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  1. How to be a smart counselour.

    I really appreciate that, and as well the fact that you are big enough to let go so quickly. Definitely an example for many other people in this world. Through the Internet, words get jumbled and misread causing adverse reactions. I will think much more the next time I post. Also thank you for not going overboard and taking jabs at my intelligence or life ethic as some have, but I won't even get into it with them. Have a good Sunday. From what you have said, you have worked long and hard and deserve it without someone being rude to you!! (Aka the former me lol)
  2. How to be a smart counselour.

    Listen dude, obviously a chord has been struck. I'm going to be real. Yes, I originally posted what could be taken as a juvenile, immature comment. I will blame that on my lack of clarity due to a mix of being hungover and it being early (for me) - I was simply agitated to the fact that some people are just trying to have fun, and have conversations with like minded gamers but are shut down with a " duplicate thread". I don't like to come off aggressive and I also do not want someone thinking im trying to put them beneath me. That's not who i am as a person. I didn't come on here to make enemy's. I do apologize to you because you seem like a very intelligent person with life experience. I just felt a little mocked and I lashed out. Again. Apologies.
  3. How to be a smart counselour.

    Oh please excuse my insulting grammatical errors in my previous post. I am a bit hungover since I was out till 4 last night and kind of did not give a shit what my sentence looked like. Please kind sir, I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me. Next time I will remember that this is The School For The Grammatically Correct. Wow, how insightful. Good thing that the last thing I could ever possibly care about is making you laugh. I'm assuming you didn't get the grammatical structure due to a generational gap, I mean I'm only assuming. Enjoy your Sunday
  4. How to be a smart counselour.

    Lol that comment flew right over your head
  5. Noooo I wasn't I wish, it ended up as a loss just for me unfortunately -.-
  6. How to be a smart counselour.

    Lmao omg it's so annoying IN EVERY thread people are like. " eXcUse Me bUt pEOPle haVe aLreAdy pOsTed aBouT this, THhIs iS A DuPLiCaTE tHReAD !!!!" like y'all really think everyone has the time to go searching for threads lmao stop.
  7. Literally right now, just found each part for the boat myself, ran them to the boat and even asked one player if he could take the gas while I take the propeller but he shuts the door on me, obviously can't hear me I guess. Then i install both parts as TIFFANY -.- and meanwhile I see on my mini map 3 people coming up fast. The second I finish putting the parts someone gets in and starts the boat while the two others stand next to me infront of the boat... I'm literally telling them loudly that I put both parts in and I should def have a seat... well she turns it on and books it about 10 feet as her friend jumps in the water to get to the boat and Jason morphs over to us and IGNORES THE BOAT escaping and tunnels for me. I'm sorry but I quit, i don't do it much but I cannot help myself when I'm surround by assholes. Getting less and less fun.
  8. Host Migration

    Shhhhh! They don't like you expressing your displeasure. You should hide now, they are probably coming for you as we speak!!!!
  9. I'm a verry good Jason, not to brag lol - but last week for the first time I was brought to my knees and the idea of quitting didn't even cross my mind, maybe it was because I was so dumbfounded by the fact that I was tricked. They planned it out extremely well and I gave them props and they added me for being a good sport. Just wish more people could just be go with the flow.
  10. I was going to ask this actually? How can you report glitchers and will there actually be repercussions ? I have a few screen shots of douchebags off the map while the game goes on for 15 mins and they are the only ones alive.
  11. It's seriously annoying and getting out of hand how much I experience rage quitters. I'm new here and haven't been able to express to fellow f13 gamers how annoying this is. Just today it happened 3 times where the host left right after I killed them. I really hope there will be a stop to lobby's ending because of such selfish people!
  12. Yeah i agree, they really should implement a reputation feature. Giving the opportunity for players to give negative/positive reputation. Would be nice to know if your playing with a douchebag before hand
  13. I found one- tape #4 about a month ago, that was the first and last time I've ever seen one.
  14. I found mine in a public match.