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  1. Do Med Sprays need nerfing?

    Yeah true, like I said people like to keep swinging. Eventually the weapon will break especially on the women counselors, I really don't struggle much vs 5 people with weapons also depends on the situation if it near an objective ill stick around if nothing done ill grab a person that alone. Obviously their are match where I get my ass kicked as well, I'm not claiming i own everyone back to topic tho I can say aid needs decrease mabye the new maps will help this
  2. Do Med Sprays need nerfing?

    If you getting owned by 5 people as Jason you are playing him wrong you do realize you can block and it nulls weapon damage to him and if they keep swinging they will break the weapon. Combat stance block hit get out of stance grab kill or just block swing when you get a chance to. First aid does't fully heal you only a certain percent of your health, that why first aid perk increase healing. I never found first aid to be an issue cause the counselor has to stand still and use it. I also bear trap high use 2nd story windom escape. Lot of people use the same window to escape from. Only thing I bear trap is phone box, like 2 to 3 once it goes off I morph. Not saying you are a bad jason cause jason is pretty op. Back to the subject tho I will say they do need to decrease first aid found on the map tho cause I usually run two use out of a frist aid and hand them out like candy to my fellow counselor. A decrease would be nice give me firecrackers pocket knife and first aid ill kite jason for 20 min. Even with decrease on thick skin it still good mines 25% which is nuts. I'm all for less first aid on maps
  3. I love this game, however i'm lv 64 and found it boring cause I play the same friends and in public I have to go john Rambo and save myself or just stall the match for 10min. The promblem comes from the lack of unlocking or increasing your character build or trying new perks cause random usually gives trash percentage. So people found other ways to entertain themselves after lv 31. I personally been playing dead by daylight cause their something to lv and I like trying different perk builds. I have not given up on the game just it still new and will require time to mature into something enjoyable. So I do go back time to time.
  4. Hmm well people forget you need to raise the counselor fear level, knocking out power boxes raises their fear so it helps Jason sense easier when you are searching cabbins also flashligh increase the chance as well. With sense avoidance it increases the chance for you not to be spotted. This why I tend to kill stealth character first over others if I find them at objectives.
  5. I understand your frustration with the game. Personally most of it comes from people being mornic and playing the game like idiots. So you use an exploit in the game for me not to kill you when I'm Jason? Record vid show to devs, have fun being perma band. The team only consist of like Five people and they were honestly try get this game out before Dead by Daylight hit the consoles. they also working on single player mode as well amoung trying to continue to patch the game. Everytime they patch the game another expolit is found by people who always try harding to escape Jason or talk shit like oh your a trash Jason. Point of this game is the fun factor and we had that on release, but once people got past lv 31 they got bored and found other ways to amuse themselves. Team killing, helping out Jason, exploiting a glitch to make the match take longer then is needed. It comes down to they need to have incentive to lv up beyond 31 so you don't get bored. Like a lving system perks for both sides. As for connection issue they are always trying to fix it so everyone can play the game. Honestly they do care about this game, but people assume they don't things will take time. Dead by daylight when it first came out was a hot mess as well, but it had a year to develop. So Give them a chance to mature the game its only like 2-3 month old and it was a funded game, you going have these typical issues. Until then either play something different until you think they fix the game to your standard. Personally I still enjoy this game with all its imperfections and looking foward to the game future and obviously it tuff pill to swallow knowing the game is still going through ruff times. As a person who paid 40$ I understand your frustration with the game and you have good points that you bought up and all I can say is in due time, it will get better
  6. Tho I enjoy this game very much I play the same people all the time not to mention public matches are being hella toxic I'm not worried about Jason I'm concerned about other players. The -1000 exp loss for betrayal has no effect cause after 31 all their is to unlock is colthing... Wooo hoo not. Seemed people cared for first 31 level now if you past that people prefer to be a dick. This quote +9000
  7. Jason sense works. On a digital dice randomization to sense people, the stealth perks lesson the chance of him spotting you. Fear plays a big factor cause this increases his chance to find you based of fear level. I like to kite jason medic, thick skin, man at arms and find a baseball bat. I do objectives if I find anything, but giving people 3-8 min somtimes 10+ of looking is huge due to the fact lots of jason have tunnel vision in trying to kill one counselor Aj , Tiffany, Deb or Adam for me.
  8. Concern for Jason 7

    This post right here^ +1
  9. One I rather deal with a four seater then deal with 2-4 people escaping on foot to the cops. Usually people roll together when the cops are near and most people run my dads a cop perk. So putting 4 traps at the phone box is more strategic then only one. Downside I only have on trap to place near a car. The positive is either people will die trying get the fuse in or waste 2 pocket knifes to disarm them. Also I can ease of on going back to the phone box for a bit while I set everyone up for their death near four seater. Personally I gotten 8/8 majority. Cause of this strategy, Then again I can see the point you making tho, a good Jason always checks objectives and alway waste little time chasing, more about putting pressure on objective then tunnel vision a counselor for one kill
  10. I did a post on perk rework, never thought about jason tho, jason is strong as he needs to be. Most problems comes from using his abilities correctly or counselor blocking phone box with a car or using fire crackers. Most players don't know if you block with Jason you negate weapon blows. Then free grab, having a leveling system for Jason on the aspects you mentioned is very interesting and I dig it also maybe have where you can lower cool down of shift morph or stalk obviously not to an absured amount just helping out like part 7 Jason Like for example if you use part 9 Jason he has a + for shift so I think you can't put points to lower its cool down, but you could do sense stalk and morph.
  11. Concern for Jason 7

    Im dieing over here haha. Part 7 Jason I enjoy solely for the weapon kills or I want to handicap myself against players. My buddy and I was thinking about an ability for part 7 to refresh his other abilities with a long cooldown. I personally believe part 7 should get destruction take out grip strength sense is booty as well high fear equal me seeing you across map in most cases. He should have lower shift cool down as well its zombie Jason. I do hope the rework him and as for part 9... I never play him cause weapon kills are to long
  12. Well if I'm jason and I see people TK Or hide items in the woods I just kill the guy who doing it and let people near by escape I rather have the TK watch everone near him escape I do like it when they come back as jarvis so double kill. If I'm surviver I try rush and get the gun or a good weapon, I also run thick skin 25% and usually have a first aid. Its Funny when someone shoots me and I live just to reheal and go full Lucille on them or just tell jason so and so is TK and he handles it cause most Jasons are cool like that. I really try to prep myself every match so I can deal with TK. Tuff part is when a surviver is partnering with jason I tend to cabbin hop and kick the shit out of the TK With friendly fire off coming up soon the only issues is now people will hide items in the woods or run with them around without placing it in the objective. Thing is you can't fix everything, thats why its good they have muilp ways to escape. They need to have a respawn if an objective item out in the woods for more then a min. Same cabin or random cabbin. Anyways gl have fun doing safe sex patrol and remember chad is a dick
  13. So I have played many matches and collected many cp to purchase random perks, the idea was great at first. I'm at a point where I feel it needs a rework since their not much unlock potential after 31 and getting same perk with low percent is frustrating especially if its low profile. I feel that some perks go unnoticed due to low percentage so here my suggestion. With cp we should be allowed to purchase any perk we wish to, but they start at the poor version so for example homebody would cost 500cp but at poor rank it randomize 1-5% another perk like thick skin cost 1000 ans randomize 2-6%. From that point we should be able to use more cp to upgrade the perk so using homebody again it would cost 700-1000 cp to go from poor to common and randomize 5%-10% while a perk like thick skin would cost 1200 and randomize 6-12%. The cost would go up each tier you upgrade obviously you could reroll percentage by using same amount of cp used to upgrade. If you don't want a randomize percentage then I suggest fair percentage each tier of the perk. The downside of making perks upgradeableis sometimes you won't net a 0 penalty with randomize percentage things would be set for each tier which would be fine for me, but I feel lots of perks sound good to use, but get overlooked by low percentage and I feel like I'm getting stronger and awarded for playing Like example if I ran homebody and low profile and lets say at epic they both net 45% noise generated while running increase by 10% having both equipped. If jason can't spot me cause I want to be stealthy then heck yeah that awesome, I would feel like their actual use to these perks. Just a fun suggestion ofcourse willing to work with other people to improve suggestion.