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  1. Your Dumbest Move?

    Omg... well, I specialize in doing dumb things, so in no particular order... Screwing up on two R1 checks as Eric and bringing Jason to me. Crashing through a closed window, at the start of a match, because I double tap instead of just opening it. (Repeated many times) Taking the gas across the map to a car, when the boat was lacking only gas. Stepping in a trap I just set. (Repeated many times) Shooting a teammate Jason grabs, and killing them while missing Jason. Wrecking the car on an open stretch, with Jason no where around. Morphing to the phone because I hear a trap go off, only to realize it was the car trap. (Usually the car takes off before morph cools down) Shifting and getting hung up on the corner of a cabin. Saying " dude, Jason won't hear us, he's at higgens, let's swim from Blair's to SW"... only to drown when Jason catches us. Sprinting for no good reason, and getting caught when Jason morphs near me, because I am out of stamina. Crouching behind a rock and thinking Jason couldn't see me. Climbing out a window, right into the grip of a waiting Jason. I could do this all day. My stupidity is epic.
  2. That was me. Lol. Amazing after so many matches and kills and deaths, that we recall specifics. A testament to the game's attraction power. My favorite was I installed the gas right as Jason morphed near me, I laughed and said " suck it Jason, you can't shift and catch me yet". No sooner said, I hear the ki ki ki....and Jason gains his shift. Jason said " what's that? I can't hear you over the sound of you dying", as he chocked me to death.
  3. Strategy for hunting down hiders

    They probably will light up. It's not 100%. If a player has their counselor loaded with the right perks, it's very possible to avoid giving Jason his redglow to target. Kill the power, listen for the surprised gasp of a hider. No luck from that? Activate stalk, and use sense in 2-3 second bursts. Eventually you should get the red glow. The mistake I see made most often, is Jason will activate sense, and let it run till it burns out, thus requiring a longer cool down. Also, the more often you activate sense, the more chances you have to beat their sense avoiding perks.
  4. None of us use exploits, and I applaud the devs for fixing any and all exploits. I have never supported using them. And yes, you did seem like you were speaking down. (Or maybe I misunderstood). No harm, no foul bro. As Jason, at times, I've wanted to morph back to my cabin, trap the door, combat stance and block, because I was sick of counselors beating the hell out of me. And just sit there talking to my mom's head, and let the kids go away. A good group is a nightmare to go up against. *Camp, I'll join you tonight. Cheers.
  5. Wow, you must be much better than the group's I play with. Most of us are only lv 70-101. And none of us "easily" kill 8/8. Not with any consistency. In fact, 8/8 is rather the exception. Most matches have 2+ escaping. And some have Jason only getting 1-2 kills. I'm impressed with the skills of so many on this forum. "Easily" and "always" getting 8/8. I'm just in awe. And "handling" a group of counselors with epic thick skin, loaded up with bats and healing spray, isn't something that is "easy". I'm all for Jason working as intended, but methinks some here need to play against better players. Or possibly there is some boasting that isn't based in fact. Or maybe it's just the 100+ people that I play with that are lv 70+, that suck, and you forum braggers are just that awesome.
  6. Jason blocking firecrackers and traps and flares, has always been a glitch/exploit. It wasn't intended to happen. Thus, Jason isn't being made weaker, he's being fixed. The "no friendly fire" fix, is stupid and will not help the game in any way. Like op said, groups of counselors with bats and pipes and axes will spam attack. Every time Jason grabs, he'll get stunned. Plus the shotgun not harming counselors, is beyond silly.
  7. Leaver penalty?

    Quick play. Only 6 players. 6 min into match, nothing is done. I'm bugsy, and have dropped the gas and battery off at the car. The other players are running around jumping in and out windows and toying with a potato Jason. Then....I get an invite to a pvt match with friends. "Hurry man, one spot left". I'm going to leave that crap match, go play with others. This has happened to me several times. So now it's ban worthy? Gun says: " you shall play with every a-hole that we put you in a lobby with, or face punishment". Wtf?
  8. Agreed. Trolls gonna troll. I've committed a lot (by some standards) of tks. Enter my cabin and start grabbing items from drawers? I may shoot you. Be bugsy with gas/battery, and refuse to allow Eric to repair the car? I may shoot you. Work with Jason? I'll do all I can to kill you by any means I can find. Refuse to drop a fuse, and run away from the phone house? I'll try to kill you. Glitch on a rock or bodyblocktraps? I'll try to kill you. Funny, how I never need to attack,or kill other players in private matches. It's only the public matches where you find idiots that need to die. I'm saddened that tking will be gone. I think bad things will come from it.
  9. Funny story from last night

    Zoo is correct. Imvhho. PS4 mute, mutes both ways. Denying a stalking Jason the ability to overhear chatter and info, is cheesy. Jason doesn't have a walkie, so what he hears is proximity based. Mute isn't "glitching", not exactly, but it is attempting to gain an IG advantage, by bypassing the proximity hearing of Jason.
  10. Definitely going to focus on the tapes tonight. From what I'm reading, the mask isn't the issue. On/off either way, isn't affecting finding tapes. I wonder if it is duplicate counselors? Rare is the match I've seen, that there isn't 3 aj's or two Vanessa's. Maybe by only using Tiffany, op avoided the duplicate characters. Add me on PS4, and I'll help run tests.
  11. Funny story from last night

    I've heard "for the exp", and "to survive". Those are the two most common excuses from glitchers. 20 minutes of standing doing nothing, for 200 xp. That's the logic. Most of us know you can rack up FAR more xp, by doing things, and dying or escaping, in ten minutes, and then starting a new match. Glitchers are stupid. Or trolling. Or both.
  12. Thanks. That's good info. We will find the pattern.
  13. Body Blocking to Avoid Traps

    True. And even worse, they get no invite the next time a lobby is being filled. Denying cheaters the fun and laughs of a good lobby/group, is the real punishment.