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  1. RustInPeace

    Starting to look like.....

    PS4 update is live now.
  2. I guess... congrats on being a member for a year? I get that things are slow and people are chomping at the bit for this update, but so many filler or just "huh?" topics created in the past few weeks, I'm surprised there hasn't been a topic with the headline "I just took a HUGE dump", followed by: Edit: @Truth That's too funny! I didn't see that before it got the deadly lock. What a coincidence, using the gif. @WashingtonJones That is basically what I do unless I feel I need to post (such as this beautiful post & gif). @Manny1985 Nothing against you or anything. No ill will, just figured this topic was a silly one to create a whole thread about.
  3. RustInPeace

    Is This Game Policed?

    *Sad trombone* Lol
  4. RustInPeace

    Part 4 Tips

    Exactly. You need to know where they are and the right time to turn Stalk+Sense on, like this one clip I've had for a while: Now, it may not be Part IV, but this strategy works nonetheless.
  5. Pretty sure it was only made for the VC. Since you can't play as him in any way, shape, or form WITHOUT modding on a PC, there is absolutely no concern about a Child Jason. To top it off, without some bizarre made-up situation that probably wouldn't make sense (less than Jasons existence already), there's no logical reason why you would even play as him.
  6. That's nothing. As long as you pay attention to the on-screen flash and hit X (O?) just before the bolt, you'll be ok. It's FFIX with the 1,000 rope jumps, WITHOUT TRIPPING, that is a real pain in the ass.
  7. Well, sorry to say, but it is staying 113 for the time being. Myself, I feel it would have been better to have the first, and every weapon after, unlocks about 10 levels or so from the last major unlock (44 for Part IV, so anywhere from 50-55). After this update comes out, and enough people feel it should be changed, maybe they will alter the way the unlocks are handled. Until then, live with it being 113. As for lost XP from disconnects and whatnot, all of us on consoles have dealt with that. If there were no level cap, I'd be somewhere around lvl 300-ish and probably a quarter of the way through my 1000 Jason matches. As it stands now, I still don't have 500 matches as Jason yet, which just shows how much shit I put up with since May 26th... 27th (since I and many others couldn't even connect on the first day). Either bite the bullet and push through the shit, play bots if QP is getting to be too much to endure the stupidity, or restrict yourself to only private matches.
  8. (This probably should get moved to the suggestions area) For the most part, I agree with @Laphin, but it would require A LOT of reworking (so much so, it might as well be a new game for the extra time put in). I would be in the minority with this thought (especially since they just doubled down on them), but I would start with: * Remove the perk system and reintroduce the counselor abilities. I assume each "unique" ability would just be the max, or possibly varying degrees, of certain perks and their stats, such as Chad would have My Dads A Cop, or Buggzy with Heavy Hitter. Possibly have 2 stats together to be considered an "ability", such as, again, Buggzy with Heavy Hitter and Thick Skinned as well. Having them paired on one character like that would fit with their characters trope and would force a bit more thought into who to play as. Hell, Vanessa can have Marathon and Restful, and since she wouldn't have Thick Skinned or Medic/Hypochondriac, it would clamp down on this whole "meta" everyone loves. * Maybe not a speed increase over time, but when a chase begins as Jason, he gets a slight boost of speed (as long as his chase music is playing). Running Jasons wouldn't look like they are jogging anymore (at least speed-wise), and the undead walking Jasons would get a slight powerwalk boost, so no more slow-pace chases. * Have Fear levels impact actions and abilities. Chad freaking out calling the police with maximum Fear would result in the police arriving sooner. Or Adam trying to repair something with max Fear would be harder on him, even if he were theoretically to have something like Grease Monkey and Speed Demon as his ability/ abilities. * Once Jason gets to Rage, cut down on not only stun durations, but chances as well. Make it so getting to this point actually feels like Jason is pissed for it taking so long or getting attacked/trapped so much. If I can think of any more, I'll edit and add.
  9. RustInPeace

    My wishes for Retro Jason / Breakdown

    Incorrect. He most certainly DID swim in the NES game & fast, too (took a while to find any clip of him swimming. Jason swimming @ the 10:20 mark):
  10. @ShiftySamurai is the best @ traps! He was probably thinking of this on his first attempt of the trapping objective:
  11. I have some reservations on there being a ranking system. For starters, rank/ level may show how long you have been playing, but it's almost never a good measure of skill. People could create new accounts just for that grind feeling, starting back at 1, yet they know their shit, whereas a level 150 could be one of the worst players you ever saw (and they may genuinely be bad and not just trolling a lobby). Second, some people, specifically on this forum, have made it clear that they do NOT want this to be competitive and a ranking system really fits if you are aiming for competition. And third, if the ranking has any influence on matchmaking, on paper it sounds good, but sometimes you may be waiting for prolonged periods just to get matched into a lobby if the ranks weren't within a certain range (ala everyones favorite comparison, DbD, unless they revamped that). I just want to see how this upcoming patch is before I start asking for revisions and revamps on different aspects of the game. If Day 1 problems are still around, a ranking system will be one the furthest things on my mind concerning this game.
  12. RustInPeace

    New Grab change and info

    (Keep in mind that this is my OPINION, not fact!) I have a feeling that the previous grab, known as the "Vader Grab", will be reverted back to how it once was with this new update, BUT it will now have a proper animation to go with the range, plus the no turning, I suppose, would slightly nerf the grab at the same time. This possibly would: + Limit grab spams + Lessen the occurrence of the "slow chase" (counselor just jogs out of reach indefinitely unless Jason were to use Shift) - Opens Jason up to chain stuns & attacks if surrounded by 2 or more competent players Now, hopefully, we get bugs squashed and exploits patched out, but I am hoping as well for this chain stun shit to be a thing of the past. When the pocketknives stun time was indirectly increased, we were still able to move (though not grab or attack), so chain stuns weren't so prevalent. Even if it's still possible to quickly stun Jason again, I'd be for a very brief stun invulnerability just after getting out of a pk/weapon stun and have the "chain stun" more of a coordinated situation and not how it is today.
  13. So, basically, I was right? Well, that's on you for making the wrong assumption. I play to kill everyone, seeing as how it's the only goal Jason has. I don't see how aiming for that is "competitive" in the way you are thinking about it, nor do I see how playing ONE fan-made tournament for a few $20 giftcards justifies a stamp on my head that says DELETE. Never said I wanted to play competitively, but I was asked to join, since the group WE ALL played with thought I was a decent candidate, so I accepted. Guess I'm an asshole for accepting.
  14. RustInPeace

    Skull Objectives & Emote Unlocks

    @VoorheesAJollyGoodFellow and @bewareofbears Offline Bot A.I. = Basically programmed like a running MP match. Single Player Challenges A.I. = Their supposed HITMAN-like structuring and separate A.I. programming. Unless seen or alerted, the "Undetected" goal should be easy if you aren't deliberately sloppy.
  15. On topic with the thread, but also directed to @HuDawg and @GeneiJin... This game may not be geared towards a competitive "e-sport", but it certainly can be set up to be. That tournament I took part in was made up by another player/horror fan and had the right idea in how to handle it with a pretty well thought out scorecard. Since it was focused purely on counselor play (Jason just did his thing and killed everyone), each major milestone (and some minor) had a certain score set, such as completing all repairs on a vehicle (complete, not each individual part) was given a score, or simply calling Tommy got a small score as well. When I played for my team as Jason against the others, 3 out of the 4 teams mostly tried to ONLY go for a Jason kill (which gave a big one time score, yet neglecting everything else that adds up to more points overall) and left everything else alone. By doing so, they only hurt their own teams, which lead to us essentially steamrolling everyone (in line with the thread topic... mostly.). Now, I'm not trying to promote this game to become something it isn't (which is why I think @Maddogg_8121 deleted me), but it certainly CAN be played that way and still be fun if it is set up properly. If the damn forum wouldn't restrict image sizes so small, I'd post an image of the Part IV Jason mask I won as a prize (signed by Ted White).