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  1. What is this patch? I don't see any notes for it.
  2. I think that ship has sailed. The moment that they accepted, and used, the F13 licensing, all assets fall under that umbrella. Nothing from the current game could be used under any other IP w/o the express written consent of the license owner.
  3. The current game IS using the PSN servers, but Illfonic doesn’t know how to use them CORRECTLY! If GunMedia/Illfonic does follow through with the dedicated servers, that will be a bad day for ALL console players. Why? Well, when GunMedia decides that it is no longer financially viable to keep those servers running, or files for bankruptcy protection, there will no longer be ANY online play. At least in the current situation SIE manages the servers. For those unaware, the PSN servers are where the matchmaking happens, and where the scoring SHOULD be held in escrow, but isn’t. The code running on them is written by Illfonic based on templates provided by Sony, but improperly executed. The PSN & XBox servers are based around a peer-to-peer system, as it would be prohibitively expensive for Sony or Microsoft to provide dedicated servers for each game.
  4. @pilospc if you don’t understand why people switch from PC to console, and never go back, there isn’t anything that can be said. Enjoy your pissing wars in constantly upgrading your hardware, not being able to play older games, and not playing on a balanced field due to hardware differences. I, and all other PlayStation owners, are more than happy to be isolated from the “Wild West” PC gamers, who can easily hack any game. I played PC games for 20 years and will never go back to it. I luv Sony’s direction, and with 2 exceptions (soon to be 1) I only play the AWESOME single player games that EA states, “No one wants play”. @RustledJimmy if there is ever a class action suit against GunMedia, I’m sure that you’ll have a huge amount of support across all platforms.
  5. Try dealing with this constant crap for a year, and then you’ll understand everyone else’s POV. The challenges are nice, but everything that was broken, is still broken. That has not changed since the game was released.
  6. Ummm....have you never played a video game before? It’s called a penalty for failing.
  7. TBH, I didn’t see anything wrong with any of the grabs. What I do see is a bad grab annimation, which has been in the game since day one, and is supposed to be fixed whenever the patch is released. The new annimation shows the lunge that occurs during a grab, which is currently not shown. If anything, I’d be complaining about the shitty attacks through doors, which are an exploit of the game mechanics due to other bugs. Thanks for showing how un-fun the game truly is, as the video does do that extremely well.
  8. Hmmm...yellow car, blue car, boat, police. Yep, F13 has so many more aspects to the game than DbD ever will. /sarcasm off The games are similar, but they do have slightly different play styles. This is the very first thread that I’ve read where everyone finally agrees on the differences. I don’t really agree that there is any graphical superiority in either game, as they both look identical to me. The only difference for me graphically is the fact that Illfonic doesn’t have the expertiece to make the graphics system perform better. If I want to play a really competitive game, where knowing the metas, and fully understanding every aspect of the game will get you ahead, I’ll play DbD. If I want to mellow out somewhat, and have a more jovial time, I’d play F13, if it was working correctly. Does anyone remember Stargate Worlds? Of course not, as it died in beta. The development team bit off more than it could chew, and what could have been an awesome game, died due to their inability to execute. I truly hope Illfonic gets the FULL single player experience working, as it may be their only saving grace.
  9. @Caliph you shouldn’t feed the trolls. It doesn’t matter what you say, or what proof that you have, they will just ignore it, or turn it into something that it isn’t. As long as you are enjoying whatever games that you play, that is all that matters. ENJOY!
  10. @Trident77 you might want to look up the word hypocritical, and then reread my posts. My stance is extremely clear, and well stated. However, your description of my stance is WAY OFF BASE. You might want to take some of your own advice, instead of trolling.
  11. You might want to stop placing words in others mouths, as that is not anywhere near what I said, nor did I imply it. BTW, superior is a very strange word choice. Beauty (fun) is in the eye of the beholder, and what is fun for you, or myself, may not be fun to others. I do prefer one game over the other, as does most everyone here, but false statements are false statements. If you were to look back at my post, prior to your posting of your reply, you would have seen that I was in the process of editing my post. Just like the game, these forums are incomplete, and are missing features that forums have had for over 2 decades (i.e. Preview), which requires you to post, in order to see what you’re posting.
  12. I know that it wan’t you that made this bold claim, but it is being used out of context, and is not accurate. F13 is no where near the 3rd highest selling game on the PS4, in fact, it didn’t even make the top 20. It is in 3rd place for DIGITAL DOWNLOADS ONLY, but it was also voted the worst PS4 game released in 2017. BTW, for those DbD naysayers, DbD did make the top 20 best selling list of games on the PS4 for 2017.
  13. You obviously haven’t played in quite a while, as these were fixed 2 patches ago. DbD has doubled its development staff, and that doesn’t include the staff for Death Garden. They also released their plans for the next year+. They keep their word, unlike another development company that we all know too well. ALL of the new non-licensed DbD content can be purchased, or earned in game if you don’t want to pay for it. The licensed content depends upon the license holder, and it looks like the F13 remake Jason is coming to DbD, which sort of slipped in one of the dev steams. Oh yeah, the WEEKLY dev streams too. I wrote off F13 as a complete loss a long time ago, and am hoping that I’ll be able to recoup something with the single player content that is still pending. Once they take the dedicated servers offline, that’s all that will be left.
  14. @MichaelMemers he didn’t say it was largely finished. I am a software engineer, and have been for over 40 years, so I know exactly what he meant with the precise words that he chose to use. Just because a lower level piece of code “appears” to be ready for others to use, does not mean that it is finished. Nothing in what he said would lead me to believe that they are close to releasing anything. At least not in the next 3-4 weeks. Here is what @ShiftySamurai stated: Weeks + unforeseen issues > 3-4 weeks
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