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  1. Pretty excited to play this game on PS4 now being that I dont really touch my xbox much anymore.
  2. It'd be cool to have Victor Crowley from Hatchet in this game too.
  3. Dead by Daylight is growing on me. I mostly play survivor and sprinkle in killer every now and then. Friday the 13th is more fun in some regards but I am enjoying the steady stream of consistent gameplay and not having bugs, glitches and crashed every time I play. So glad this game was free with Plus because I have always been on the fence about it but now I can play it as much as I want.
  4. I ready up immediately unless I want to change perks, counselors or the Jason I want to play as.
  5. Probably trying to cut pocket knives out of their diet. Was eating way too many of em. Lol
  6. I want 2 steps forward and no steps back. This patch should be fixes without breaking anything being that it is the only focus now. I know, it is nice to dream.
  7. I try to use a different one each time. I only shoot to have one duplicate kill each game if at all possible. But if im being mobbed I will head punch everyone when in a pickle.
  8. Congrats on the undefeated streak. Quite impressive.
  9. I am still yet to get a legendary perk. I've gone through almost 50k so far..not even gonna bother anymore.
  10. @Ahab pretty much nailed it. Somehow they are gonna go back in time and fix everything.
  11. Great post. I enjoyed reading all 10 minutes worth haha!
  12. With friends BR games are really fun. Otherwise they are rage inducing to me lol.
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