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  1. @Alien_Number_Six "... But I will no longer be engaging with the forums." Couldn't help it? It'd be nice for you to actually play with us like you used to instead of streaming and playing solo. We've been doing a Movie Marathon idea that @Redrum138 came up with (I think). Having another willing participant would help fill the lobby when we group up (best played with a full lobby, MAYBE -1). As for the forum, don't waste your time calling anyone out, and I don't mean "be nice to everyone". If people are going to fuck off, they will always do it and moreso when called on it (because, you know, only the elite know how to glitch slide/roof hop/ abduct/etc...). They know better, but don't care, so long as they get any sort of rise out of someone. Just play with us and forego the bullshit cheaters and douchebags.
  2. If ever implemented, a bot should ONLY take the place of an empty slot BEFORE the match starts (indicated by the counselor name like when playing bots instead of the real life players ID). No replacements during a live match.
  3. As long as I'm not caught up doing something else, I'm up for it. If I continue from Part V and kill everyone from then on, when would be my final match, by Part VII or VIII?
  4. EXACTLY as it should be. The problem is that people don't pay attention. If you found a map, open it up, and suddenly see a counselor circle disappear, that is your hint to check that area (if that player hadn't had a mic and explicitly said they had a part) for what may have been dropped. I really miss that. On top of that, yeah, the goal is to survive, but if you die, is it really the end of the world for "you"? The way people treat dying in this game is so insane, I can't understand how people play any other game without freaking out. Do these same people play shooters and freak out every time they die (just to respawn 2 seconds later)? And with people hoping for some changes to item spawn points and the like, having the items unmarked in itself brought a special kind of randomness to how the match would play out. People also forget that it wasn't so much the items being unmarked that was the problem (before all the brain surgeon trolls started hording items), but the items SINKING INTO THE GROUND that was the real problem in these situations. And with all that said, I agree with @BeautyNumber2 on this. The game started out a certain way and was great (minus the bugs such as the items sinking) and only got worse as they tried to appease the "casual" players. If you played from launch and got used to how it was, you'd still be fine now if it was kept the same way or reverted back to how mechanics used to mesh. Taking a hardcore survival experience and slowly turning it into a hand-holding deal is really what ruined the overall game.
  5. @BeautyNumber2 The changes we want will never be implemented or addressed. Considering they need to evaluate their last patch which hadn't really fixed much, our concerns are "ultra-low priority". Now, instead of spending time on here wishing for something positive to finally happen, just avoid the forum (since it usually ends up as disappointing visit) and come play with us some time. I've sent you that PM with my PSN ID already but never heard from you after that initial message, and I can't send you anything because all ways of contacting you are blocked. You gotta take the initiative and shoot me a request so we can finally party up and play. @lasse_hei, @Redrum138, @Vaderspupil, @hu_soldier13, are just a few trustworthy forum members that I still play with (sorry for forgetting anyone else), so there is usually a group of us ready to go.
  6. Sorry you've had bad experiences, but in these situations, it's on you to take charge. Either outright mute these douchebags or just leave lobbies until you find a "friendly" one. A report system for bullshit teenage highschool behavior (whether it be from an actual teen or a lippy adult) won't do anything. They're still going to act the same with other people because they know they will get a rise out of them. Also, not to harp on you too much, but this is an M rated game. 17 is the recommended age to be playing and interacting with others online. By this point, you shouldn't be letting this kind of crap bother you. Find a new lobby or pop in a different game and try later.
  7. What isn't fair is I paid for the right to have him during the games development phase, whereas you come along after release of the game and simply download it. Then, when one of the nefarious ways of getting him is patched out, here you are, stomping your feet about "unfair". If you didn't know about the game being developed when it was, sorry but that's on you. I didn't know until I heard about Michael being added to the then Early Access game Dead By Daylight. Searching for info on that, I came across the kickstarter & backerkit campaigns for Friday the 13th: The Game, and so here we are...
  8. If you're on PS4 @BeautyNumber2, add & join me. Sent you a PM with my ID and some names of other good players who don't fuck off like the general public who just watch Youtube videos on how to play like an asshole and glitch/exploit and proceed to pound their chests proclaiming how "great" they are.
  9. They do that now as well, only now you can see the item, along with some douchebag who glitched through a boundary and now the item is stuck in No Mans Land. I'd rather be able to find it randomly dropped in the woods than KNOWING and SEEING it is out of reach. I am also not the type of person who is willing to learn the exploits and glitches just to counteract them when they happen (shouldn't exist in the first place). When I boot up F13, it's strictly about playing the game and not getting a rise out of strangers by being an asshole.
  10. As I said: We know where you stand. We see the Scarlet letter every time you post. It's been well over a year for the counselor buffs. Now, either get used to some nerfs or possible buffs to Jason only to make your game a bit tougher.
  11. Not to be a downer, @Alien_Number_Six, but here is one reason I see them not doing this: item marking. They added that to make things easier for most people (although it's probably these ultra casual people who mostly play crap like CoD which holds your hand the whole time and never learn to adapt or learn the mechanics in place to begin with). I get that they wanted to appeal to a wider audience, but everyone that played from the beginning knows that pre-marking was much more in line with survival/ horror and paying attention to either your map or comms over walkies (forget the bug that sunk items into the ground) was a must. It has been well over a year and we STILL can only change if it rains or not in Private rooms. If they won't add a toggle in Private matches just for that, I HIGHLY doubt they would remove the player circles in Public lobbies (although I am TOTALLY for making the survival angle harder on players. If it were me, I'd (and these are counselor specific): 1. Remove perks and reinstate the original counselor abilities (which WERE certain perks, just attached to a specific counselor). 2. Remove item marking. 3. Possibly remove the player circles. 4. Have vehicles make no noise when stealthily repaired (but if just 1 skillcheck is flubbed during ANY repairing of a vehicle, that vehicle will now DEFINITELY make a sound on start-up). 5. Rework the Fear system into something that impacts the dynamic a bit more than now (stumbling, stamina regen decrease, slightly slower speed (no more casual jogging just out of Jasons reach). 6. Disable Party Chat. (Don't care about the alternatives people could use instead. On a system hardware level while running the game, it should be locked like some games actually do). (This one just came to me, but is a bit iffy) 7. Don't bring back teamkilling outright, but DO allow meat shielding. As it was when the game first came out, if a player is grabbed by Jason, other players could knock them out of Jasons grasp BUT need to pay attention where they hit/shoot, otherwise you could potentially injure or kill a player (if they are shot in Jasons grip, they WILL die unless you aim just right). All of these may not be liked or agreed upon, but if you are like me and feel that you want to play how it SHOULD have been from the start, these are a few nice suggestions.
  12. (This could possibly be moved to the Suggestions section) I heard @wes' recent statement was that they are not planning to mark the Tommy house' power box. My question is why not? Is it the fact that they don't want to create something new (new map icons or the like), or is it something more than that? An idea I had was this ( @mattshotcha) : why not just color-code the one single box as a P.O.I. (point of intrest) like the landmark buildings on the maps (i.e. the Jarvis and Party House on the Jarvis House map)? Having these specific buildings marked yellow doesn't serve much of a purpose at all, being that they all have their own unique icons (oars for the boathouse, men/women symbol for the bathrooms, etc...). Simply mark the power box yellow and no extra work need be involved in regards to the Tommy house. Jason easily sees the vehicles, unique buildings, and the phone house. These are his stomping grounds, I would think he should know where this power box with a radio tower is as well.
  13. (This probably has been brought up in the past, but with a team looking to IMPROVE Jasons game, I figured I'd bring it up again) As it stands now, Stalk stops the background music, the VHS effect, and silences Jasons footsteps. @mattshotcha, would it at all be possible for the dev team to tweak Stalk so both Jason picking up throwing knives and setting traps are silent as well when Stalk is active? Can't be sneaky when a small knife pulled from wood is so loud or laying a trap is so damn noticeable.
  14. (Unsure if this is new or if I haven't seen anyone use it until today) Apparently, on the Jarvis House map, you can glitch to the balcony by the octagon window. I just came from a match where (of all people) Tommy was just standing up there. Why not, instead of these half measures in future patches, have any area out of the solid ground play zone be instant death/suicide if accessed? Don't even patch the exploitable areas, just make it so players instantly die if they try doing any of these exploits to ruin their trolling day. Would that be possible to do, @mattshotcha?
  15. @mattshotcha Basically, yes. I have had it happen to me a few times and have seen it happen to other players in plenty of matches. Either Jason can keep slashing (like in the video) to get a kill AFTER the game clock reaches 0, or he can grab and perform a kill if there is enough space to activate (or near an environmental kill like a window) in that same time frame.
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