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  1. Could it be possible to add one more step for the phone to work? Like restoring the power to that section of the camp.
  2. If you have too many stipulations .....the game will die. There has to be a common ground. Just have fun and roll with it.
  3. Spectating isnt that bad....although when someone hides the entire game THAT is ridiculous. Why play a game like that?
  4. I'm confused is the title "All about Jason"? Or the life and times of Jason? (Just kidding) I get where you are coming from though. Jason has HIS objectives.....and counselors have THEIRS.
  5. I personally enjoy the items showing on the map. There were so many times someone would die...then you couldn't find the part. I play would rather get the objectives done...then survive.
  6. Random quick plays are actually fun. There are some great people who play in them. But sometimes you do get some rotten apples. I tend to play out the match completely then leave and find another lobby. I do not host because I know I will be disconnected some how.
  7. Just happened to me when I was playing Jason. First of all I suck playing him....had one kill. I'm not a rage quitter. On a positive note.....I do love the game. It is like playing and watching a "B" movie.
  8. I enjoy both games. I wouldn't be playing them if they weren't fun.
  9. Nice to know they are on the case. So maybe everyone will be happy. I personally have a blast playing the game. It is fun!
  10. I just roll with it. Spawn near the phone.....NOW that is fun. I sometimes go through 6 drawers and nothing. Or I find a house that has alot.
  11. Games have come a LONG way . It is not a hard game to beat. Just run around and throw rocks and stuff.
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