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  1. While it is Illfonic's lack of ability, it mostly falls on Gun because they push the patch through. This isn't Illfonics game, it's Guns. Illfonic was just hired on to help develop. In the end, Gun is making the decisions and moving the direction of this project. That's always been my understanding of it. People can blame Illfonic(they do share the blame) but again this is Gun's project and vision. They are responsible for what happens and the quality in what is released. What's worse? The person who makes the mistake or the person who see's the mistake, doesn't care, and lets it continue on happening over and over anyways?
  2. You can have as many coders in the world, it still doesn't mean you will have a perfect game or working one. You still need QA to test. It doesn't have to be a massive team but at least competent testers. Sometimes you do but the dev team just KS or AD's everything you send in. It might be a mix of both here but either way, its evident Gun/Illfonic need major help and should have done it last year. Gun turned its back on the community/backers the second this game released. As most people know by now I have been preaching that message since release. It wasn't until they needed more money that they started interacting with us again for the clothing pack that no one asked for(which as a thanks to us for putting up with months of no community interaction and unplayable patches was "discounted"). Its pretty much just been one big cash grab since the start. Shame too because this game could have been something amazing. Instead it was ruined by poor leadership, bad decision making, lack of community development, and by Gun turning its back on the people who financially supported this game the first second they could.
  3. Almost. The first part is right 😂 Its not that they shouldn't bother trying anything at all, but they should try something that is actually attainable and would do more good than bad. I much rather have them invest in an actual QA department than try to make private test servers for players to play on. The amount of resources, time, and people it would take could easily be used to make a QA department. If anything it would be cheaper. They already have the in house servers(assuming). They already have the builds there. It would be much easier to develop an effective QA department than relying on the public
  4. In order to get good results they have to be reasonably achievable. You can't just ask someone to do something impossible or near impossible and then chastise them for not being able to do it. A lot of gamers seem to not have a solid grasp on expectation vs reality. Especially when it comes to the gaming industry and how it works on an inside level. You are asking them to make dedicated test servers/test builds that isn't feasible especially for how late in the life cycle this is for the game. If this was implemented at the start, then it might have worked. This isn't a just do it scenario. Them doing a test server now would hurt the base game more than it would help due to the time, resources, and people that are taken away to work on it. It would eventually turn out that you would have two bad builds with double the work load and wasted resources that would have been achieved with the same result as if you just had one build with patch/hot fix updates. Edit, to add, lets remember this route would be heavily dependent on unpaid amateur testers. This isn't a professional QA setting. Rather than spending the resources and people on making private test servers for random players, they could easily allocate that to making an actual effective QA department. That would be better spent than trying to make a private test server for a select group of the public.
  5. Funny how you completely ignored everything after that which already describes why it wouldn't work but let me just further add on to it just to show you why its not as easy as 1, 2, 3. One you have to have dedicated servers and a team to those test builds. You cant just release a test build and its playable right off the bat. It doesn't work like that. First you have to make a build that needs to go through TCR/TRC standards and pass which is already taking time, people, and resources away from the main team. Then the servers have to recognize the build which you have to be whitelisted to even connect to the servers to play that build (Unless it was a public test which I stated previously why it wouldn't work). Then you are heavily dependent on these UNPAID testers to write bugs, not break NDA, and overfilling the devs plate on now having to research these new bugs found. Also these wouldn't be done on test kits so it doesn't compile the data for the devs so now they would have to investigate manually every bug report that came in hoping this unpaid amateur tester provided enough information for the dev to isolate the issue. That's just some of the issues. It really isn't as easy as just releasing it. A lot of work has to go behind it. Simply saying, "MAKE TEST SERVERS REEEEEEE" is plain ignorance.
  6. Test servers would never work for this game. The player base is too small to divide between a release build and test build. PUBG can get away with it because the player base is big enough to support both versions. If they made a test server for F13 everyone would jump over to that anytime there was a scheduled playtest. What Gun/Illfonic should have done is invest in setting up a solid QA team. This is exactly what they are there for. Instead it's just releasing bad builds after bad builds to keep the emaining player base hanging on and playing. The aggressive timeline set by Gun and the lack of development skill to work to that timeline by Illfonic (before the new update) is what caused these issues. Essentially they have pretty much snowballed themselves since the release of this game with so many issues and problems being added on every new build they couldn't dig themselves out with the time given. The equivalent of taking 1 step forward and two steps back.
  7. Corkenstein

    Is This Game Policed?

    They had to boost their low player numbers some how 😂😂😂 Probably one of the worse ideas ever to come about. Pretty much sent the message troll/cheat/exploit as much as you'd like, we wont permanently ban you or take serious action.
  8. Gun hasn't cared about them for a while. It was pretty evident once they unbanned trolls and exploiters/cheaters to boost the low player numbers last year.
  9. Checkmate. When your game has been out for close to two years and you are still retaining an average of peak player base in the high 20k compared to a game that hasn't even been out for a year and is struggling to make it to 1k, they are doing something extremely right. Multiplayer games are not about popularity. It's always about the fun factor/level progression or else people wouldn't keep playing it. Obviously DBD is doing something right. HuDawg can hate on DBD all he wants and make false statements about it merely because he doesn't like it but when it comes to hard numbers and facts, DBD is the superior game with better gameplay(has the player base to back it up), better polish, and most importantly the more active player base that keeps the game going. People can hate on it as much as they want but the sales and active player base speak for themselves and those are facts you cant deny.
  10. Poor management and decision making is for sure to blame from both sides. In development and being released are two different things. Especially in pre-production where you don't need a full team yet and costs are not significant. We will see if they need to have another Kickstarter or not to fund it.
  11. F4 and WatchDogs were single player only experiences. Its standard for their drop off to be quick and big no matter how successful the game is. The Division was pretty bad on release. It's only now that it is getting better and seeing a resurgence. BF1 was bad on release as well. Same with Street Fighter and Evolve. Players didn't really click with any of those games. Overwatch did release its numbers last year in Oct. and it continues to grow despite being almost two years old. https://www.rollingstone.com/glixel/news/overwatch-player-count-continues-to-soar-game-hits-35m-users-w509080 F13s drop off was significant and big within its first month. It only sees some resurgence when a patch releases and then the drop off is bad again losing more and more players every time. This just wasn't over a years time. They lost a lot of people on release right out the gate. It's usually a good sign to indicate how bad something is. If within a month your player base drops significantly for an MP game, it means something is seriously wrong. You are supposed to see a growth in player base, not a decrease on release. Movies are one and done. You cant compare them to MP games that have replayability.
  12. Unfortunately using Destiny 2 is a bad example. It had a mass exodus because of how bad they messed up the game and how many times they got caught using bad practices. It wasn't the normal drop off most games see. Not every AAA MP game has a drop off either. There are still plenty that play those games months after. Overwatch is a prime example of that. Games do have a drop off but when the drop off happens and how bad it is will either tell the tale if it's a good game or a bad game. F13's drop off = bad game.
  13. I think its the other way around. Gun is the one driving and Illfonic is the car essentially. This is Guns game and Illfonic is just developing it trying to follow Guns ridiculous timeline and development pipeline. Illfonic is to blame partially as well for the bad coding and bugs but Gun is the one pulling the strings and most of the blame falls on them. This is their game they begged people to help fund only to turn their backs on them once funded and released. Its just complete amateur hour with how Gun runs things. It's the same mistakes over and over with no growth. They prioritize friendship over business which is why their game is sinking as bad as it is. Let's all show off our fancy watches for screwing over the funders and community for months on end. At least one thing is for certain, this is Guns last game. Their reputation is gone in the industry. Better squeeze out every last drop from this cash cow.
  14. Looks like the F13 support page is still up actually. Just found it but the last retweet or tweet is from Aug. 2017. They seem to still be replying but it is just telling people to post on Jason kills bugs.
  15. Hey someone necroed my thread! Funny enough that F13 support page is gone. I guess they got tired of giving out bad info.