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  1. Yeah, I remember when we played I couldn't find your Jenny until I had rage. You and those silly outhouses!
  2. Nah, I think Jason is fine. I was just mocking the Jason players on this site that whine about pocket knives and not being able to combat stance doors and who have actually said, out loud on a public forum, that Jason is under-powered and the counselors need nerfs! Lmao
  3. Such beautiful proof, lol. Yeah the grab is beyond broke. And I don't care if that triggers the mediocre Jason players who think he is "under-powered".
  4. Composure slows down the fear gaining process. Fear is what makes you light up red/lose your mini map. So Jenny can run around and is less detectable in cabins and outdoors for a period of time. I don't want to say "hiding" is useless, but Jason can just press sense real quick to check around and he will have it back in seconds to do it again. So even perks that grant you a percentage of a chance to avoid sense will eventually give you up. Hiding in cabins (under beds, closets) do work legit until your character starts talking. I hate it so much lol. I only "hide" to try to get back some stamina or to waste his time. TLDR: Hiding is not real in F13
  5. In my opinion, he needs to make the Jason player go "ugh, AAAARRGH, they called Tommy!" Like, make the Jason fear having Tommy called in. His shotgun def needs at least 2-3 shots (like a super shotgun) and stocked with random items. To balance this, they simply need to make calling him in slightly more difficult.
  6. No disrespect to the TC, but threads like these are becoming embarrassing. Jason in his current form is still OP and still has the advantage...period. Good counselors are going to give you a chase and a battle. A good Jason player will always keep an eye on his TRAPPED objectives and whittle away at the counselors. I've had amazing rounds as Jason against both good and poor counselor players as well as bad games as Jason. It happens. This is called balance, people, and there are many variables that can happen in a match. Also, this narrative of "well, IN THE MOVIES, when was the last time you saw 4,5,8 counselors escape!!?" needs to die now. It is irrelevant and should have no bearing on the balance of the game, lol. This is an online, multiplayer team oriented game. The counselors need a chance at survival (which they do) and balance needs to exist, for which it does and it feels fine. Strictly Jason players need to remember that counselors need to manage stamina, health, and be able to stun Jason either through combat (which is more of a risk to the counselor) or a pocketknife. The game is tilted in Jason's favor, as it should be, but some of these threads wreak of noob or average Jason players not utilizing his tools (blocking melee attacks, picking up numerous knives, breaking windows) and/or the meta of the game to their advantage. It's going to be a tough time against a well coordinated team of counselors. They sped up the prompt to break windows and the only real nerf to Jason was the combat stancing of doors. This happened with Evolve, where the Wraith was massively OP and a lot of people dropped the game due to it. No one in that community would argue, "but it's a monster...it should have NO weaknesses!!!!!" lol. If they tilt the game any more in the favor of Jason, the game will die fast due to improper balance.
  7. Lol nice! I only like to do it if I have a pocket knife (I haven't quite mastered it, I feel like it is reactionary) but I have landed it twice. It happened to me as Jason the other night and I immediately knew this player knew what the fuck was up! lol
  8. Avoiding a shift grab is actually fairly easy. Just zig zag, make a few sharp turns, or my favorite, start running right at him. Elite Jason's will def land shift grabs because they will be stalking you and do it from a distance. I have been caught off guard a few times (mostly from part 9) but it certainly isn't OP. Edit: Also, the battle counselor meta is evolving. With proper timing, you can pop combat stance, attack, and stun Jason coming out of a shift. It's marvelous.
  9. Are you wrong? I don't know, you did vote that calling the police was the hardest way to defeat Jason LOL! I kid, I kid I don't care about leaderboards or e-peen or whatever...I just thought you were implying that Jason players WHO DO CHOOSE to have a competitve mindset were somehow wrong. Hence my anti-policing comment. For which I was having none of.
  10. Calling the police is def the easiest way to escape/defeat Jason. The Hardest way is def surviving the night. The "riskiest" escape is the boat due to imminent death if he knows it's happening. Zig Zag, you should have listed driving the car in 300 ping, lol. Now that is the def where the true skill lies.
  11. No worries. I knew what you were saying up until your leaderboard snark in response to whomever you were debating with. Lol
  12. Oops, lol. Sorry my comment was directed solely at maddog (thought I hit quote lol) not you. He made a blanket generalized statement on how the game should be percieved and I was not having it.
  13. Praying for the victims of Hurricane Irma and your taste in counsellors!
  14. Loooooooove Vanessa! I fly like a bird taking traps like a businessman in Bangkok. Plus her stun quotes get me hype. "Fuck you" and "AAAARRRRGGGH!" pump me up. Lol, idk, just the way she says it is hype to me. Haaaaaaaaaaate Lachappa. Can't stand his face or his obese body. His arms and eyes creep me out. Plus the new wave of trolls seem to be repping Chappa.
  15. Ugh. I hate when people try to police how Jason's play or if people want to play it with a competitive mindset or not. It can be competitive for some people or totally casual for others. Leaderboards are irrelevant and have nothing to do with how some people choose to approach the game.
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