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  1. Seriously? That and the push to talk button were literally the only two things I wanted to change. Is this intended or is there a reason we still can't change it?
  2. Yeah that should definitely help. Even though I think most perks need to be buffed thats the only perk thats an excpetion. I still play with people who dont run it though and happen to find 3 medsprays in the first 2 minutes and can bully Jason until theres no weapons in any cabins anymore. Still pretty ridiculous
  3. There are way too many. Before we had too many pocket knives which was fixed and now it seems fine. But now a decent squad can easily last till the 20 minutes are done if they all find med sprays and stick together. Its ridiculous to have any and all progress done towards killing a group of swarming counselors completely negated multiple times, even if you land every knife throw. We are now back to Jason not feeling as powerful as he should be. Teamwork should be rewarded, yes. But this is way too much. There is nothing a Jason can do in this situation
  4. So these two issues go hand in hand. XP is useless past a certain point and isn't a good motivator to not quit no matter what you do with it. It would, however, be more desirable if the perks we get as counselors were actually buffed enough to be powerful and worth spending cp on. As it stands now, according to the upcoming patch, the opposite is happening and its pretty embarrassing how little the devs know about their own game. The upcoming nerfs are the exact opposite of what should be happening. So, until perks are desirable, xp won't be desirable. Which means the only way to deter people from quitting as soon as the match starts because they aren't Jason or quitting mid-kill is to put some sort of cooldown for joining another match. You know, like a lot of other games do. They do this for a reason. And the fact that my last few games as Jason had an average of around 5 people who quit mid-kill is ridiculous. And I shouldn't need to point out the people who quit 3 seconds into that match who realize they aren't Jason. Quitting after you've been killed is fine. But quitters in these scenarios ruin the game and they can't keep doing this, something has to be done. If someone crashes they should be able to rejoin like a few competitive games like CS:GO and Overwatch do and avoid the penalty. And if that can't be done then, I guess tough luck if you crash. If Dead By Daylight does it that way I don't see why F13 can't. It's a much lesser evil, frankly.
  5. I know how exp works, the numbers were off the top of my head. So just replace them with the correct ones and my idea still stands. If you're so feverishly wanting to defend counselors getting exp then what do you propose is the solution to this entire mess then? You do remember what this post was originally about, right? And personally I understand wanting to quit on a Jason acting cocky or bragging like you mentioned, but as I said, silent Jasons still get sore losers who quit mid or late game and we're trying to fix that here.
  6. I'm either a quiet Jason or a silly one making jokes or doing a skit. Not in a obnoxious or offensive way either, unless I know them. But it doesn't seem to matter because even as a quiet Jason who lets people go a lot and gives chances I still had, I shit you not, 5 games in a row where the entire lobby left except 1 or 2 people. and on average now I'm getting about half the lobby to leave minimum, with the occasional lobby where they all stay because they found me funny and an enjoyable Jason. Lobbies like those are the only reason I still play this game tbh. Where people can let go and not take this game that seriously and just have fun.
  7. Well I mean if you keep the exp you earned, lets say around 1k as a good counselor who did everything, get killed and then your in the afterlife lobby; when you quit from there you keep all your exp. And if you wait till the end you might earn like maybe another 300 xp or something on top of that. Thats kinda how I picture a better system. Even if you get dumped to the main menus, I've made so many friends in this game that anything that gives people incentives to stay as long as possible together, no matter how minuscule, is a positive in my book. Ive been in many "quiet" lobbies that didn't open up till after I played a match or two with them and if they didn't stay I likely wouldn't have made new friends to play with.
  8. Oh, if I read your name I might of taken it as a joke, but as it is alone it just looks like a genuine comment. I think the game should give bonus exp on top of staying instead of taking away xp when you quit. I think you should be able to leave right after you get killed and it would solve most people's problems.
  9. So I've had many games where the medic sprays and fuses get glitched out and go slightly through the floor when someone dies and people cant pick them. Incredibly frustrating, especially since these are extremely important. Of course the important items and not the useless ones are glitched.
  10. Its clearly not the way the devs intended. You really think people quitting mid execution is fine? Having their body flop to the ground while Jason executes the air? What about that is so hard for you to get?
  11. I've had my 4th match in a row where half the people quit mid execution and I lose the points just because some kids get salty over being killed. It should count as soon as the execution starts.
  12. So we found this out, if you park the car near the campfire so that the driver's door is right beside the campfire Jason can't grab the driver. In fact, if he tries then it glitches the driver and the driver's camera goes inside of him and Jason can't grab him.
  13. Key rebinds, PLEASE! It would be a huge QOL change.
  14. So when I play as Jason, if I press 1 to do the execution in slot 1 it instead does the one in slot 2 and vice versa. same thing with 3 and 4. They're reversed.
  15. So at first the steam achievements weren't working at all on launch, badges as well. But now I'm starting to get them. Problem is, I have a few achievements except for the easiest ones, which are play as a counselor and Jason. Which I've obviously done since I have other achievements that require me to play multiple times. Anybody else have a similar problem?
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