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  1. They are essentially changing the narrative here. With this, it doesnt seem like it is a "dead" game anymore. There is hope and possibility. As soon as they announced a flat out response of no new content ever again the first time, the game was labeled as dead. Now with a softer tone of possibility, they can try to add to/keep the remaining player base for what will be an extremely hard holiday season for them to retain players. There are about 10 heavy AAA hitters coming in the next 4 months all with different genres to pull players away from F13. This is a strong and smart move to try to keep players interested. It's also why they have been doing a lot of contests on Twitter.
  2. Yep just saw it was deleted. Was on my page and when I refreshed it, it was gone. Got a screenshot of it as well
  3. Want to know what's funny? I called all of this 5 months ago on Reddit. It's the second paragraph https://www.reddit.com/r/F13thegame/comments/7vlqdb/really_not_trying_to_troll_im_just_curious_how_we/dttqga8?utm_source=reddit-android
  4. Come join the Reddit page. You won't be censored there ?
  5. Compared to what we had before, its night and day honestly. I'll always give Shifty props for actually trying to engage the community and repair the massive damage done before he arrived. It's probably the only thing Gun has done right by bringing on an actual working community manager. It's just really sad it took them so long to do it and it was pretty much already too late.
  6. Heartbreaker and BewareofBears as well arent around anymore or at least lurking. Even Tattooey. I barely post as much(or play with all of them) as I used to when the game was released. Gun turned their back on the community and backers a long time ago. It's nice to have Shifty around now(and hes done an awesome job) but it was honestly too late. The community was already destroyed and fractured by Ben long before Shifty came around. It's a shame too because we had something nice here. It was an awesome community to start but as we were ignored constantly and as Gun was getting shadier and shadier, it slowly deteriorated to what we have now. A complete lack of trust and belief in Gun.
  7. That would look even worse for them as it is an admission of failure/guilt. They botched it sooo bad they had to rebrand. They would be eaten alive by press and consumers.
  8. There should be a level of accountability tho in regards to this. Especially with how "broken up" Wes acted on Twitter about this as if it just came out of the blue. They knew about it for months. Just like the Great Pity Party of PAX, they threw another pity party to make themselves seem like the victim here despite knowing it was coming.
  9. Can we get a clarification on this? In another thread from Killer Puzzle game, they said the deadline was January 22nd(https://twitter.com/f13killerpuzzle/status/1014351863490084864) to get all content into the game which further adds credibility to what he is saying. This seems to be pretty contradictory to what Gun has stated/acted like this was a complete surprise.
  10. Was anyone expecting anything different? I'd be shocked if this doesnt break more than it fixes. Honestly, this patch to me is simply a patch to help Gun look like "Good Guy Gun" and to squash the "Gun isnt abandoning the game" talk. Shills will use this to say, "See! If they were abandoning the game, they wouldn't have released a patch!" We will see if they put out another QoL patch or more and actually release dedicated servers.
  11. From my experience, losing party usually takes care of the other persons lawyer fees.
  12. While I dont think it will happen, graphics cards are dropping in price since cryptocurrency is on the decline. Gaming PCs are becoming slightly more affordable.
  13. That is most certainly the case, I am just saying there are options for them to do something or try. As I have said constantly since this started, they just gave up with no effort given.
  14. True. I wonder if Gun has tried to reach out and talk to him to set up a temp agreement in case he wins. Especially now that he says the game will go on if he wins. Seems like he would be willing to work something out. Best case he wins and they still have the agreement, worse case he loses and the original agreement is still honored. Either way we get content and Gun can continue to work on the game.
  15. That's fair. People went overboard when the lawsuit was announced
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