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  1. So Many New Players

    This is great news. The more players the better for anyone who wants the game supported long term.
  2. Scream Queens F13

    It's pathetic, transparent, and nothing more than the same utter bullshit from a segment of the population that believes feelings and theory equals fact. I could care less about people associating with whoever they want - no skin off my back by being excluded from some identity politics driven social group, and I believe the freedoms provided for in our constitution give them that right. But the moment someone suggests that discriminating is ok for one group because of "reasons", but not ok for some other group because of "reasons", they become nothing more to me than an egotistical hypocrite, devoid of any real critical thinking skills, and too stupid to see they are taking two steps back for each step forward.
  3. Despite my criticism of their launching without migration or dedicated servers, I do not see a lawsuit as being realistic over it. The design flaws hinder the enjoyment but certainly do not make it "unplayable." Huge difference between unplayable and non-enjoyable. Further, even to the extent anyone could say they purchased the game based on a promise of having dedicated servers, which would not be something most people could really say in good faith I bet, the fact is they claim to still be working on them. They never promised a date certain that I have ever heard of.
  4. Alright, I think I can bring myself to agree there are too many pocket knives. Even sp is loaded with them. I’d like to see them stay for trap purposes, but to make that work they need some balance. More traps or more devastating traps possibly. A mini game after the first knife might help too. Perhaps counselor hits square, jason given small window to hit random button and block. I know he’s dumb and all, but falling for the same pocket knife to throat thing seems to be pushing the limits of how dumb he could possibly be if he can build a shack.
  5. Scream Queens F13

    Is this is a case of “identify” as woman, claim bi, create safe space = finally get some? If it is I appreciate the hustle, but my observations in life lead me to conclude that the success rate will be much lower than one could expect in the 10 minutes after last call at a dive bar full of heavy set late 40 to 50 year old chicks in jean skirts with horrible tattoos in their cleavage area.
  6. So.. How about that patch?

    Single player is nice to have finally. It lets me play a few slaughter rounds periodically in between life and other games. Even bought the part 7 dlc for use in single player cause I like the extra options and the price is fair enough. Unfortunately though, the game is otherwise dead to me right now. Didn’t bother taking advantage of any holiday weeks stuff because leveling up just doesn’t matter. Not dedicating myself to grinding for bloody skins or clothing colors, and mp continues to suffer from a massive fuck by not launching with migration or dedicated servers. If and when they get dedicated servers or host migration I’ll likely return to play mp from time to time. Hopefully there will be people to play with still by then.
  7. I would love to know the answer, but I doubt the devs could actually make that decision either way. Also, does anyone consider anything post part 8 to be cannon? Shit, even part 8 turned crystal lake into crystal harbor if you think about it. So that should be out too.
  8. I wish the devs would share the basic percentages of what people actually set their preference to. I've seen a handful of people claiming no one wants to be Jason anymore. Sounds crazy to me and I feel like this is one of those claims easily put to rest (either way) with the actual numbers.
  9. I doubt we are getting Xmas skins but am happy to browse any content they push out in the next few days if they do. For everything left on the roadmap, I think we are looking at 2018 at this point.
  10. Well, there is no 500 xp for participating. That may be why it moves slower.
  11. Sad but unfortunately it seems true. Much to my chagrin because all I want is them to keep us in the loop. I find digesting bad news to be much easier than no news.
  12. Bloody Skin Unlockables?

    I agree with that. Just wish it wasnt the bloody skins I kind of thought we were getting in October.
  13. People are pissy about one thing, and because they haven't got what they wanted, the people with the power to give them what they want must obviously be scum of the earth. That is what's going on and nothing more. Unless, of course, we are dealing with children or mentally disabled people who actually believe the devs invested a mere $80 to charge an extra $10 and nothing more for offline bots, and/or that they have no right to make a profit off the extra investment to add offline bots. Sad state of affairs, but many people only hear what they want to hear these days. If you think this is bad, peruse the internet right now and you'll find no shortage of people who are so anti-Trump that they are pissed they are getting more money from their pay check starting in less than 2 weeks.
  14. Bloody Skin Unlockables?

    Kinda sucks the skins all seem to be behind an unlock wall.