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  1. Emotes need to go

    I know it's a joke, but for Christ's sake, DON'T GIVE THEM IDEAS!
  2. I had already deleted the e-mail, but if I remember right, I had F13 at #1 with 517 hours (since launch in May!). Just shows how much I really did like the game for a while. That 517 ended around early/mid November when the game became an extreme test of patience with so many bugs and whatnot. I refuse to play a game that makes a chore of itself (crashes, glitches, player drop-outs, input lock-ups as both Jason and counselor, etc.). I play games to have fun, not get pissed before a full match can even end properly.
  3. Launch: Aside from connection problems and the roof/ through stationary object glitching, the game was awesome and felt truly like you were in a F13 film running for your life away from Jason (before half the community decided to start killing each other). The dev team really nailed it their first time out. The problem is, once they decided to touch the windows for the first time, that began "The Downward Spiral" (NIN). That one patch not only messed up the windows, but also hit detection on doors both in and out of combat stance as Jason, and the cycle of adding one/ breaking two with the patches started. Now: Numerous bugs and problems we all have witnessed since that first window patch have either not been addressed, ignored, or had been fixed yet a following patch broke again (Jason stun locking and accumulation of damage during stun). When the game works, it is fun, but if you can't play more than one match before running into ANY of the bugs we all have been reporting on, that is a big problem. Dedicated servers (on consoles, at least) are now essentially just a dream since there has been absolutely no update on them since the first mention. I had huge faith in the team back when I decided to back the games development, but now, if any of what some people are saying is true, with them not even playing their own game anymore, I feel like I shouldn't even waste my time if they won't touch their own product.
  4. So far, according to this list (in line with my playstyle), I am a Adaptive-Hero-Team Player, with a mix of No Mic for when I am in public lobbies solo, yet still basically play the same (unless the room warrents me to No Mic-Lone Wolf/Team Player and just escape while others do thier trolling to Jason, or a JasonXCounselor situation has me escape early so I can leave the lobby after the match and just be rid with them). As for when I am Jason, it looks to be a Stealth-Jack-Shift-Slash-Objective playstyle. Tunnel Vision Jasons are entertaining to watch as a spectator, but sucks to be the one tunneled. The benefit to being tunneled is, as long as you are eating up Jasons time and don't mind being the sacrifice, it helps the Team Player types get things done FAST! This probably is the case when players claim objectives are getting done early on in a match. @Gummybish, Add Sacrificial Lamb: A player who will try to play distraction for as long as they can, be it combat or noise, knowing full well that most times they will die, but it is for the good of the team to move Jason away from objectives or other vulnerable players.
  5. Damned if they do, damned if they don't. Personally, I'd much rather have everything in working order before I added anything extra to the game to ensure I don't create a snowball effect of problems afterwards (like where we are now). If I were working on the next patch and got to prioritize what was focused on, I would go with either the long-standing bugs that have been around since launch (multiple crashes, audio/visual bugs, etc...) or the problems WE introduced with not-so-fully tested patches (window bubble, Jason/counselor input lock-ups, hit boxes/ hit detection, proper lock-on when targeting a counselor (so they are centered in front of me and not tilted, which causes combat stance attacks to whiff off to the right and consistently miss), the car now feeling like there is a body stuck underneath while driving (I don't buy how it feels now as an intended alteration to the car handling), physics for some kills such as the new Head Punt, and so on...).
  6. Blood Is Blue And White Now

    @ShiftySamurai Aside from the intro, some other instances (like Seek and Destroy from under a bed) have the same white blood problem as well. I've noticed it when playing offline with bots constantly scurrying under beds.
  7. Offline Bots: Initial Thoughts

    Nothing too fancy, but I had a bot steal my kill in the most perfectly timed way yesterday (notice Jasons head tilt timed with the stolen kill): Dumb bots, but funny scenarios almost every game!
  8. Not really. I see that scenario as a bad Jason or dumb counselor move. If Jason sets all his traps at and around the phone, that means the other two objectives are all clear (not to mention the timer, so three ways to still live through the night). If any number of players comes across a "minefield" of traps, logically they would leave that area/objective alone and focus on the other escape objectives. To me, this game is not about "winning", which it seems most players DO think. It is about the slim chance of survival. I am more in the minority that WANTS more of a challenge from both the game itself and the players. Placing traps indoors as Jason would definitely be a step in the direction I personally would like, but doubt it would ever be implemented. As far as "unbalancing" the game, I just don't see it with the limited and non-reusable traps. It's more akin to less of a challenge for the vast Quick Play crowd who need to "win" or else "the game sucks! It's too hard to survive!".... THAT'S THE WHOLE GODDAMN POINT OF THE GAME! Survival under pressure where failure costs you your life!
  9. Good job jumping to conclusions on how I use certain characters. I made a general statement about using Vanessa (which IS fact considering how the majority play her) but NEVER stated how she should be used or how I use her. Of course she can mule items and fight and whatnot, but most players only use her to run away fast and window hop. I still stand by my original statement. I'm soooo sorry you think I'm addressing you personally in regards to my observations with people using certain counselors. I'm also sorry you think I "know nothing" about ANY aspect of this game. Pretty sure I've proven time and again I know how it all works. I don't need a Mr. Know-It-All douche telling me I have no clue how to play when I have a great group who KNOW I get the ins and outs of the game.
  10. Have I just been given a shout-out? Sounds an awful lot like how I play (unless I'm taking credit away from one of our regulars...). And this was back before item marking and the nerfs to everything Jason. Haven't played in a long while considering the focus of the game has went from survival with a good dose of tension to wasting time with terrible players in every shape and form (no comms, no teamwork, the hand-holding that is item marking (WHILE NO ONE USES SAID MARKED ITEMS!), numerous bugs that affect Jasons locomotion, and lobbies that either quit when killed or hosts that abruptly end the game). Aside from things like that, I see a lot of bad ideas thrown around periodically. It seems that, in a game about surviving, it seems people want outright nerfs or 100% certainties in situation. Don't add/subtract from the game (like in regard to knives), but alter how to use them in a more coherent way. Also, situations like on the Jarvis map (or really, all maps), keep the escapes random (not including police, they are a constant unless a toggle is set for private matches). Don't ONLY have a 4-seater and boat spawn. Have numerous possibilities for escape spawns (2 cars, 1 car+1 boat, ONLY 1 random car, ONLY the boat) to keep things interesting. If people think that is too much, then you're playing the wrong game (or you are the cause of the game I bought in May to become what it is now, with it more like a 85-90% chance for survival instead of about 30% or less). The game needs to find its identity and figure out if the spotlight is on Jason or the circus act known as counselors. Oh, and final say on the actual topic. Using Vanessa for anything but repairing under pressure is not much of an accomplishment. EVERYONE that runs her does the exact same thing: distract & window hop ad nauseam. Not tough when you know how the mechanics work and stack the "right" perks.
  11. Couple questions.....

    If not going through Add-on---> New, search " Jason Part 7 Machete Kills pack.
  12. Offline Bots: Initial Thoughts

    Although it can be dumb fun, which I like, my first run with bots had its parade rained on. It exposed that the window/melee glitch STILL is present. When chasing a counselor player (or bot in this case) who jumps through a window, when you attempt to swing or hit X (on PS4) it locks Jasons melee attacks. I could still grab and use a kill, which DID fix it, but the fact it still remains really irritates me and I don't see myself playing much until the next patch. With that said, on Hard, the bots are dumb, yet they DO use items and the environment pretty well it certain situations, such as hiding spots (or even firecrackers as a Vanessa did when I grabbed her). When all is well, it CAN be a fun time with bots.
  13. I already asked this a while ago...
  14. This is one of, if not, THE best suggestions I've read on the forum in a while. Helps keep the game going, adds a bit of tension, and helps cut down a little on the exit antics. This should be put into the Feedback/ Suggestions area. Also, whoever is in charge of relaying feedback (won't tag a bunch since I don't know who the go-to is) should take a look at this.
  15. (Rated at a 2 because there IS still a fun game somewhere in there, but not as is.) I was between a 4 and 5 back when the game came out (after all the day 1 networking problems were, for the most part, worked out), but as time went on, it fluctuated from about as high as a 4 to about a 1 or 2 as of this writing. I don't hate the game at all, but all the bugs that affect BOTH Jason and counselor play (tougher on Jason) have put me off. I'm not talking about nerfs or buffs, but all relating bugs that bring everything to a screeching hault. If Jason can't melee or grab someone (god forbid his actions lock up and no one will "smack" you back in action), that is a BIG problem. If a counselor suddenly can't open or climb through doors/windows, that is a BIG problem. It should NOT be on the other players to solve a bug problem on the spot to continue a match. If you are playing in a 6-7 person lobby and someone trying to join ends up crashing the lobby and dashboarding the host, that is a HUGE problem. It's these types of problems that have made me give up until there is a new patch update. I'm not here to debate how I want the game to play (back to the original release state, minus the glitching and networking problems), but to express concern for a game I loved for what it HAD accomplished, not the mess and bickering we have now.