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  1. Had it happen to me one day last week. I was able to function again after I was attacked.
  2. Scariest Moments In-game

    Scariest moment for me is when Jason uses Stalk and just waits until you turn a corner and grabs you. Gets me every single time.
  3. I had this happen once during the weekend. After that though I switched to private matches and didn't worry about it.
  4. Good Sportsmanship Club

    On right now, and streaming if anyone wants to play. Xbox One of course.
  5. Good Sportsmanship Club

    Anyone on Xbox wanna play?
  6. Good Sportsmanship Club

    I'm gonna probably be on within the next couple of hours..if this headache goes away. Diving back in after a break for awhile.
  7. Xbox Update 4.27Gb

    Looking forward to testing this out sometime soon.
  8. I'm burned out and waiting for new content. Plenty of other games to play at the moment but will come back when more content comes out.
  9. Kenny's face when he sees Chad has me rolling. So damn good lol
  10. Why I Don't Use My Mic

    I mostly use my mic just to tell everyone what I am doing, where I'm going and if I have parts for the vehicle and whatnot. Very seldom for anything else.
  11. Pamela Tapes

    First match of the day and I found my first one on Packanack Small. Level 76.
  12. I think I'm alright, counselor or Jason. Having fun is all that matters to me though.
  13. The rarity of being Jason.

    One day I play and never get Jason, the next I play as him atleast 5-6 times, sometimes back to back.
  14. I don't love them, nor do I hate them. While they are fun, playing them enough will make things very repeatitive after a while. But..atleast its something new for now.
  15. "Wood"

    After further observation I can confirm that yes, that is indeed wood.