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  1. Deadlytaco88

    Legendary Perks

    I am still yet to get a legendary perk. I've gone through almost 50k so far..not even gonna bother anymore.
  2. Deadlytaco88

    Avengers 4 predictions

    @Ahab pretty much nailed it. Somehow they are gonna go back in time and fix everything.
  3. Deadlytaco88

    Back in the saddle

    Great post. I enjoyed reading all 10 minutes worth haha!
  4. Was a good read. Glad to see it getting some exposure.
  5. Deadlytaco88

    Season 5 of Fortnite buries PS4's servers.

    With friends BR games are really fun. Otherwise they are rage inducing to me lol.
  6. Deadlytaco88

    Increase in crashes

    I am on xbox and the game crashed 3 times in a row on me before I reset the system and I was good the rest of the way.
  7. Trash talkers and those who teabag you after they knock you down are the best. Especially when you catch em in a grab and then leave immediately after because they got outplayed or realized maybe they are just cold shit on a paper plate. So satisfying.
  8. I don't play as much as I used to, but I still enjoy playing it.
  9. Deadlytaco88

    July Friday the 13th

    I'm expecting 130% XP and tapes will drop at a much higher rate than usual. That's it.
  10. Deadlytaco88

    Future Content

    While it is always nice to have content continiously rolling in, I prefer to have what is already out now fixed up and more presentable. It sucks that we aren't getting Uber/Grendel and other DLCs but fixing the game will definitely go a long way, atleast to me. I also understand and respect the opinions of everyone else on this matter so definitely won't be any attacks on anyone from me.
  11. Deadlytaco88

    The Salt Mines Are Broken!

    While it was a cool concept, its rather pointless to have. Too many issues can occur and people end up salty when they shouldn't. Do away with it. Lock it up, throw the key into Lake Minnetonka.
  12. I'd like this very much as when I do play now, it is mostly with bots.
  13. Deadlytaco88

    My Retirement

    Been awhile since we played @lHeartBreakerl but I did enjoy when we did. I need to get back onto the game and play with the community. Maybe we will meet up and play F13 or something else.