling and Boost Mode turned on and tested on a few bot matches, the game runs smoothly so far. Visually, the intro video to each match looks on par with how it normally looks, but during gameplay, and it may just be me tricking myself into thinking it looks better (placebo effect), I think the colors look slightly deeper, and some aspects (such as seams on counselors limbs or necks when close ups occur during kills) look like they are gone, as well as hair not looking as blocky with the individual strands (A.J. comes to mind), though that may just have been the lighting+angle I last remember noticing the hair. Hope I'm not crazy...
  14. "When Do You Think Development For The Game Can Stop?" NEVER!