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  1. Actually, they could bring it back as it originally was, if there was an in-game reporting system for all platforms and the game saved specific information in regards to such attacks that could be used to prove trolling. At the end of any game that contained friendly-fire, everyone in the match would be asked, “Did player X attack <list of players> with purposeful intent to do harm to those players?” If the majority of players in the lobby voted “Yes” (and perhaps give more weight to a Jason “Yes” vote), then the points that the player would have received would be held in escrow, and a report would be auto-generated for investigation. For players who have multiple reports against them that have yet to be investigated, they could also set levels over time that would institute a temporary ban until the investigations are completed. If the reports turned out to be false, the points in escrow would be returned to the player, and investigations for missuse of the system would begin for every player who voted “Yes”. As long as repeat offenders can be permanently banned, and are, this system would be fair to all. P.S. Part of the report would include who is in a party with whom. This would also allow them to investigate teamers.
  2. @Xbox Prisoner, teaming is simply anything that a councelor does to purposefully help Jason, or anything that Jason does to purposefully help any councelor, to the detriment of other players, that is outside the scope of fixing a bugged state.
  3. @murpdog47 geolocation information for IP addresses is in no way accurate. I am in San Diego, CA, but the geolocation for my IP subnet is located in Northern CA, and that is considered only slightly off. That being said, if you are connecting to servers outside of the US more often than not, then it is because the game servers are not able to accurately determine your geolocation. Again, this is because of your ISP, but it is not entirely their fault either. The IP addresses that have been assigned to your ISP might be new, or they might have been reassigned from another ISP that was in a different geolocation. In either case, it takes time for the WORLD to know how to properly route traffic, thus the reports of issues that others have stated. The only thing that you can do is report it to your ISP, and then they can look into ways to ensure that traffic is routed correctly. Typically, it can take up to a year for this to work itself out (if it isn’t something that your ISP is responsible for), and should get better over time. As for the tracert to AWS, if multiple trace routes show the same results, then that is an issue with AWS 100%. It would mean that they have routers that aren’t setup correctly, and they are probably routing too much traffic through a single pipeline. If Gun Media is using AWS as the dedicated servers, then you need to report that to Gun Media as well. It’s possible that Illfonic didn’t notify Amazon about their traffic requirements correctly. However, it’s best to let your ISP do it as a part of their investigation. P.S. No response from an end point means nothing more than that the end point does not echo ICMP traffic. It is not indicative of anything else.
  4. As Jason, I absolutely luv it when you leave any door unlocked, as it lets me silently walk right in and either scare the hell out of you, or kill you while you shit your pants. Forcing Jason to break down the door, even a 1 hit door, let’s you know that he’s “IN THE ROOM”. If you see a door broken down, you handle the cabin completely differently than to do if you see the doors intact, but that’s another story. Never assume that any cabin is safe, if any door is unlocked.
  5. Try reading the post again. I asked YOU to prove your statement (above). You have not. Nothing that you have provided has in any way proved "...that the game was not designed to have Jason running away from counselors." All that you have provided is one method of gameplay. You have not in any way proved that that is the only method of gameplay, or that the creators of the game did not intend for the game to be played in other ways. The reason that you can't prove your statement is because they have said the exact opposite, and tell you to run if you see the sweater. I will not address any of your other statements, as they have absolutely nothing to do with my statements, or with what I asked you to prove. Read my answer to @MRWood204 above, and rethink your statement.
  6. @MRWood204 that is not proof, try again. That is nothing more than a basic outline of what the game entails. It says nothing about whether or not Jason must always stand his ground, or run if he is under attack. There is at least one such quote from the creators, but I’ll let you find them, as it will end this debate.
  7. Provide me with evidence, from the creators of this game, proving this statement. Until you can do that, none of your arguments are valid.
  8. I’m extremely surprised that you would try to go here, as this is listed in the games rules as a violation, and will get you a ban from the game. Jason running away is no different from a councelor running away, and is how the game is designed to be played. No one in this thread has of yet provided any evidence to the contrary. Trouble? What trouble? Going into Jason's cabin and get the sweater? Finding the cabin, and getting the sweater is in no way difficult. We've been doing that since before we knew that the mask would prevent Jason from being warned that someone was in the cabin, yet we did it in every single match. If we got really lucky, maybe once in every 2-3 weeks, we'd get a Jason kill. I don't understand how you think that you are entitled to anything else.
  9. It sounds like you are a Pappas pupil, are you? Pigeon holing any councelor into a specific peg-hole, will get you killed. As a councelor, you MUST learn how to play each councelor to do everything, as there is no garauntee that you will have a balance that makes Pappas’ idea of the game work. As Vanessa, I can perform any task that I need to, and I do, if there isn’t someone near by who is better equipped. I switch up councelors depending upon how I’m feeling prior to a match. It sounds like you are just beginning to understand how the game truly works, and learning that much of Pappas’ teachings are utter crap. WELCOME TO F13, THE REAL GAME!
  10. Everyone does have a chance to escape, and it is currently very close to where the developers have always intended it to be. If you are thinking that it is supposed to be anything like it was prior to the previous patch, then you are sorely mistaken. They have always said that we know that they have broken Jason, and empowered the councelors way too much, but this is how we work (paraphrasing). To use a term made popular by those who only started playing the game after the physical release, you might just need to “Git Gud!” EDIT: I only play in QP matches. In the entire lifetime of the game, I have only played about a handful of private matches, and have found them to be much more toxic than QP. If you make it very clear in QP that you don’t tolerate asshats, and that everyone else in the lobby feels the same, guess what? The asshats will leave, though some do get their asses handed to them before they leave.
  11. @Papppus do you know what a scosiopath is? It is someone who is incapable of understanding the difference between right and wrong. @Kodiak and @GunMedia_Ben tried to explain the rules to you on several occasions, yet you continue to post, and play, in violation of those rules. Nothing else needs to be said.
  12. Too hard to escape?

    And that is exactly how the single player game works. When you play multi-player, there is one mode, normal. That’s it. Either play it as designed, or move on. It’s your choice.
  13. Counselor Safety Briefing - 1/29/18

    Contrary to anything that you believe, they have said that purposely dropping as host is grounds for being banned. Here are the rules: Read section xiii, which covers this action specifically. If you exit the game during gameplay, you can, and will, be banned.
  14. Counselor Safety Briefing - 1/29/18

    If you are dropping as host, solely because someone in the lobby is not playing by “your set of rules”, then you are not playing within the rules of the game. If they ever get the in-game reporting of abusers to work correctly, and your behavior is documented, it will have been nice to not ever know you. Good day...
  15. Emotes need to go

    Here’s a fix for emotes @GunMedia_Ben: Make emotes expend stamina at the same rate as running does, for as long as the emote is playing.