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  1. I consider it more of you just got a bad spawn location then "spawn killing", if you spawn in the fuse house or next to the four seater then tough luck, run away or go to a hiding spot while I set my traps down next to the objective and wait to get Sense because I'm probably not going to catch you until I get Shift. (Also the first person I find early in the match i'll most likely just build up their fear or hit them a few times before Morphing away, but once I unlock Shift it's fair game)
  2. I always place two traps near the fuse box because it's the best way for counselors to escape, can't let that happen. For the four seater I place a trap near the battery and gas. For the two seater I place a trap near the battery. If I find a trap sprung on the fuse box or four seater then i'm going to replace it, the two seater isn't a high priority.
  3. There's a community called "Camp Crystal Lake Employment Agency" that @NthnButAGoodTime created for ps4 players. We follow the rules stated in this post ^
  4. I feel like Surviving The Night with Killing Jason close behind, If the counselors are well coordinated then they can get their friends out of his grab and Jason has to deal with multiple people at once. Surviving The Night means you have to juke Jason for long enough without being injured enough for him to catch you or hide in a corner of the map and hope he doesn't sense you with Rage active.
  5. No the bottom one can't be Psychic because this is the icon for it.
  6. They might just be unused icons, you can't actually get them.
  7. Using only 35 points because that's how it is in-game. Composure: 7/10 (I'm not easily surprised or spooked by things) Luck: 6/10 (I've been lucky from time to time but nothing big) Repair: 6/10 (If repair still means how intelligent you are I guess I'm around average) Speed: 3/10 (Unless I have to run I'm not going to) Stamina: 3/10 (^^^Please See Above ^^^) Stealth: 9/10 (I'm very quiet and tend to not make much noise) Strength: 1/10 (I prefer not to get violent) So I'm basically AJ Mason but with more luck, I wouldn't mind playing me. (even though I'd probably die a lot)
  8. Yes something similar happened, The car was stuck on a small rock and when I got out of the drivers seat Jason smashed the car and I went into floating in place mode (timed just right I guess), Jason killed me and my camera was stuck in place but I could drive the car still. When someone else got in the drivers seat my game decided to crash.
  9. I mean you can mute them, tell them to be quiet, or hit them until they're limping (so they can't follow you as easily) If someone like Vanessa is nearby I tell them "Please go away" or something due to they're giving away my position.
  10. Me: "Hold on let me freshen up" *Uses Med Spray* "Ok Ready" *Dies* Gotta look your best for Jason when he kills you.
  11. I wouldn't mind having it so you can practice the repair minigame while spectating, The first time playing it gives you a 10/10 repair game and every time you successfully complete the minigame it goes down 1 point until you're practicing with 1/10 repair, could even make it give you a small amount of bonus XP every time you complete it.
  12. Nothing like brutally murdering almost fully naked people. Now just imagine if Jason got a spring break skin... Lifeguard Jason?
  13. I know that you can bypass a trap near the door but if I'm not the one with the keys and they clearly don't know how to bypass it then I'd rather use the pocket knife so they can get in and not ask them to give me the keys and possibly alert Jason. (also I suck at driving,I can't juke Jason at all)
  14. It depends on the situation, do I have the fuse and there's only a single trap on the fuse box? Is the car repaired and someone has keys but there is a trap blocking the driver door? Is the boat blocked off by traps? If one of them is a yes then it's probably worth it so Jason doesn't know until the cops are called or the Car/Boat is started and then it's a problem.
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