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  1. yes,we still need a blonde female character. I've read in the forum that the lack of blonde girls is cause they couldn't make a good blond texture? What about the preppy guy? the blonde texture in his hair is really good. They can add that same texture ,make it more bright and tcharam...blonde wig for a female character. And I know lots ask for Melissa,I just hope we still get like a blonde cheerleader,that to me ,screams slasher movie! Maybe they will add them both and hopefully a Blond Wig DLC for characters like flirty girl,it would fit really well in her.
  2. I would totally agree with that if preppy guy wasn't blonde.The texture and overall look of his hair is really pretty and good enough. They can make a blonde female,I just think they may be saving her reveal for last...or maybe adding wigs as DLC later.
  3. Hopefully.That was really disapointing.I'm not quite sure why they announced her now since she is the same girl we saw in the early alpha game video.Well ,like you said,we may get a blonde wig in one of her looks,that would be amazing. Its really weird to see all those playable girls with the same hair collor,all brown hair...except the one with blue outfit that has black hair. I need blonde wigs in all of them. lol or at least in the flirty girl that would be my fav class to play as.
  4. well I just hope we get a blonde wig even as a DLC so I could put it in my flirty girl and play as a blonde.
  5. I remember an art of a couple of dead people in the bed of a room,murdered by Jason...I remember the girl had long blonde hair,but the girl in the art of the water ,nude from the weist up ,looking back to the camera had really short light brown hair :V and I also remember that short hair girl was the exact same person they used in the "girl next door" counselor portrait art in the early concept...so I dont think thats the blonde character. I do think the blonde may be that dead girl that was murdered after having sex lol I'm sure you guys remember that picture. We also heard they say in a stream about the "flirty girl" so she exists...I think think they are saving her for last hahaha...I Just hope she is sexy and has a super blonde maybe longer hair <3 Oh and that in the exclusive DLC she has a cheerleader outfit,that would be super fun too.
  6. I think it may be this model,but I bet she is updated and hopefully with a blonde hair ... I mean,C'mon where is the blondie?
  7. Hi there! Argh I'm so jealous.I want them to annouce the blonde girl!I dont even know what is the nickname of my favorite character lol Probably "flirty girl"? Oh well,I cant wait to see what will be her skills.
  8. I know I just cant wait to find out how she will turn out to be I wonder if they will show the next 3 counselors concept art after they get the achievement of the 3 secret kills?
  9. I watched Jason Lives recently,and I really liked that blonde final girl,she kinda reminds me of the blonde girl I have in my signature,I would like for her to be a playable counselor...in the pic of the fresh meat achievement,they say there will be a Jason lives character,right? I'm hoping its Megan(And hopefully she will have a cheerleader exclusive outifit from the dlc lol)
  10. I dont think there will be any kind of nudity I would really like to see.. oh well.
  11. lol in my eyes almost everyone Jason murdered didint deserved to die,so I dont allow myself to feel sorry for any of them. Recently i watched Jason lives and that female counselor that had brown hair was so sweet to the kids,specially that litle blonde girl that kept seeing jason,she didint deserved to die at all ,yet she had a horrible bloody death lol
  12. Same goes to the counselours clothing DLC,right? Since my hype is all about being a counselor I had to buy that one,want to change the exclusive outfits of my favorites counselors! hahaha (Even if we dont even have the blonde girl announced yet lol)
  13. I would love that! hahahaa walking slowly and screaming,with a arm missing,or crawling if he dammaged my leg. Jason could use this as a trap to attrack more counselors,but really...this game seems way to easy for the Jason player. :V
  14. I dont know if I have 10 but these are the ones I remember playing a lot : Mario bross 2 Mario bross 3 Litle mermaid Barbie Street fighter 2 contra lol thats it,all I can remember :V there was also a fun shooting game that we was mixed with ships and a fun game that we could shoot floating heads that I loved but dont remember the names.
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