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    I’m not leaving but...

    I know this is more directed at the small group you are actively talking to, but I would like more of an attempt at discussion (like I see with @DamonD7 periodically) instead of everyone on the offensive. When things get too hostle or vulgar, I understand actions may be taken, but when things are thought out and articulated properly, there is no excuse for deleting entire posts (or ones that may agree with a post in question). Yesterday, @BrokenFattHardy made one VERY well worded, non-confrontational post about the state of both the game and current climate of the forums (NOT attacking anyone within that post (though there may have been a little snark to it, but that's just Fatty!)) directed at @damnenchiladas to give him an idea of why things seems so tense around here. I was lucky enough to read it before it was deleted. I had posted shortly after in response to his post and promptly had mine deleted as well, which I'm assuming is because it was agreeing with him (and probably might've had to do with the 3xdelete I wrote in it, joking about his profile "About Me"). Now, I'm not sticking up for people if they are trying their hardest to give you a hard time, but when a REAL discussion is taking place, let it be. Take action on what needs to be done and give a bit of slack elsewhere. You guys are making it harder on yourselves by deleting and locking en force, basically cutting the head off the hydra only for two more to spring back up.
  2. That does NOT translate to they themselves should not have a sort of standard to live by. According to an early post made by Ben (even if he was talking more directly of the quality of their product) they DO have standards, and they are "very high standards". That, to me, says you are not only loyal to the source material, but your passion for the project also has you willingly having your feet held to the fire, as to keep yourselves on top of EVERYTHING... You know what I mean? There are also many other posts made (again, early on, and NOT just by Ben, unless those posts have been deleted or edited since) speaking to their willingness for transparency on internal workings and such. I would think a legal situation is a BIG internal issue.
  3. @Manny1985 When people/ a company ask possible investors for money, isn't it in EVERYONE'S best interest for full disclosure on a possible legal issue before money switches hands? If there was some sort of NDA on the situation, then it's shadiness on everyone involveds part, KNOWING you are taking money for something that is going to be haulted, while at the same time promoting a hypothetical "long lifespan" for the game. If there was no sort of NDA, then that is wholly on GUN and, to an extension, Illfonic, for not being fully upfront about the situation and possible (now real) legal ramifications early on.
  4. If this whole situation was known by GUN/Illfonic for so long, what in the fuck was Ben always on about with "We got plans, I tell ya"?
  5. @ShiftySamurai & @[IllFonic]Courier (tagged since there is no current patch update thread to post this in) I just fired up my PS4 and popped in F13. So far, right off the bat, I've noticed 3 things: 1. Loading takes a bit longer in certain situations (like going from counselor/ Jason selection screen back to main menu has a noticeable delay). 2. Audio and video are out of synchronization when loading up a match and the intro plays (so far I have only tried 1 bot match, and the A/V is off by 5 seconds or so) 3. Visually, it looks like the entire game took a resolution hit. I am seeing jaggies all over everything, such as Jasons mask, when before this patch this was never an issue. It's either a resolution problem or something with the implemented AA.
  6. I wanted something they had as one of the selling points during the kickstarter phase: The end-of-match VHS collection of the best kills of that round. Don't remember what their problem with implementation was that it ended up canned.
  7. Everyone should just adopt the mindset of "Pray for the best, prepare for the worst". I'm thoroughly a pessimist and expect only negative to come of all of this, but a small voice in my head (I'M NOT CRAZY!) keeps hope alive, no matter how thin the sliver of hope may be. Maybe, if by some random luck, the go-ahead is given for all the games with this IP can go back to work, and with members of Illfonic (apparently) still involved with the game, maybe things that were close to release could be finished up and put out. GUN could still produce another game with a different dev team AND (if labor/$$/time were in their favor) periodically "check in" on F13... But, again, this is just a thought, no matter if I myself find it 99% unlikely.
  8. RustInPeace

    Victor Miller Email

    Wrong doctor. His image is of Dr. West from Re-animator, not "The Doctor" from Dr. Who. (I know it was off topic, but that really bothered me for some reason.)
  9. RustInPeace

    Mega-Patch Update?

    1000% agree. Until the time it is in an ACCEPTABLE, playable state, KEEP IT AWAY!
  10. RustInPeace

    Who's your favorite band?

    All this talk reminded me of this intro:
  11. No matter the reason for quitting, do you really think a second warning screen is going to stop anyone already planning on leaving? If anything, plastering a message equivalent to "please don't leave before the match completes" numerous times will provoke the opposite reaction from the bottom-feeding dregs haunting the game.
  12. RustInPeace

    Moshoholics Anonymous

  13. Now you see why I said "No" to malloy's group text. It was one thing, to view quickplay as a waste of time with all the host quits and crashes, but its another when the game itself has various ways of breaking itself now, even in private matches. Until a patch is released that feels like it has been properly tested, I have other WORKING games to play. Just got the platinum for God of War, now I'll finish up Deus Ex.