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  1. Because it IS still 30fps. The Pro can boost the framerate up to its target of the game (for F13 its 30fps on consoles) using Boost Mode if it isn't well optimized, but will NOT magically go from sub-30 to a locked 60fps. Not enough juice and not enough optimizing by the collection of devs the game has had (or has).
  2. I do play this on a PS4 Pro (I always turn on Boost when playing F13), and after enough exposure to it, it feels like, aside from slightly faster loading times, when you put Boost Mode on you get a slightly smoother experience (fps-wise). It's not a huge difference (doesn't fix optimization) but it helps. The supersampling, however, does nothing for the game (a past post of mine had me under a placebo thinking it did. WRONG!).
  3. RustInPeace

    Funniest Experience?

    I don't condone team killing (unless justified in a public match or purely an accident in private games), but this was probably one of the funniest ends to a match I saw in a long time:
  4. RustInPeace

    Can't hear the boat?

    Kinda like how it use to be with the host only hearing certain audio cues like weapons or items getting dropped, right? That was annoying.
  5. Damn, everyone! I feel a little embarrassed since I have NEVER had as much recognition as this by my peers! Thank you! As for @The Rain, I know full well these aren't 100% flawless match videos and I DO screw up a LOT, but I'll post a few here (videos are in reverse chronological order. Newest saved video first to one of my earliest matches as Jason last. Also included "A Proper Way to Use Stalk") : Edit: (Unrelated, but figured I'd use this space to make a shout out) Hey, @mattshotcha! Sent a friend request your way on PS4, so please...
  6. Thank you @Dragonfire82877. I think it has to do with (aside from watching objectives like a hawk or as best I can) just being relentless. I don't talk at all as Jason. I mute my mic but keep my earbud in so I hear people shouting their plans or listen to their "fake outs" trying to get me to morph away. I also tend to use Stalk properly (trick window hoppers, Stalk+Shift so people run to me, and various other scenarios). MOST of the time it works, but nothing in this game is 100% surefire at all times and I will sometimes miss a boat or 1 or 2 escapees at the cops if I was more worried about a full 4 seater getting away. I do NOT view myself as good at all, yet players and members here give me kudos, so I guess I'm doing something right.
  7. I'm usually in the same mentality. In this case, after chasing @lasse_hei around, I collected a few throwing knives just to see if he was loaded like every "pro" player (they all MUST have medic and thick skin equipped or else they never last a match without them... "Pros"). Of course, he was and just talked shit and danced in an inaccessible spot. It would go a LONG WAY to either decrease or drop completely the delay between throwing knife tosses so Jason COULD kill someone in a glitch that only knives can reach.
  8. Partially unrelated: Unless I accidentally hit a button during the game booting last time I played (a distinct possibility), has anyone else noticed the loading screens with GUN and Illfonics names have been removed from the game?
  9. RustInPeace

    Super Jason

    (Replace "kids" with "counselors")
  10. RustInPeace

    Super Jason

    My idea of changing up Rage would be to drop stun % across the board during it ON TOP of making it so that the only way to stop him during Rage is a flare or rifle blast. There are a minimum of 2 of each on every map, so it's not like no one would ever be able to stop him (just don't waste a shot early unless needed, or else you have 1 less chance to get away). Melee attacks during Rage should be shrugged off because... well... RAGE! He's pissed, so why should a pan stop him in his tracks during his bloodlust? If Jason has Rage and counselors are still hanging around (either by timer reaching the limit to activate or them beating on him) there should be an incentive for Jason to start tearing them apart and the counselors to run now or die. @mattshotcha Get some eyes on these ideas!
  11. "Any tips for not getting killed as Jason?" Play smart and don't freak out about being stunned. If a group is together, try not to let them get behind you too much if possible. Focus (but don't draw all your attention/ tunnel) on Tommy if he is called so there is no chance of a kill. Otherwise, NEVER let up the pressure, or else you are a bigger target than if you kept at them by giving them a sliver of hope. Injuring just one person will usually have them scramble to help or run away. And don't EVER run as Jason if you are confident in your abilities, mask or no mask. It makes a joke of the so-called "killer" if he is running away. Never Game Over
  12. @tyrant666 I see Randy online on PS4 frequently... Just never on F13. I have a feeling that if I sent a message asking why he doesn't play anymore or sent an invite to a F13 game if I saw him actively online, he'd probably delete me thinking I'm trolling him OR just doesn't want to be asked that same thing for the millionth time.
  13. After putting up with either stupidity, cheating, or outright bad sportsmanship from most random players for soooo long, I will admit, I no longer seek to help others as much any more as I once did. I have a clip of a recent incident with admitted party chat users (as Jason & the other a counselor) trying to 1-up the lobby, but I got out instead:
  14. Hey man, thanks for the name drop... Oh, wait...