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  1. Too many double XP events

    Wow, somewhat aggressively called out for agreeing that adult life doesn’t make weekend playtime as easy as it sounds. Fucking hell ive seen it all now. But thank you sir for making me realize the error of my ways. Time to go stock up on NyQuil for the family to make sure they sleep all weekend. Need to pick up the weekend video game slack,
  2. Too many double XP events

    I share your sentiments about a double XP week. Would really help the adults with children and/or social lives level up.
  3. Too many double XP events

    Threads like these make me feel really bad for the devs. They certainly get some deserved criticism, but too many double XP events, come on!!!! Give them a break trolls.
  4. I’ve got no issues with Roy’s stats. I consider him Jason in game anyway. Saw that movie as a kid and certainly thought he was until the end to make impression.
  5. If you see my post right above the one you quoted, you will see I am in favor of releasing it as a PS+ game to increase paid dlc sales. It would be a double edge sword because that would probably end all free dlc, but I would take the drawback in exchange for meaningful long term support server side.
  6. I do not think there's any sort of general rule on the issue. Rather, it comes down to how long do the people paying for it believe it is in their best interests to keep paying for it. And sometimes, an online game is pulled very quickly. Just last week a fairly new game was given its death sentence and the publisher said they are refunding all purchases. All comes down to money. Do the servers make enough money to keep investing in them? If not, do we really need to keep them open for other reasons such as maintaining good will? If the purse string gods say no to both, support ends.
  7. That's what I am thinking too. My concern is dedicated servers are only good until the revenue stops exceeding the cost and required profit for continued investment. And I am kinda worried that the cost / profit exceeds revenue by the time they are ready to implement, or allegedly ready to implement. One ray of hope for me is the prospect of making it a PS+ game at the same time they begin launching a steadier stream of paid content. That too would be a double edge sword though, because I doubt they will make more free content available from then on, even if some of the content was initially planned as free.
  8. No one is being quick to hate on them. They launched without either host migration or dedicated servers, and then let information percolate without proper rebuttal that the massive mistake would be fixed by October. Then they stonewalled for months and later claimed an NDA kept us in the dark. Months later, the NDA magically lets them claim they will work on servers again sometime after they finish a new undertaking in March or April, which based on their track record sounds more like May or June at the earliest. Even if they hit their April target that puts them into April before they even work on dedicated servers again, meaning the one year anniversary is probably going to pass before we see them even if they don't drop them altogether and blame lack of interest at that time. At this point everyone who has been waiting for dedicated servers and following the news rightfully feels they were bullshitted.
  9. I posted already in the other thread. You are spot on that this is 100% the end of the game's meaningful support in my opinion. They now have months to allegedly work before they resume any work on dedicated servers or content. That puts us close to or into the summer most likely for dedicated servers. By that time though, I bet they decide there is no longer a business justification for them due to sales / active user base. And for the same reason they will never revisit paranoia. My guess is the engine upgrade will carry into whatever they do next. I am also guessing the devs really loved the game, but the people pulling the purse strings were more in love with keeping the massive profits than reinvesting them. No other way for me to rationalize how something this successful did not get much better and more timely updates.
  10. Dedicated Servers: Updating The Engine

    Wow. Reading between the lines on recent posts mixed with their history. This puts an engine upgrade into April at best, but we should expect May orJune based on history, if even then imo. I’m calling it right now, if we ever see dedicated servers it will be summer or fall. Paranoia is likely cancelled instead of delayed, and dedicated servers actually showing up just got a lot more dicey. I expect more content to launch eventually since they can monetize it if they want. But dedicated and or paranoia I’m doubting. By the time they are in a position to really work on them I’m guessing the game is no longer producing enough income to continue. wont change the fact the game was a success and I had a blast with if for a decent amount of time. Just sucks that this seems to be the beginning of the end to me without it reaching its original full potential.
  11. In times like these, they probably wish their reputation didn’t result in the internet gave them a fake trademark for the word “soon.” Not a great past for a company explaining something fishy. edit - why would anyone associated with physical discs have code access? Weren’t all physical backers given a digital copy and their codes months before the physical game launched?
  12. I share your opinion that this was not false advertising. The announcement was way too vague for anyone to seriously claim they had a genuine expectation of something. Had they cancelled offline mode I would agree that was false advertising, but they made good there.
  13. I'm not yet sold on this being more than a generic looking campground that takes place in the simulator. There's simply no track record to look at and take as a sign that the devs are staffed and funded to do something truly unique with the game.
  14. I don't like sounding like a Debbie Downer, but this sounds like a soft cushion for Paranoia's cancellation. Not a big deal to me cause I never put much stock in the notion a new macro way to play would show up anyway. I am a little pissed that dedicated servers do not sound anywhere close to launching though. Hope they prove me wrong.