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  1. @MichaelMemers you obviously haven’t understood anything that I’ve written. Take some time to thouroly read through what I’ve written, and I’m sure that you will have a better time in the game. BTW, I typically play in a party with 2-4 others, and we have to adapt to each killer for every match. We have never played the same way against 2 different killers, and preventing escape is NOT the only way that the killer gets points. I wish you the best, but unless you step outside of your comfort zone, you’ll never progress further in the game. As for F13, there is no option to even have fun in the game. The emotes have done nothing more than make the asshats, more of an asshat, and for them to corrupt others to join them. I used to luv being chased by a good Jason, and waiting to see how he was going to dispatch me. The current state of the game is just a silly mess, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it gets the “Worst Disappoint” award for 2017.
  2. @MichaelMemers there is so much that you are missing. You should be moving on to another survivor, instead of fixating on the one that you have hooked. With certain perks, and the right killer, you might not even want to hook anyone, and leave them in the dying state until the end. You need to think outside of the box, as the game has so many ways of being played, and playing the same the same way for each match just doesn’t work. You need to play the players, not just the game.
  3. Like I said, you don’t understand the game at all. Letting survivors get other survivors off the hook, should play right into your hands, increase your blood points, and thus lower your rank. There are so many levels to the game that you are obviously missing.
  4. Hey Boxing, I’ll see you in game tomorrow. @MichaelMemers obviously doesn’t know how to play DBD. Anyone who thinks that “facecamp[ing]” a survivor is a good tactic, does not know anything about the game, and probably barely gets any blood points.
  5. DbD vs F13

    OMFG!!! Killer Klowns From Outer Space!!! The Entity is from Eight Legged Freaks...hehe I have them both on my DVR and will NEVER delete them! That would make another great killer on DBD, as would Pumpkin Head. P.S. Sony did an awesome job with the privacy settings on the PS4, and I never get hate messages. I only get messages from Friends, and Friends of Friends.
  6. ROFLMAO....Try looking at the PS4 add-ons, and I bought everything at the Halloween discount price. I'm still laughing, "Help, I can't get up!" LOL https://store.playstation.com/en-us/search/dead by daylight
  7. You obviously haven’t played DBD very much, or at all, if that is what you truly believe. All of the DLCs for DBD are playable content, new killers, and new maps (all of which are tiny compared to F13). NONE of it is crappy clothing or emotes. You are trying to compare apples and oranges. Nice try, but no cigar.
  8. I’m sorry, but I have to laugh hysterically at this. I have a group of about 34 players that I used to play with in PUBLIC matches, where anywhere from 3-7 of us would group together at one time. There was always at least 10 of us on at any one time, and all but a couple had Jason preferences, as we all sincerely believed that Jason was the most fun to play. Not one of us cared about any other content, except for the new maps. While the maps were a challenge at first, we all learned that they truly are no different than the original maps. You just need to know how to play them, which we did. Not one of use thought that the grab was over reaching, and we definitely had no problem getting out as counceleors. Not one of use cared, nor did we buy, the clothing DLCs. Within 2 weeks of the last patch, almost every single person in the group stopped playing F13 completely. A couple still play, but everyone else is playing other games. Those who are still interested in a F13 type game moved on to Dead by Daylight (DBD), where we bought EVERY expansion, and for less than what we paid for F13. I would consider F13 a kiddy version of DBD, as DBD is a much more robust game, and has an extremely high learning curve. You get points for everything, every time you do it, not just once per match. Half of your points come from working with others, and half of those come from HELPING OTHERS. A concept that doesn’t even exist in F13. So, I can’t see how you can possibly stand by the statement that content is the reason that the game is failing. The game failed due to the arrogance of Gun Media, it’s founders, the developers, and the lack of creating a robust game. Sure, the game will sputter around for years like Neverquest and others, but does anyone want to play a sputtering game? I was looking forward to coming back to a playable game, but with the latest statements made by Randy and @[IllFonic]Courier, I have little confidence that anything will ever change. Peace, and good luck!

    I was originally thinking that it might be a 1 vs 7, just like Jason vs 7, but what if it's not. What if the entire game mode is based on Assassins, which The Ship appears to be loosely based on? Everyone has a single target that they can damage/kill, and you immediately lose if you kill a counselor who is not your current target. Once you kill your target, you take on the target of the counselor that you killed. Last man standing is the winner. Now that would make for an extremely interesting game, where you truly can't trust anyone.
  10. I’m not sure what all,of the misunderstanding is about, but @[IllFonic]Courier‘s post: is very clear. Here is the roadmap again: So they are working on: Virtual Cabin 2.0 Offline Bots SP Challenges DEMO New Counselor New Map So, the work is still in progress; after which, it needs to be approved on all platforms prior to its release.
  11. Is this bannable

    @Theiceman105 working with Jason is a bannable offence. You can report cheating at www.jasonkillsbugs.com, but you need a screenshot or video.
  12. @auticus Jason won’t have an AI, players will only have the option to play as Jason, for some very obvious reasons. During their POC, they found it too complicated to make Jason play in a realistic way, and it would require the player to work with 6 AI counselors. Controlling 6 pets would be nightmare. On this flip side, giving each counselor a unique personality, the ability to achieve objectives, run, and escape, creates a better player experience. On the AI side, they just need to make the counselors as efficient as possible, and add delays where a real person would make a decision. Each counselor would need their own AI event table to define their personality, and a common AI event table for the things that they would all have in common. The game has many stages that are very important to the game play. I just don’t have any confidence in their ability to take all of these things into account. Anywho, I do have a TRS-80 emulator that someone else created, and allows me to use all of my old floppies that I imported. I even started working on creating my own Z80 emulator & TRS-80 sandbox in .NET.
  13. It sounds like you would be comfortable with an AI engine that is somewhat similar to a sports game, which is extremely simple, very mechanical, and would have no replay value in this type of game. Illfonic doesn’t even know how to to make a RNG more realistic, so that being Jason better reflects your player choice. That issue that has existed since before the game was released, yet you believe that they will be able to create an AI engine that will be replayable hundreds, if not thousands of times? An AI that will be able to declare an objective, follow way-points to achieve that objective, to completely change that objective should Jason be nearby, to not use game mechanics that humans could not otherwise use, and to do this for all 7 counselors at the same time. There will be hundreds of rules, many will be unique to a specific counselor, and others need to scale to the stats of the counselor. I haven’t seen any indication that Illfonic will be able to pull off any part of that. But, time will tell. P.S. You might want to check out my About Me before you respond.
  14. Are you sure about that? Think about it. Single player is going to require an extremely advanced AI in order to be fun, or replayable in any way. Do you REALLY think that Illfonic is going to be able to pull that off?
  15. This already exists. It’s called “Remote Play”, and is available on PC and PlayStation, I don’t know about XBOX.