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  1. I have been really wanting something like this for a while now. Maybe a community playdate once a week and/or a state of the game update talking about player feedback, bugs, other issues, and planned fixes. A gameplay mechanic guide on how certain features work or some strategies for Jason/Counselors. Just something that has more of a focus towards the community, the issues we are facing, and what they are doing to address those issues. Just saying we are listening and soon doesn't instill confidence especially seeing how they have been saying that since release and the state of the game has reflected the opposite of that.
  2. How do you scare counselor's?

    Want to scare counselors? Tell them you are the host and you are going to leave the game. Sit back and listen to the horrified screams and begging
  3. I really really hope we don't get more emotes. They have already drove the F13 name into the ground with this game by adding the previous emotes and costumes. Plus the fact Jason is as scary and weak as Barney the Dinosaur, adding in more emotes would just further ruin the game and the F13 name.
  4. Exactly this. They have even said Perks are not supposed to be game changing. You can play to the meta if you want but it doesn't help you all that much. Perks are subjective to the player using them and their play style. Want to know the best perk to have that does even cost you CP? Communication. It doesn't even have to be Epic level. Just any kind of small communication can help the team. This is a team game for a reason. Your odds of surviving are best when working with your team to win and not by which perks you have.
  5. Where is everybody from...

    Los Angeles, California but might be moving to either Washington or Oregon.
  6. Upcoming patch notes

    Those are some of the best ideas that would really make this game shine. I would love for some of those ideas to be in there. It's no wonder they are so upset and done with the game. Real shame to waste that kind of valuable feedback because of pride.
  7. Christine, Killer Car

    Probably going to get locked. No name and shame here. Honestly don't expect anything to get resolved. Bans are rarely given out and even still the ones they did give out, were erased and the players were brought back into the community a few months ago. I guess whatever keeps the player base number up,
  8. Upcoming patch notes

    Yeah just read up on it. Amazing how the same thing is still happening 3 months later. Such a shame. Some of the most avid and dedicated fans even felt ignored or not listened to. Unfortunately the Laphin video was taken down so it would have been awesome to see what he said. Whatever it was, it didn't sound good or positive.
  9. Upcoming patch notes

    Oh wow, I had no idea they did an open play test session with some of the community. Maybe it happened while I was gone for a bit. You got some Twitter links? Would love to read up on it and see what happened or what went wrong.
  10. Upcoming patch notes

    In theory that would be great but often times they slide things in not listed or even the stuff listed isn't actually fixed. They really do need a better QA team. Coming from QA though sometimes you are just testing functionality over balance. I wouldn't be surprised if it was just purely functionality testing and regression testing. The devs fix a bug and the testers just test to see if it is fixed. The devs change something, they test to see if it is working according to spec or what the design doc says. This is why I strongly believe they do not do any kind of playtesting either with the community or between the Gun and IllFonic. That's where they really need to focus on as well. At least once or twice a week dedicate an hour or two to playtesting on new builds with new balance/gameplay changes. Get everyone from the teams to play multiple games against different groups. See how these changes effect the game and player base. Every now and then roll back to the current release build and play with the community. See if there is anything currently in the game that isn't addressed yet or might possibly create new issues with the futures change planned. This game could really use a solid focus test group or play test group. They do have a team. I believe they said 3 on Gun's side and 3 on IllFonic's side.
  11. Upcoming patch notes

    This. There shouldn't be any problem if one person wants to be Jason while the other 7 don't. You should only be forced to play Jason if you RNG it because no one has it set to Jason preference.
  12. Not really from my experience. The Destiny subreddit for example, while majorly upset at the current state of the game, is still fairly constructive. They have multiple posts of the same issue but each person is effected by it differently and has a different solution or reason why. Reason for that being is they get weekly and sometimes daily interactions with the developers. They created a space where constructive critism is welcomed and encouraged. Sure there are a lot of angry people but often times most posts have something constructive on how to fix the problem. Their is no need for a "bitching" thread because communication is so readily available that often times an issue is resolved or acknowledged so quickly.
  13. Upcoming patch notes

    Shifty has said he has some things coming but when is unknown. Last update Shifty made a pre patch release note so I hope it is something that is frequent with every patch moving forward. I would love to have a state of the game update every other week would be awesome. They could talk about biggest issues being brought up by the community, bugs currently being looked at, if they can a status update on future things coming, a community spotlight section, etc. Something like this would alleviate sooooo much frustration the community has right now.
  14. It's popular with the users but often times is a pain to read because of how unorganized it is. Its not structured at all which makes compiling feedback difficult. Also often times it promotes a certain type of behavior and creates even more of a toxic environment that almost always usually spills out of that thread. More so, a community should never have to be so angry or upset they needed to have a "bitching" thread created to alleviate their issues. If a community has devolved that far, something more needs to be done to make sure those issues are being addressed better. A community should never need a "bitching" thread.
  15. If people are creating multiple threads of various issues, that is showing it is a major concern and it isn't just a small minority. All this thread does is make it seem like these complaints are not valid nor should be taken seriously. Regardless if you do not like it or are tired of seeing multiple threads. These are real issues people have with the game and they shouldn't be corralled into a "bitching" thread like their problem is insignificant. Even though people are experiencing the same issue, how or what they don't like about it could be different. In the end it provides all kinds of feedback for the dev team. They might not like what people have to say or how they say it but it's still feedback. Often times the people most upset are passionate fans that want the best for the game. They shouldn't just be herded into one thread no one will look at because it's considered the "bitching" thread.