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  1. If I'm not playing with forum members, I start a party so I don't have to listen to the bs.
  2. Stalk needs to start immediately!!

    I got rid of music a couple of days ago so Jason is always in stalk but man it ratchets up the tension like crazy, except J9 ignores your music settings for some reason. The toughest part is knowing when Jason tires of chasing & goes somewhere else.
  3. On ps4 same here, wanted a more hardcore experience so I got rid of the music, then all of a sudden J9 shows up & I hear his chase music. So I assume that how badly this game had been coded that the music just dialed itself back up, but upon checking the music settings saw it was still set at zero. A head scratcher at best.
  4. Good Sportsmanship Club

    Camp crystal lake employment agency.
  5. Good Sportsmanship Club

    Had some great games today with @NthnButAGoodTime, @JohnnyKapow, @Vaderspupil, @Alien_Number_Six & a couple more just can't remember everybody but good times, good times.
  6. Good Sportsmanship Club

    First chance I've had to get on the forums since they've been back online, what's up guys. Are we days or weeks away from new content? Most curious about what j4's music will sound like, I hope he has his own chase music.
  7. For real? (new wallpapers)

  8. Good Sportsmanship Club

    Man if Jason could catch on fire, I burn by the Toadies would be awesome.
  9. Part 9 theme is amazing!!!

    Love j9's chase music, crazy it took so long to be added. If u get J9 on one of the small maps, man for me the atmosphere of the small variants plus new j9 music & some councilors running around in bikinis. Tiny bit of fresh air this game needed, note I just said tiny cause an actual new map will the do the freshest of things.
  10. Good Sportsmanship Club

    The Misfits nice, maybe the next one. I only say that cause work on a third one has already started and song has been chosen but was waiting on some of the new content as to be different enough from the other two, already got some clips of bikinis. But that doesn't make it stand out enough so I think I'll fiddle with it for a little while & see how long it takes for J4 & new kills & J4 maps to drop.
  11. Good Sportsmanship Club

    What's up players of the Good Sportsmanship Club, I made two death mixes for Friday the 13th and wanted to post to see what you all think. Special thing about these videos is that they were made using only sharefactory and that app can be a pain & very limiting sometimes.
  12. Being Spectated

    The ps4 gives you the option to pick who you want to receive messages from & it wasn't until this game that I blocked messages from randoms.
  13. Snow confirmed

    Hey Jason you want some lemon snow.
  14. Delayed, sounds like we have to wait till November to get out hands on sp but some good things coming before ?. The way things have been going so far, I don't even believe their roadmap of stuff to come. Will only believe it with my own two little ? when it's being displayed in front of me on my ps4 but then doing many double takes & pinching myself. Still stopping short of a happy dance and asking myself "what did they break this time".
  15. Vera from 3 she gets spear gunned on the dock, had a crush.