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  1. Common sense says you're correct. Oddly enough though, I just got a text from a buddy of mine, he's streaming some left 4 dead later today. Lfd still has dedicated servers. So maybe there is some money to be made even without new content? We're way outside my area of expertise on this.
  2. Lol...dude. No. I mean you're not asking seriously are you?
  3. He's in his 80's, he may not know anything about online games at all. But, unfortunately, his lawyers probably do understand the ins and outs, and know exactly how to pressure the development team.
  4. Maybe. The whole "legal issues" seems a bit more like a convenient excuse than an actual reason. Maybe it'll work out and they'll get shit straight. Or provide an update to let us save our progress offline. I hope. They're not exactly filling me with confidence in them though.
  5. Even if it would be worked out that quickly, I'm not sure that matters. We’ve now been forced to accept that the lawsuit makes future content for the game, including alternate play modes, new playable Jasons and Counselors, and new maps, unfeasible now or in the future. Unfeasible. Now or in the future.
  6. Likely because the guy sees dollar signs. He can't milk the f13 book series, it doesn't exist. He can't milk the f13 tv series, it doesn't exist. But hey, they sold (x) amount of video games... maybe he thinks he can get a piece of that action. So he gets an attorney to tie shit up in court, and force the development company to pay him, or risk losing their customer base.
  7. Absolutely. You've got 5 scared teens swinging wildly at the killer they're clumped around. Swinging axes and machetes, or shooting a shotgun? I mean there is gonna be some friendly fire.
  8. I mean, sure, that sounds great! Sadly, I've little faith in the online community of gamers implementing such a doctrine.
  9. So, you expect the devs to somehow make people not be jerks/trolls? In a multiplayer pvp game? I feel like you're asking for too much m8. No matter what mechanics are implemented, people will figure a way to work within them, with the express purpose of annoying other players. People whined about team killing, now there's not an option to simply kill an annoying player. Honestly, the players should be policing other players better than any mechanics. Just my thoughts.
  10. Speaking only for myself. I'm coming back next month. Never would have stopped playing if work wouldn't have taken me away. I'm looking forward to playing again, and I hope to enjoy the changes/updates.
  11. Omg... well, I specialize in doing dumb things, so in no particular order... Screwing up on two R1 checks as Eric and bringing Jason to me. Crashing through a closed window, at the start of a match, because I double tap instead of just opening it. (Repeated many times) Taking the gas across the map to a car, when the boat was lacking only gas. Stepping in a trap I just set. (Repeated many times) Shooting a teammate Jason grabs, and killing them while missing Jason. Wrecking the car on an open stretch, with Jason no where around. Morphing to the phone because I hear a trap go off, only to realize it was the car trap. (Usually the car takes off before morph cools down) Shifting and getting hung up on the corner of a cabin. Saying " dude, Jason won't hear us, he's at higgens, let's swim from Blair's to SW"... only to drown when Jason catches us. Sprinting for no good reason, and getting caught when Jason morphs near me, because I am out of stamina. Crouching behind a rock and thinking Jason couldn't see me. Climbing out a window, right into the grip of a waiting Jason. I could do this all day. My stupidity is epic.
  12. That was me. Lol. Amazing after so many matches and kills and deaths, that we recall specifics. A testament to the game's attraction power. My favorite was I installed the gas right as Jason morphed near me, I laughed and said " suck it Jason, you can't shift and catch me yet". No sooner said, I hear the ki ki ki....and Jason gains his shift. Jason said " what's that? I can't hear you over the sound of you dying", as he chocked me to death.
  13. They probably will light up. It's not 100%. If a player has their counselor loaded with the right perks, it's very possible to avoid giving Jason his redglow to target. Kill the power, listen for the surprised gasp of a hider. No luck from that? Activate stalk, and use sense in 2-3 second bursts. Eventually you should get the red glow. The mistake I see made most often, is Jason will activate sense, and let it run till it burns out, thus requiring a longer cool down. Also, the more often you activate sense, the more chances you have to beat their sense avoiding perks.
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